Prayer for successful home purchase

by Jen (God's Earth)

I pray to you St Joseph for a blessing of a successful home purchase. My husband and I have worked hard, save well, and have looked closely at all possible homes available. St Joseph, if you could intercede in our behalf, to have your son, the son of God guide us a bit in this journey. We are always thankful and devoted.

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  1. Please that my daughter and her family can buy this home

    Praying for my daughter and her family they have placed a bid on a home but many others did also .the bank will make there choice tonite please let my daughter bid be chosen.please pray for them .. Amen thank you

  2. Praying I get this home

    Lord I pray my mom get this house lord knows she deserves it she’s been high &
    Low through 2017 .. Please let this be her first door to success ♥️ In Jesus name I pray amen 🙏🏾 !

  3. Please that my daughter can buy this home

    Please, Lord, my daughter is a hard-working, honest and beautiful woman who has been saving, looking, saving some more for a condominium. Yesterday she saw the perfect one, safe, clean and in her price zone. I pray that her bid will be accepted. Jesus, Lord, please hear her mother’s prayer. Amen

  4. A house to call home

    Please pray for the under writer who is going to approve or deny my home loan. We pray for the closing of this home. In Jesus name amen.

  5. Please

    My husband and I have been working on buying a property for the last 3 months. It is a foreclosure and we can never seem to get a hold of the right person who can sell it. We’ve had different buyers agents, talked to the place who says “owns” the property and now they are saying it will be on HUD sometime. We actually already have the money in the bank. Please Lord, you know how hard Grady and I have worked and what we have been through. This is the perfect place for our girls. We want so bad to make it our home. We know how much work it will take and we will do it. I know you wouldn’t put the dream in our hearts without reason. It gets so hard to not give up. Thank you for all the good that you have given us. Please if it is in your will help us get the Norwalk property. You are the worker of miracles and the reason for all things good.

  6. 1st Home Purchase

    Dear Heavenly Father I humbly ask for your assistance in being approved for our 1st mortgage. Please guide the underwriter to see that we are worthy of this mortgage and that we may be able to close on our dream home. Amen.

  7. Our New Home

    Please St. Joseph intercede for us with our new home purchase, please let us work out our inspection issues and come to a fair agreement so we can move on successfully with our purchase and thank you for a continued sale of our current home. In Jesus Name. Amen

  8. Prayers Needed

    My husband and I have been living with my parents to save money to buy our first home together. We are in love with a house and pray that it wont slip us by. Please help us with this petition as we have come to you for guidance. Amen.

  9. home purchase

    I pray that everything goes through with the closing on my new home for me and my children. I promised them after I had to sell the only home they new, that I would buy a home in our school district. I pray that on Wednesday, during mediation, that I will be awarded enough settlement to close on my home and pay for all the other expenses that is facing me today. I pray that God blesses our home and makes that our forever home. My kids were an integral part in picking out colors of our new home and I can’t let them down. Please pray that God guides all of us through this process. I’m facing a lot of obstacles being tied in a custody battle with my ex that tends to be tying up a lot of my money which could potentially make me not be able to close on my house.

  10. Prayer for favour to purchase a house we are renting

    We need prayer for favour to purchase the house we are presently renting. We are given first priority to buy it. My husband is the main financier in this regard, so we need favour from God to open heavens doors for him to be favoured at the bank for loan and me to receive subsidy from my work. We have 4 children that must have a roof over their head, and its really difficult to rent a house to accommodate my big family.
    Please God I pray for your divine favour in this regard.


  11. Please help us

    Please help us St Joseph. After looking at many homes we are now in a multi bid situation and relocating to a new city. Please let this decision go in our favor. We really need somewhere to live.

  12. our new home

    I ask that you please help us God to close successfully on our soon to be new home. This home is the perfect one for our family of 4 and we could really use your favor right now. We are in a difficult situation with the sellers and we need you to help us remedy it so we can close on time and move into our new home. Please God I pray for your favor.

  13. Prayers for a successful closing on this Home

    Oh St Joseph please lift my Family Up in prayer, that we have a successful closing on this Home for our Family, Oh St Joseph i pray & am decoted to you, please pray for Us!!!

  14. Their bid on home to be accepted

    Prayer for my niece and her husband that their bid is accepted on the home they put a bid on. They are so deserving of this beautiful home. Please pray for us..Thank you

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