Have mercy, not all are sinful hearts of stone!

by Sarah ()

By the name of Jesus by the power and the authority granted by the most high God creator, I humbly and respectfully request your aid along with archangel, Michael and Archangel Raphael. Please Lord Open my eyes so that I may see open my ears so that I may hear open my mind so that I may understand Regarding The world as you see it, Lord . Please touch the cold hearts of stone with your divine unconditionally loving hand, fill them with your divine loving energy. May The human race see the world through Empathy, mercy and love. May we learn to let go of judgment for others and learn to accept things the way they are for we cannot change them and there is no reason for hatred because they are different.
In Jesus name, may we all except ourselves as we are. May we all realize that everybody is allowed to believe in their truth, for God has made us different for a reason.
Dear Lord, for my personal prayer, the prayer of a mother Phoenix, who has had her heart Shattered so many times that there is absolutely nothing that would break her. God, thank you for these trials and tribulations for I learn every time. I understand the reasoning in the method behind it all and what you truly want me to do. Thank you for the nudge to start me off on my Souls Journey. Lord and no way am I being prideful or stepping over my placements, I respectfully and humbly request that the test be stopped for I have already learned this lesson.
In the mighty name of Jesus by the authority of the most high God, with light and love, I pray that my children bring them back to me as quickly as possible. May the authority systems of this society Begin to be more flexible and change their focus point of their methods be on actual people and their circumstances. May they look at the truth of the matter and judge accordingly.
In Jesus name, let them understand, understand and accept The truth that they’re still is soft, loving hearts that do not need the fear tactic to learn and change and evolve. Lord, let them always follow the phrase.:” Do no harm”. Make sure from every angle that the information is absolutely without a doubt correct before harm is done.
In Jesus name, I pray for the healing of the human race, therefore healing the world as a whole. Amen

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