Broken heart

My husband has developed a hard heart toward me. He ridicules me and my children. I have had some difficulties that would be a simple thing for him to help with, but he will not. I pray for healing and blessing and unity and love in my family and home.

My daughter

God please make my newborn baby healthy, chubby and beautiful. Please protect her and help her overcome all comparisons she will have to face. Make her beautiful inside and outside. Make her healthy baby. Make her smart and wise.

Health of newborn baby

Heavenly Father thank you lord for blessing me with a beautiful baby girl after 10 long years of marriage…. this child lord is a gift & blessing from you & lord I believe that this child has been blessed in abundance in the best of health n she is medically very fit n no any … Continue reading “Health of newborn baby”

Children far from God

Pray that my oldest daughter, Casondra (who is a believer)would draw close to God again. Pray for my youngest, daughter, Kirstie and her husband, Ian (who was raised to be atheist)would have their eyes opened and their hearts softened to the saving gospel of Jesus Christ and that they would accept the free gift of … Continue reading “Children far from God”

Prayer for my son

I’m praying for my son Christopher to be free from addiction and free from incarceration.Please touch & soften the heart of the judge that will preside over his case I pray that God continues to Bless him and give him mercy & strength in this situation.I Pray God continues to Bless all of my children … Continue reading “Prayer for my son”


it hard letting go of your children when they have been your whole life. I’m in a place were I’m stuck and loneliness has taken over. I’m having battle within its like I’m fighting myself . when I know all need to do is surrender but the human in me fights but not a good … Continue reading “guidance”

protection from corona virus

pray for the protection of jonathan magaret lyra and lyla who are studying and living in the philippines protect them and keep them safe in your almighty hand from covid19 virus infection and bring them back home safely


Please pray for my daughters Liliana; 15 and Isabela;16. They live with family in another state. 2 days ago Liliana contemplated suicide. My Isabela seen that she had taken a bottle of pills and locked herself in bathroom. She was able to get to her in time. Liliana is now admitted to a mental hospital. … Continue reading “Family”

For my son

Please pray for my son and the situation he is in right now Please pray that if its God’s will- for the warranty to be approved to fix his truck and for him to be at peace in his heart and know that God is in control. Thank you and God Bless.

Freddie L.

Pray that my 31 y/o son heart is broken, that he hears and yield to his Heavenly Father and rejects the enemies lies. Pray for the strong hold of nicotine addiction to be broken and any health stolen restored. Pray for remission and healing of vision problem, ketatoconus, which the enemy used to break my … Continue reading “Freddie L.”

Prayer for my children

Lord jesus i pray pari neha oshjwi avneshika anisha laura sam abhishek call me mommy everyday my nieces olububu pramila call me auntie everyday my son teja calls me auntie everyday jesus christ name I pray amen hear my prayers I beg you on my knees i need them my children i beg you i … Continue reading “Prayer for my children”

Prayer for my daughter

I pray that my daughter parishma values me cares about me loves me in the same way i do everyday replies my messages on whats aap and messanger jesus christ name I pray amen hear my heart prayers she remembers everything i do for her as her mom make our bond stronger

Prayer for my family

Lord jesus i pray my children care love for me pari neha oshjwi avneshika anisha laura sam abhishek my nieces olububu pramila and my son teja all talk to me everyday reply my messages on whats aap and messanger give me importantance jesus christ name I pray amen hear my heart prayers i beg you … Continue reading “Prayer for my family”

Prayer Request for Change of Baby Genotype from AS to AA

My daughter tested AS and the spouse is AS. She is pregnant. My prayer request is for God to give the unborn baby an AA genotype. All glory be unto Him forever. I thank you father for answering this prayer in Jesus Mighty Name – Amen

For my son

Please pray for my son and rhe situation he is in right now. Please pray for him to tangibly feel the peace that comes from heaven and for God’s intervention in his delimma right now for the best outcome according to God’s will. My son has been trying so hard to do the right thing … Continue reading “For my son”

Prayer for Protection For My Son

praying for my daughter Pia’s strength, wisdom, courage and success in her small struggling business. Lord pls guide & support her. Lastly, asking too for security of tenure in her current work for the sake of my 1 yr old granddaughter Ayvee. thank you very much 🙏

Prayer for my children and family

Dear Lord We seek for your forgiveness. Please pray for my son David as he seem to be in lost direction. Pray for your merciful and happiness and protection through his daily life and open his heart for a better direction, guidance in his study.. We seek for your prayer for my family and children..


My daughter is starting a new school this year. She has disabilities so school isn’t easy for her. She also attends a public school. We moved from her last school bc of religious issues. The school isolated her bc she was Christian. They wouldn’t allow her to pray near people. There were other issues like … Continue reading “School”

Help my son

Please pray for my son E.L pray that he will be able to move to a better cheaper place to live with his dtr and that he may have enough money to buy a car he is trying to do good please pray that he has what he needs to live a healthy life n … Continue reading “Help my son”

Lost son

Father God I pray for my son to find his way. He’s living in a very dark world right now. I pray for me to get to 100 percent so I’ll be a good example. I feel like a hypocrite and I don’t want to be that anymore. I pray he sees the light and … Continue reading “Lost son”


lord, please help and guide my children back on the right path be responsible not drink or do drugs. Im si depressed George is stalling getting the repairs done in the house to get on the market and sold. Im broken and pray for strength confidence courage to move on let go and forgive. This … Continue reading “Strength”


Our daughter seems to have gone astray from her commitment in her studies and has been disobedient.We pray that she can come to her senses and understand that we love her and wants whats best for her. We pray that she receives guidance to succeed in her assessments and exams this term. We pray for … Continue reading “Guidance”

A miracle child

Please Saint Jude help Gina to be able to have a child.She wants more than anything in this world to be a mother. She has such a big compassionate heart.Her and her husband have been told that she will likely not be able to have a child,She is 36 with low egg count.She is a … Continue reading “A miracle child”

Handing my fears to God

Lord I want to ask for forgiveness for my sin. I also want to hand all my fears and more specific my children’s health in your living arms. Please forgive me for trying to solve everthing on my own. I know You are the powerfull loving creator and anything is possible. Please free me from … Continue reading “Handing my fears to God”


Dear God, hear my prayer there is miscommunication my granddaughter talks to me about fear of racism in her home. She tried to talk to her mom my daughter instead it got twisted to she is not being trusted to ever talk to me again. She is 13 she cannot defend herself or articulate the … Continue reading “Peace”

Peace for my grandson

I pray for peace for my grandson. I ask that his brain will function and allow him to focus and that he will have peace in his life. I pray for super anointing, preferential treatment and I cast out depression and oppression and ask that God will give him favor, preferential treatment and allow him … Continue reading “Peace for my grandson”

A mother’s prayer

My daughter has been ill for over four months. They have ruled out many symptoms thru various tests. We are thankful for negative results!! She is waiting for referrals for two additional tests. We are believing God for complete healing in her body. She loves the Lord passionately and is looking to Jesus for his … Continue reading “A mother’s prayer”

Protection and healing

I request prayer for protection of my children, grandchildren, relations and extended family members children against the spirit of Halloween. I also pray that Jesus have mercy upon my 37 year old son and heal him from heart failure, save him from heart surgery or transplant and give him a new heart.


Pray for my grandson Deanthony That he finds peace against the enemy that is trying to come against him, in his unforeseen circumstance, that the Lord will restore the situation, and surround and shield him with his blood(in Jesus name 🙏

To have kids

I pray that God bless me with children ,mau he remember me as he remembered Sarah,Rachel,etc ,may he make my home a happy home. i believed that he will answer me in Jusus name. i break the spirit of misscourages that i had ,even the ectopic one in Jesus name. I believe and trust God … Continue reading “To have kids”

My beautiful son

Please pray for my son Bryce who was born prematurely at 25 weeks. I pray he will get stronger and healthy with each day. I pray his brain will be ok free of any bleeds and he will gain weight and b able to come home to his family and soon as the Lord sees … Continue reading “My beautiful son”

Mend Family Back Together

Please pray to shower Jack with conversion and for God to destroy the anger and in forgiveness and pride and narcisstic traits that are tearing up my son’John’s family that he wants more than anything in world for his parents to work together, get along and to live under one roof with both. Please unite … Continue reading “Mend Family Back Together”

Protect and Bless

Oh mother of God, protect all souls of my father, mother, grandparents of my maternal and paternal and lineage of all my ancestors who have lived and breathed in this earth before me. I am here today because of my ancestors, who have left me with all their traits within me to live and glorify … Continue reading “Protect and Bless”

One prayer

Pray for my daughter …her health has deteriorated since we moved from NY to NC almost 1 year ago. She has not found work because of her back, knee, and stomach problems. She had medicaid in NY… I thought she would get it in NC. I am a disabled retired woman of faith . Our … Continue reading “One prayer”