For sadness to turn to gladness for me and my family. Praying God breaks all generational and familiar curses and spirits off of me and my family/bloodline, and off of my husband and his family/bloodline, and off of generation after generation of ours, in Jesus Name, We had church prayer group pray over my 2 … Continue reading “Kids”

Our youngest daughter

Our youngest daughter and her husband don’t believe in God they have two small children that knows who Jesus is they are not aloud to be told by me and my husband there is a God and Jesus love the little children. We need all the prayers that we can get. Our youngest daughter was … Continue reading “Our youngest daughter”


dear God please keep rachel safe while driving and always plese help her find new job please heal craigs heart and help him keep his job please heal barb please help tom stay healthy an survive this and help becca and shayla and jonne ad please help people in ukraine and please heal edie and … Continue reading “hope”


My son, Quintin, has had a rough year this year in Jr. High. He is in 7th grade and 13 years old. There has been a lot of provoking to anger, belittling, putdowns, etc. Yes, he has handled some things his own way and failed, getting himself in trouble. I have written him notes in … Continue reading “Bullying”

Wisdom for my sons

Lord God, I pray that you give my sons, JR, JB and JT ( the last 2 most especially) WISDOM to govern their lives, career and relationships. Remove the heart of stone of JB and JT and replace them with heart of flesh. Make my sons God-dependent. I pray for JB and JT’s mind to … Continue reading “Wisdom for my sons”


dear God please keep rachel safe and healthy safe while driving and safe while out please keep her healthy cancer free h p v free and covid free please keep her boyfreind healthy please heal craig barb edie mari marissa tom liane and mirika . please keep my parents healthy and family and please help … Continue reading “hope”

Strength and Accomplishment

Dear God, please continue to give my teenage daughter great wisdom as she finishes her second semester of college, let her grades remain high and PLEASE let her get selected to start the Nursing Program for this Fall. All she’s ever wanted to do since I had cancer when she was small and her Dad’s … Continue reading “Strength and Accomplishment”

My child has run away

Greetings in Jesus name -please pray for me my only 19 yr old straight A university student beautiful daughter has run away with a boy she dated for 2 years we never knew about and we disapprove as he is not saved yet claims to be Christian she says she is of legal age and … Continue reading “My child has run away”

I need a miracle

I could really use a miracle right now for me and my kids. Financially I’m broke with no groceries overdue bills electric about to get shut off. Water about to get shut off. And no way to pay to get my kids Easter. I’ve failed as a single parent. I work full time and am … Continue reading “I need a miracle”

Jesus, Please Help Me

I have a 17 year old daughter who has not spoken to me in the past few years. I was only in her life until she was 4 years old before her mother got married and moved to another state. Every year I have reached out to her, but never get any responses and I … Continue reading “Jesus, Please Help Me”

My Fear

I have a teenager that is lashing out and she is showing her 6 yr old sister many things that we would never allow especially after all we have been through and overcome. I am her mother, and I am a recovering addict with yrs on my belt. I have become a new person that … Continue reading “My Fear”

Freedom from Anxiety

Father God, I come before you to lift my child in prayer for her anxiety. You see her struggle and how it affects her. You know her better than I do because she is yours first! Bring calmness into her life. Remove everything that is causing her anxiety. Help her to trust that you are … Continue reading “Freedom from Anxiety”


Heavenly Father in Jesus name I pray. Be with my daughter Blaire this weekend in NYC. Keep her and her friends safe at all times. And back safely on Sunday. Thank You for this week’s blessings and for changing the atmosphere in my life. Bless me with clarity and love and especially health and patience. … Continue reading “Blaire”

Child”s Wisdom & Health

Dear Father God, Please be with and give my teenage daughter great wisdom, patience, and health as she finishes the last half of this college semester. Let her maintain her excellent grades and get selected for the Nursing Program, as this is all she’s ever wanted to do, since I had cancer when she was … Continue reading “Child”s Wisdom & Health”

Salvation of my children

Lord I am concerned about my children’s relationship with you. They want to live life how they want without a care in the world and they don’t seem to care that they are hurting their parents. Father they are not realising that all we as parents want is for them to have a good life … Continue reading “Salvation of my children”

raising children in a dark world

Please pray with me for my 8 grandchildren.Lord, You see all the challenges that my 3 adult children have in raising their sons and daughters.May they always turn to You for help.Shift their gaze from screens and cell phones.Also, from the mirror.(vanity/insecurity).Filter everything that goes into their eyes,ears,minds,and hearts.May they be strongly drawn(by Your Spirit)to … Continue reading “raising children in a dark world”

Healing the Sick

Father God, Please heal your special child, Robert who was born into a world of sin and placed in a family of sinners but could never commit a sin. His battle is hard, Father, bur You have always said that all battles are Yours and they have already been won. Praise You Father, for hearing … Continue reading “Healing the Sick”

Son to be responsible

Please pray for my son, Bronz, to become more responsible in his life’s requirements and situations. I know that I enabled him for so long to not be very independent, and I am old now and I need him to be responsible for his own bills, insurances and tax filings. I don’t want anything bad … Continue reading “Son to be responsible”


Pray this prayer today asking for guidance and stability love peace up on My Children. Stability happiness enjoy upon my children remove any negative spirit and people any negative force that’s trying to tear and hold my children down. Release Lord the Holy Spirit your words of truth of comfort the blood of you to … Continue reading “help”

For my kids

Lor God I need you to bless all my children. Protect, guide, bless them to be successful, saved well respected adults. Bless them that the doors and windows from heaven is open and blessing are pouring out on them. That every thing they do in your name shall prosper. Lord God in Jesus name protect … Continue reading “For my kids”

Bring Khaza home

Jesus I know you gave Khaza to me Lord…he was put on the earth to be with me so I can be his mom…his mom gave him to me when he was 3 months and now she trying to take him from me…Jesus I know you ordained him to be with me for me to … Continue reading “Bring Khaza home”

My Son

Dear Lord please forgive me of my sins, and allow me to live each day with a grateful heart for all the things you’ve already provided for my son and I. Please put your hands on the hearts and minds of the people that will make decisions about his placement over the next year. Let … Continue reading “My Son”

Salvation & healing

Prayers for family members, friends and all who are not saved by faith in Christ Jesus. Healing for those who are broken hearted because of lost loved ones due to health conditions and/or drugs. Healing for those who are suffering from the results of cancer and other debilitating conditions. Lord Jesus, comfort those who are … Continue reading “Salvation & healing”

Healing health, family unity

I pray for God’s continued guidance Mercy favor protection mental healing from depression, anxiety and anger especially peace, Joy new godly relationships financial blessings for my son stephen Kasidonis, daughter christine Kasidonis and myself June kasidonis, and alyssa howland…that our family have unity and be forgiving and together again…thank you Lord for all you’ve done, … Continue reading “Healing health, family unity”

Children forgive me

Help my children to forgive me for not being there for them as children. For abandoning them when they as children needed me most. I have given the last 23 years of my life to make up for it but i now realize that is not something you can make up. Help my daughter to … Continue reading “Children forgive me”

Mommas Prayer

Hello Good morning! I recently had a parent teacher conference this week with my daughter Grace teacher. She didn’t seem to excited or interested at all to see me but like most moms I go on with the conversation. My daughter hadn’t been to well in school and like they all say “it all reflects … Continue reading “Mommas Prayer”