Miracle healing Prayers

Praying for a very close friend Phil H Jesus touch him with healing through holy spirit have the Cancer leave his body Phil and I are hopeful that asking he will receive if by your will Healing him and everyone e else in this world afflicted by Cancer let it be done this Easter weekend … Continue reading “Miracle healing Prayers”

Prayer for Healing

Please Lord, I am asking for complete healing today. I ask that you cast out the disease taking over my heart, mind, and body. I ask that you touch me with your healing hand. Lord you deserve all the praise. I thank you Lord for everyday that you give me, and hope that you allow … Continue reading “Prayer for Healing”


Please pray for my elderly dog Jasmine. She has been blessed by the lord with good health to be 15 years old. She fell off the bed early Thursday morning and ever since then, one of her front legs have been unusable. She is pain and it breaks my heart that I can’t do anything … Continue reading “Jasmine”


Please pray for Yesenia she gave birth to a stillborn baby 4 years ago and finally was able to get pregnant again and delivered a baby boy last night but today found out the baby had heart problems, please pray for healing on baby Leon, thank you.


Please pray for painful knees. Especially the one on the right. Hope for healing and the wisdom to do what is best for my health. Thank you and stay blessed.


My chest hurts more like burning, fungus burns chlorine taste in throat i pray that the Lord has mercy on me to heal me front this affliction i pray to be more Christine more living more kind i ask my Lord to be with me.

My son Alex

Please pray for my 32 year old mentally ill son, Alex. Pray that God heals his brain. I just want my old son back. I miss him so much. Pray that he is not doing drugs too.

Healing from body odour

I need healing from this chronic body odour, I tried to use supplements and soaps but no luck.

Restoration of Left Eye

Humbly request intercessory healing prayer for restoration of my left eye. May the Light of Christ shine upon you and bless you with His love. There is healing in His wings. He is a comforter. He is the way out of no way.

Miracle healing for my mom

My mom has been suffering from intense pain caused by arthritis. I believe that no sickness is above our Lord and I would like to pray for healing and pain free life for her.


To have good outcome from surgery.


Hi Brother/Sister My niece Soumya is 26 years old. She has been getting chronic headache for the past 2 years and it’s getting worse. She has been gone through medical tests and nothing was found. She is suffering so much and not able to concentrate on her studies, interviews etc. Please pray for my niece … Continue reading “Healing”

Healing , Faith ,Wisdom

Please pray for me I have just found out that I have a deadly disease I feel lost I do not have anyone to tell .I need God to heal me and I want to move on with my life.

Healing and deliverance

I am asking for prayer to be delivered from the evil spirit which has been tormenting me for many years. It is right around my waist and it’s affecting my manhood. Ever since it entered my body, I began to have severe stomach problems, heartburn, headache/dizziness, lack of promptness. I can sometimes feel it on … Continue reading “Healing and deliverance”

Husband’s Healing

Please pray for the full healing of my husband’s throat. He is in a lot of pain from an emergency procedure.


Please pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit my body would be healed of collagenous colitis and osteoporosis. Thank you so much!


Please pray for Dom and Sam. To heal their unhealthy bodies. Thank you.


Please pray for healing of Racquelle’s body all she needs healing of; & all to go well at doctor’s appointment for my husband JW tomorrow; healing of his knees, etc. healing of pain in my body; for us to lose the weight we need to & keep it off & inches. Also personal request

Heal me

Please pray that the spot is benign.

World crashing

I am in a situation where it isn’t getting better i need to be released from the devil.

Prayer for healing

Lord I humbly bow before you and ask that you heal me from my disease, God I know that you are our only true means of strength and encouragement, I ask that you remove all my doubts and fears and to open my heart up to you and ask that you remove this disease from … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”


Just had back surgery please pray for me.


My mother is having heart surgery. Please pray for healing. Her name is Sharon. Thank you!

Healing for my brother Max

I need prayer for my brother Max’s healing from a stroke. He is completely paralyzed on the left side and unable to speak or eat. He is practically bed-bound and is fed through a nasogastric intubation (NG). He is able to understand well but only able to response by nodding and hand gestures. Inability to … Continue reading “Healing for my brother Max”


Please for my friend Sharda who has two tumors on both sides of her stomach wall. God willing, she is schedule for surgery on Friday 26th, April to have them removed.

Healing for my sister

Greetings my brethen, I am requesting a healing prayer for my sister Michee who is undergoing surgery for the fourth time in her legs and can’t walk, work since a couple of years,. Thank you Lord for the healing…amen


Prayer for divine healing from cancer.

Heart Failure

I was in the hospital 3 times since November. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and bronchitis. After a series of tests they said my heart was operating at less than 20 percent. They sent me home on a Heart Life Vest that is monitored 24/7 at the present time. I want to give all honor … Continue reading “Heart Failure”


I need my teeth to stop hurting the pain is too bad to live with.

Neck, shoulder, back , and also ears

I have neck pain from scoliosis, and also headaches and my ears and back my spine hurts very bad and have spasms, please join and pray for me.


Dear Lord, Pray for my protection. Please release all evil and dark energies from my energy space. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Amen.


I’ve never had fear, worry, or anxiety. But I was in a accident 2 years ago but it wasn’t even that bad, Praise God! But for some reason it seems that’s when I started having anxiety and wanting to be fearful and worry about things. I’m doing daily devotions on fear, anxiety, and worry and … Continue reading “Anxiety”

Healing for me

My brain has been subjected to a lot of lost sleep and I ask for prayers that my brain will be made well and I will sleep without meds. Also I have terrible pain in head and scalp and neck which started all this. I want to be whole again w my emotions and everything … Continue reading “Healing for me”


Please my mum name is Joseph courage and she is suffering from severe lungs sickness.we tried everything and is still there..please help me pray for her healing..thank you

Healing from The Lord

Thank you for your prayers! Pray for healing: my face and other parts of my body are starting to swell up probably due to an allergic reaction. God bless!


I am suffering from tobacco addiction and mouth burning syndrome while eating food, I request you to kindly pray for me.

Uncle Herman

Please heal him from pancreatic and liver cancer. Dear Lord, I know you can it’s just if you will. Allow Uncle Herman to touch the hem of your garment. Knowing healing virtue will flow from you, Jesus to his weak and feeble body. He is believing and standing on your promises of good health h. … Continue reading “Uncle Herman”

Healing for myself

I need prayer for God to heal my left hip & upper thigh area, I hurt it sometime back last year or so. It got better, but lately it has started giving me a lot of problems & a lot of pain again. Thank you

Prayer Request for Dental Healing

I’m in need of dental healing. I hurt my teeth over a year ago, and pain is always there every day. One tooth is possibly cracked. I can’t afford to go to the dentist. I need help with prayer to heal this tooth.

Need healing prayers

My chum got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer,in the lymph nodes as well.Healing prayers please! Thank you, Lesley

My health

Pray that I am healing from the pain in my lower back left hip thank you.

Heal my daughter

Please help my daughter and give her strength to help herself. Please heal her sickness.

Healing of Breast cancer

Good afternoon i come for prayer chain for my mother i believe God has heal her and all battle it his in Jesus name.