Marriage being destroyed

Please pray the Lord brings my wife Charlene back home to me soon. That he gets her away from the people she’s staying with who are & have been destroying thier lives & others with drugs . Who lie & manipulate and speak against our marriage & beliefs. That the Lord restore our marriage and … Continue reading “Marriage being destroyed”


You Father say it is not good for man to be alone. I know You are not a liar. You say You love my children more than I love them , You died for them. Your love for them can not be measured. You tell me Father to trust in You. Jesus O Jesus, please … Continue reading “Marriage”

Road to divorce

Thank you for praying for my situation. My husband and I have been married for 32 years. I felt us drifting apart 4 years ago and have tried to bring my concerns to my husband. It has changed our marriage into an emotionally destructive marriage for me. I’m suffering the effects of abandonment, emotional neglect … Continue reading “Road to divorce”

Store our Marriage

Iam asking for prayer in my marriage. Me and my spouse has separated from 2 years of marriage and in this case we were both wrong. My spouse is so stubborn I dnt know what to do anymore but pray. The Bible states” not give up on your marriage”, and I’m trying not to. I … Continue reading “Store our Marriage”


I ask prayers for my narcissistic husband who always thinks he is a free man and can do anything he wants, going out with friends and associates, going out with women, doing adultery and i cannot stop him from doing these things. He will not lie to me and will say the truth with his … Continue reading “enlightenment”

Inspector Gadget

Dr. Claw was cackling with glee when Talon walked into the lair that morning, which was never a good sign. The boy cautiously approached his uncle, who was sitting with tented fingers, observing what appeared to be a small doll of Inspector Gadget lying on the desk. Dr Claw: “Observe, Talon”, Claw spoke, his voice … Continue reading “Inspector Gadget”


I ask for perseverance in being able to handle the difficult time of my marriage. My husband has been aloof today. He had his violent rage esp when I say something that he doesn’t like. I have been the victim of his rage and I am always to be blamed for his errors. He says … Continue reading “Perseverance”

My weary Heart

I ask for prayers for my marriage, there was time of hurt and trauma both given and recieved. Resentment of words unspoken is harboring, at times it is released. Yet little communication to help move forward, please pray that we may be the people God created us to be, that our love may reflect Christ … Continue reading “My weary Heart”

Patiently waiting

Dear Lord I have been divorced for 8 years now patiently waiting on a Christian man to come into my life and treat me with the respect and love that I deserve I have raised my beautiful girls to love you and serve you and now they have three wonderful husbands and children on the … Continue reading “Patiently waiting”

Troubled marriage

We are in the same home but I feel as though we are just living together. My husband Tim is so in different to my needs. He doesn’t hear me when I speak..I am the only one in the house and he will say he didn’t know I was talking to him. He is never … Continue reading “Troubled marriage”


I pray that me and my spouse will be back together again. We are now in separation cuz of his anger problem. May anger his anger be back to forgiveness and love. And May he realize the real cause of his shame. He doesn’t accept and doesn’t realize that he did anything wrong or his … Continue reading “Spouse”

Verbal abuse

I am currently in a abusive relationship/marriage for 19 yrs. In the past 9 yrs it has gradually gotten worse and worse. Many times as I’m sitting there being verbally abuse, mistreated, degraded and cuss out, I try to pray and try to think of verses that will encourage me or verses that say the … Continue reading “Verbal abuse”

Hurt and confused

Since March I been going through a lot . My husband left me when I had to have brain surgery he abandoned me . I was left with nothing no transportation and still today he hasn’t checked on me or ask for forgiveness. How can I still love a person who doesn’t give a blank … Continue reading “Hurt and confused”

A prayer for Kimi

Please pray for my wife Kimberly and for our marriage. Kimberly has PTSD and depression and we had a falling out on Saturday after what seemed to be an insignificant issue, but it caused a “trigger” for her and she is not talking to me and does not want me to come near to her….Please … Continue reading “A prayer for Kimi”

Restore my marriage

My husband has never cleved to me from day one. His life is for anyone outside of our home and he has never put me our home or responsibility first. He moved out 5/22/22, listening to one of his friends lying about me when I went to the store. Its just over 3 months and … Continue reading “Restore my marriage”

Marriage restoration.

My husband filed for divorce in June with no clear explanation why. last night he unleashed on me telling me how much he hated me, how much I’ve hurt him as well has how angry bitter and frustrated he is. He has anger and frustrations from things I’ve said and or done 10 years ago. … Continue reading “Marriage restoration.”

Marriage Failing

Wife and i are separated in the same House (im downstairs her and kids upstairs) bc of my profanity use when I got angry and some intimacy issues between us due to her hystorectomy. Unfortunately, SHE is seeing someone, leaving our 17 & 10 Year old upstairs alone for 5 to 9 hours at a … Continue reading “Marriage Failing”

Saving their Marriage

For: Byron & Paige Christie “Dear God, so much has happened (for better and for worse) since they gotten married. Thank you for always being present with both through everything. They need you, the source of all love, to help them fix the damage to their relationship that has been caused by trust and misunderstanding. … Continue reading “Saving their Marriage”


Praying to enlighten my narcissistic husband whose ego has been hurt and making his demands by being controlling and manipulating with me. His ego has been hurt so he blames me for everything, I made him to suffer, fake love, selfish. I don’t treat his friends properly and I shamed him with his friends after … Continue reading “Enlightenment”

A submissive wife

Lord I pray you help me forgive my husband and to love and respect him . I pray that you help me resist the untrusting thoughts and you help me have trusting thoughts of my husband. Help me know how to talk to him when I disagree without disrespecting him and help me meet the … Continue reading “A submissive wife”

Marriage Problems

Pray for me and my family. My wife has left house along with my kid apparently for no reason and this has happened several times. Pray that Lord works in her and her mother’s heart who is responsible in the problems causing between me and my wife and my kid (Zion) is brought back home. … Continue reading “Marriage Problems”


I’ve never been married, celibate for 16 yrs. Not dating but want a husband am I even supposed to be married and how will I know if I am I feel alone at times but am wanting God to connect me to my husband, if that is His will, how do I know if it … Continue reading “When?”


Please pray for me. My wife left in search of her own way. We are 9 years apart in age. There is so much I have done wrong in our marriage and I ask you to pray for us to reconcile our marriage and for God to restore our marriage. We have 2 beautiful daughters … Continue reading “Reconciliation”

Let God Work

I am praying and asking you to pray for restoration of my marriage. I pray that God will allow my husband to be convicted in his wrong doing and see his sin the way God sees it. I pray for God to work in my husbands heart and mind so that he will see his … Continue reading “Let God Work”

Me, myself and I

I need u God to touch me and my husband from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and when u married u never married 3 people God bless u to marry that one person and touch are minds that we can control our mind and hearts and touch our home … Continue reading “Me, myself and I”

Marital favor

I pray for marriage 💑. Marital favor to shine upon my life.I pray to meet the love of my life and my soul mate 🙏 ❤️ who will love me unconditionally, treat me with respect, be hardworking, be established in life,a man of integrity,a man after God’s heart,a kind loving man.I pray for a man … Continue reading “Marital favor”

Staying Out of Debt

Dear Lord, Thank you for your provision. Your love is never ending! I pray for my future husband. May Your holy spirit guide him with financial decisions. I pray he would be a good steward of every resource and provision You have blessed him with. I pray he is strongly convicted to stay out of … Continue reading “Staying Out of Debt”

Faithful husband

My husband is very flirtatious. This started about 3 yrs ago. He sees nothing wrong with it, but it hurts. This example is mild, but it was one of his comments, today. I was visiting him in the hospital-he has been there 8 days. I just arrived. The nurse walked in and was checking his … Continue reading “Faithful husband”

Spiritual strength

Heavenly father, I thank you for your son Jesus Christ for saving me as a sinner. I thee oh Lord to keep me humble and take away my pride so I can leas my wife in path of being a true christian. Help me to decipline my myself and my wife attitude of being a … Continue reading “Spiritual strength”

Cheating husband

Please pray he would turn toward Gods and fill his emptiness with God alone! I pray when he’s with his gf he will not find peace, joy, or happiness only worries and the wrath of God! I pray he would focus on me his wife and his children! He would make us a priority! He … Continue reading “Cheating husband”

Prodical husband

Father I ask you forgive me for my sin, Known and unknown fill my husband heart with GOD’S LOVE. Place a hedge of thorns around Scott so nothing un godly can get in or out. LORD make him the man you want him to be. Put all ungodly affairs associates (April) out of his life … Continue reading “Prodical husband”

Restore my Marriage

Lord, please restore my marriage. It has been 3 months since I our separation. I discovered my husband had multiple long term relationships with women outside our marriage. Please guide him with your wisdom to be the man/father/husband you want him to be. I want my husband to return home and I want my family … Continue reading “Restore my Marriage”

My lost marrage

Lord restore my marriage, help me and my husband to find our love and forgive us for all the bad words between us , help us to understand what we both are doing that isn’t good for our marriage, help us to see those in our lives that are creating us problems! We are not … Continue reading “My lost marrage”

Struggling Marriage

Please pray for my marriage. I don’t want to put blame on my husband because I know we don’t fight with flesh and blood but against principalities of this world. I tried to strongly believe that but I think it’s deeper with my husband. He has characteristics of a narcissist and our life is like … Continue reading “Struggling Marriage”

Trusting God

Please pray for my adult daughter who l believe is a child of God. During the pandemic her medical work consumed her and l believe she became emotionally connected with a colleague.A year ago she separated from her husband and during this past year has become totally isolated from us her parents and family. She … Continue reading “Trusting God”