Son in Heaven

Dear Lord please tell Xavier we miss him and love him I pray to your Lord to keep him close to you In Jesus’ name We pray.

Prayer for my 2 yr old great grandson

Lord please guide doctors and make my great grandson better right away. Cast out our fear, give us peace, trust. Thank you for your protection, kindness and mercies oh my Lord Jesus. We ask you will Father and know that when we ask you hear and we receive. Amen

Family prayer

Keep me and my family in prayer. My son Sampreet facing mental issues we struggling lot. God bless you.


Requesting prayer for my family… I’ve been married for 6 yrs and my husband is my daughter step father. The relationship between them is not a good one. She is very jealous of my husband. She doesn’t respect me or her stepfather. She lies now and doesn’t even acknowledge us when she sees us. My … Continue reading “Family”

Children of the living God

Pray for my children to be better children of the Lord. That’s do not let the ways of the world fool them. Need them to be strong I. The name if the Lord.

Our Male Children

That they would value their Christian heritage. That they would nake Jesus first in everything.

My kids

Prayers please for my kids Joseph and javianna Haynes to be able to come back home Asap… Prayers please for me Chantelle to be able to find a good paying morning job Monday through Friday 8Am To 5pm In Jesus name Amen Amen Amen


Please pray for me for my children, grandchildren Brother and family to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour. Thanks & be blessed!

For direction and financial provision for both my daughter and son to go off to college and fulfill their dreams.

Lord Heavenly Father, I pray for guidance and financial provision for both my son and daughter to go to college. But even more than that I pray that my daughter especially (but both of them and my other younger so too) will totally surrender their lives to you. I pray for help with my middle … Continue reading “For direction and financial provision for both my daughter and son to go off to college and fulfill their dreams.”

My Daughter Deanna

Please pray for my daughter Deanna she have a big lump in her breast every time she try to take a step forward she take 2 back something always takes her back she have a good Heart just going through so much she 32yr old she moved out and was put out of her house … Continue reading “My Daughter Deanna”

Heal my anxiety and fear

Lord Jesus, I come before you with a humble heart and beg you to please heal me. I surrender all my fears anxieties to you. Please help me to sleep peacefully at night every night. Please help my daughter pass her tests and keep her safe at all times. Please give us all good health, … Continue reading “Heal my anxiety and fear”


Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my husband, our marriage, our children and grandchildren. We have 3 daughters who are not getting along and speaking to each other. Two have sided against the third daughter. I pray for forgiveness, peace, love, and humility for them. I pray Psalm 91 over my whole family, In Jesus … Continue reading “Daily”

My son needs God’s help

That my son turns himself around and becomes motivated to finish his college degree. God please speak with him.

Sons in need

Please pray for my intentionally homeless son (24): Deliverance of demonic bondage from occult activity. Healing for mental illness. Healthy housing situation & employment. Contact his parents. (Praise: he did!) Caring friendships and humility to listen to wise counsel. Physical protection & provision. Salvation in Christ for both sons. ~ Son (22) succeeds in new … Continue reading “Sons in need”

For breakthrough and victory

I ask for God’s Holy Spirit to fill the lives of my children and my family and protect and guide them in decisions and temptations they face. Let His will and plans for their lives happen.


Keep my family well, mind, body, soul and help them flourish and become the best they can be. Bless them and keep them from succumbing to the devil and his evil entities.

Praying for daughters

I pray that god may make a way for my daughters as they go through grown up situations. I pray for them to be safe to make the right choices in life and to always put god first above everything because with god there is nothing. In Jesus name, I pray Amen.

A mother’s cry

Lord I’m seeking for guidance and understanding of why my 22 year old daughter is so rebellious! My daughter have seemed to struggle with issues the last couple of years. Two relationships with young men that broke her heart. Latching out at her father, also. For not being in her life for years. Because of … Continue reading “A mother’s cry”

Bring my grandson home

Lord protect our grandson from the evil now surrounding him. Cause those doing harm to him to reverse their minds hate to love.. jealousy to sharing. Stop him from being always afraid because he is protected. Allow his parents and those around them to change their ways and bring him back to us where he … Continue reading “Bring my grandson home”

Spouses for our Children

Lord, please bring the RIGHT Christian husband for our daughter and the RIGHT Christian wife for our son, in accordance with your will for our children. May our children also have soft hearts to receive this gift from you. Thank you and AMEN

Pray for child’s mind and welfare

Pray my 20++ year old does not abort child. Gets in a relationship with boyfriend that asked. They stay together she stops blaming people for her actions.

My son – help

Dear Lord, please help and protect my son from all evil. he has become disrespectful towards us the parents. Staying with boys who are drinking alcohol and smoking. Involve in gangs, staying out till late. He is only 17, very hyperactive, always on his phone listen to ungodly music. God, I ask as a mother … Continue reading “My son – help”

Help me and my children

Pray that my son stops being tormented by inner demons that are not letting him function and makes him feel like dying, pray for my other son and his addiction to marijuana that keeps him from everything, pray for my daughter who feels she is transgender and wants to be a boy, pray for my … Continue reading “Help me and my children”

Son’s Behavior

My son is having Behavior problems at school. Please pray that the spirit of disobedience, disrespectful, and rebellious is bound up and release obedience and respectfulness to everyone. Keep those away who are of bad influence. Please pray with me this prayer. We need a change quickly.


Praying that my kids will realise without god your life is not whole.Ihave done lots of mistakes with raising them but now there adult’s Please pray they find there wat to him.There names are Marcus,Luke, Jonah thank you please pray extra for Jonah he is dealing with something i can’t help him with only god … Continue reading “Children”


Please pray that God will bless me with children this year, it’s been four years I got married, still I have not conceived.

Prayer for my Daughter

Please pray for my Daughter. She keeps getting thoughts in her head that keep her from living a normal life. Please pray that she gets the strength to turn to God so that her prayers will overcome these negative thoughts and pray that she can be able to live a healthy normal life.

Son’s salvation

Prayers that my son will repent and accept Jesus Christ as his savior and come home and turn himself into the authorities. That the shackles of fear and depression be broken and that everything that has been stolen by the enemy will be restored. That he will come to the knowledge of the truth and … Continue reading “Son’s salvation”

Mothers Prayer for her child

Please protect me in my journey as a single mother to make the right decisions for my daughter and that she is protected wherever she may go the way I was protected by my father’s faith and devotion to God.

My girls salvation

Thank you so much for receiving this prayer request. My adult children, 3 girls have been in and out of my life for the last 15 years usually in for short gimmee spurts. I am exhausted with pain from their hurts, keeping my grandchildren away from me because of their beliefs and lifestyle just hurts!!! … Continue reading “My girls salvation”


I am asking for prayers for my sons Alberto & Orlando. Alberto is in recovery of almost 20 yrs of drug addiction for 6 mos. But recently he has had a hard disappoint/rejection from his ex GF, in his life about 2 weeks ago. It has crushed him all over again. He says whats the … Continue reading “Intercession”


My son is struggling to see his 10 year old son. The mother is not allowing it. No reason found. My son & his son are in counselling but mother is testing grandsons loyalty to her. In Jesus name, Amen


Help my daughter stop living off of me let her find her on place to live god.

Wayward daughter

Please pray for my daughter that she returns to God. Pray that my daughter returns to basic values and recognizes dangers seen and unseen.

Protect my son

Please pray against my son being vaccinated against my wishes. I feel certain he will be harmed if he receives the shots his dad wants him to have. This is a battle on many levels. It is my son’s stepmom who is pressuring my ex. I have to lean on the law a bit and … Continue reading “Protect my son”

Bless my little children

I pray for my three young sons named Jay, River and Manny, who are currently living in NZ with a relative We are preparing to bring them here with us in Brisbane. I miss them and love them dearly but I also worry about them. Please pray for their safety, their protection, their health, their … Continue reading “Bless my little children”

Prayer for me and my Family

Dear Brother in Christ, I am Charles, i been married since 15 years, still i am not blessed with Children, please request you to pray for me and my Family to be blessed with children. I always hope and praying god, i feel like he has some plan for me. Thank you for your prayers.


God send some peace right now father so that I can have peace of mind God help me to be good to woman of God please jesus help with these kids lord let someone come to get them to go to school I pray that you lord will help me father get to pray tonight … Continue reading “Tired”


God send some peace right now father so that I can have peace of mind God help me to be good to woman of God please jesus help with these kids lord let someone come to get them to go to school I pray that you lord will help me father get to pray tonight … Continue reading “Tired”

Bring my daughter back home

Bring my daughter back home and to help her know the truth from those who try to convince her to turn against her mother and that my ex husband to stop telling lies on me and to do the right thing and for myself to heal from bad words and to grow spiritually in jesus.