Our Father, Son, and most Gracious forgiving God please help me be the mother you always entended for me to be so that my children will grow tall and sting like a lighthouse with your light and love. Teach us all how to grow in your spirit so that we may all shine bright with … Continue reading “Hope”

Health and Healing

Hello! Thank you! I am asking for prayer for my 23 year old son who for the past 10 years has not been very nice to me, at times verbally abusive. He is filled with anger for some reason or other. He is away at graduate school and has gotten a bit better and not … Continue reading “Health and Healing”

Free my children

Please pray for my children, Christopher Joyce and Derek Shaw for protection, their salvation and coming to Christ. They both are suffering severely from low-self esteem, oppression, depression, anxiety, and from strongholds and generational curses (food, gambling, sex, alcohol, witchcraft, divorce, unforgiveness and anger in their hearts). I need your help, I know and believe … Continue reading “Free my children”

My daughter

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your love and grace. Thank you for giving me my wonderful daughter. I don’t deserve such a wonderful blessing. Lord please watch over my child. Keep her safe and healthy. Lord please calm her anxiety and help her to always feel your presence. Lord please help her to know you … Continue reading “My daughter”


Heavenly Father, I pray that as my children are away during this period of unknown with Covid, A new atmosphere and pressures of a first year college experience for Daniel, and Senior year for Shawthat you would watch over and guide them both in ALL THAT THEY DO. In particular please help Daniel, find a … Continue reading “Sons”

Healing for my son

Dear prayer warriors I come to you in desperate need of a prayer of deliverance for my son Jordan!! I thank you God for my son Jordan and the blessing he has been to me and all who have had the pleasure of meeting him! I thank you God for unconditional love that you placed … Continue reading “Healing for my son”


Father, We praise You for the stories that You place in front of us. The ones that make us unconformable and call us to action. Thank You for all those who answer calls to physically go to those far corners of the world to feed the hungry. Keep them physically safe as they travel the … Continue reading “Hope”

Son toxic to Mother!

I pray for my son who has bipolar and uses that as an excuse to be toxic to me his mother, to his sister and the rest of the family. He believes he’s the only one that is right and his opinions are the ones that count. I pray for help that he can find … Continue reading “Son toxic to Mother!”

Better mother

Please pray for me and in agreement w/ me… Lord, our Savior; I pray that You change me. Help me to be a better mother to my kids. Please. I know that time moves bye quickly. Cause me to have a calmer temper. Guard my tongue for me, let my words edify. Build, not tear … Continue reading “Better mother”

A broken 17 year old grandson

please pray for my grandson Keaton, he is so full of anger and disrespect, he doesn’t believe in God, I have tried everything in my natural power, to help him, but I know there is a God who can help him, am afraid for him, please pray for peace for him and guidance and direction

Mother Love

Please God have mercy on my two sons. Please help my youngest son, he’s is suffering from depression with feeling unloved, alone, not fitting in. God, please protect him those people that mistreat him. Help to see that you love him and that his family loves him. Please help my oldest stop being hostile with … Continue reading “Mother Love”


Dear Lord, please watch over Dylan,help him to be strong, please don’t let him be lonely,help him find a friend to be with,to help overcome his loneliness of the passing of his Mom.Please also watch over my daughter Jenna,and if for some reason she’s not suppose to go to camp please have her stay home.Watch … Continue reading “Family”

Our Baby

We are almost 14 weeks pregnant with a very beloved and wanted baby. I have prayed from the beginning daily for our baby, pregnancy and delivery to be blessed, and it has been. I’m so thankful. I’m asking for continued prayers that our baby and I continue to thrive in only the way we can … Continue reading “Our Baby”

Seeking Divine Help

Dear heavenly Father I call on your holy name for divine help with my son’s academic life. I ask you through your position as Lord and Father to overturn every embargo to his understanding, his zeal and interest in his lessons. Whatever demonic spirits sitting on his destiny I command them to move and give … Continue reading “Seeking Divine Help”


Praying for strength for my family as we are going through a transition of our child starting a new school. She is not doing well with the transition causing a lot of strain on myself, husband, and mother. We pray that they will improve with the new routine and that we will have the strength … Continue reading “Strength”

My children

My children struggle to get closer to God. May our pur lord and savior make his presence in them. May th hey know that they are loved unconditionally by him and that he is there at all times.Even when thru don’t feel him.I pr add y that they start going back to church. And that … Continue reading “My children”


Restoration in my family, house, finances, My prodigal sons Richard, Justin, daughter Janae that they return home back to our LORD first and foremost for our LORD to remove the blinders lift the vail from there eyes to remove all friends relationship acquaintances that are not of our LORD and get in the way of … Continue reading “Restoration”

Drowning in fear

I will admit I was angry at God yesterday when I had to watch my daughters world crumble around her and saw her drowning not being able to find air to breathe and our faith was fading seeing no end to the horrific things that our grandchildren have to endure with their dad when they … Continue reading “Drowning in fear”


Please pray that God will cover my sons Trevor and Trenton while they are in school. Please cover them in your blood. Protect them from covid. Pray that they focus on learning and not be influenced by negative people. Please pray for me. My name is Tracey. I’m a single mom raising 16 year old … Continue reading “Protection”

Help to ring him home

Father I come before you for prayers to help my daughter bring her young son home from his dad’s house who has him going in the wrong direction and filling him up with lies against his mom .She is a very good mom to her kids she works very hard and always put her kids … Continue reading “Help to ring him home”

Pray for my daughter

My daughter is diagnosed with utism spectrum and we as a family are deeply broken since she is our oy child. A child given to us by our weeping prayers for years. We request the community to pray for our child on her overall well being and for speaking to us.she is non verbal throughout … Continue reading “Pray for my daughter”

A Prayer For Our Kids

Dear Heavenly Father, We come to you as humbled as we know asking that you would protect, guard, and sent your Angels to watch over and help our kids that are back in school. This virus has taken a toll on many families and we come to you asking for your armor of protection. Help … Continue reading “A Prayer For Our Kids”

Mental Breakdown

I’m struggling with how to Express myself my concerns and issues. Trying to help where help isn’t wanted but most definitely needed my children doesn’t think or know how to think out of situation that always burden my husband and I but more so me because I’m the caretaker of their children. 33 years since … Continue reading “Mental Breakdown”

Family needs the Lird

Father God in the name of Jesus amazing you to cover John John the night dear God cover Hassan let no weapons formed against him shall prosper let there be no damage on John John’s car in Jesus name I pray that song come home and get West to go to work in that speed … Continue reading “Family needs the Lird”

Return to her family

Father God I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, by his stripes for my daughter to open her eyes and see the control of her boyfriend and family over her. Keeping her away from us her parents, her family, her friends by isolating her. They have cut all contacts and we do not know … Continue reading “Return to her family”

Prayer for strength and guidance

My daughter is going through a very abusive relationship mentally and need prayers for strength and HIS guidance during this time. The abuser almost seems evil at time so this is very frightening to the entire family. God bless Jen during this time. In HIS name I pray


Lots of years ago I took the morning after pill a few times A few months ago I joined a few anti abortion groups in Instagram I googled the morning after pill and read that if you take the morning after pill and the baby has already been formed that the morning after pill makes … Continue reading “Baby”

My daughter

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your love and grace. Thank you for giving me my wonderful daughter. I don’t deserve such a wonderful blessing. Lord please watch over my child. Keep her safe and healthy. Lord please calm her anxiety and help her to always feel your presence. Lord please help her to know you … Continue reading “My daughter”


LORD I ASK YOU NOW TO BRING MY SON OUT IF HIS DADS ARMS RIGHT NOW HE ONLY WANTS HIM HURT LORD BRING KADARRIUS HOME RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! Bring him home LORD HE’S 5 he have a birthday today he have a new age limit OH GOD Lord bring him home now Lord now … Continue reading “Ka’Darrius”

Praying for ole

Pray for my kids. Pray that doors will open for my son to find a good job full time to take care of his needs pray that he will focus motivated determine to mk right choices and to give him the wisdom knowledge to pass n get thru CDL test. Take fear away. My daughter … Continue reading “Praying for ole”


Jesus thank you for the gift of my three beautiful children. I am forever abundantly blessed! You have given them each a path and they have been faithful. For that I am so grateful! Thank you for blessing my Ali with such a brilliant mind! Thank you for watching over her as she is taking … Continue reading “Blessed”


Oh dearest Jesus thank you for all that you have so abundantly blessed me with. I love my family so much. I will pray for them always. I ask that you watch over my Ali as she embarks on her path to medical exams. Please guide her mind and her hands as she takes her … Continue reading “Blessed”

Prayer of Protection

Dear God I come in Thanksgiving for what you have already done for me and my family. Please protect us from the evil ways of Satan. Protect us with the light of Jesus, protect us with your blood and holy spirit. Keep us under the shelter of your wings. Keep your hands on my children … Continue reading “Prayer of Protection”


Jesus I love you so much for dying for our sins in which I have many. Thank you for blessing me with husband and children when I almost had none. Jesus I beg of you to watch over my Ali as she embarks on the most difficult exams of her life. Please help her finish … Continue reading “Blessed”

Saving my daughter

Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God. Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mother Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humble … Continue reading “Saving my daughter”

Rebuke covid19

My whole family is positive in Covid19 ,Pathma Nathan Dever, suman Noel Dino, Tania Natasha Angela, puvana Shalini ,Melvin, Savithry, please pray for us to be delivered from this virus,

Blessed children

Dear Jesus, you have blessed me with three children where there once none. I am so grateful for my family and I will do anything for you Jesus. Please help me to guide my son in the right direction as he is so angry with the world. It makes me sad and worried for him. … Continue reading “Blessed children”