Healing our Relationship

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Please, My Beloved Saints, I am asking for prayers, and intervention to heal, strengthen and solidify the loving relationship between Justin R. and myself, Camille D. Bring us back together, in the Name of Jesus, so we can work out the issues causing stress and dessention in our relationship and the current decision to take a “time out” in our relationship. Justin is in the U.S.Navy, and I’m a full time College Student who dorms.The time zone and distance apart from each another is incredibly hard and our communication has gotten more difficult, also due to schedules. One other major factor causing us problems and arguements, is the interference from Justins Parents, as they seem to believe that I am only with him for his “Military Benefits”. I am studying to become a Pre Med, Physician’s Assistant specializing in Cardio Thoracic Medicine, and I will hardly ever need to rely on his Military benefits. If we are Married in the future, those benefits will provide us the ability to buy a house. Justin and I have been together over 2 years, to date. I only found out he was going into the Navy 7 mos. before he was actually getting deployed. He didnt want to tell me, for fear of losing me. When he did, we loved and trusted each other enough, to promised we would wait for each other, continue to communicate, and visit when we can, until the end of his tour in 2026, with love, trust, respect, understanding and fidelity. We are in this together. We are both only children in our family.
I pray everyday, and ask for my Devine beings in Heaven, for intervention and favor, to heal our hearts and minds, to repair and cleanse the chords that bind us, and to please remove the obstacles and any negative forces that are causing the additional interference in our already difficult lives. Alex and Tiffany R. Justins parents, (who have been divorced for many years) need to stop controlling Justins life, and allow Justin to stand on his own 2 feet, and the strength to speak out his feelings to them both. He needs to protect me, and my charachter from the untruths they are filling his head with. My own Parents are quite hurt and upset, for how they are depicting me. We are each other’s Soulmates, and we hope and pray to get to the Alter someday if it is Gods will. Please Beloved Saints, help to reunite us, with an abundance of love, peace and harmony, respect and understanding. I pray for this favor.
In The Holy Name of Jesus

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