Healing body and spirit

Thank you for inspiration in grief. I have foot injuries that are so painful that I’m having a hard time getting around. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition and I’m having a hard time healing it. Prayers are welcome.

Prayer for Healing

Dear Lord, I Pray for my two daughters, 3 and 4 years old who have a bad cough, chest infection and asthma symptoms. I pray that they get better with your help and that the medications work for them and that they will take their medicines. I ask this to the Lord our God and … Continue reading “Prayer for Healing”

Suicide Ideations

A difficult job search has let me down to this path where I have been having ideals of this. Fear, doubts, worry. Sometimes I just want to end it. I just need spiritual clearing for I am so tired of it. A job search that is not working. Romantic connections that aren’t working. I just … Continue reading “Suicide Ideations”

Tremendous Loss

I’m grateful for a place to humbly ask for prayers for my family as the one year “anniversary” of my daughter’s unexpected and tragic death approaches. My sweet Lex passed away from a motor vehicle accident when her car hydroplaned on November 12, 2018. She died instantly. She was 17 years old. Thank you very … Continue reading “Tremendous Loss”

Health & Healing

God’s mercy of healing upon Sujan, heal her body and no side affects on medicines. God remove her mucus, strong lung and immune system. Good liver, good kidney. God help her to have good absorb good nutrition of foods and Increase her energy to gain weights.Heal her left side and left back that she twisted … Continue reading “Health & Healing”

Heal my don from autism

He is nonverbal 4 years old please pray him to heal from autism and global delay development jesus with you irreversible is reversible please Im here in uk london all by myself please lord look at me Im begging you heal him any one that is reading this pray for my son in jesus name

Mom’s health

My mom, Virginia Gonzalez is in need for total restoration of her health. She has been in the hospital since Sept 23. Please pray for total healing so she can leave the hospital and at home soon. Thank you.


Father in Heaven, I lift up to you all the sick, especially Ate Linda Facundo,my brother in law Jerry, my sister Naneth , myself and everyone who needs physical and emotional healing. Please restore our health, bring us a speedy recovery and I also pray for all those in hospital bed in the name above … Continue reading “Healing”

Healing prayer urgent

Dear friends im suffering a lot, since last week e cannot sleep and rest, something awake my body when i try to sleep, im very tired and need to rest, my family need me, please help to pray for my complete healing, many thanks my friends.


I need healing in every area of my life. Spiritually because I’m broken and living in fear, financially because I’m homeless, in relationship because I alienated everyone I love, and physically because I’m battling illness I want to change I’ve prayed but became discouraged because I’m dealing with so much and I want an immediate … Continue reading “Deliverance”

Prayer for Heather’s healing

Heather was admitted to the hospital in Virginia for heart-related complications. Pray her medical team is led to the path needed. Pray for strength and the Lord’s presence surrounding Heather and her family. Pray for the family worrying long-distance… That they feel the Lord’s peace as well. Thank you.

Healing Ryan

Please dear God heal my son Ryan and let him live a full life with his family…he is a good man and needs your healing powers. He has had a hard life and needs to be able to enjoy his future…please pray for him to be able to not be sick and enjoy the rest … Continue reading “Healing Ryan”

For mother

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, My humble requests to you please pray for my mother Kanika Biswas, 73 years old. She is hospitalised at Bankura. She is suffering from Anemia and her haemoglobin level decreasing. The level of sodium in blood is too low therefore brain dysfunction. Also the creatinine level in the blood … Continue reading “For mother”

affirmative prayer request

“Please pray for me: “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, and let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish upon us the work of our hands, yea, the work of our hands, establish thou it.” Psalm 90

affirmative prayer request

“Please pray for me: “Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, and let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us; and establish upon us the work of our hands, yea, the work of our hands, establish thou it.” Psalm 90


hello we need healing prayers for me and my daughter, she suffers from depression anxiety, very nervous, she says that she need to get well so she can look for a job to pay bills, also I need prayers for healing bone cancer it is not curable taking chemo-treatments, and also I feel this nagging … Continue reading “healing”

For my husband

Dear God. As my family and I await for results from my husband’s colon cancer surgey. Please give us the strength and patience to get through this difficult time. I pray my husband will be touched by God’s healing power. I pray it will be God’s will that the cancer has not spread to his … Continue reading “For my husband”


I would like to be prayed for my mental, physical, spiritual health. To be prayed for the of my past experiences for it won’t cause emotional damage. For me to never lose faith or hope in the process of finding myself again. For the evil of this world wont effect me. For my kids corrupt … Continue reading “Healing”


I need prayer for my son Gabriel his been in prison move him to SkyView unit for depression and said that he wants to kill himself. But the doctor at prison hasn’t call me I’m his mother. My son hasn’t write .it’s 5 hour drive but my husband has cancer so he can’t take me. … Continue reading “Depression”


I desperately need money to pay hospital, special diet needs & gifts for Christmas. I am struggling w/hearing God’s wisdom because often I go ahead eventually & do what I already wanted to do & not sure I waited long enough to hear because I don’t trust my motives to overrule instead of really listening! … Continue reading “Struggling”

Healing and conversion

Bless you, brothers and sisters! I am 59, single, never married, no dependents, long-time practicing believer, currently resident in supported accommodation, in Sydney, Australia. Please pray for the speedy and complete healing of my diabetes, of my schizophrenia and of my acquired brain injury, particularly my damaged memory, and for the speedy, lasting conversions of … Continue reading “Healing and conversion”

heavenly healing

I have been.battling cancer for the last 2 1/2 years. It has spread and only one treatment option, with bad side effects, remains.i am tired and weary and ready to go home to be with the Lord! Therefore, I am praying for a heavenly healing! If that isn’t His will,then I pray surgery, which pertrifies … Continue reading “heavenly healing”

Please Heal my brother! My sister-in-law has done some black magic on [email protected]

Please God, help my family. Heal my brother in law. My sister-in-law (brother’s wife) misbehaves with my mother and my brother, all my sisters and with me also. She keeps cursing all of us all the time. She really is not social. I haven’t seen anyone, any women like this, specially who is the only … Continue reading “Please Heal my brother! My sister-in-law has done some black magic on [email protected]

Meekness and 60 kg weight loss

I need to go from angry to meek. I also need to lose 60 kg of fat for health reasons. Please pray for me in Jesus name I ask. Amen

Healing for Christy

Dear Father- Thank you for all you have done for Christy. There is still more healing to be done, Lord. Please heal all her brokenness – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have experienced the healing you have already performed and I thank you. More is needed. You say ask and it will be done. … Continue reading “Healing for Christy”

Healing for my husband

Please pray for my husband. He s in the hospital with an unknown infection. He isn’t responding to antibiotics.

Healing Heart

Please pray for my husband who had a successful outpatient cardiac procedure in the hospital. however, while in the recovery room waiting to go home he unexpectedly suffered a stroke – and is now very confused – tests are being done to determine the best protocol- requesting all prayers for speedy healing – Thank You


A friend of mine is about 3 or 4 months pregnant and had a test done and the test came back positive for Trisomy 18, which affects the baby’s growth in the organ’s,outward appearance and can be fatal. I’m asking for prayers for God’s healing for this baby and that the baby will be healthy … Continue reading “Baby”

God given healing

to our father in heaven. we give you the praise and glory. we thank U for tender mercies and all blessings. father I know. u to be the one and only one who can’t and never will fail us. I pray for healing , mind body and soul for all family, friends and strangers. may … Continue reading “God given healing”

God knows

Father /Mother GOD my Everything, I come to you today to say thank you and also ask you to keep strengthening me and Bj for what’s to come for you are a all knowing GOD! Help me start this Movement as well..Amen

Health & Healing

I request prayer for the healing of my body from sickness and disease, for my family’s restoration of health, and my husband’s surgery to be successful, the anointing on my children and their well being, all my friends ,neighbors and relatives to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. And continued blessings for christians … Continue reading “Health & Healing”


I am requesting prayer for me and my son Billy who had heart surgery and constant going to the doctor he is having a hard time dealing with it I am requesting a prayer for him to get better and for he can ask God for strength to get past this and have a peaceful … Continue reading “Medical”

Hurt and need healing

Please pray with me for healing ,i have been through many traumas thruout my life and feel lost in how to heal my heart and soul 4 years ago my grandchild was killed by another and a year after that my adult daughter passed away I have felt so lost and so incredibly sad and … Continue reading “Hurt and need healing”


I pray for my health with my fibroids. And all other health issues. I pray for permanent employment. I pray for my children .and their families. Financially emotionally spiritually. I pray for protection. And financial help to get my license back. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings 🙏 you have giving me. Amen.


I am needing a prayer answered for my Sister Cari, Lord please heal her from the fatal insidious disease Multiple System Atrophy very rare and no cure no relief it slowly steals away all function entombing the person in their body except for their mind, please Lord I beg of you to heal her and … Continue reading “Healing”




First I want to thank my Abba Father for he has been GOOD TO ME … and I want to THANK ALL THAT HAVE PRAYED FOR ME… GOD sometimes uses modern medicine and wisdom of Doctors to help when in SO MUCH PAIN… I’m getting RELIEF from cortisone shot in my lumbar to relief nerve … Continue reading “Thankful”

Need healing

I am battling uncontrollable weight gain. I need to loose 200 lbs to regain my life back. I believe that in and through God that all things are possible. I also believe that we should submit to His will and that He is not a vending machine. My hope is that His will is for … Continue reading “Need healing”

God’s love

Dear Lord, my God my God of Abraham, Jacob and Isac, I pray for healing of my iniquities, injured knees, back, neck, headache, depression, prostate cancer, lack of faith, continued pain and lack of hope, diabetes and all sicknesses effecting my whole body and blood, please release me from any curses witchichcraft, generational and present, … Continue reading “God’s love”

Heal my Papa

Merciful Lord. My Living God who answers and vanquish our sins. My Lord who trampled death, hear my prayer Lord Jesus Christ, heal my Papa. Please add years to his life so that he can see Glory and Grandeur of Jesus. I shall proclaim to him about your kindness and mercy. I shall uphold myself … Continue reading “Heal my Papa”

Inner Healing

Pray that God will heal me of my traumatic childhood abuse. Pray that God will reveal to me that the world doesn’t owe me anything because of my abuse. Pray that God will heal all my narcissistic tendencies. Pray that God will help me to forgive and face the truth no matter how painful it … Continue reading “Inner Healing”