Hi thank you for your faithful prayers for Marc, Jesus has delivered him from a toxic relationship he was in. Please pray Jesus will give Marc courage, strength and peace so He can begin healing Marc. It’s not an overnight process and things won’t be easy but with Jesus all things are possible. Pray Marc … Continue reading “Healing”

Healing my body

I need prayers for my health in healing . I can’t breath good, I am on oxygen at night and I take breathing treatments during the day . Please Dear God , heal me, I am raising grandchildren and I would love to be able to spend more time with them also. I pray also … Continue reading “Healing my body”

Rise up again

Dear Lord, You are the light and love of my life. I want to exalt and glorify only you. Thank you for your love and mercy. Today I would like to pray for healing. Lord please heal my broken heart. Please mend the pieces of my life and give me beauty for my ashes. I … Continue reading “Rise up again”

Mother in need

Dear God, please watch over Stephanie while she is grieving. She is a wonderful mother of 3. She lost her parents within months of each other and needs to know she is being lovingly watched over. We pray for her healing, well being and ability to restore her love for her life. Sadness comes in … Continue reading “Mother in need”


Please pray for my two Autistic children. They both have various levels of needs. One child screams to get attention on a daily basis it even keeps me up at night and I find it difficult to sleep. The other child has decreased attention span and difficulties with speech. Their challenging behaviors range from aggression, … Continue reading “Autism”

Prayer to Heal me

God, i come to you to please heal me from this poisonness cancer inside of me. I pray to look upon me and zap it out, so that i may be healed. With you and all your saints, esp St. Benedict, and St. Peregrine, the Patron St. Of all Cancer Sufferers, bestow upon me the … Continue reading “Prayer to Heal me”

Family Open & Closure

Dear God, I am asking you today for a full understanding of what it means to not hold conversations and honesty amongst the family. Our girl’s mean the world to us, but, we feel they are in predicaments that leave them vulnerable to mistrust and a unpredictable relationships. Please help our girls to understand evil … Continue reading “Family Open & Closure”

Challenging behaviors

Please pray for my 11 year old son who is severely Autistic. He has so many challenging behaviors and it has been too difficult for me to manage him at home that now he lives in a group home. Please pray for his safety and overall well-being. He has a behavior that comes and goes … Continue reading “Challenging behaviors”

Challenging Behaviors

Please pray for my 11 year old non verbal severely Autistic son. He has so many challenging behaviors and they are mostly for seeking attention. He constantly asks for food by running to the kitchen and taking food from the cabinets and fridge/freezer, then he immediately starts to have a bowel movement in his diaper … Continue reading “Challenging Behaviors”

Healing and Deliverance

Hi please continue to pray for Marc since he struggles with his mental health and addiction it could be easy for him to end up in toxic relationships again , Pray Jesus will draw Marc to Him by reminding Marc of God’s promises and who he is in Christ so he will not believe the … Continue reading “Healing and Deliverance”


God, almighty, I come to you as a humble and broken sinner. I’m battling stage 4 kidney cancer. I need your divine intervention to help me through this very trying season of my life. The Bible states to come to Jesus with my worries and prayers for healing. Jesus is the ultimate healer. He is … Continue reading “Disease”

Healing Sickness

Dear Lord, In Jesus name I pray you would heal someone close to my heart that has been sent home from the hospital with hospice, stay close to his heart Lord giving him comfort, peace and love, in Jesus name I ask you Lord. And Lord please heal my body from these svt’s I occasionally … Continue reading “Healing Sickness”

Move to Florida

I believe the Lord is leading me to move to Florida as I get bad seasonal affective disorder. I do not want to leave my kids and grand babies. I have a Christian friend and Christian home and church there. But my daughter absolutely will not accept this and is vehemently against it. Please pray … Continue reading “Move to Florida”

Prayer for Healing

Had stomach issues for a month or so, went to the doctor. They did an ultrasound and saw something else. Unfortunately, found a lesion on my liver that ended up being cancerous. Just requesting a prayer for healing of my body and strength for my wife and family having to see me go through this. … Continue reading “Prayer for Healing”

my mom celinehealth memory

please a prayer,, for curing my mom she has itchy fingers skin trouble celine cured ,her health preserved as at fifteen please a prayer,, for curing my mom celine cured ,her health preserved as at fifteen her memory also ability to think she is over seventy) also she be able to walk as her teens … Continue reading “my mom celinehealth memory”


I need pray for my girlfriend/my lady And her family and she told me that her mom is in the the hospital sick and I don’t know exactly what is wrong with her but I do know that God is a healer and I have faith that she can be saved and that she can … Continue reading “Lorenzo”

New Me

Happy New Year!!! New. I choose this word for the year 2023. I pray as you pray with me the prayer for today. Forgive me Lord when I wonder off. Somehow like a palm tree, I bounce back and stronger. It’s my source ( God) that keeps me going. I pray to be stronger in … Continue reading “New Me”

Take my control

Lord, I need your help! I realize that although I try to let go and let you. I still want to control my life. PLEASE PLEASE help me with this. I want your will to be done and not my own. Anytime I “think” I have surrendered. Someone tells me something to let me know … Continue reading “Take my control”

Health and wellness

Lord Thank you for allowing me to she another year ! Thank you for never leaving me healing is what I know will be done according to your will ! I see it and feel it ! Heal my children of any ailment that they need to be heal from ! Thank you for healing … Continue reading “Health and wellness”

Healing Salvation Provision

Mom needs physical healing from illnesses & pain; Desire for deliverance for addicted family; Salvation for everyone I’ve shared the Gospel with; Wisdom & favor interacting with unsaved friends & family – salvation, healing & freedom in Jesus; Brothers to walk in fullness of Holy Spirit; Son needs healing miracle for hernia, wrist, knee, & … Continue reading “Healing Salvation Provision”

Chip’s Healing

Dear God, I come to you in Jesus name asking for You to touch and heal the cancer in my husband Chip. I thank You for the doctors You have placed in his path. They are Godly men a d women of faith and I ask that You would give them Your guidance once more … Continue reading “Chip’s Healing”

Numerous health problems

Please, pray with me for complete and total healing. I am dealing with, aneurysm of abdominal aorta, arthiritis, cancer, diabetes, eye pressure, hiatal hernia, hypertension, and ringing of the ear. I am also losing my hair, (I used to have a head full of thick hair, now you can see so much of my scalp). … Continue reading “Numerous health problems”

Jesus heal my wife

To All those that read my prayer, thank you. My wife has health issues, which make getting around very difficult. May her body heal itself with your prayers and the lord’s helping , loving hands. The stress of these times makes life difficult, and pushes us apart. I pray that Jesus Christ will heal her … Continue reading “Jesus heal my wife”

For Katie

Please pray for Katie. She has Stage 4 cancer and seems to be doing fine so far. But the chemo from cancer gives her ex gyrating. Psi and numbness in her foot and toes. She also has a dropped toe. Please pray that the numbness leaves or is a lot less. Wants so bad to … Continue reading “For Katie”


Dear LORD you know Curt’s story and his needs — how his new Toyota suddenly accelerated and hit a tree. His fiance’s air bag deployed but his did not, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down these past 14 years. The more immediate concern is the sepsis that has developed recently, causing him to be … Continue reading “Curtis”

Health for my son

My son went into the hospital 12/21/22 for a Kidney Transplant yesterday. The transplant went well the Doctor’s say, but my son is having trouble now coming out of the sedation that they used to put him under for the operation and they can not wake him. No matter what happens, I know God is … Continue reading “Health for my son”