Mickey’s healing

Please Lord give Mickey the use of his left hand back. I ask this in your name Amen.


I pray for healing in every aspect, to be free from pain, to find happiness, heal my finances, to heal me so that I can live out your work for me to the fullest.

Prayer for healing

Please pray for myself and my daughter Mattie. We both have been very sick with digestive related illness and after much testing doctors can’t find the underlying causes.


Please pray that God will protect me and my family from evil and deliver us from attacks of the enemy. Pray for my teenage son to give His life over to Jesus and be a Godly man. Pray that God continue healing my headaches.

Michael’s Healing

Dear Lord, through the Almighty power of your Divine Son, Jesus Christ please heal my brother Michael for all his illness. You sent us Jesus Christ to be the doctor of all doctors, therefore you will heal him and let him praise you and glorify you. You are indeed the most Holy God who works … Continue reading “Michael’s Healing”

Gall bladder surgery

My friend needs a miracle Marjorie had gallbladder surgery her skin is infected and she could die please heal her father, only you could take that burden and worry off of us. She needs a miracle father I don’t want her dead. Love, your water baby. Lord

Heal my bones

Dear Father , I know that by your stripes I am healed . You have plans to give me hope and a future. Please father remove all cancer from my body . I receive your healing in your precious name . Amen

Prayer for complete healing from breast cancer

Hi. Please pray for my boss (Karelle), who has breast cancer. I am believing God for complete healing for her and anyone else that is battling with any form/type of cancer. Thank you!

Healing Prayer

Father please heal Pam’s body of all her infirmities and make her whole again in Jesus name.

My Health

Father, You know that I am broken. I know you can fix me. My joint pain is so bad but I am willing to wait on your plan for me. Even though I pray for a miracle, Thy will be done. Amen.


diagnose with early glaucoma in the right eye after broken bleeding blood vessel and slight damage to the nerve. I know and believe the GOD I serve can and will heal me. Sometimes I feel the pressure in the eyes rising, so I request your prayers also storming heaven for healing. Thanks


I have auto-immune disease in both legs and feet. I am asking God to please heal them both. My brother-in-law had a stroke and left him blind in his right eye. My mother has multiply health problems that only God can heal. I ask these in Jesus name Amen.

Prayer for anxiety

Lord please help me to overcome my anxiety .I want to have good sleep.


I would like prayers for my sons, who are adults but are still living with me. We as a family have been severely hurt by separation for quick a few years now. My sons are addicted to alcohol and drugs and have a lot of angry built up and only release during their drunkenness. I … Continue reading “Deliverance”

Requests to Papa Father

Dear Jesus, Please provide me with the strength to carry out your will and duty and desires for all of those I come in contact with, especially for my children, husband, grandmother, parents, and siblings. Please provide me with all that I need to mentally then physically perform your duties as called. Help me to … Continue reading “Requests to Papa Father”


In the name of God Almighty I offer up our daughter Lucy to God for help with nausea in the early stages of pregnancy. Amen.

Healing for my wife

My wife is suffering from cancer of the bladder, I need prayer support from all of you for God to heal her by his healing hand.

Need Strength

I’m struggling with several health issues due to allergies and fatigue. I need the Lord’s healing and encouragement.

My mother needs prayers

My mom completed cancer treatment and was doing great until she fell and broke her back and pelvic bone. She’s in a nursing home for rehab but she won’t eat or drink and stays so confused. Please pray for her to heal and be able to come home. God bless you.

Prayer for Lystra

Heavenly Father Jehovah, I come to you through your son Jesus Christ. I prayer for your will to be done in her upcoming surgery. I prayer for peace in the hearts and minds of all those affected at the delicate time, including myself. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


Ask for healing of cancer of the brain. Can’t have surgery. Have received a shot and will find out something in September. Pray that God will provide healing from the shot and the tumor will be resolved. Thank you for the prayers and thank God in advance for his healing power.

Healing of my daughter

Almighty God,creator of everything that’s good, I thank you for your love, your mercies and your forgiveness. Please forgive me of my sons and my iniquities. Touch my daughter Claralee today and heal her of her mental, phycological, physical and spiritual illness. Lord I don’t what caused her mental break down but You know everything … Continue reading “Healing of my daughter”

Droning noise in my head

I have this horrible noise in my head , feels like my head is going to explode , been bad now for 6 months . Please prayer that this noise will go away or go down very low.

Hear us dear LORD!

For those who loss love ones in war in 911 in fires in rape In car crashes and most of all for the world, BLESS GOD.

Healing Prayer

Father GOD I am asking for healing of the cancer in my body. Even though the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow let it be when they cut me no sign of it is seen. I ask this in no other name but the Mighty of Jesus Amen


Please pray for me that my lifelong battle with depression and anxiety be ended so that I can be the person God wants me to be. Thank you.


I had some tests done and the blood work showed that there was some issues with my prostate so I am asking for a healing in the name O Jesus and I know that he will heal my body.


I’ve been struggling lately with addiction, my health, employment. I use to go to church and I got baptized but somewhere along the way I lost my way. I want to get back on track with God and only put him first in my life. Please pray for me to overcome these things.

Healing and deliverance

I pray for healing in my body and deliverance from drugs and to be back close to God without so many troubles.

Free from worry

Dear God help me to control my mine OCD and be able to accept these unwanted intrusive thoughts as just thoughts. I give you thanks and praise for giving me the strength to go on each day. Thank you for answering my prayers. Amen


May the Lord please bring me peace ,healing show me what He wants me to do for Him.I would like to restore my relationship with father to my kids as well.


Father guide me to the right physician that can determine the cause of my affiliation. God I live constantly with bloating, inflammations, pain, and foul odor coming from my digestion system. In Jesus name I pray amen amen. Thank you advance for GUIDANCE , CAUSE, AND TREATMENT.

Lord please heal me

Lord, I come to you, asking that you’d heal my hearing. It is weighing heavily on me emotionally, and my ability to sleep and enjoy life. I know that things happen in your timing. I ask that you continue to show me peace so that I may be patient. I know through you all things … Continue reading “Lord please heal me”


Please pray for healing in my family-(children); they will come together and leave the past behind, stop hating, and come out of sin. Healing for my back/body. Help me to be there always for my daughter and supportive in every way while she cares for her son with Down Syndrome. I claim his wholeness and … Continue reading “Strength/Healing”

Healing for my brother

Please pray for my brother Tony who Has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostrate cancer. Praying for the miracle of his healing.

For my daughter

Please pray for God to wrap his healing arms around my daughter.


My son has a tumor on his spine and my sister has been having heart attacks and stomach pain—Prayer needed desperately—Thank you

Healing from a stroke

Please pray for my brother in law John he recently suffered a stroke and is struggling with his left side. Praying for his full recovery. Thank you so much for your time and prayers.

Pray for my son to find his way back to god

I ask for prayers for my son.. he is dealing with addictions, not with his baby full time,relationship difficulties, just not happy or truly where he needs to be.. thank u so very much

Seeking healing

Please can you stand with me for my healing I have prayed for a while now and have not been to the doctors since my diagnosis as am trusting that God will heal me ( it is not life threatening, but wakes me most nights as is painful).

Lord you are my help

Dear Lord, I thank you for being an Almighty Power. You are our help in ages past and You are our hope for years to come. Our health and our strength rely and depend on You. I know You to be a healer. You said that you will be with me (us) when we pass … Continue reading “Lord you are my help”