Trusting in the Lord at all times

That I will not worry but trust in the lord and wait on answers to my prayers Giving thanks and praise for his many blessings That the Lord will give me a boldness to pray with others and tell them about His amazing love Be blessed.


Pray for me to continue my journey to be saved.


Holy Spirit, please breathe your graces on the youths of today. Show them that the happiness and love they long for is only to be found in Jesus, our Shepard, our way. Give them the great grace of Faith, the knowledge of the reality of the life after this short earthly one. Please grant this … Continue reading “Faith”

Pray for my family

God I ask you keep family in your loving care that they be safe and happy, healthy. Prayers for my brother Juan my daughter Julia and Amadeus I ask thru your son Jesus Christ

To Be Like Jesus

I want a personal relationship with God. I struggle to study the Bible and pray daily. Every day. I want to feel God near me – want Him to take charge of my life, showing me how to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, boss and team player. I need God in … Continue reading “To Be Like Jesus”


I don’t know why but losing weight seem to be a big problem and I’m not really looking for a reason other than health to lose weight so what would I look like!

Confidential from

I learned proving myself is a waste of time, all I did was introduced to my mom, so the abuse was unnecessary but I won’t hold it against anyone, because it’s in the past and I didn’t do anything so thank God for that, if I did the punishment would have been worse, of course … Continue reading “Confidential from”

Mental health

I learned if I keep complaining I forget how good I have it, and toughness is key to many things.

Physical healing

I fell 3/31 injured my lower back, ribs, tailbone and knee. My ribs, tailbone and knee are pretty much healed my back isn’t. I’m in a lot of pain. It’s hard to sit, lay down, stand or walk very far. I know that God can heal me. In Jesus name, amen

Drawing closer to God

Dear Lord, please show me how I can draw closer to you. I believe in you Lord but I find myself being tested daily and having to resist sinful thoughts and actions. Lord, I struggle daily and not knowing enough about you leaves me feeling dejected at times. Lord, I will never desert you but … Continue reading “Drawing closer to God”


I am in need of wisdom and favor and provision. I God knows the finances I need and I am asking Him to please be my Father and my Husband and please just open the doors and help me- pour out a blessing so I don’t have to be sick anymore. Please God.

Help me be better

Help me be the light that god wants me to be. I need to be his messenger and do good and abolish evil. I wish he would take away my free will and allow me to avoid temptations and immorality of society. The world is getting too rotten. Time to be the best person I … Continue reading “Help me be better”

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Abba, I know I belong to you. Please continue to allow my husband and I to walk with you. We both need your support in these trying times.


That the more i read the Bible, the better my understanding becomes of it..and also remembering…


Dear god I put in your hands my life. Help me understand what you want from me give me strength and faith in you. Open new doors and people to come in my life.


Holy Spirit, please breathe your graces on the youths of today. Show them that the happiness and love they long for is only to be found in Jesus, our Shepard, our way. Give them the great grace of Faith, the knowledge of the reality of the life after this short earthly one. Please grant this … Continue reading “Faith”

To hear Him

To hear and move very close to God daily.


I am in the middle of trying to discern whether I need to be in Ministry full time in a pulpit or in the streets, as a Missionary but I know I am being called into spreading the Gospel. Please pray and lift me up for the answer to my prayers please God Bless

Forgiveness from my boyfriend

I ask for my boyfriend to forgive me for a argument we had and for what caused the argument, in Jesus name I pray. Amen


Praise & adoration prayers.

God’s Greatness

Heavenly Father, great is Your name. Lord my God, nothing is greater than You. You are so kind and so merciful. Nothing we ask of You is too small, because You listen to the prayers of the great and the little alike, and nothing we ask of You is too big, because You are the … Continue reading “God’s Greatness”


As long as I live I will pay but I did a good job taking the punches, I did a good job taking the manipulation and the whole I love you speech then get coned afterwards, hey why not, I encourage god to tell everyone that everything is okay, no one has to worry, because … Continue reading “Everything”

A new life in Christ

I am a best sinner sinner on earth, but I want revival in Christ Jesus. I want to feel God’s spirit within me. I long for a new life in God.

Eternal Father, unto Thee l lament Daily. Please do not forsake me. I beg You. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ

Holy Week, Thursday April 18th, Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to The Heavenly Father, My Lord JESUS CHRIST THE KING, ST. PEREGRINE, OUR LADY OF LOURDES St. Jude, Sacred Heart of Jesus and All Ye Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints, l implore Your intercession. Please Lord accept my conversation with You. Please … Continue reading “Eternal Father, unto Thee l lament Daily. Please do not forsake me. I beg You. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ”


As I was swinging from the metal bars on the playground, I see one person and a celebrity and now explain to me about my body.


I take responsibility for everything and everyone, I am a absolutely low life that deserves to be gas out and be called a rapist by someone who pretend to like me, now one by one as it is happening show me everything I. Secret nothing hidden and as you god are all powerful use my … Continue reading “Everything”

Everything/Mental health

Soul swapping is wrong, and I’m going to be who know one likes, ask the ones who decided to gas me out, any track back to how it started and ask god to take it from there I’m not doing nothing, one by one, show me who to stay away from.

All round breakthrough

Lord Jesus I plead for your mercy upon me and my family. I need a job, I need breakthrough in my handwork because it seems not to be moving well. I need grace to serve you in truth. I pray for my life partner to locate me where ever he is in Jesus name. Amen

To God be the Glory

Father God, I’m asking you to direct my path. I want you to lead me in a path of righteousness. I am definitely trying to do a good work in you. I just need to know the will for my life. The number one thing you did make clear to me is that you want … Continue reading “To God be the Glory”

Give everyone the confirmation

Give everyone the confirmation that it’s okay they don’t have to worry about anything, no guilty conscious and besides guilty consciousness is only for people who do wrong things, what happen was mostly funny and a laughable story to tell people about it should never affect your life to move on to another partner.


Let the blood groups after me stay pure.


My observations is with people who don’t like me, is that they want you to entertain them, it’s funny but that’s what they want, I chose not to, I took responsibility and life solved the problem I don’t have no issues with any or any type of love for these people but what I can … Continue reading “Everything”

Everything/Mental health

I will like to thank God, for everyone around me and teaching me that it’s not “treat people how you’d like to be treated” but instead it’s treat people the way they asked to be treated, in this one it requires common sense and common knowledge of life, and I’m thankful forever that it happens … Continue reading “Everything/Mental health”


I respect rules as rules and I believe we should be punished for having older girls go out with a young guy, but in my case I didn’t know better, but it’s okay, I’m outside willing to take the beating, I respect the treatment I get and I accept humans as they are and I … Continue reading “Everything”


If I’m supposed to get married which I highly doubt, find me, someone of my kind, probably not fully human or something.


Heavenly Father, Over the years I realized the way people treat you, is the way they would like to be treated, they don’t want kindness they had enough of that at home, it’s kinda like how the girls go after the bad boys that mistreat them, except these girls treat the bad boys nicely, now … Continue reading “Everything”


That I develop and maintain a spiritual relationship with God regardless of situations as well as circumstances. Daily…


Heavenly Father, I was told I’m glad I’m never going to see you again, so I accept that, so I don’t understand how I look so retarded to not understand a simple thing like that. And then if I’m supposed to leave where do I go?! Anyway I guess I was hated so much it … Continue reading “Everything”