I’ve been possessed by a devil my entire life.

by Brady ()

Hey there. I fully believe that for quite a while now that I look back on my life that I’ve been demonically possessed for pretty much my entire life and it wasn’t obvious to me until very recently. I’m currently trying to get rid of it through prayer and fasting and the more I read the KJV the weaker it seems to get. There are voices speaking to me in my mind all the time and I used to think they were the Holy Ghost, and then it started deluding me into believing a very esoteric and arcane worldview that involved me talking with many illusionary “friends” daily, for the entire day, which mainly consisted of every deity you could think of and fake people. If there’s one thing I’ll tell you though, it’s that you shouldn’t stay isolated but should be with other believers even when it seems difficult. I’m well composed now despite how unhinged this message might sound to all of you, but I do believe prayer will help me get into a state in which this spirit can be cast out. Thank you all, and remember that if you ever find yourself dealing with these things that emotional control and willpower are both very important.

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