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by Marie ()

Hi, I moved to a state that I feel was God led. Since 2022 I have been gangstalked, harassed,surveillance everyday. They take pics and videos of me they hack my emails and cell phone. I reported misconduct at my former employer and they have tried to make my life a living hell. I’m currently unemployed and living from place to place. They have made several attempts on my life by flattening my tires all 4 within 4 month time span and other things around my vehicle. My vehicle was totaled now I’m without employment and vehicle. I need prayer for employment, transportation, and my own place to live. Currently renting a room off of a website. I have went to several local law enforcement but they have been little to know help with the organized group if people that have been illegally surveillance me. I’m not a criminal yet they watch my living space, following me in various transportation I’m in and have almost caused even more accidents. I want God to exposed these people, give law enforcement the wisdom to be able to arrest these individuals so I can move on with my life and with God has called me to do in this region. I also need wisdom in how to collect the right evidence needed by authorities. I’m not nor have I ever been a criminal yet being led to feel entrapped everyday of my life my these stalkers. And harassers.Im ready for it to stop. Justice, Employment, Transportation, and Liberty is what I seek. Guidance from God for my next steps. Thanks!

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