My prodigal daughter

My daughter believes she is a transgender male. She has refused to see us for almost a year because we will not embrace her new identity. But she had finally agreed to have dinner with us tonight. Please pray that the Lord goes before us and prepares the evening, gives us wisdom in conversation, and … Continue reading “My prodigal daughter”

Tremendous Loss

I’m grateful for a place to humbly ask for prayers for my family as the one year “anniversary” of my daughter’s unexpected and tragic death approaches. My sweet Lex passed away from a motor vehicle accident when her car hydroplaned on November 12, 2018. She died instantly. She was 17 years old. Thank you very … Continue reading “Tremendous Loss”


Protect Kirk my son from all evil in Jesus name amen

Prayers for children

Hello. My teenage sons are at odds with each other. They hide each other’s valuable items and physically fight. I am caught in the middle. The 18 year old has moved out and asked me to stay out of his life. Please pray for peace and reconciliation within my family. Thank you

My Broken Heart

Pray for my children and grandchildren that God will keep them in his arms always and that my my granddaughter and grandsons can return back to me, also pray that God have Grace and Mercy for my oldest son in Jesus Might Name Amen! I love you all and God bless you all always!!

My daughter

I have a daughter who hasn’t talked to me in 8 1/2 years. Due to my husbands family. I wont go into details about that, but it’s gotten unbearable for me and I have No more answers then I did 8 years ago. This whole situation is filled with lies and retaliation on their part. … Continue reading “My daughter”

Help my son to get custody of his son

Please help my son to get permanent physical custody of his son. The situation at his mothers is not good. He is 6 and he doesn’t want to live there anymore. It’s not good for his brother or sister. Please help my son please,I’m begginng you. Help before someone gets hurt,please.

Child protection

St. Jude, I ask of you to please protect and watch over my daughter as she grows. Please protect her from any harm or wrong doing that may come her way. Guide her in the right direction, help her make the right choices. I will always honor you as my special patron. AMEN


Please pray that I can rent a house for me and my 2 children. I am getting divorced and now my credit is shot. I have a co signer but I need someone to rent to me in a safe area where I can sleep in peace with my kids . Thank you for any … Continue reading “Hope”

Help Me

That the Faith never wavers. So many doors have closed, dreams have not come to pass. May God’s Blessings and God’s Favor be Bestowed upon them both. May they find comfort in his arms. May God protect them from physical, mental, emotional and sexual harm. May his will be done. May they have favor in … Continue reading “Help Me”

Prayer for my prodigal son

Please join me in praying that my ‘prodigal son’ who is addicted to computer games to become a devout Christian young man, a smart student and a righteous person that loves respect God, is diligent in God worshiping, takes proper care of his health, makes good use of time for his study and physical exercises, … Continue reading “Prayer for my prodigal son”

Protection and blessings

Please pray for my son JM’s safety and protection from all evil and danger. He was raped by my brother who was using drugs and my brother is still around. And i always worry about his safety. Please pray that the Lord will wrap him in His Love and Protection always. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

joshuas growth

In Jesus name, Please pray that my son’s (Joshua) growth plates would remain open for him to continue to grow taller. (we are hoping for atleast 5’7″) We know that every part of an inch he grows is all to your glory. he entered puberty early and has slowed growing earlier than we knew. We … Continue reading “joshuas growth”

Peace less fear & anxiety

Please pray for my son Brandon who is tapering off of klonopin to be safe and resume a normal life again. And for my husband Teddy who is retiring this month after 30 years of working so hard that he learns to trust God that everything will be alright.


Please pray for my son JM’s safety and protection from all evil and danger. He was raped by my brother who was using drugs and my brother is still around. And i always worry about my son’s safety. Please pray that the Lord will wrap my son in His Love and Protection always. In Jesus’ … Continue reading “Safety”

My son

Pray my son will get wisdom and discernment while he makes his way through high school and always and that he will be successful in life. Breaking free from addiction and heal his broken heart. Break down the walls he’s had to build and that he will open up to me his mom and let … Continue reading “My son”

I don’t want to lose my baby

Dear Lord, Please save my baby. I don’t want to have a miscarriage. I believe u can save my baby and heal my body. I don’t believe you would give me the happiest news ever only to take it away a week later.

Heal my family

I pray that my children want to see me because they want to, not because they have to. I had a grandchild commit suicide and now his mom {my daughter} avoids me. I have failed her. I pray to heal my family.


Please help my son to get full permanent custody of his son. The child does not want to go to the mothers house. He feels so alone and unloved. He cries at night because he is there and doesn’t want to be. The mother is no good. She thinks of herself first and always. She … Continue reading “Grandchild”

Let the children speak

Dear God, I am requesting help from you to give my children the ability to speak. Please let them speak using full sentences and use it in the right context. Please let their language develop and be normal just like their peers. I am earnestly waiting for them to talk to me. I thank you … Continue reading “Let the children speak”

Pray for favor

Please pray for my son norman he is going to court tommorrow at 9am he is trying to take care of all of his warrants n tickets from the past i ask for prayers for favor from the judge to not lock him up and to please know that he is been working hard and … Continue reading “Pray for favor”

Deliverance for my children

Pray for my children deliverance from anger spirit homosexual spirit spiritual husband spiritual wife confusion peace in the home spirit of addiction my children names are Cherrish Amber and Victoria the devil has been attacking my family please pray for us in the name of Jesus Christ thank you may God bless you

My daughter

Please help me pray for my daughter to pass her year-end examinations.

My family

I’m asking for strength the right words to say to help encourage please stop and let them know that all we need to do is lean on the Lord and wait for him because he will make everything right cuz he will never the Lord will never put anything on us anything more than we … Continue reading “My family”

Heavy Heart,

I pray that my children would come back to the Church. That they will see the difference without Jesus in their lives. That God will watch over them in their times of need. In that, they would find the love and happiness they deserve.

Court date

Prayer for my son. Has a court date. Daughter’s upcoming surgery.

Getting my son home

Could I please have prayer as I’m going to court to get custody of my son .but people are going around telling lies about me and making up things up about me so I can’t get my son home could you please pray that the devil will take his hands of me thank you.

Pray for Son

Lord please hear my prayers help my son Nathan to be respectful and responsible, guide him in the right direction change his way help him to see what he is doing to his family the pain he is causing and breaking the family apart. Pray that he comes back to the family removes himself from … Continue reading “Pray for Son”

My family

I am requesting prayer for my daughter who is 21 years old she’s a college student and I am just so overwhelmed right now because she has picked up smoking and she never used to do that at all and now she leaves from home 1130 12 o’clock 1 o’clock in the morning to go … Continue reading “My family”

My Children

I am the only child of an single mother who was an alcoholic…and a recovering addict. I have 2 sons; one with us and one in another state. I pray that God will cover and protect my sons…one of which just experienced – first hand – racism! He was fired from a job that he … Continue reading “My Children”

My Journey

I’m searching for work. I m trying to save money so I can move back to the New Albany area to be close to my kids and grandkids. Besides saving money I will need to find a job and a place to stay. I’m currently living in Florida but would like to move back home … Continue reading “My Journey”