Breaking the strong holds in my life

Please continue to pray with me to be free of satins attack against my mind! Please, and God Bless You All For the Great Work Your Doing In Christ Jesus! And Thank You!

Healing Prayers for Len

Lord thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed upon us. I come to you in this time of need for healing prayers for Len who is once again facing a likely cancer diagnosis. Please give Len the strength and power to victoriously defeat this illness once and for all. His faith and … Continue reading “Healing Prayers for Len”

Prayer for my family at this rough time

Dear Lord, I know your there and want to help me so here you go, please heal my family with this… my aunt, my family, my friend, My friend Harley shes going through depression and I would lik to pray for jealing in her and prayu for healing in myaunt.

Never Again

Father in heaven I pray to learn how to deal with people who exploit others. I pray for discernment in all interactions. I pray the people who placed me in this will receive swift justice and I will be unbothered by all. I thank you father for your angels. They have always been with me … Continue reading “Never Again”

Up-Date on Monique

Status on Monique Surgery completed . They were able to re attach bowel sections . Next 48 hours will be very important tovsee if there is any infection or leaks in the incision . If all indicators are good during the healing she will have survived two unbelievably important operations . While she is not … Continue reading “Up-Date on Monique”

Prayer for a teenage girl with serious emotional problems

For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist. She started on antidepressants several weeks ago and a lot of “stuff” is bubbling to the surface. Her parents are literally sick with fear. Home life is dreary and sad and scary.

Prayer for salvation

Heavenly Father, let Di & Jim be saved, have better personal relationship with Jesus, read their Bible, pray, & fellowship. Let Jim be healed of his 3 ulcers & duodenum. Heal Di with strength & hope. Let them support one another & love You & each other forever. Let Di, Kevin, Tom, & me be … Continue reading “Prayer for salvation”

Need healing

Please pray for me I was diagnosed with high blood pressure one year ago. I need to pray for healing.

For a teenage girl

For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist. She started on antidepressants several weeks ago and a lot of “stuff” is bubbling to the surface. Her parents are literally sick with fear. Home life is dreary and sad and scary.

Pray for my feet

I need prayer for my feet and legs. I need a touch from God for restoration.

Healing and health

Hello, My family is going through a wry difficult time. I am seeking a divorce from my husband of almost 25 years because he is a serial pediphile. Not only has he hurt our children(and others) but he also is adding insult to injury by trying to convince them that their memories are invalid. My … Continue reading “Healing and health”

Prayer for my brother Greg

Dear Lord…please heal my brother….please. Thank you, Lord for hearing my prayer. In Jesus name Amen

God’s Healing Power

I had prostate cancer in 2015,was treated and was told ahead of radiation from a pastor “God is going to heal you, He told me to come and pray for you and He will heal you,you have nothing to worry about”. I have been fine since treatment but now my psa is rising and prostate … Continue reading “God’s Healing Power”

Healing for of all

Lord help me and heal me for you have said that he asked shall receive and who seek shall fine and he who knocks it shall be open. Lord with one wordyou heal the leper,madex the blind see. Lord I ask that you heal me of my prostate problem. AMEN

Prayer Request

Hello. I am Jason from the Philippines. I have been suffering from an unknown sickness for about 3 months now. I have a sore in my private part and all of a sudden my body started to itch to the point that my skin get wounded already. Please help me. I need your prayers. I … Continue reading “Prayer Request”

Prayers For Healing

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in February of this year, 2019. He was 18, now 19 years old. Very young. The doctors say he won’t make it, but I know God is bigger than this. I need my prayer warriors to ask God to heal him.

Healing and Deliverance

I have been sick for three months now, please I need your prayer for total healing and Deliverance.

Prayer for healing

I pray for healing in my entire body. Jesus took all manner of sickness and sins on His body when upon the cross. I praise Him for that. Therefore, I’m. already healed. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Amen.

Healing and Finacial Prayers

Please pray for the healing of My son’s Psoriasis and Financial Help for All his medical and hospital bills.

pippa knight

Dear brave knight U are strong pippa. U have been blessed in everyway and are a channel of love peace harmony sent by god to teach us all. We are grateful precious girl for all thr magic and healing you have alreadt substained We welcome the finished healing in divine harmony. We ask god to … Continue reading “pippa knight”

Lord please heal my very oversensitive nerves

Lord please send your healing Light on my nerves Help me to cope with the day, by Your Grace. I pray for Your Peace that passes all understanding to fill my mind and replace acute anxiety with your Love. Through Jesus Christ.

Abba Father Help

Touch and agree with me for deliverance, healing, and restoration. My finances and a new life. I need another touch from the savior , to change my story. Heal my sons from the hurt of not having they earthly father there, but to see they heavenly more than enough so they one day can testify … Continue reading “Abba Father Help”

Gods Calling

I was wondering if you would pray for me to find my calling that the Lord has for me to do for him, what would he have me to do serve him and to bring that opportunity to me and make it very clear what I should do. If he could open doors he would … Continue reading “Gods Calling”

Healing and relationship

Please pray for healing for me and for my relationship with my girlfriend. And for my thinking.

In need of healing prayers

Pls help me with prayers for the improvement of my heart problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, thank you so very much, God bless you always.

Healing over my whole body

Oh God, have been sick for long father, I come before you to ask for your healing and forgiveness dear lord….my whole body is paining, even my private parts am not in peace lord…heal me in Jesus name I pray.

Need urgent prayer for Irene

Lord Jesus, please heal your daughter Irene Lopez who is in a coma and a cancer patient. According to your will O Jesus Lord and God.

Healing for my mother

I am asking for prayers for my mother. My mother is very weak and finding it very hard to stand up on her own. My mother is 77 yrs and is obese, her ankles are swollen due to her heart problems. I pray for Gods grace and mercy, to heal my mothers heart, to strengthen … Continue reading “Healing for my mother”


I don’t know what to title this prayer.. I need internal healing from the relationship that’s just ended. To lean on God and no one else. Strengthen prayer life. I’ve gotten away from God. All the relationships in my life -protection wisdom and direction-transparency communication and solid trust. Continued Sobriety of all the ppl in … Continue reading “Rock”


Lord I have cancer in my right eye and it has spread to the right side of my face. I will be going to talk to a surgeon and set a time and date for surgery. We have been praying to heal this and now I need a prayer for the surgeon to have a … Continue reading “Cancer”

Jesus he needs you.

Thank you Lord for hearing our requests. I am praying for healing for a young man loved by many. I ask for your healing Grace to touch him and hold him dear. He has much to live for and knows the power you hold. His head is in trauma and I know you can take … Continue reading “Jesus he needs you.”


God please heal my heart I’m tired of going through the same thing I️ just wonder why me why do people tend to play on my emotions come into my life and hurt me leave me with no explanation and I️ just suppose to act like nothing ever even happen just suppose to get back … Continue reading “Depressed”