Strength and Guidance

I pray for the power to let go and let God. My family and I need strength and Guidance… We need God. Please guide us along our journey in seeking our faith out. Please take all worries and stresses away. Without even saying a word about what the situations are dear Lord I know you … Continue reading “Strength and Guidance”

Deliverance prayer

Please help me for my son to be delivered from demonic spirits . He said sleep at night. He felt like an invisible hand is touching when he is sleeping. Please help me in prayer. The Word says “ Again I say to you, That if two of you shall agree on earth, concerning any … Continue reading “Deliverance prayer”


Dear God, I come to you to ask for my daughter to get a scholarship to pay for her last semester of college. She has worked very hard to be a high Honor Student the last 2 years and also worked a part time job since she was 16. We’ve been told they had a … Continue reading “Child”

Please pray for my son

My son is going through a very difficult time. His custody hearing for his son is coming up. Unfortunately the mother of the child suffers from mental health issues. He has struggled with her for five years and she refuses to take medication or get professional help. She does use the child against the father. … Continue reading “Please pray for my son”


Lord my children are grown but they all have concerns needing your help. I take on their burdens bit they need to find a way themselves. Kim is learning the hard way she needs new car insurance she’s had too many at fault accidents and thus is why her current provider is not renewing. This … Continue reading “Daily”

A prayer for infertility

My husband and I have one happy healthy active little boy. I had to work full time during the beginning of his precious life and missed those wonderful first months. We always thought we’d have another child and I would stay home with the children. We have been unable to conceive a second child so … Continue reading “A prayer for infertility”

My entire life

I have been fighting for my kids seems like entirety now. Through the years and all my problems I have faced abuse unfair judgment the list goes on anything u can think of that could make your head spin and mind go haywire wondering how or why such things can continue to go wrong on … Continue reading “My entire life”

Pray for me and my son

Please pray for my son 28. He was raised a Christian and supposedly saved but I don’t know all that can be true. His heart is hardened and his actions and words are the opposite of being Godly. He is very cruel to me day after day and has been fire a long time now. … Continue reading “Pray for me and my son”

Safe delivery

Please pray for a safe delivery of my baby boy. I am considered advanced maternal age, and although everything currently looks great for baby and I, I know I’m higher risk for birth complications. Our little boy is only 6lbs 4oz currently and I’m due in a week. We also went through placenta previa this … Continue reading “Safe delivery”

Prayers for daughter

I am requesting prayers for my daughter who is taking her physical therapy board license exam today (the second time she is taking this exam). She has studied hard, goes to the library every day, and has prepared well for this exam. I am asking prayers for her to be confident in herself, to remain … Continue reading “Prayers for daughter”

Need help with my kids

Please father help me with my son Jacob his giving me a hard time, his getting out of control and doesn’t want to help me or listen! Also can you help me with my financial issues and tickets that I haven’t been able to pay , or haven’t been able to register my truck , … Continue reading “Need help with my kids”

Grand children

Dear Lord, I pray that Lauren is able to attend Chapel Hill School, and grow in her knowledge and faith and love for you. I pray that Luke gets to the counselors that he needs for his autism. I pray for wisdom in guidance for Terrin and Colton as they navigate through this difficult season … Continue reading “Grand children”

A lost child

Dear Lord, You know all about us and the issues that burden us and, yes, break our hearts. Please work through my daughter’s heart so that she cannot rest until she calls out to you in repentance and gives her life to you. Thank you for loving us even when we’re unlovely. Thank you most … Continue reading “A lost child”


My Kim’s car needs major repairs she needs a mechanic. I pray her extended warranty covers the filull cost of repairs mi us the deductible. Please I can’t afford to bail her out anymore she just turned 28. I’m running out of funds because of her well I’m careless at times too. Please this is … Continue reading “Strength”

Prayer for family members soul salvation and prayer for God to send me a husband,and prayer for my purpose in life

I ask that you precious people of God pray specifically for each one of my family members to be saved very soon,Also that my husband will find me,I want to be married.I want a husband who’s a strong leader in these last days,very handsome and gentle and business oriented,and family oriented.Who knows how to pray … Continue reading “Prayer for family members soul salvation and prayer for God to send me a husband,and prayer for my purpose in life”

Pray for my son

My younger son is 20-years-old with ASD, he failed in the public examination 2 years ago. He has studied higher diploma in the Community College with poor result as he indulged in playing electronic games all the time, he was de-registered. Then, we enrolled him in a one year course of Diploma of Applied Education … Continue reading “Pray for my son”


Dear Lord, I pray for Jason, Zachary and Zack and Peter, These are all children with some degree of mental and emotional challenges that make it difficult to navigate life, school, jobs, and relationships. Help them Lord to navigate this life to give them comfort and to point their way to you. Lord so that … Continue reading “Deliverance”

My children

Lord I ask you to bless my daughters with good health love empathy kindness honesty and faithfulness..Bless their lives so they can marry good faithful husbands.. bless their womb’s so they can produce healthy children..keep them safe under your wings and cover them with your precious blood 🩸..please let my husband stop lying and cheating … Continue reading “My children”

Friendship and healing

Please pray that my daughter Abby will find favor with friends at school. Her friend group has completely excluded her and my joyful Jesus loving girl is struggling mentally with that betrayal. Her volleyball team also excludes her which is taking a toll on her. Prayers for favor and that she will continue to be … Continue reading “Friendship and healing”

My son

I am asking that you pray for my son who is now a young father!!! That God would lead him and guide him every step of his life!!! He is no longer living with me but my grandson does! My grandson recently had open heart surgery and my son has failed to be here for … Continue reading “My son”

Being a mother

I pray that I find a solution on being able to spend memories with my children and to be able to see them more and bond with them. To be able to come to a mutual relationship with there father even though we are no longer together. For him to allow me to spend the … Continue reading “Being a mother”


They sent my son to stay with my cousin Brittany. I did not deserve to have him taken away,. ?These apartments have always had people in it who are mean to me and when I came here to live they needed to respect e for paying rent and earning a tenancy. The property owner made … Continue reading “Children”

Son in prison

Please pray for my son who is in prison in a foreign country that God will take care of him through his prison term and enable him to be back home when his term will be over safely. That while he’s there he will change of his character and invite the Holy Spirit to be … Continue reading “Son in prison”

To Ezra

To Ezra, The first thing I wanna do is ask for forgiveness for bringing you into a world where there’s so much hate & not enough love, secondly I wanna ask for forgiveness for circumstances of how I conceived you, mommy has made a lot of terrible mistakes in her life but you Ezra you … Continue reading “To Ezra”


My ex husband stops having my 9 year old daughter sleep naked in his bed! She is given back to me immediately! Everything preventing me from getting her full time are canceled forever! Everything coming against her, me and our close relationship together are canceled forever! I ask that my boyfriend Marcus moves us in … Continue reading “Protection”

Stay encouraged

I have a son it is I think he’s 40 years old and he’s in jail and all God pray please just pray for him let him get out this trouble that he’s in and want to let him put his faith and trust in you Lord God he’s in jail and Lord I have … Continue reading “Stay encouraged”

Peace and understanding

Prayers for my husband and dear son that they may peace in communicating with one another. There is love within the them yet they yell at one another. Praying that my son not be rebellious towards his father who has given him enough wealth for his future. I pray that my son be grateful and … Continue reading “Peace and understanding”

My 3 Littles ♡

Please I need prayers for assistance to help get my grandaughters to be placed under our care in our home after cps took them from my daughter for abuse we promised them if they were brave and told the truth we would help keep them safe and everything would be ok but my daughter was … Continue reading “My 3 Littles ♡”


Lord please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment legal housing and car needs met. I surrender release let go all our physical and emotional pains please heal us. Help Kim pass her stone Jr to get the national grid job. Keep Kim and me out of trouble not cause … Continue reading “Strength”

My kids

Prayers for my 3 boys who have severe ADHD. And I also have a daughter. All 4 of my children clash and argue, and just yell and swear and fight with eachother constantly. I’m stressed and drained out because of this on a daily. I also have addictions problems. I don’t want to relapse, and … Continue reading “My kids”

For my children

Dear God, I need to repair my relationship with my children. Only You know what is in my heart. Only You can understand how incredibly deep the wounds go for them, and me. You know I never intended or wanted the separation to be so long. I didn’t have any idea at the time the … Continue reading “For my children”


My daughter, Christa, age 42, is very ill. IT started with endometriosis 19 yrs ago. The last 7 yrs. have been the worse. She has been through so many procedures and surgeries and is facing her only hope surgery. To either help her stomach work or make it worse. Her illestomy. She needs a miracle. … Continue reading “Christa”

Prayer for healing, guidance and to keep my faith

prayer for my adult children to treat me with respect as they don’t allow me to visit my grandkids, and for financial help as I can’t work due to arthritis in both knees and lower back. Pray for guidance and to help me continue my faith. In Jesus name AMEN

My children

Please pray for my children: Z (25) trying to find God’s path for his future; truly relying on God. He lives 20 hours away and is struggling financially. M (22) finding boundaries in his first serious romantic relationship; following God’s path. I’m concerned he will settle down before he’s done independent things in life. A … Continue reading “My children”