Strengthen my Family

As we come before you Our Lord God in Heaven, I ask that look upon my family and those families that need you most right now. We say thank you and praise you for you have done. We are in need of your strength and forgiveness. We are in need to forgive each other. Hold … Continue reading “Strengthen my Family”

Child support

Tomorrow I will be going to meet with my soon to be ex-husband to conduct a settlement case. Please pray he provides child support that is sufficient to meet the children’s needs. Both of our kids have Autism and need help. Please pray that he doesn’t take my retirement fund as I don’t want his … Continue reading “Child support”

My sons

Please pray for all my sons and daughter, my sons disrespect me, I love them and need to mend our relationship but it needs God! Please pray for us.


Please pray for my 2 year old granddaughter. She has a liver disease called alpha 1 deficiency. The doctors are saying she will probably need a liver transplant. Please pray for complete healing. Thanks

Doesn’t matter if

Act your age humanity and humility is love, apologize for everyone and everything, and you deal with your life without the people who came against you.


My brother tells me I am an enabler with my adult daughter who is a single mother of a 13 year old girl. I help her as much as I can, so if that makes me an enabler, I am guilty. My sister feels that I am a stubborn woman. I have my faith, morals … Continue reading “Enabler”

Freedom for my son

Good day Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this prayer community. I am requesting prayer for my son Chad who is in lock up. Men with knives came up in a car and tried to rob him while he was in his car and his window was down. He drove down … Continue reading “Freedom for my son”


Please pray for God’s leading in a schooling decision for my son we are considering returning to homeschooling for my 16 year old son who has some behavioral and emotional issues due to peer pressure and influences.

Divine Healing, Strength & comfort

I would like prayer for my son & daughter, They both do not know Jesus & they desperately need to know him. My daughter is truly suffering mentally & physically. She needs God’s healing & comfort desperately. My son, also, needs God’s healing & comfort. Please keep my children in prayer. Thank you.

Blessed Children

Lord, I am grateful for the gift of children and the joy they bring into my life. Thank you for making them good, dutiful and healthy. At this point in their lives, they need more guidance from you Lord. Let them know and have faith that you have plans for them and they are good … Continue reading “Blessed Children”

Finding our way

Please pray for my youngest daughter as she fights to find her place in this world. Help her to know God has her in His hands, He has a plan for her, and she has talents and skills that are unique to her. Help her to gain strength to stop cutting and really accept the … Continue reading “Finding our way”


Lord please help us pay for my son’s tuition. Help us to trust you and wait upon you. Thank you Lord.


Lord deliver and help my children.


Please pray for Brittany to receive a job offer soon For God to send her a Catholic husband For Timothy to do well in nursing school For the safety and health of my family


Unity as daughter convinced to hate me and disrespect me. She does not honour me and despises me because of her dad’s lies about me. God is my defender.

For my son

Please pray for my son Anthony. Pray that he will get a job and get his life together and be the man God created. Pray that he can work out things with his marriage and he and his wife can build a life together. May God’s will be done in his life and in ours. … Continue reading “For my son”

Praying for my Children

Praying for daughters sickness to start natural medications and healing of liver and ovarian cyst ,prayer for another daughters addiction and illness of body currently in rehab praying for better recovery and better future for her,prayer for another daughter lost haven’t seen her in almost 1 year and possible addiction from drugs also mental problems,miss … Continue reading “Praying for my Children”

Child custody

Lord help me with the process of my court battle that I am going through with my 2 little babies.Help me to be able to speak for my self in my defense with those that are trying to speak ill against me and my family. Also give myself and my family peace, love ,and patience … Continue reading “Child custody”

My daughter

I ask that you pray for my teenage daughter who is struggling with everything this world is throwing at her. On top of that she is only 16. Thank you.


I am in the midst of a very ugly divorce. I am praying that God protect me and my children . I pray also for my spouse and hope that he sees that his ways are wrong . I have court Monday and Tuesday and I don’t think I can handle not having my children … Continue reading “Divorce”

Salvation for my children

Please pray for my sons, Jarrod and Julian’s Salvation and freedom from the strongholds in their lives. Jarrod’s marriage is in shambles because of adultery. His wife Tracy needs healing because of his infidelity. Julian needs deliverance from addictions to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. He served seven months in jail and 12 months in prison … Continue reading “Salvation for my children”


Please pray for my son and my grandson. my son has fallen into a deep depression and my grandson has 5 children and him and his wife cant seem to get ahead. it is 90 degrees plus and they are without electricity and have no money to pay it. They have reached out for assistance … Continue reading “Family”

The World and my granddaughter get the part

I pray that the whole world find peace and love in one another and I pray that my granddaughter get the part that she is auditioning for today and give her your peace dear Lord Amen!

For my son

I’m asking for prayers for my son who is in jail going through some drug charges which started with 2 case being at the wrong place at the wrong time and now has him in jail fighting 5 cases please he’s only 19 he has a good heart but got caught up in with the … Continue reading “For my son”

My daughter’s healing

I pray for my daughter Vanessa. It started last Saturday with her throwing up and then it was a fever on and off now her gums are so swollen that she can barely eat anything due to the pain and when she brushes her teeth her mouth is full of blood.

Lord help me and my understand that togetherness

Give my grandchildren Love and togetherness WTH peace start their mother she need help delivery from da streets and drugs.she smart woman.bless and pray her salvation in n Jesus name I pray.

Prayer for salvation

Please pray for my teens to become totally committed to Jesus living their lives for Him. Their names are Sophie, Max and Guy.

Broken Family

Dear Jesus, Please help me to model God’s word for my kids and for them to choose to follow God and His teachings. Divorced a few years ago and the kids have taken sides, go between the two households and twist things and stir the pot. It makes co-parenting hard and also hurts. It like … Continue reading “Broken Family”


Pray for me and my wife so that we can have baby.

Heart is hurting

Asking for prayers to help heal a heart that is in turmoil. Please give me the guidance and wisdom in dealing with my adult children.

Wayward son

Pray that my son, who was raised in a Christian home but is running far from God, would come back to his faith in Christ. He has many wrong influences in his life and it is difficult for me (mom) to watch. Pray that I will learn whatever Lessons God is trying to teach me. … Continue reading “Wayward son”

Pray for him

Please pray that he will be returned to the family that loves him.

Child Custody

My son and his ex girlfriend had a baby this March, they are in the middle of an ugly custody battle and it is very disheartening. Court is Tuesday, 7/9, I pray that the Judge will see the heartache the mom is trying to create and that God would grant favor to my son so … Continue reading “Child Custody”


My friend’s daughter was raped by her mother’s boyfriend. Her father (my friend) is trying to get custody to get the daughter away from the now-husband to keep her safe. He has a legal aid lawyer and she has one of the best in the state. Please keep her safe and keep her with her … Continue reading “Court”


I first give thanks for everything the Lord is doing in this season. I ask for prayer for peace, strength, courage,and protection for my family I ask for prayers for reunification of my family all blessings of the day forgiveness from all sins throughout this day. I pray for hope and joy to relieve my … Continue reading “Thankful”


As I sit in deep depression and sadness that is also causing me a lot of mental and emotional distress and physical issues and chronic fear and worry and stress, I ask for prayers for my Son to have a change of heart with me and come back home. I want him to be on … Continue reading “Family”


Please pray for my children that they may come to know our creator and receive salvation and to know what it means to love our lord, and how he works in our lives, he will always be with us and never forsake us.

Prodigal son

Pray that our son will return to God and seek His direction for the rest of his life and his forthcoming marriage.

Anxiety and depression

Please pray for my Daughter Janae that she may find peace that surpasses all understanding no weather what struggles she is facing. Let her find forgiveness of others in her heart.

Needing grace

My daughter is marrying her same sex partner on Sunday.We are going because we love her but she knows we don’t agree with this.Please pray that I will be able to be strong with love and grace to her partner’s family who are not Christians.


Struggling daughter with 3 girls needs restoration,financial healing need a new place of residence,lots of anger in their home because of separation please pray.