Guidance and Healing

Please guide my prayers as our family has many challenges. Jesus, I trust that you will heal us, bring us into closer communion with You, so that one day we may be with you in Heaven. Amen.

Driving test

Can everyone please take a second and pray for me to pass my driving test on the 7th of January I am very nervous I really really need this! Please pray that I can remain calm and drive safe on this test thank you.

Financial prosperity and good health of my entire family

Dear God, I worship and praise you. Please help me with my financial needs and please grant us the good of my entire family. Forgive me Lord and I surrender my whole being to you. Take hold of me o Lord that I may always walk with. Amen

Spiritual Growth

May I grow closer to you each day, Lord Jesus and may you continue to bless me with your grace and salvation. Amen


Dear God my father the almighty the creator I ask you to see me through the exams and touch the markers heart.

Lord help me succeed

Lord God I have tried to succeed in life however no matter how I try it all comes to no avail. May you be able to be in the front so that I can follow behind. In Jesus Christ, I pray Amen.


I am going through post-traumatic depression and feel so lost and desperate. Reliving tragedy and experiencing anger and sadness. I feel like I have helped so many people and feel like I don’t get much back from relationships. Help me to let go of the negative and continue to seek the good that life has … Continue reading “Despair”

Favor, spouse for my sister

I pray I find favor in God’s sight. I pray God to settle my fiance, and I also pray for a good spouse for my sister and God to uplift my family.


I pray for a true friendship. I pray for a friend for my mother in law Lorraine. She is lonely and needs a new friend her age.


Need to have faith in whatever is truly the way.

Prayers for Grandsons

Pray for my grandsons that they will be cured of their addiction to drugs and alcohol they have been struggling for quite a while with their problems.

Confident in God

Confident in God, sound health of mind n body,for connection, and for perfection between chi and l, let your will be done upon our jesus name, Amen.

Must move on

Dear St Joseph. Our life has taken a turn and we must move out of our home after many years. Please send an honest and reliable buyer as soon as possible, so we may start our new journey in a new city. Also, bless our new venture and help us to find a new forever … Continue reading “Must move on”


Please watch over my friends as well as I, as we take on Junior year, guide me to do very well and make great grades! Pray I do well in my sports, help me to be a better teammate and leader. Pray for my family, that we get closer to you lord together! Amen, thank … Continue reading “Life”

Workplace Problem

I have a severe problem here in my work place. A captain was telling all kinds of lies and recording it proof that he never said what he said in the past. Our god will provide the table in frond of the enemies. Please pray for me so that god will deal with him.

Prayers For Family

Please pray for the following: My cousin, who is battling severe mental illness and experiencing problems in her marriage. My cousin’s parents, siblings, nieces and nephews…and her husband. For me, as I am experiencing a bout with seasonal affective disorder. For my cousin’s brother-in-law’s brother, who is dying from brain cancer. May he have a … Continue reading “Prayers For Family”


To do well on and pass my nursing tests, labs and clinical.


That God our Father will guide, guard, protect and lead us every day of our lives, that we get to know Him more and more each day. For complete healing in our lives. In Jesus Name Amen


“St. Anthony and friend of God, I ask your intercession at God’s throne for divine grace”- Grant my Petitions O’God I Pray- JC/9-28-18

Prayer to welcome home

Please pray for welcome him home, for God to open his eyes to the Roman Catholic church and all the false ministries that He has been involved in that are mocking God. For his protection from deceitful people as He has been vulnerable. In Jesus name Amen Thank you

For my husband

Please Dear Father as I come to you today that healing be given my husband who has cancer. Amen

Prayer for son in law

St Joseph please pray for my son in law to receive baptism first holy communion and confirmation in the catholic church. To consecrate his family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, honour the Virgin Mary in his home and to lead his family in prayer.

Prayer Request for Guidance and Direction

Please pray for God to help me find better ways to live my life. Please pray for God to bless me with the guidance and direction I need in order to start making my life better. Please pray for God to be with me every step of the way.

Pass citizenship test

I ask God,if it is his wil to please allow my mom to pass her citizenship text the second part with out any problem. Thank you Jesus!!!

Aden baptism

My son is now 9months old, we have planned for his baptism on 12th August 2018. Plz pray to God that, God should shower his blessing on him. He should touch him and anniont, his presence should be always with him. Also we have planned for a small lunch party on that day, inviting our … Continue reading “Aden baptism”

Recurring Nightmares

I pray for my regularly nightmares to be vanished in the name of jesus Crist and i pray to have a peaceful,free sleepness each night of my lives. In the name of the fathet,the son,and the holy spirit amen

General prayer

I pray that may the good Lord grant us peace, favour, protect, give us wisdom, heal us from every sickness especially to those who are in the hospital and at home , so that I may see your goodness and mercy to this we pray to the Lord our God

For Sucess in exam

We are doing our osce exam the coming week ,this is necessary to work as a nurse in uk ,else would have to go back to home country, requesting prayers ,

For academic and relationship success

God I ask for your help in our academics, help us to read and understand and come out with good grades..bless our relationship with your unending love that we may grow to love each other always and abstain from sin of the flesh..we ask this through Jesus Christ our lord.. Amen

For Protection over evil

Please pray for my son Kingsley who is 18 years old to be respectful, honest, Holy, loving , caring, sharing, to feel the pain of others, to repent over his sins, to feel sorry, and to fill him with your Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord.

I need your help.

Dear Lord, please give me the strength to deal with the illness that we are facing. Help me to be loving and kind and understanding in all ways and to be the best care giver that I can be. I love my wife, as I love you my God. For it was You, that brought … Continue reading “I need your help.”

I need your help.

Dear Lord, please give me the strength to deal with the illness that we are facing. Help me to be loving and kind and understanding in all ways and to be the best care giver that I can be. I love my wife, as I love you my God. For it was You, that brought … Continue reading “I need your help.”

Family prayer

1.Praying for addiction of tramadol for my eldest daughter. 2.Praying for marriage relationship for my 2nd daughter 3. Praying for my daughter to come back to family 4. Pray for son inlaw to get work. 5.Healing power for my father struggling with Cancer. Amen 🙏


Prayers for spiritual and emotional healing. I would like to return to the Church

Job for Daughter

Dear God, Please alllow my daughter to have a successful job interview and allow her to get a decent job offer with this company or any companies that she applies for.

For financial stability

Most merciful Father, Be merciful to me a sinner, and kindly come to the aid of my family and myself. Grant suitable employment to my siblings and myself, that we may become financial self-sustaining, and that I may be able to return to college next year. And kindly permit me to go to school in … Continue reading “For financial stability”

Redemptive Suffering

Lord, let those who suffer do so in vain. Redeem these poor souls from the torments of injury and disease. Heal them, bind their wounds and restore their broken hearts. We are all broken and fallen without you; but through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we have hope to be made whole. Amen.


Lord I’ve spent the last year working really hard and putting lots of time and work to reach a goal and today I didn’t get the results I had aimed for and worked so hard for this past year. Lord I know you have a plan and this happened for a reason but right now … Continue reading “Understanding”

Prayer to get a Job

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ, I have sent my several resume but it seem nothing answered from the company. I hope you will pray for me so that i can get a stable job and can earn money for my parents. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.

General Intentions

GODS guidance , grace and blessing in my life in everything Accept GOD’s willl Heal Tamara & Caren and give them comfort in their grief . Help her and her family to be strong and come out of this loss soon Job for Ravi Teja and Munish Protect Keith JOB Forgive and Love others especially … Continue reading “General Intentions”

For healing

Please God through your power, heal me of my afflictions. I trust you are the Almighty and through your grace, all healings are possible. I believe in the healings demonstrated in the Bible, and with every fiber of my being, believe You continue to provide healing and hope. Let me let live to show your … Continue reading “For healing”