Clear heart

Please clear my sons heart of this hurt and focused on himself.

New journey

Pray for my son Joey that will be starting a new journey to better himself and his education in another state in a unfamiliar place may he do well and be surrounded with positive people that love the lord.

Praying for guidance to my son

He is on rebel mode now, please guide him that he always make good decisions in everything that he does. May he always remember that we love him so much.

Healing from sickness

Dear Father please reach down and completely heal my son Michael from whatever is making him sick God you say by his stripes we are healed and i believe in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ please stop his throat from hurting and him from throwing up and break his fever Heavenly Father … Continue reading “Healing from sickness”

My son’s income

Blessings everyone, I have section 8 and I Am having a issue with Housing. I have A 22 year old son that lives with me and because HE decided to take a Job making 50 Thousand dollars a year And because of that MY rent is now over a thousand Dollars i am on disabilities … Continue reading “My son’s income”

Prayer for a miracle

Please pray for a miracle. My God has never failed me. My Lord always sees us through. Help pray for my family, my husband has a custody hearing for his children on Monday. We currently have 50:50 custody and their mother is seeking to take more time away from him. Since marrying my husband 5 … Continue reading “Prayer for a miracle”

My Son Kere

Dear God, my unconditional love for you never ceases. I thank you for my son Kere and I ask you to surround him with your angels of protection. I pray that my son will pass to the 4th grade. Lord, help Kere’s teachers have mercy on him and realize that his ADHD affects his daily … Continue reading “My Son Kere”


Please pray for my children to look to God for their answers. Please pray that I will worry less and trust God more. Thank you

Pray for my daughter

Please pray for my daughter. She is having one boyfriend from another. Save her Lord. Please help her to refrain from this and have some self esteem and respect. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen.

Praying for my children life

Heavenly father I come to you seeking help for my children. I pray you keep them from harm and help them make the right decisions. Help them grow into strong responsible men and find good job where they can make an honest living and not be distracted by this world Amen!


Heavenly Father, thank you for your goodness and mercy. Because of your grace I have hope for tomorrow. You have blessed me with beautiful children and my twin daughters are almost at the end of their university course. You know Father that they have struggled with so much throughout their course with family illnesses, low-esteem … Continue reading “Hope”

My sons speech disorder

Please please help cure my sons speech disorder, he struggles with speech sounds and it is very difficult to understand him. I am going through so just stress with this I don’t know how much longer I can hold it together. Please help my son to speak clearly soon. Thank you please pray for my … Continue reading “My sons speech disorder”

My daughter’s surgery

Tomorrow will be a very nervous, concerned and prayer day for me. My daughter is having surgery and I pray to my lord and Jesus Saviour that all goes well.. Amen.

Prayer request

Please pray for my daughter’s conversion from her bad attitude and bad habits and for her to know and love our Lord.


Please pray for my son he has a lot of pent-up feelings that cause anger & stress! I pray for salvation for him I pray healing for his father and him to have a special bond and pray for salvation for all my family! I also asked God to bless each person that sends in … Continue reading “Healing/Salvation”

Please pray for my daughter

Please pray for my daughter who will have her speech contest today. May she deliver it well and achieve her goal. Thank you so much and may God bless you all!

Help for son

I pray oh Lord that you guide and protect my children. I have a child that uses drugs and drinks. Help him in Lord to find his self worth, value and peace in you not these destructive behaviors. Help him to come to you oh Lord and form a stronger relationship. Realizing that feeling of … Continue reading “Help for son”

Lost soul

My daughter is struggling with depression and self harm please pray for her healing

Speech Healing

Please please heal my sons speech disorder. Please help him to speak clearly before the end of his first year in school. Thank you.


Please please heal my sons speech disorder. Please help my son to speak freely. Thank you.

Bring my grandson home today

CPS getting today . I want to be able to bring my grandson home today .. i love him more than anyone . He’s my air my world my reason for living . Please bring him home today . Driving myself crazy these 2 days


My daughter is a Christian but she is pregnant out of wedlock, now she has to face a lot of shame are ridicule, help pray for her mind and things to work out for the best and that she grows deeper in Christ. Also I need prays for my sons and brother to be saved … Continue reading “Salvation”


Praying in agreement for my children to have a close relationship with the Lord. pray for wisdom my son’s final exams in college and My daughter wisdom for her SAT test coming up in may 2019.

Reunification with my son

Please pray for my son and myself that he may be safely and swiftly returned into my care. He is loved and missed dearly. Thank you dear God for my loving son and please help watch over him in this trying time and help him be reunited with me soon. Amen

Safety for my child

Lord God please take care always my child, keeping away from devil act Lord God. Help my child there studies and take care always his health.

Daughter relationship

Dear lord Please bless that my daughter and her ex boyfriend to be back together. Make them treasure each other and continue to love each other. Amen

Family Reunited

Please Heavenly Father be with us during this very difficult time and always. We have a very young life that is in limbo for no fault of her/his own. We are currently in a court process that has failed this child miserably. We ask that this child be returned to his/her family who desperately loves … Continue reading “Family Reunited”

Heal my son

Please pray for my son Ashwin and heal him from his depression and anxiety issues. Let him give up alcoholism and embrace Christ as his true friend and savior. Let him get a good job and straighten himself up. We are very parents and Jesus you are our only hope and guide. Tide us through … Continue reading “Heal my son”

My sick child

I need prayers for my baby girl. She’s three years old and have been running a fever between 99-103 for a week. Her and my other daughter. Age eight are currently with a foster family. I am close to getting them back. My three year old had a fever of 99 around nine this morning … Continue reading “My sick child”

Heal my son

My son Ashwin is going through depression and anxiety issues and using alcoholism as an outlet. He has left is job and keeps locking himself in his room and sits in the dark most of the time. Kindly do pray for my son and request Jesus to heal him. Jesus, please fix his broken spirit … Continue reading “Heal my son”

Prayer for Vincent

Dear Lord, Please help to heal Vincent’s liver and allow it to function in it’s entirety. Help his body to reach the number of platelets that is needed so that he may receive the treatments needed. This little boy needs you. In Jesus’s name we pray, amen

God’s intervention

LORD, I ask that You would intervene in my nieces decision to take her young daughter to Africa to live. When she doesn’t know anything about Africa, its customs or its people. If it’s Your will that she goes, let her first go to Africa and make sure everything is safe for them, then return … Continue reading “God’s intervention”

For my family

I need prayers for me and my children I’m facing an eviction an I need to find me an my children a new home to lay our head and be at peace give me strength to continue to move on an not give up In Jesus Mighty Name Amen

Children should live a childhood as a child

My granddaughter is such a beautiful person ,she is growing up quickly at age 5 she is struggling a broken family with little stability she is raised in a adult environment. She deserves a childhood. My prayer is that she enjoy being a child.

For my Son Anthony

Prayers for my son Anthony to get his visitation rights to seeing his daughters his ex girlfriend won’t let him see his daughter’s and it is court ordered he hasn’t seen them in years please let them child support get involved with him seeing his daughters again.

Heal my son

My son has started to drink since morning, while I was at work. I feel really depressed. Lord Jesus, let my tears not go in vain and my prayers unheard. I trust in you Lord. Please help my son control his alcoholism as this is destroying not only him but bringing down the entire family … Continue reading “Heal my son”

Prayer for my son

Dear god today I ask you cover my son in the blood of Jesus from his head to his toes lord draw him closer to you show him that you will never leave him or forsake him lord and no weapon formed against him shall prosper. Keep him safe from all harm in today’s world … Continue reading “Prayer for my son”

Pray for Wyatt

Please help me pray for our son Wyatt. Pray that the scales fall from his eyes and that GOD talks to him and reaches him when we can’t. He has gotten engaged to Nicki who has done nothing but manipulate, guilt, lie, pressure and seduces him over the last 2 years, and her family has … Continue reading “Pray for Wyatt”

My daughter

Please pray for my daughter. Help her to find her way and her heart and keep her safe from the evil that is at hand. Thank God.