My son

Please pray for my son. He is lost and confused. The world has influenced him and turned him in a different path. As his mother, I am heart broken. This consumes all of my thoughts and takes all of my peace. I read scripture, pray, talk with my prayer warriors…. but nothing has helped. I … Continue reading “My son”

Strength and Guidance

Please strength during this hard time. Ex husband has a new girlfriend so she is trying to slowly push me out of picture with my ten year old son. She is fake she lies and she has cheated on every man she has been with and want to help protect my ex also. So I … Continue reading “Strength and Guidance”

Student Election

God, I do not understand a lot about the new world we are living in, but I know that the situation like those before is in Your hand. I need to trust You. I ask you for strength and for wisdom for my child whose character is being tested in a student election where the … Continue reading “Student Election”

Pray for a baby boy

Dear god, Thank you for the blessings of my 4 daughters. Thank you for this suprise pregnancy with our 5th which we pray to you father will be our son. Please we ask for forgiveness for our sins in life, and see us for our kind and passionate nature from our hearts , we will … Continue reading “Pray for a baby boy”

Divine Healing

Please pray for my daughter they think that she has the corona virus. I pray Lord that you heal her body and that when she go to take the test it comes back negative. Cover her in the blood. By your stripes she is healed. In Jesus name, Amen

Prayer for good health

Lord Jesus, My Grand daughter is born during these difficult times of corona virus in the world. The country is in lock down and the hospitals are busy with corona virus patients. My week old grand daughter Nora appears to be uncomfortable with hear breathing and we are very anxious. Please help us lord. This … Continue reading “Prayer for good health”

Prayer for deliverance of the lawful captive(my 16 year old daughter)of the adversary Isaiah 49:24-26

Dear Prayer Team,i thank you for your wonderful ministry,i am about to lose my elder daughter Mariem( i am short of time with courts) ( deliverance of my daughter Mariem lawful captive of my adversary),she is living with her grandmother,they are about to marry her straight after finishing school and have my grandchildren to hurt … Continue reading “Prayer for deliverance of the lawful captive(my 16 year old daughter)of the adversary Isaiah 49:24-26”


i need you to help and agree with me for my children and grandchildren’s salvation and my own . A pastor approached me about a challenge on my life and my family during the Clinton/Bush Administration, that is “THEY are not supposed to cross a certain line. Situations became paranormally toxic. to go into detail … Continue reading “RELATIONAL ETC.”


My father Please forgive my sins I ask in your name burdens the life’s of my child & granddaughter open their heart and life to you. I give them to you lord you know what there needs are Work in their life’s daily to humble there selves before you Lord I love you and I … Continue reading “Lost”


Dear God I come to you today just as I am I’m in need of the blood of the lamb father God bless me with a baby someone I can call my own father God open my cervix my womb an bless my Fallopian tube father God I promise not to give up just because … Continue reading “Pregnancy”

Bless him

Please bless my son with a job in singapore please help him grant him peace happiness and success .heal him.Hrlo him to get over whatever hurts or heartaches. Console him comfort g in his new job.thank you for him and protect us all fr the virus and illness and sadness. TQ

Family issues

My son has let his girlfriend move in. He and my grandsons have lung issues and she smokes in front of them. She cusses excessively and my grandsons here this. Please pray my son opens his eyes and sees how toxic this is for him and his boys. She is very selfish and controlling. My … Continue reading “Family issues”


Oh Lord. thank you for all the good deeds that you have given me. i thank for giving me good job, good family etc. Oh my lord, i am expecting my first baby within two months. i pray to give good health to my wife and heal her issues during pregnancy and help her to … Continue reading “Health”

Prayer for my son

I pray for my son to be protected Body mind and soul I pray he gets the job God wants him to have. Pray for good health and he comes back to his homeland to be with his family here in Florida and he stays healthy and strong and safe please protect him and his … Continue reading “Prayer for my son”

My family

Heavenly father as I present myself to you as a born again child, I ask for you forgiveness in all that I had done that wasn’t pleasing to you. Oh lord of host I ask that you keep me and my three kids in your arms oh lord help us to make the right decision … Continue reading “My family”

Prayers for my family

I love our grandson and his girlfriend but they aren’t married and now have a 6 month son and live together, please pray for God to open their eyes. I try to witness to them but my daughter gets extremely upset with me and says they are grownups and I should mind my own business. … Continue reading “Prayers for my family”

Lamenting Mother

St Anthony bring my child my only child to visit me ask God to stir her so she does amen my heart is so broken bring her back to Jesus restore her spirit restore all that has been lost to us through horrid divorce lies and deception. Give us a home prosper us let us … Continue reading “Lamenting Mother”

The world

I have 4 sons one passed away when he was 10 days old my other 3 are all adults now but still very much the loves of my. Life I’m scared for them being in this world I have also been given the most beautiful. Granddaughter in this world I am asking God to deliver … Continue reading “The world”


Thank you for praying for me. Please could you pray for my son André that God softens his heart so that he will speak and have contact with me, his mother again! It is very heart breaking for me to hear nothing at all from him! Please could you pray that my son comes to … Continue reading “Estrangement”


Lord God, I ask that you make Yourself and the truth of Your Word known to my children, Diane and David, and their families (Sheldon, Megan, McKenzie (age 19), Ella (age 14), and Griffin (age 11.) Break down any strongholds Satan has on their hearts and lives, and replace those strongholds with the truth of … Continue reading “Salvation”


Found out that my premature children have a birth defect, I’m praying for a total healing to replace with organs that are missing, for my children to be given back what the devil has taken from them 10 fold. Amen also I’m trying to buy a 4bedroom house, we’ve moved more 10 times, lost & … Continue reading “Healing”

Forgive myself

I can’t forgive myself for my drug experience 40 years ago, because I hurt my daughters during that time and it hurt them in adult years and they can’t forgive me and aren’t nice to me at all and I love them and my grandkids with my whole heart and I hurt and grieve all … Continue reading “Forgive myself”

My life and relationship

Dear God in heaven and prayer warriors my prayer request is this I want to send up me and Tyler’s relationship to God I also want to send my father in my relationship to God I said some nasty things to my son’s aunt and my son’s father’s friends I just want you to forgive … Continue reading “My life and relationship”

Prayers for my son

Please help me pray a hedge of protection over Isaac. Isaac is on path to the Air Force but he has lost his way. He’s struggling with alcohol and marijuana addiction. He’s stealing. He’s left home. Please pray for God to heal his heart and mind. Please pray for his safety and salvation.

Spiritual warfare

My 16 y/o daughter has OCD, anxiety and anger issues. She doesn’t want to hear anything about God and thinks he doesn’t answer her prayers. She destroys things in her room. Won’t talk to me. I feel she is under attack. She needs to invite Jesus into her heart. Please break for a breakthrough.

A miracle

I thank God for gifting me with my one and only daughter who is thirteen years old. She is not coping well in school and is failing her subjects. Lord please help me to find the root of this problem. The devil is a liar. I claim success over her life. May she be a … Continue reading “A miracle”

Prayer For Rory

For little 4 year old Rory who was stricken with sudden tragedy. Please God bless this little girl and restore her to health. Please Lord do not bring her home until she has had a full-filled life if it be your will. Thank You Dear Sweet Jesus. I Trust Everything you do even if it … Continue reading “Prayer For Rory”

Prayer for healing

Please pray for children Mai Khoi 3 years old ,2 days ago , she had abdominal pain and vomitting , when she began to go to bed at night ( 10 h pm ) , she had completely normal during the day . Please pray to destroy the attack of witchcraft evils to her , … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”

Children’s wellbeing

My children have been in a home with their father who mentally and emotionally abuse them and are now at my mother’s due to them calling the law on their father…. they are very upset and need prayers in every possible area of this situation. My mother has liver problems and in her 50’s she … Continue reading “Children’s wellbeing”


Please keep all my children and grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers.Keep them strong in faith let them be strong when there is stress or worry.Protect my family from the evil doers and keep my husband and I strong to be the one’s who are always there to help them strive in today’s society.In Jesus’s … Continue reading “Strength”

school children

I am asking for prayer for the children that I teach during this time of Coronavirus. School has been closed until further notice. I ask for prayer that I will be able to continue giving them the instructions and guidance during this time of crisis. May God bless!


Heavenly Father I Pray for these Children that are getting curse out by there Parents, Caregivers. Co- parents and other adults. Lord it’s showing the Kids it’s ok to carry that type of language in there heart. Expose these people and convict them of there sins. Stop them from destroying our leaders for tomorrow. Your … Continue reading “Blessings”

prayer asking help

lord , almighty. please help Ann to get 95 marks for her boards. she said that she didn’t do well in math. she has been preparing for boards but she said that because of her low marks in math. she might lose hope if she doesn’t get good marks. lord, grant the examiner to have … Continue reading “prayer asking help”


Derek for his safety ,job,children,he never call I heard from his wife he has no phone I believe his wife is not a good person or a bully she works with her relative he is in worldly music she has a social media page with none of her family pictures on it just her at … Continue reading “Family”

Birthday prayer

Dear God, thank you for my son. I ask for you to continue to watch over him and keep him safe. Help him to always feel your love. Send tender hearted people to him. Restore to him all that was taken away from him. Please heal him from Autism. Let this new year show drastic … Continue reading “Birthday prayer”


My daughter has had a difficult with school and relationships this school year. Please help her to rely on the Lord more and trust in him when things get difficult. Help her with her relationships that she will be able to stand up for herself and not be taken advantage of. Help her to find … Continue reading “Trust”

Comfort in death

My 33 year old committed suicide after battling mental illness through out his adult life. My world is dark and I have no answer as to why? I’m broken! I need a miracle. I’m a believer in Christ and I feel He has forsaken me😢. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m full of questions with … Continue reading “Comfort in death”

My Childrens return to GOD

Lord, Please show my children Jessica, Amy, Robert and Matthew the way home to you lord, forgive me for failing in raising them in the way they should go. I ak the you bring people into their lives to share the truth about your salvation (Jesus) . And watch over my sweet grandchildren and help … Continue reading “My Childrens return to GOD”


I’m praying that my oldest daughter Dominique would find a job and move out of my house. I pray for her salvation. She’s going to be 35 in April she doesn’t keep a job, she’s lives in my place with my two grandsons and she’s lazy. She doesn’t want to clean, do laundry or anything … Continue reading “Salvation”