Sacred Heart of Jesus, Let him contact me soon as possible!

by TW (CA)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I ask that M. contacts me soon. We’ve not talked in 3 months and we have SO much to discuss and talk about. I miss him greatly, and I pray he misses me also as much or more. I love him and I feel he loves me. I ask that you pray for him to have strength to follow though with what’s on his mind, and you pray he has the strength, courage, and WILL to call me NOW before his big trip in 2012. I feel we are meant to be together.

Jesus, Please take my prayer and place it with your heart Jesus, and it will be covered with your mighty and precious blood, then give it to OUR God Almighty so HE will see MY prayer as YOUR prayer. PLEASE Jesus, let me NOT be disappointed. Thank You Lord, for past prayers answered, and PLEASE know that I LOVE YOU! I claim M. Contacting me, and I KNOW that his contact/call IS coming to ME anyday now and we will speak, he’ll open up to me and we’ll talk about everything! I light a Sacred Heart Prayer in your honor too and light this candle with LOVE and FAITH in YOU Jesus!

Amen and Amen

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