Family and finance

Asking for a better relationship w my children& that they return to the Lord Guidance for a church closer to home+ a part-time RN position Thanks

Praying for conception

Praying for God to intervene for me to receive healing from the 3 fibroids impeding my conception of a child, that I may conceive and give birth to a healthy baby or babies in accordance to God’s holy will. Through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Prayer for my only daughter

Please l need prayers for my only child LUCY JOHNSON she is pregnant and the devil put scare in her that something will happen when she go to deliver and also seeking the face of God to grant her visa this month open travel door and pour favor on her

Prayer for Ellyana

I want to pray for my Ellyana. She is my youngest of 4 children. I want to ask for healing for her. We have been thru so much with her. She’ll be 6 next month and she is a warrior. She is our special needs baby girl. 2 years our ago she started having seizures. … Continue reading “Prayer for Ellyana”

Prayer for addiction

Please pray that my children will will continue in their sobriety from opioids. One is five years clean and another is 90 days. Please guard them against self reliance and let them feel the sovereignty of God’s provision in their lives. Hold them in Your loving embrace Father, and never let them go. Give me … Continue reading “Prayer for addiction”

Prayer for my 17 year old son

Please, God, help my son he has lost his way and He is hurting his dad passed of cancer in 2015 it has been hard for him and my 14-year-old son. Please protect them from wrong influences and unGodly ways.

My family my son

That my son Sebastian comes out okay and clean from jail. that everything works out for him and our family. god to watch over him and give him strength and keep moving to the correct way.

Children help

I’m a poor man, my small baby, very serious I need money God please help me 5lak I need.

My children

I ask for Gods blessings and guidance as my children roam this world. My son Daniel and his life in general, may God guide him in love light and wisdom, my son Michael as he recovers from a Xanax addiction so that he remains strong in his recovery and my daughter Ashley as discovers herself … Continue reading “My children”


I lost my kids to foster care due to being homeless and since then God has blessed me with a house. We have court September 25th. I continue to pray and Thank God for what He has done for me. I try not to be anxious and to have Faith. I just get overwhelmed with … Continue reading “Family”

For my daughter

Please pray for my daughter to see the error of the relationship she is in so as to end it.

Prayers for healing

Dear God, I ask you to heal my son’s broken heart and come into his life and rescue him. He is going down a path that is not a good one He wants to quit school. And I don’t think he knows what real life has for him. I need help with him and please … Continue reading “Prayers for healing”

For my daughter Wendy

I want the Almighty God to guide and give her a humble heart and to respect and see us her parents and also not to fall into bad groups and to see Only God in all she does. Amen.


Father I thank you so much for the gift of children. You have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams ever with 3 beautiful godly young people. Thank you! They are yours and I just want to be the vessel used as a drip, drip overflow into their lives. I pray this morning for my middle … Continue reading “Stren”

My daughter

I pray for my daughter to know how much she loved. I pray protection over her every day and wisdom and guidance for her through Jesus. I pray she had no more depression and anxiety.

Pray for my children

Goodnight I will like you to pray for my daughter in law she always abuses her husband and children pray peace, love, understanding ECT.

Prayer for a college kid

Pray for my 21 year old son that has made some poor decisions with intoxication and driving. First, pray that he never does that again. Pray that he calls me or takes an Uber or has a sober friend drive him. Pray for his own sobriety. Pray that he considers the consequences of his actions … Continue reading “Prayer for a college kid”

Prayer for studies and exam

Kindly pray for my grade 8 son to have a passion for studying and take it seriously. Pray that he passes his exam. Thank you very much, Glory to God. Amen

family prayer

i am asking for peace in my family. i am raising my own children and my sisters and brothers children. my daughter has graduated and she is without a job. two boys not working, troublesome due to the use of alcohol. two are still at school. one boy is mentally retarded. i always cry since … Continue reading “family prayer”

My daughters

Father, I knownI’ve spiritually neglected my girls most of their lives because I didn’t even tend to my own spirituality. I rarely took them to church, taught them about You, prayed with them. God you are such a good God and have seen fit to draw me near to You and open my eyes to … Continue reading “My daughters”

Adoption process

Please help us pray that the adoption process of our daughter will be faster and so we can be together very soon. Please pray for our social worker to give her the wisdom and guidance in writing the report and touch the people who’s involved in adoption to make the process quicker. Please help us … Continue reading “Adoption process”

Prayer for Our children

Dear Father, thank you for answering my prayers on behalf of our children. I continue to prayer for our son who’s addicted to drugs and alcohol that is destroying his life. He is so gifted and this mom’s desire for her son is to be a Godly man and to use his gifts for you! … Continue reading “Prayer for Our children”

Prayer for my sons To Love God

Lord my God I committed My 6 sonsxlife into you.Let your Holy Spirit be with them to grow close to you and love you more than their jobs Thank you Lord for their jobs in their various work place.Guide them OHoly Spirit to SEEK you first everyday in Jesus Name I pray.Amen


Please pray for our sons. That they may grow in god’s wisdom and through his grace. That they may be up lifted in their minds, bodies and their finances. They are good, kind young man who need to know the Lord as their strength and saviour. Through Jesus’ precious name I ask for prayer. Amen

Prayer for sickness

Please pray for my son Aaron ,who has infection in the body for one week and has lose off weight a,he can’t hold anything down he keeps on viomtimg,he is so waek now please pray for him l need him better before we travel to San gavvion Italy in two weeks ,please I beg you … Continue reading “Prayer for sickness”

Hope for my child

I am praying for my son who has lost his way. It breaks my heart to know that at these hard adolescent times he is not seeing God, or knowing of the Fathers love for him. I pray God would protect him from those misleading him and guide him to the love of Jesus. Giving … Continue reading “Hope for my child”


LI’m praying for a move that we’ve been waiting for her since last year to move closer to my special needs daughter’s hospital which is Nicholas Children’s hospital she has many special is there and we pray that we get his transfer soon this year so that she can be closer to her doctors and … Continue reading “Moving”

CPS prayer

Father God, We come in Your name giving You praise, glory, Thanksgiving. God. I pray for every mother that has written a prayer God I stand I agreement with them. Father God, if they have their children back I pray You give them wisdom and strength to continue being a good mother who fears the … Continue reading “CPS prayer”

Protect our grandchildren

Our grandchildren are a product of two drug addicted adults with a history of domestic abuse. They have been with us for most of their lives. The oldest is 13. The youngest is 4. The father of the younger two is now seeking custody. He is still violent but DHS thinks he has changed. We … Continue reading “Protect our grandchildren”

Blessing of children

I appreciate and thank God for letting the whole world connected for praying for each other as brethren in Christ Jesus, therefore, I have trust that when we join hands in prayers to God he will hear us and will bless me. its now my 8th year without a child but I hope that Gods … Continue reading “Blessing of children”

Peace in the storm

Dear God I come in the name of Jesus asking you to calm my daughter Keyma. I ask that you my bring peace and joy into her life. That she may trust in you and know that your promise is never broken. May she lay all her burdens at the foot of your cross. Your … Continue reading “Peace in the storm”