Prayer To pass the driving road test today

by Marimar (S. Ca)

St. Jude please help me today. In your help, guidance and watch me while doing my road test. Help me have presence of mind and can do all the task what the examiner want me to do in a safe maneuvers. St. Jude thank you for the past prayers answered prayers with your help n prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today I ask you again to help me n pray to fulfill my need. Before I come to you I believe you know what I need and what is best for me. St. Jude you know what is best. In Jesus name Amen.

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  1. Driving test

    Please help me at 2 o’clock today November 30th 2017 did I will pass my road test so I can see my man I have not seen your father wouldn’t she sick and she needs help and surprise her and go up and see her please help me help me Lord help me st. Jude help me holy mother is everybody’s help please this is all I want for Christmas please

  2. Prayer to pass drivers exam.

    God please help me pass my drivers test for the very first time I would have a set date and keep putting it off and it’s been for 2 years straight now I have confident and I wish that you guide me through.

  3. Driving test

    St Jude I’m sitting my driving test tomorrow I pray that you are with me the whole time and that I’ll pass to drive safe to get all my monourves correct I really want this so bad and I believe that you will guide me threw it hell me to stay calm. Amen

  4. Passing my driving practical test

    St Jude please help me pass my driving test today 8th March 2018. Please watch me and guide into passing. Please keep me safe help and guide me. Amen

  5. Prayer to pass my driving test

    Dear St Jude and god please help me pass my driving test. Help guide me while driving and me near me when I am taking the test. Help me not to be nervous while driving and help me drive safely and pass. With full faith in you St Jude and god. Amen

  6. Moms driving test now

    Pls help my mom pass her driving test! she’s just gone in now as I type this for her driving test! Pls help her stay calm and assertive that she can and will pass her driving test today!

    Help her stay safe today and always!


  7. Driving test

    St Jude
    Please help me pass my driving test today at 4pm. Please help me keep calm and show patience and confidences.
    Please I really need to pass this today. 👏

  8. pass a driving test

    st.jude please help me on my driving test on the 6th of june,,hope you will guide me to do the right things on the road.give me strength and courage to di all the task while on the road..give me a clear mind and do the right decisions,,hope i will passmy rode test,this i pray in the name of jesus and to the lord almighty.amen

  9. For teenage daughter taking the road test.

    Lord Jesus she has fulfilled all requirements truthfully to be examined today. May she be a cautious and a concerned driver. May all her actions behind the wheel be smooth and executed with precision. May she recall all that she learned and may her nerves be calm. In your Holy Name I pray. Amen.

  10. Passing my final road test

    Dear st Jude i kind ask you to help mi pass my final road test this coming sunday e 22nd of July.. I am attempting it for e 3rd time and i ask you to help me pray and ask Jesus to come and intervene for me so that i may pass it this time round..amen

  11. Passing my husband road test

    St. Jude please help my husband to pass his driving test this coming july 26 thursday .please help him to focus on driving and remember what he learned from driving school. In jesus name amen. .

  12. Please pass driving test today

    Dear St Jude and our Heavenly Father, please let my daughter Emily do all that is required and pass her driving test today. Thanking you and blessing you in advance….her Mom

  13. Prayer Request

    Lord, please guide my husband SAC to pass his CDL road test today. Keep all the knowledge and preparation he has been learning and bring it all to him as he starts at 12:45p today.
    Make all these clear and understandable. Bring about a nice reassuring calm to let him know, he can do it and got it with your guidance. Thank you Father God for him already passing, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  14. Help my daughter pass her driving test

    Dear Lord please help my daughter to relax and not be nervous on her second driving test.Help her to be more positive and confident, in Jesus name I pray . Amen

  15. Son driving test 3rd time lucky

    My son is sitting his practical driving test , 3 times he has tried, nerves get the better of him, please help him pass today, he needs it , to boost his confidence, he’s such a great person, st Jude and our lord guide him thru

  16. Road test tomorrow

    St. Jude please guide me with my road test tomorrow, help me understand and do what the instructor want me to do smoothly, protect me from any harm and help me pass the road test for the first time.. i believe in you. In jesus name amen

  17. Prayer for my practical driving test

    St. Jude, please help me pass my driving practical test. I need to help my hubby he have heart problem. Please guide me .and thanks for the 💗 for the day I booked I hope and pray this is my big day.amen.

  18. Passing my driving test

    Dear st Jude

    Please help me pass my driving test tomorrow. I need to drive for my children. They have always walked to school in all weathers and would benefit me being able to drive. I normally don’t pray for help for myself but please hear my prayers Amen

  19. Taking road test today

    St.Jude and lord Jesus and your angels please watch and guide me while I take my road test today at 1pm. Give me the strength I need to get over this fear of driving! I’m ready lord Jesus! I’ve been practicing and I’m ready❤️ Everyone please pray for me! My instructor has been patient and has taught me a lot! I will do good and I will make my examiner proud and my instructors! My family aswell! I’ll be able to drive them around and enjoy life! Love you guys and blessings to all

  20. My friend

    St. Jude, please help my friend pass his driving test tomorrow (25/2). New chapter in his life starting. Give him the strength to keep calm and focus. Amen.

  21. Driving test

    Taking full driving test tomorrow morning at8.25 st jude, please give me the corage to pass and not ti be nervous.. and focus

  22. Son,s trucking driving test

    Please lord I asked that you guide my son Edwin this morning with the strength and ability to drive that semi truck today like a dream come true. Please guide him to maneuver it all the right ways and that he passes this test today so he can start his future full of grace, hope and hopefully lots of money. Thank you lord for all your answered prayers. Amen

  23. Taking test now

    Please say a prayer that my daughter taking her examine at this minute passes. I really need her to have her license as soo much is going on in our family. another driver would be a God send.

  24. Please pray and help me pass my driving test

    Please pray everyone that I pass my driving test I really need prayers thank you all

  25. Driving test

    Please St. Jude help my daughter to pass her driving test tomorrow. She has worked so hard to get this far &needs this test to pursue her chosen career. Please guide her & help her to pass. Thank you

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