Prayer for approval on our rental application for a home for our family.

I pray that, those making the decisions on our home rental application will be moved to show us favor despite bad credit.We are a family of 7 myself, my husband, and our 5 children. We know the pain of homelessness, and the house we now live in is being sold. We were told we have until June 1 to find someplace to go.

My husband works 2 jobs, and we need to find a home fast. I have found one that would be perfect, allowing our children to stay in their school, and the monthly price is right in our range. The only issue is that our credit is not good, and may possibly cause the owner to not trust to rent to us. But this is not the case as we have been at our current location for 2 years, and have paid rent on time with no problem, We our in the process of cleaning up our credit and settling up things from when we were young and not very responsible.

I just pray that the door to this home will be opened to us, and that we get approved to move in ASAP.

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