Heal me Father,God

by Simon ()

My Father (Daddy). In Heaven,
My walk away from you has resulted in a very bad leg infection which has not and will not be healed unless you intervene. I am suffering from the pain and sometimes even when I do take the multiple types of pain killers the pain does not subside. The doctors , as you know Father, have told me that the infection won’t stop recurring.They even told me the name of the enemy’s tool to keep me down.The enemy’s name is Pseudomonas a very painful infection on my leg.I saw on an episode of The Chosen where this person had a very bad infection which radiated a very bad odour and Jesus had healed him. I do,also have a very bad odour as a result of the infection. I have prayed to our Father in heaven for healing and I am awaiting the miracle which must take place.The only other option as the Doctors and Nurse Practitioner had stated was amputation.I do not want that so if you all will lift me up in prayer it would be so wonderful as I do believe that when two or more are united in prayer our dad will heed,therefore answering the prayers.I want to be able to go out and about to share God’s word and love to all of the people that he sends my way. Right now I can barely even get around with the pain.I thank you all for your prayers and also do pray to our Father to work wonders in your lives and those who you love.May God bless and keep you all in His loving arms in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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