For my children-

by Beth (Ft.Lauderdale, FL)

Please Lord give my children strength. All three of them are young adults each on a seperate journey. My oldest son is in great need of guidance and your divine intervention. He has made some very poor choices for himself. Help him to take a new path with you by his side, dear Lord.My second son who is searching for his own way too. They are good young men who need your Love. My daughter at 19 is suffering from depression. She has turned her back to you Lord. I have asked her to seek your help she cannot do it alone. Our world is upside down and we greatly need you. Saint Jude I also asked that with your help, our lives will be renewed again. In your holy name I implore you. Thank you for all that we do have. Our beautiful family and wonderful friends. I am grateful that I can turn to you in our time of struggle.

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