Our marrige

Dear Heavenly Father Thank you for your love and care.I ask for a hedge of protection around our marriage. Please send your Holy Spirit to guide and counsel my husband and I as we continue to live out our marriage together. May we both love and put You first in our lives.Forgiving,caring and showing kindness … Continue reading “Our marrige”

My future husband

God Lord almighty thank you for all your blessings, protection and presence in my life. I pray for peace in my heart for my divorce. It’s been 6 years and I still miss my husband. I have become wiser thru this process. Lord, I have worked hard on myself to become a better wife and … Continue reading “My future husband”


I’m not going to make this up , I need prayer for my husband to become more patient with me and my sons. He’s always been there for us and he used to go to Church with us. He does not now and we are falling apart really fast. It’s a dreadful mentally abuse cycle!! … Continue reading “Confusion”


I am praying for a Christian man who is faithfully serving the lord. I am a 74 single christian lady who prays for a husband who will be head of the household. Love me like he loves Jesus. Accepts all my imperfections. No addictions, happy childhood, social, outgoing, wants a relationship that leads to marriage … Continue reading “Husband”


I’ve been single for many years. I have dated a few girls since my divorce and have all been disasters, while I was Christmas shopping I met someone working here on a visa. We exchanged contact information and met one night for a date. She was scheduled to go home to Brasil the following day. … Continue reading “Partner”

Build our marriage

My husband and I have been married almost 12 years, and in those 12 years we have been separated twice. We both know how important it is to stay married under the covenant we made with God. I thank you Heavenly Father for forgiveness, for the way you always love us. Please forgive us both … Continue reading “Build our marriage”

Deliverance, Healing, Protection, Stability and Unity in Trust to go forth and do the work of the Gospel

Lord we cry out to You asking You to destroy the works of the enemy against Ron and me in our relationship, marriage and trust, that have hindered our focus and strength and ability to be used fully by You for the Work of the Gospel and that You Would Have All of Your Way … Continue reading “Deliverance, Healing, Protection, Stability and Unity in Trust to go forth and do the work of the Gospel”

Feeling overwhelmed

I been with my husband 22 1/2 years married 20 years and on my anniversary i was served. It was devastating because i suspected him cheating and when i tried to talk and confront him he became very upset and soon after filed for divorce. I received many warnings and seen red flags thats when … Continue reading “Feeling overwhelmed”


Lord I pray right now that I would lay down any bitterness and resentment that I have towards Buddy for not making any money this year and putting us in financial distress. I ask that you place forgiveness in my heart and help me heal! I want nothing more than for him to be successful … Continue reading “Marriage/Finances”


I’m asking prayer because the man I married 3 yrs ago deceived me telling me he was a believer, before marriage he said he couldn’t come to church with me because of depression and too many people were there, he didn’t know anybody, he came once. When I tried to encourage him to read the … Continue reading “Deceived”

Healing and Peace

Father I stand in need of healing in my body, mind and spirit. Our family is splintered and fractured. Please make it whole and filled with your holy spirit. Where there is division, give us unity. Lord direct my path and give me hope and a Godly perspective. I want to live according to what … Continue reading “Healing and Peace”

Bring My Husband Home

I married my husband in 2022. He is a Nigerian citizen. I went to Nigeria after a year and a half of talking on the phone and FaceTiming with this precious godly man. I spent two weeks there with my new husband. Before he could come to the United States I had to come back … Continue reading “Bring My Husband Home”

Deliverance of Lust

Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. My husband has a real problem with lust and flirtation which cause me to jealous. I have caught him a few years ago with poro. He is the kind of many who always seems to be looking for someone better. … Continue reading “Deliverance of Lust”

Marriage Restoration

Please pray for my marriage restoration with my wife Heather, I love her lots and strongly believe in Godly Marriage Covenant. Heather is not talking and has filed divorce which is totally against our beliefs Please can you HELP & Pray for us. I am very desperate to save my marriage. Please Help, I have … Continue reading “Marriage Restoration”


I need you God to take the scales off of my husbands eyes! For him to see me through Gods eyes! Give me favor in his eyes oh lord! Help whatever he is battling internally! I am not his enemy Lord but the enemy is trying to take over our marriage& my husband has several … Continue reading “HELP”


My husband and I had a big disagreement some few months ago. He is the type that doesn’t forgive easily or forget. He moved out of the house. Now we’ve tried working out our differences as he insisted that he doesn’t want to lose me. But he is still staying away in another apartment for … Continue reading “Restoration”

Jim come home

Bring back my marriage to Jim & his infidelity & all contact with the other girl will cease. I pray that Jim will love & be close to Jesus again & we can go to church again together. I pray that me and our family will always be on his mind remembering all the good … Continue reading “Jim come home”

For my marriage

Praying for God to be in the center of my marriage with Witley Barreau. May he continue to strenghten our love, bring peace in our household, remove spouse toxic family in our marriage, prayer warriors please I need your prayers my husband family currently trying to destroy our marriage. My husband trying to recover from … Continue reading “For my marriage”


Hello, I have been separated from my wife since 3/23 and she has filed for divorce. I’ve been working so hard to build myself up and leave it in God’s hands, I truly love and miss her very much and pray nothing but for her happiness. Yes, I would love to be reconciled but I … Continue reading “Strength”

Marriage prayer

I have been married to my husband almost 8 years but togther for 9 years. And Nether has never cheated on the other , I have made my husband think I attempt to want to be with someone else and no love him. Please pray to give my husband understanding and to know he is … Continue reading “Marriage prayer”


Dear Lord, I have been at The Prairie Recovery Center since Sept. 21, 2023. During my stay here receiving treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Throughout mu stay here, a feeling of sadness has come upon me, for I understand all the pain and sufferiring I have caused my wife. Before I left, she completely … Continue reading “Understanding”

A husbands return

Dear Lord, The past 2 months have been quite difficult for my wife and I. Due to my addiction with alcohol and drugs, she finally is ready to move on witthout me and I have nobody to blame.but myself. I love her very much, but the pain and suffering that iI have caused have been … Continue reading “A husbands return”


Lord I have sinned against my loving and caring wife, a bond that was made 9 years ago has been broken, lies have been told and trust has been lost. She deserves all the goodness in this world, and though I may never get her back, I pray that she finds and gets the happiness … Continue reading “Trust”

Restoration of marriage

My husband and I are living separately since September 2023. He is a mama’s boy and always boasts his family while corners me and my family. He is very egoistic, impatient, rude and has a temper attitude. His brother’s wife, brother and mother always influence him with all untrue and bad things about me to … Continue reading “Restoration of marriage”

Marriage Miracle

Please pray for my cousin, their marriage is really struggling and need help and prayer support right now. They are on the brink of divorce, they have kids and fell out of love, and are having a hard time communicating and understanding each other. They are fighting every single day. Please pray that they would … Continue reading “Marriage Miracle”


Please I need your prayers. My husband chose to leave home and be on the street. He’s giving up on everything he’s on drugs. Please I need him to wake up and fave reality and come back home. My childrens are getting older young adults and teens. We have our days. I need to them … Continue reading “Broken”

Restoration of My Marriage

Please pray for my marriage. My wife has filed for divorce. I am crushed. There was no adultery, drugs, alcohol, or physical abuse. Our marriage was under such stress, and tensions were rising. My anger was getting more and more. One night I erupted and now she is scared to death of me and will … Continue reading “Restoration of My Marriage”

marriage restoration

Please pray for my husband Ben has mentally separated from me and is cutting me off from his life slowly.. He says i have controlled him for all these years. He is angry, hates me & says he has no feelings or love for me. he has been constantly talking with a girl Sara. its … Continue reading “marriage restoration”


I have met and fallen in love with a woman who lives in Philippines through online sources.She is working in Dubai and can’t return home until August 2024.She is a Christian lady and we are having great fellowship daily through video chats.We are in love and desire to be united as soon as possible.Our plan … Continue reading “United”