Facial disfigurement

Following successful surgery to remove a melanoma from my ear I’m minus a piece of ear. Pray that something may be done surgically; the disfigurement is minor but I’m very sensitive about it. If not, please help me come to terms with this. Either way help me to trust Jesus.

Cure my panic disorder

Please Lord hear my Prayers, cure my panic and anxiety disorder. I need my life back, my family needs me. Thank you, Amen

My brother

My brother is an alcoholic who is trying to stop drinking. He has cut down but the side effects are making him very sick. Please pray that he be healed and kept safe from these dangerous side effects. God Bless all who pray for him.

I desperately need divine healing for me and my family

I desperately need divine healing for me and my family. Afflictions shall not rise the second time. My mother has not been walking for close to 11 years. I need prayers to cancel afflictions and diseases in my family. I need total healing from God.

God is the best doctor

Louise pancreatic cancer and has a lot of pain. It’s inoperable but is getting chemotherapy. Please pray for her salvation, wisdom for the doctors and strength for her and her family. May she be healed if it’s the will of God.

Healing for family

I prayer for my sister’s husband who is in ICU. I ask that he be delivered from his pain and sickness. I pray for his recovery and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over each and every part of his body. I pray for his peace. I pray for my sister to have strength and … Continue reading “Healing for family”

Healing from Vasular Dementia

Dear God please heal me from my dementia. I want to stick around for my children,husband and my sweet young dog. thank u lord

Dear Jesus, I am so lonely

Dear Jesus, I feel like the loneliest person on earth. For reasons unknown to me, since becoming ill, and then poor, the good people in my life have all quietly walked away. I miss their companionship and caring, and I think that I must have done something terribly wrong to be so old now, and … Continue reading “Dear Jesus, I am so lonely”

Prayer for healing

Hello, I have a sick friend. Her name is Susan. I am requesting prayer for her. I know all things are possible through Jesus Christ when two or more come together in His name. Thank you for your time and all you do. May God continue to bless you all. In His Love Rickey

Miracle healing

4 years ago I was received surgery and treatment for cancer. God blessed me and I have done wonderfully. Now they tell me cancer may have spread to my lungs and if so I have limited time. My husband and I pastor a small church and we are blessed to be able to provide food … Continue reading “Miracle healing”

Prayer for a child

Lord please comfort and care for this child and keep her safe through her surgery. Please give strength and peace to her family as they surround her during this difficult time. Please Bless them all with your loving grace and restore their lives. I thank you Lord for Your goodness and love

Nephew heart attack hospital

I ask prayer for my nephew very sick in hospital Texas the heart attack has left him with no movement one side of his body his brain and other compilation we need a miracle to bring him back to us !! Thank you so much

Healing prayer needed

Please join me to pray for my healing as I’ve spoken to ALS, symptoms and side effects and asked them to leave my body.

I am asking for prayer for healing

Hi, my name is Crystal and I am asking for prayer for healing. I have a lump in my neck and I am having some neck pain and shoulder pain. Please pray God will heal my body of any sickness. Thank you all and God bless you all.

Healing for Alex

My future son-in-law will be the best man at his best friends wedding today at 5 pm. He woke up this morning with the horrible flu and is very ill. Please pray that God will heal him from his illness so he will be able to attend and give his “best man speech” at the … Continue reading “Healing for Alex”

My son Gert

Please pray that Gods will be.done for my son Gert. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. We trust God for complete healing. Please pray for peace enjoy and that we keep the faith.


My 2 and a half months old baby girl has a condition called hydronephrosis which is causing her left kidney to dilate, doctors have recommended an operation, I pray for a healing miracle.

My Heart

Hi my name is Elizabeth. I have recently gone through some tough family issues. I have faced unkind words from my Dad. I have been pressured with perfectionism, sin, school tuition, grades, and my outward appearance. I feel neglected and sad. I cut my self one night because I was so stressed out over being … Continue reading “My Heart”

Anxiety and ocd

Please pray for my son ben who is suffering a terrible autoimmune disorder causing him severe ocd and anxiety he has been suffering for years and this disease has robbed him of his childhood he is miserable and getting worse please pray that god may fully heal this terrible disease

Complete Healing

I earnestly pray for the complete healing of my mother, which has a heart and kidney problem. She currently undergoes medication. Also, I pray for the complete healing of my sister with a thyroid problem. She didn’t undergo biopsy yet because it’s too expensive but we are making a way… God, please provide for us. … Continue reading “Complete Healing”

Divine favor

I’m asking for prayer for healing for my bro it is he had bypass surgery a couple of weeks ago and he still has cloh arteries in his leg and I’m asking for prayer that the doctor wi will be able t to save his legs.

By His stripes I was healed

Ask for healing and deliverance from years of effects from viral encephalitis and parasites, and also for all body health, heart, lungs, intestines.

Pray for direction

Lord, I feel so lost, confused and helpless. I feel like I strayed from your plan for my life and your voice seems so far from me. I pray that speak to me and through me Lord during this difficult time. Help me to find my way, my purpose for living and to not give … Continue reading “Pray for direction”

Prayer for healing

Hello, I have a sick friend. Her name is Susan. I am requesting prayer for her. I know all things are possible through Jesus Christ when two or more come together in His name. Thank you for your time and all you do. May God continue to bless you all. In His Love Rickey

My mom’s healing

My mom is battling with cancer of lungs, pls us pray for her healing. And that our church will grow spiritually, physically and the gift of the holy spirit.Thanks and more blessings to you

Heart problem of my mother

Jesus please give healthy and long life to my mother Teresa…she had Heart Attack…and her 3 heart vessels r blocked…she is in hospital and her angiography is going on…Please Jesus do a miracle…Please please Jesus…I believe that u r alive and have the same healing power of miracles…Doctors will give us good news of no … Continue reading “Heart problem of my mother”

Prayer for my husband

Prayer for my husband whom is a diabetic. He has a diabetic ulcer caused from a blister on the bottom of his left foot on his little toe. Please pray for healing.

Coma prayer

Lord Jesus I come to you. We plea with you to strengthen Katleho n bring him back to us. We put all our trust in you Amen.

Healing from stage 4 cancer

Pray for my Sister Ruth, stage 4 cancer, has surpassed the expected 3-4 days on Thanksgiving day, she believes that the Doctors are not God, was sent home to a remote village in Alaska. Thank you in advance

Prayer for Healing

I am requesting prayer. I was diagnosed with amyloidosis, multiple myemola. Now I have neuropathy in my feet because of the chemo treatment. Also, lost of taste bud. Thank you, Crispin

Healing from Cancer

Dear Gracious and Almighty God our Heavenly Father, thank you for your eternal wisdom and love, thank you for your son the Lord Jesus Christ by whose stripes you have promised healing. During Jesus’s time here on earth, He was approached by many for healing and without exception, He forgave their sins and healed them from … Continue reading “Healing from Cancer”

Healing for my Mom

I’m praying for complete healing for my Mother, Betty. She is suffering terribly with lung disease, Pulmonary fibrosis, she is rapidly getting worse and needs healing desperately. It’s is very quickly killing her and it’s a terrible way to go…Please pray for her complete miraculous healing. Thank you.

I need Jesus

I have a large mass under my left breastplate it hurts And swelling under my left armpit that also hurts going to a doctor Thursday so scared please pray for I hope it’s not cancer my little guy already has brain cancer he’s 8 and really needs me please God let it be something different

Prayer for Mother

My mom has been stroke and is bed ridden for 3 years .. I have so much to say about my pain but all I want right now for her miracle healing and that can be only done by god .. please god heal her touch her as in the mark chapter 1:34 u healed … Continue reading “Prayer for Mother”