Prayer for Negative Biopsy Results

by Melissa (California)

St. Jude,

I pray to you and The Lord and ask for assistance. I pray that my biopsy results are negative and I pray that I do not have cancer. I pray for your miraculous blessings and I pray for strength to help me get through the stress of waiting for the results . Thank you so much for everything ! St Jude thank you for always helping me and Lord, I thank you for the strength you give me everyday, I thank you for my beautiful family, my wonderful amazing husband and the greatest gift from you, my daughter. I thank you for our jobs, the food we eat everyday, the house we live in, our good health, my solid marriage and the love I share with my family. I know all this is possible because of you . Thank you!

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  1. Thanks giving prayer for negative result..

    Dear Lord,

    You really know how much worried I was before my tests.. You really did a wonder in my life.. thankyou from the bottom of my heart for giving me a negative result in my test.. Your praise shall ever be in my mouth and I will be ever greatful for the marvellous thing you have done. Hope you hear the prayers of every broken heart praying for the same.. Let their families also rejoice for the benefits they receive.. Fill their hearts with the same joy that u have filled in me if not so I pray for their speedy recovery..Bless them abundantly and let their prayers not go in vain.. Thankyou Father, Jesus, Mama Mary Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints..


  2. Negative biopsy

    Saint Jude I pray to you and our blessed saviour that my daughters biopsy will be negative and she will have no cancer. Thank you for this and all the blessing that we receive.

  3. My Daughter-in-law

    Heavenly Father, I come to you with heavy heart. Lord, please hear my prayer. Please let my daughter-in-law’s biopsy results be benign. She loves you Lord, as do I. Please let all tests be negative for cancer. Lord if it is your will, please give her the opportunity to be stress free. Bless her with peace and comfort. Protect her and please hear my prayer

    in Jesus’ I pray,


  4. Prayers please

    Lord, please rest your healing hands on my husband next week while he undergoes a lung biopsy. I am praying for a negative result with your help. Thank you, you have always been there for me in thick & thin throughout my life, please help me and especially my husband at our greatest need. In Jesus name I submit this prayer.

  5. Brother

    Please pray for my brother Frank , who is on his way to the O.R. at this moment , for a biopsy of a brain tumor.We have a large prayer community, but we need more ! Thank you and Gods blessings to all of you kind people.

  6. Praying for negative results for breast bioypsya

    Am going for a breat biopsy on Wednesday morning. Am praying and trusting for negative results. St Jude please intercede for me. For by his strips I am already healed.

  7. Prayer for negative biopsy

    St Jude, pls intercede our prayers, that my husband biopsy tomorrow, cast out unrooted unproductive cells, make it negative result, cleanse infections and heal inflammations. Make it benign and curable. In Jesus name, Padre Pio, st Peregrene and St Gemma. All angels and saints in heaven pls cover him the
    Mantle of loving power of Healing. Amen

  8. Prayer for good news

    I pray that Tom’s biopsy results bring good news. That he will recover and live a long blessed life . Amen.

  9. Please hear our prayers, please pray for us

    Dear God the Father, Lord Jesus, St Padre Pio, St Jude,

    Nothing more we ask for in our lives now but for a negative result of my mommy’s biopsy. May you intercede for us and heal my mother,,, With Your merciful heart, please heal my mother completely. Take away all sick cells from her body and cast out all that should not be part of her. Cure everything in her that needs to be cured, heal everything that needs to be healed. Let us not let worries, stress, anxieties, fears overcome us. Rather may we strengthen our faith more in You because we truly believe that You will never let something bad happen to our family, especially my mother. Heal her, let the biopsy result be negative please O Lord God, St Jude, Padre Pio.. We trust in Your Miraculous healing power. With You nothing is impossible. So please Lord, with all humility, with all our hearts, please heal my mother.

    These we ask through the intercession of Mother of Perpetual Help, Holy Spirit, all the angels and Saints… Amen.

  10. Prostate biopsy

    Please watch over my hubby as he has a prostate biopsy. Please calm him from the anxiety he’s feeling. Please let the result come back negative & he continue living a happy healthy life.

  11. Please bless Emily

    Please Lord and Saint Jude I pray for your assistance please let Emily’s biopsy results be negative for cancer. Please protect her my baby and give her the strength as our family waits for her test results. I pray this in Gods name. Amen

  12. Breast biopsy

    Please pray for Natasha that breast biopsy is negative. Prayers for the Lord to hold her hand while she is undergoing the procedure on June 16 and bring her peace and comfort in Jesus name.

  13. PRather for negative biopsy for rectal

    pleSe pray for me I am waiting for a biopsy report please God let it be negative from cancer I am so scared right now and praying for negative results please help me to be strong during the waiting

  14. Prayers for our daughter

    Please pray that her biopsy comes back negative. She is having a biopsy done after a mammogram.

  15. My sister biopsy result

    Ther lord god i pray for my sister that ger biopsy result was negative touch her body which and comport her lord st jude please help praying all is fine in jesus nsme amen..

  16. Biopsy

    Lord I pray,
    I am waiting on Biopsy results for Endometrial Cancer. I am sick with worry. I can’t sleep well and have to force myself to eat.
    I pray the biopsy results are negative for Cancer. But Lord I am prepared for what ever comes to me bad or good. Thank you Lord for being by my side. I pray that you take away my anxiety and worry. Lord only you know.

    In Jesus Name,


  17. Benign biopsy results

    St Jude,

    I pray to you lord Jesus to bless the hands handling my biopsy tissue. I pray that the results are benign and I pray for strength as I await the test results. I am forever grateful for my blessings of my life, family, job, home and all blessings you have allowed me to have. Lord I ask again for my prayer to be heard and the results are benign. Thank you in Jesus name.

  18. Prayer for Mother/Grandmother, Shantha

    Dear St. Jude and Lord,

    I pray to you that my mother’s biopsy results are negative for stomach cancer. We believe in the power of miracles and thank you. She is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Please deliver her from this pain.

    Thank you. We are forever in your debt and service.

  19. daughtet

    PLease dear God, Padre Pio and Saint Jude.let my daughters test today be negative.Ibeg of you do not let it be cancer.U will gorever ber greatful.

  20. For Daddy

    I am praying for negative test results for my father’s biopsy on his pancreas today. Lord have mercy and free him of stress and anxiety around the test results. May all be well with your Blessings. I thank you Father for protecting him from disease and anxiety.


  21. Praying for negative results in my biopsy

    St. Jude,

    I pray to you and The Lord and ask for assistance. I pray that my biopsy results are negative and I pray that I do not have cancer. I pray for your miraculous blessings and I pray for strength to help me get through the stress of waiting for the results.
    Jesus I trust in Your mercy.
    I love you Lord. I’m praying for your miraculous blessings.

    Sent from my iPhone

  22. For a negative biopsy result

    I am waiting for a negative breast biopsy result.
    Please pray for me.

  23. biopsy

    Please pray for a negative result on a lung biopsy I am having Monday morning. I have strong faith in the Lord,s healing power.

    Thank you

  24. That the biopsy will show no cancer

    I too am going for a biopsy next Tuesday. I have had cancer twice already and do not want to go through it all again. Please please Saint Jude, help me as you have in the past. Help all the suffering souls who come to you for help and healing. I pray for them as I hope they will pray for me.

  25. That the biopsy will show no cancer

    I too am going for a biopsy next Tuesday. I have had cancer twice already and do not want to go through it all again. Please please Saint Jude, help me as you have in the past. Help all the suffering souls who come to you for help and healing. I pray for them as I hope they will pray for me.

  26. biopsy on dark spot floor of mouth

    I prayed before going for biopsy and got hopefully good news from doctor. he thinks its not serious, could be an amalgam tatoo which is when dentist burns the skin doing metal fillings , caps . If it’s bad , then they go in one more time and spread it out a little more with tissue removal. I’m grateful that I can breathe a little better. I’m still waiting for biopsy but i did take comfort in prayer. Was one of the worse days of my life before finally seeing the oral surgeon, I hope of course it was a wasted procedure and that the spot is nothing but dead , metal scarred skin. I’ll be too happy to be mad at dentist or dr. I appreciate my family and i evaluated myself like never before, while making myself a nervous wreck. I made a hundred deals with God, so now I have to keep them. This memo is first in my paybacks. Hope it helps someone.

  27. my mom

    please pray for my mom she has nodules in her Thyroid I believe 2. Please pray that they are benign and she will the best treatment necessary to maintain stable. She suffers from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism and it has her depressed, anxious, fatigued, and she has gained weight. Please pray for her!!

  28. Prayer for Negative Biopsy Results

    Please pray for my husband, Joseph Eduarte that the biopsy test results all come clear and that there will be no need for further exams …He had his biopsy last Friday as we awaits his biopsy results in about 2 weeks. He has fluids found outside his lungs and 2 metastatic nodules in his left lungs.
    I am terrified as we await the results. I can’t stop crying. I know God is with us, but I can’t help feeling anxious. Sometimes I even doubt His existence. Please lift up up my family in your prayers. Please pray for negative results from his biopsy. Father God, I know you are the greatest healer and miracle worker. I claim his complete healing and recovery.
    Also praying for good health, miraculous blessings and peace of mind as we wait for the results. Please envision my husband and fully healthy, happy and vibrant!

  29. My mother

    Dear Lord,

    I pray to you and am putting my faith in you. Please let my mothers biopsy test for cancer be negative. Please let her not have cancer. I believe in miracles and the power of healing. Please help us my lord. I am forever grateful for all my blessings. Protect my mother. She loves you as do I. She is the light in my life. Please heal my mom and let her sick cells be gone from her body.

    In Jesus name I pray,


  30. Prayer for Negative Ultrasound Guided Aspiration Results

    I pray urgently for my both breasts will be tested on April 12, and the results will be proved negative, free of lymphoma and cancer, no cancer and benign!! I pray to you the Lord, Father. I have faith in you and your divine power to bring me good news.

    In Jesus name I pray,


  31. Prayer request

    Dear Lord,
    Please let Nazario’s biopsies results return negative for any threat against his health. They suspect lymphoma, but please Lord restore his health and let him be free of anything life threatening.
    Thank you Lord.
    Thank you Saints too for your intercessions.

  32. Negative Results

    Dear Lord,
    I pray that my moms test results will return as benign. I pray for strength and faith for my family through this. In Jesus name. AMEN!

  33. Negative results

    I pray that my biopsy results are benign. Give me strength and patience as I await the result. Guide and watch over my family and friends. Help is all replace fear with faith. Give me the strength to trust in you God. Thankyou Mary the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints for watching over me. Please help us all as we have lost so many loved ones to cancer. Please guide and watch over the doctors who care for us. Let there be a cure for this awful desease.

  34. 🙏 for Benign biopsy result

    I am offering this prayer for myself, for I will have a gynecological biopsy to be done. I have been a breast cancer pt. and if possible, I do not want to experience what I had in the past.. I also ask you to give me strength , reduce my fears and anxieties on my everyday life.. I also pray for other people who is experiencing this kind of fear, anxiety, stress to overcome it, and keep the faith in God, That with God, all things are possible🙏🙏🙏

  35. Baby sister

    Dear God,
    Please quell my little sister’s and my family’s anxiety. Please return to our mu
    my sister and myfamily a benign biopsy. She has two children who need her.

  36. Awaiting Test Results

    Dear God and St. Jude, I pray to you that you remain in my heart and comfort me during this terrible waiting period. If it turns out I have cancer I have no idea how I will tell my beautiful husband, two sons, and my mother. I love my family and cannot bear the thought of leaving them behind. Please dear Lord hear my prayer and let me come out ok.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  37. Pray for negative results

    Dear Lord I pray that it may be your will that the biopsies come back negative. And I will be able to love my my family more each day and I’m here on this Earth I pray that it is your will that I will be with my family for many years to come love and cherish each and every day with them.

  38. Prayer for a negative results


    I humbly pray and ask for forgiveness. Please save me and give me another chance to live a healthy life. I pray for a negative result for cancer. Heal my swollen lymph nodes in the neck Lord..replace all bad cells with healthy ones. Give me enough strenght to face all anxieties. Lord please make the biopsy result benign and my disease curable. St. Jude… St. Roque…Padre Pio….Immaculate Mother all the angels and saints have mercy on me. Thank you Lord.
    In Jesus Name…Amen

  39. Please Lord Negative Results

    I am praying for the mass removed from my 26 year old daughter s uterus to be just s nodule not a sarcoma!! I thank you for all the great things in my life! I also pray you guide her and her boyfriends decisions in the future and draw them backtrack you Thank you Lord

  40. Please Pray for Negative Biopsy Results

    I am so scared right now! Living in absolute terror. Please pray that my breast biopsy for which I am sitting here awaiting results is benign. I am feeling so faint and don’t know what to do. My family has all but abandoned me and I actually believe that some will be happy to hear if it turns out the biopsy is malignant. I am just so scared and so alone. Please pray for me and for my family members who are so misled and troubled. Thanks to any and all. Dear lord bless me and keep me safe from cancer! Amen.

  41. Liver Biopsy

    Dear Lord, St Jude and all the Angels and Saints,

    We pray that our mother’s biopsy is negative and that through the help of her doctors and the healing power of heaven, that she will overcome her illness and be cancer free. She is a loving mother who has always taken care of others before herself. Please, Lord, give her another chance so that she may live the rest of her life in peace and health.
    Please continue to bless her and our family like. We thank you for all the blessings you have already given our family.

  42. prayer for negative biopsy

    dear lord please give me the strength and courage as I await biopsy results. I am feeling very anxious and scared right now. The thought of cancer scares me and it would just be another tragedy for me my wife and two daughters have to endure at this time. Please provide us with the courage and faith as move forward. My wife and daughters me everything to me. I pray to you the Lord, Father. I have faith in you and your divine power to bring me good news.

  43. My dads results

    God I pray for a negative biopsy result for my dad. Please give him the comfort and help him not worry. I’m thankful for you everyday, I love you

  44. In Jesus Mighty name I pray

    • Heavenly Father,I pray that I’m completely cancer free. If there is any cancer in me now, remove it from my body and leave me cancer free until the end of time. The result will confirm me negative so I may testify of your continuous wonders in my life. you are everything to me lord. I Love you lord. In Jesus mighty name, Amen !
    Hear all my brothers & sister prayers on here oh lord, remove anxiety and stress & bring peace &healing to comfort their souls in Jesus name Amen!

  45. Prayers for a cancer free bone scan tomorrow

    Please St Jude and all the angels and Jesus Christ and holy mother please help me threw this test tomorrow give me strength and please if you can please give me good news that I do not have bone cancer or any other cancer in my body I praise to you st Jude and all the angels and saints in heaven god bless amen

  46. Prayer for mouth biopsy.

    Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, I ask that the biopsy of my upper lip and cheek come back showing NO CANCER. I know that though Your devine grace, all is possible. Please help me deal with the stress of waiting for these results and strengthen my faith. Thank You Jesus!

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