Holy Spirit You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You who gave me the Divine gift to forgive all the wrong that was done to me, and You who are in all instances in my my life. I want to Thank You for everything and confirm with … Continue reading “HEAR MY PRAYER”

Need healing

My God be with my family. I loss my Mother last year. My two oldest girls got Covid I have fluid on my knees. I broke up with my boyfriend last year; he still want to be together I miss him. But I know we have too many issues. I want God to send me … Continue reading “Need healing”


Thank you Jesus and our lady for the miracle my father received with the gift of life to take him out of a coma and please give him the strength and courage to get out of hospital and give him the strength to speak to the doctors today and have perfect speech today to the … Continue reading “Strenth”

Healing For Covid Patients

I have already requested prayers for my nephew’s mother in law and brother in law. They are still in the hospital being incubated. They seemed to be getting better but now they have taken a down turn. If you could please pray for the strengthening of their immune system and for God’s healing hands to … Continue reading “Healing For Covid Patients”


Friend’s premature baby needs full healing & development; Favor with new church family & God’s blessings in volunteer ministry role; Friend & brother to become obsessed with Jesus; Success with new training regiment; Friend of friend needs wisdom & provision for job and housing; Understanding & application of Bible study; Grace & wisdom for friend’s … Continue reading “Healing”

Health healings protection

Please pray for me for ongoing daily nausea and also for my rectocele( prolapse vaginal surgery),pray for my surgeon too-Dr. Narins-for Divine wisdom and discernment to do surgery very well&successfully and also guide her Tuesday when I see her because of female issues I’m having ( burning etc)!Guide her to figure out the pre tests … Continue reading “Health healings protection”

Heal Vicki Quint

Thank you, Lord, for your love and blessings. In every prayer I will thank you for my husband, for every second you gave me him, for helping me peace knowing how happy he is with you and for carrying me in this life without him. Your blessings for us are immeasurable. I am always grateful. … Continue reading “Heal Vicki Quint”


My finace is accusing me of being with someone else and emotionally and verbally abusing me every day and I catch my self getting weaker and weaker I’m tired physically. I do nothing but try and be here for him and I feel like it will never get better.I Love God and I believe one … Continue reading “Hurting”

Broken Heart

I have fallen into a deep depression because the person I dated for 10yesrs has deep depression it’s been a year since I’ve seen him last. We talk and text and email but it’s not the same as seeing him in person. I miss him every day and can’t get past the hurt. He needs … Continue reading “Broken Heart”

A miracle of healing

A miracle of healing. Lord as you know I’m back in the hospital again. I had another stroke. I will be leaving here in another day to go to a rehab center for intense rehabilitation. I ask you Lord to please put your healing in the hands of the physical therapist and please give me … Continue reading “A miracle of healing”

possible childhood trauma

I’m struggling with a drug addiction that I’m trying to keep hidden. I hate who I have become. I hate myself for working where I do with this addiction. That alone I feel might damn me. I have chronic untreatable depression for 20 years now and suicidal thoughts are daily for me. Recently I was … Continue reading “possible childhood trauma”

Various Requests

I know it has been a while, but I’m in need of prayer: my cat Betsy has a current issue with her left foot causing her to limp and still has a tumor/lump under one of her nipples and I wish for it to be healed. I confess that I wasn’t sympathetic nor had compassion … Continue reading “Various Requests”

7weeks Pregnant and bleeding

I was not expecting a positive pregnancy result since I have been waiting for so long, and suddenly missed period, then I did pregnancy test severally-all negative. I waited and did another which came out positive,and we have been rejoicing. Lord I have been bleeding heavily since yesterday and it seems these babies want to … Continue reading “7weeks Pregnant and bleeding”

Pray for my husband

My husband needs prayers to help him regain consciousness and full functions of his brain. He is being monitored for seizures due to a heart attack and questioned damages to his brain. First MRI showed no damage and they are doing more tests which I pray also show no thing wrong. Praying for help to … Continue reading “Pray for my husband”

Attack on my finances

Lord, I thank you and ask for forgiveness as I remember to forgive. Praise to you Father and thank you. Lord Jesus in your name please stop all attacks on my body and my finances. Remove the devil’s plans. Please release all money stolen from me over the years. Please stop this bacterial infection in … Continue reading “Attack on my finances”


Asking for healing in hope to get back on the right path that God created for me. I’m battling depression and anxiety and it’s taking a toll on me. Not only am I hurting but my problems tend to pour on to my children that creates more problems. I take on alot of other people’s … Continue reading “Freedom”

Miracles From Heaven

Good morning, I need as many believers as I can get to pray with me for my father’s divine healing and restoration from God. The doctors called it Parkinson’s disease and we have done everything we could and it keeps getting worse. We have also heard so many discouraging things, but I believe God is … Continue reading “Miracles From Heaven”

My Loving wife Vickie

Dear Lord and Saviour. I bow before you humbly seeking healing for my wife from this dreaded covid disease. She is miserable. Cant eat or sleep. Coughing. Nausea, vomiting for a week now. She’s gone to the hospital and they cant really help her except for dehydration and nausea, but that doesn’t help but little! … Continue reading “My Loving wife Vickie”

prayer for healing

Praise the Lord brothers and sisters. My aunt, Hepsibah, is tested positive in Covid 19, dengue, malaria and viral fever. She’s admitted in government hospital. Her condition is very critical right now. She is having breathing problem, her platelets went down to less than 60,000, her body so weak that she can’t afford herself to … Continue reading “prayer for healing”

Emotional Healing

Dear God: Thank you for healing and protecting my broken heart. For letting me learn to love me and complete me again before someone else. For letting me learn to let go, move on in love, healing, forgiveness, not bitterness and disappointment if my relationship isn’t aligning with what you have for me. For not … Continue reading “Emotional Healing”


Please pray for my adult daughter Adriana. For so many years she has dealt with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. She is becoming weary and tired and I’m so worried that she will want to end it all. Please God heal my daughter Adriana heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please forgive me forgive … Continue reading “Healing”


Please pray for my adult daughter Adriana. For so many years she has dealt with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. She is becoming weary and tired and I’m so worried that she will want to end it all. Please God heal my daughter Adriana heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please forgive me forgive … Continue reading “Healing”

Prayer for my son

My son Kevin Samuel is going to be 6 years and he is autistic and God has done a lot of miracles in his life and we thank God but we want you’ll to pray for his stubborn and behavioural issue to be changed in Jesus Christ name he be calm and listen and hyperactivity … Continue reading “Prayer for my son”

Wife’s Cancer Battle.

Hi there brothers and sisters. My wife has just had pretty major surgery in what has been a long battle with Stage Four Appendiceal Cancer. The procedure was lengthy but went well, although there were a few surprises that awaited the surgeons. A day later and my wife is in extreme pain, has had very … Continue reading “Wife’s Cancer Battle.”

Let everyone be a GOD.

This is the Prayer I AM BEING FORCED TO PRAY by the occultists or technologic occultists attacking I Gabriel: All blessings, all glory, all wisdom, all thanksgiving, all honour, all power, and all might belong to the true QUEEN OF HEAVEN the Virgin Mary who IS the TRUE GOD. Kill I Gabriel Virgin Mary you … Continue reading “Let everyone be a GOD.”


Praise the Lord Ayya🙏🙏my name is S.Sujatha from Warangal.Ayya nenu 2 months nundi chethabadi shakthula tho ibhandhi paduthunnanu Ayya😭😭😭Ayya nenu truecord health care lo job chesthunnanu Ayya every month health care cards sale cheyadaniki prayer cheyamani mimmalni vedukuntunnanu Ayya plz 🙏😭.Ayya my husband name is S.Venkatnarayana.Ayya ma idharu Children.Ayya plz Naku every problem nundi vidudhala … Continue reading “Healing”

Prayer for her

I pray for my Manilyn Pableo that she may be heal from her illness. Give her strength and hope that she will recover and be healed with your blessing.I pray for miracle for her after this one week medication to have a good result so that she will have the energy to fight for her … Continue reading “Prayer for her”

Healing and strength

Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning to see another beautiful day. Thank you for your grace and Mercies upon my Life. Thank for providing for me with my needs. Thank you the people that is making this possible. Lord Jesus, i ask that i will be healed in Jesus name. I pray … Continue reading “Healing and strength”


I request prayer for my 89 year old mother to walk and get in and out bed so we can manage her at her home as she is sad in the rehab facility but I am the only daughter remaining and it is too much on me and my brother. We need her to help … Continue reading “Mother”

healing for Shane eyes and brains to work as normal let his eyes open where he can see after this surgery on his head

the surgery or operation on Shane head cause a issue where he cannot follow the hands to see please pray where is eye sight can be restore back where he can see and follow the hands cordinate his eye movement in Jesus Christ Amen. pray for Shane Spine to be normal function where the Swollen … Continue reading “healing for Shane eyes and brains to work as normal let his eyes open where he can see after this surgery on his head”

Healing, salvation & provision

Adult sons need- 1.Surrender to Christ 2. Success living with mental illness 3.Favor at work & career guidance 4.Stewardship; Salvation, wisdom, protection & resources for son, girlfriend & grandbaby; Additional income for me & family; Help using new work tools & systems, God’s favor, strength & peace; Daily surrender to Christ through spiritual habits; Healing … Continue reading “Healing, salvation & provision”


Lord, I need your help, I want to be free from the pain that Franco caused me and my son. I want him to be forgiven, the wound will heal and I will forget what happened.if it is your will i surrender to you our relationship if it meant to be together again I leave … Continue reading “Healing”

Please help

Dear heavenly Lord, I keep sinking in this dark hole full of negativity. I created it with my anger, overthinking, and depression. I dragged the person I love the most down with me and focus on blaming them to make myself feel better. They are the little bit of light in my life and always … Continue reading “Please help”

My Adult Son

My son; my one and only child, will be 39 next month. Although he knows truth regarding salvation through Jesus Christ, and was raised up in a Bible-teaching, Evangelical church; who sincerely gave his life to Christ at the young age of 8… he’s chosen to live by the world’s standards & not that of … Continue reading “My Adult Son”

Healed and protect us

Lord .. im here infront of you.. pls mercy on us. Lord i want to pray for the healing of my ate winnie and my sister inlaw. As of today thay are suffering illness that cause of virus. Lord i know your the healer and almighty GOD i belief you never leave them .. pls … Continue reading “Healed and protect us”