Restore my marriage

by Job ()

Almighty and Mercy full Father In Jesus name Restore my marriage ,Please get my Wife back to Me I need her and I love her, I Pray O Lord to reunite us in Jesus name. My Lord and My God I will always remember your mercy’s throughout my life and i will always be thankful to my Lord for restoring my marriage and will praise you till the end of my life .I ask for the forgiveness of our sins, Please have mercy on My family and restore my marriage, I pray for all those people who are influencing my wife to divorce me, God my father change them and forgive them my Lord they dont know what they are doing. Lord you know my need even much before I ask you ,Lord you know that my wife has filed for divorce and you know that I need her back, Lord I pray to you almighty and most powerful Lord that you can make wonders and you will do any think for the children whom you love ,every thing is possible with you Jesus, I beg for your mercy my Lord change my wife Decision, change her heart ,wash her with you precious blood ,purify her my lord with the power of you precious blood take away all her hearted ,anger, dislikes and misunderstandings and Restore my marriage,my Lord you know me more than anyone else does, Lord I beg for you merc y,look at the pain which iam going through ,hear my cry o Lord and wipe all my tears my lord, Lord My God Fill My wife with your Holy spirit, fill her with the Love of God ,fill her the Glory of God and with power of your holy spirit help her to walk in the right path and fill her with your salvation and make her understand her mistakes and forgive her and give her the gift of repentance, father reunite our hearts and purify us with the holy blood of Jesus .I make this prayer in Jesus name and as per the word of God Matthew 19:4-6 ,Isa 45:2-3,Jer 33:3 and Psalms 23 Amen.

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  1. restore our marrige

    Jesus please heal and save my wife i love her the way you taught me how please Lord i’ve hurt her so much please put love and trust in her heart for me i’m a Christian and you know the disire of my heart you have changed my heart and me for the better i want to serve you but would love for my wife to be part of it also please Jesus save and restore our marrige

  2. 2 wrongs

    She did me wrong and in return i did her wrong. To late to say much it is done. But i wish i never did my part in it. I beg u god get my wife to love me and forgive me and the same for me to she. make us one.

  3. Please god from heaven above let my wife see the truth her true love is in front of her and I'll make her happy again

    Dear god Ive had part of me hurt the one I love with all my heart she is trying to see that I’m changing I did and said a lot of things that broke her heart I wish that part of me never took things the wrong way all she tried to do was love me I was blinded by stupid things that she only was trying to help me see my wrongs but I never listen I knew I was doing wrong by her I wish I never hurt her the way I did it wasn’t her fault I was to caught up in some stupid promise she was willing to keep that I kept thinking she wasn’t then I pushed her to much now I am staying with my past I never wanted to see I realize now what I truly done and I pray that she sees me going back to a dr get put on meds that helps me not be that bad person again I miss her so much I’m giving my heart fully to her and every ounce of my soul and pain to u to help forgive me i will do everything u ask me to do to gain my wife’s love again please help me forgive myself to help forgive what I’ve done to her I’ll give my sat breath to her my last drop of blood to make her happy with me once again I want to live for her and u please lord I’m giving our relationship and our love over to u to guide us together again in ur name amen

  4. Lord Please restore our family

    Dear Lord
    Please help me restore our family, I understand that my actions where not the best but I never meant to hurt My wife in any way, I am deeply sorry and I can not endure this pain any longer, being away from my girls hurts more than anything and seeing C so pretty and full of life hurts me beyond I can take, I repent for my sins against my wife and my family dear Lord and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to heal our marriage, soften her heart and protect her, I also pray for whom ever is giving Her word of advise on proceeding with the divorce that such words are replaced with your words and wisdom, and any evil spirits are expelled from our home and our life immediately by the grace of good and let the blood of Christ fill our family’s hearts and souls
    I pray in the name of Jesus Christ!

  5. Please pray for me

    Please pray for me. I am afraid of losing my wife. She does not show me affection. She identifies as being gay/bisexual and I am afraid that I am losing her.

    Please Lord, save our marriage. Please hear my prayer. Please take away my pain. Please help me to love more. To listen more. To be more accepting.

    Please help us through this. You brought us to this. Please get us through this.

  6. I want my wife back

    My wife left me about 10 months ago, I thought we were happy but I’ve made mistakes in the way I treated her, I would put her down and yell, making her feel small, I have been bettering myself and know I would treat her so amazing, but she isn’t allowing me the chance and is with someone else, I know I have hurt her but I am praying to GOD that he will bring her back and let me have another chance, that he will save this marriage and give us our future back, please GOD, bring me my wife back

  7. Jesus, would you soften and guide my wife's heart

    Jesus, I ask to please soften, motivate and guide my wife heart to return to our home and helps us reconcile. We have been separated for a few months and my love for her is my driving force to continue praying for her return.
    Lord, with praying and faith I believe you can help us. Please do.
    I’ll keep praying, I was blinded by work, make ends meet and lacking of knowing how to invest time with her. Today with the help of therapy, I see life different and my love for her is unstoppable.

    Jesus, will you please help us to reconcile?

  8. Restoration of my Marriage

    Please pray that God may restore my marriage, help me to forgive and bring my husband home. Soften his heart and mind towards me so that we could show each other love and respect again. Please pray for me I am hurting.

  9. Bring her home

    Dear Lord, please give my wife a brand new heart and fill it with love for our family. Please guide her back to us. Open her eyes to the wrong she has been doing. She is my world, and my best friend. I miss her so much. Please remove any dark energys that are attached to her. Please help her find her way home.

  10. Please save my marriage

    Dear Merciful Lord,

    Please accept my apologies for cheating on my wife. I’ve acted on weak emotions and I’ve let alcohol impact my decisions negatively. I’ve lost her trust now and she has moved out of the house. It’s my life’s deepest regret and I repent with deepest sincerity.

    Please see to it that my wife returns to me. I’ve refrained from drinking alcohol unless for business or relaxing with my wife. I endevour to make us both better people so that we can raise children together in the name of Jesus Christ and our Lord. Please forgive me and make us whole again.


  11. Restore my marriage

    Lord please help me save my marraige my wife is at the moment dating a old school friend please help her return to me i have so much love for her amen

  12. Save my marriage

    Oh, Lord please Lord help me in my hour of need. My wife filed for divorce because she fell out of love with me. Find it in her heart to come back. I have a unconditional love for her and want her back. I ask for your blessing and divine intervention. In the name of Jesus.

  13. Prayer

    Oh Lord, help restore my marriage. I am in such pain and turn to you in my hour of need. Please let us be reunited as one in the name of the Lord.


    Lord please forgive me for my sins as I have cheated on my wife she is now lost trust and is extremely shredded and I asked that you come into our lives and come into our hearts and work through us Lord so that you may reunite us to marriage more strong and loving that’s ever been in this life I ask this in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. AMEN

  15. I ask God to bring my ex wife back in Jesus name

    I my ex wife and I been divorce since April 2015 I miss her so much and my kids I been praying non stop for God to give her a loving heart for me and to give her a new mind I forgive her for all the bad things she done to me I know nothing is impossible with God there for I am trusting God to bring her back to me I hurt so much I feel hopeless that God don’t respond to me fast enough I know that God turn rocks into loving hearts I also ask the Holy spirit to intercede for me and fill her heart and mind with love for me she has a boyfriend I asked God to break the relationship and return her back to in Jesus name I believe that he will bring her back also my son is praying to God to reunited us back together I try to move on but I cannot because I love her so much Jesus said if we ask in his name and believe we receive will I ask you Lord my beloved I ask in Jesus name restore my marriage with ex wife I believe that you will please answer to my prayer I don’t want to look for another woman I also ask the Holy spirit to fill her with love for me in Jesus name I pray and believe and wait for his answer very soon Amen

  16. Pray

    Dear lord please first of all led my Kristi to the cross and then heavenly father please led her back to me so that we may praise your holy name as a family. In Jesus name I ask and pray, amen

  17. i want my family back

    please lord bring my wife and family back to me, please open her heart to me and show her the right path, I need faith to get me over this rough time and with your help I can. please speak to my wife and kids to come home and get the help we need. I your name I pray please lord help me no at the time I need you the most.

  18. Please reunite our family

    Lord, I pray that you soften Christy’s heart so I may return home to my beautiful family. I lost contact with you and became indifferent to my sweet wife. Luke 1:37 has been placed in my wallet for inspiration, nothing is impossible with God. Lord, many are hurting here yet you are mighty, please work miracles in each and every life. Amen

  19. please God bring me my ex wife back

    Dear God ,I beg of you to reunited me and my ex wife. I love her with all my heart we have 2 children together. It hurts me truly that we are not together right now, she my whole world. It’s seems there’s not enough words to explain to you how I feel,but you all ready know how I feel God. I ask this favor of you to please stop my pain,and fill this void in my heart. People say to me,oh just move on… they don’t know how much I love her,and it hurts when they tell me that. I don’t want to move on she tells me she still loves me,but she’s afraid to believe in me again because she thinks I’m go to cheat on her again,please God take her anger and pain out of her heart, I promised her I would never cheat on her again,but other people tell her once a cheater always a cheater I don’t even think about other women now, we have been apart for 10 months now and I have been faithful and honest with her. Please listen to my prayer Dear lord. I promise to be a loyal servant of yours for the rest of my life, I will ask her to go with me to praise you God please take my pain away…

  20. I separated from my wife 8 months ago

    I just recited the Lord’s prayer, I drove my wife away because of my infidelity, and drinking too. I love my wife with all my heart. It is very difficult to hear her say she still loves but is afraid of trusting me again. I know I messed up for cheating on my wife, but I tell her I love her with all my heart, she says how can you love me but you cheated on me. I tell her I am human and we all make mistakes. I always say if I could go back in time to change the things I did wrong I would. It’s just a pain so great not being with her, talking to her at night before she goes to sleep, giving her a kiss seeing her on her way to work.

  21. my broken marriage

    Lord forgive me of my sins in the name of Jesus if it be thy will put myself and my ex wife back together in the name of Jesus and watch over our children in the name of Jesus our lord and Savoir Amen : )

  22. Prayer for my wife to come back

    My wife left me 10 days ago and I have been in agony ever since. I have done much in the marriage to drive her away; criticized her weight, acted jealously around other guys, gave her away to test her, smothered her every move. She had always expressed her love and want for eternal love for me, but outside influences are now at play. She has been working out, dieting, and looking great. She is receiving much attention and has turned to someone for something I could not provide. Deep within each of us I know there is a deep love for each other, it has been shared before, it was the highest of the highs. I miss her desperately and everyone tells me to move on and focus on me. But I want one more time to have the salvation of our marriage, I want to held her in my arms late at night for the rest of my life. I’ve just recited the prayer above. God willing save us both, let us both repent, and never fall into our vain sins again.

  23. lost love

    Dear lord I need ur miracles now more than wife an i had been together 4 11yrs.she started having an affair whIle I was working out of town, I was always faithful to her while I worked out of town.we have 3 children whom r my heart an soul.I’m lost with out her an the kids.the affair has been goin on for a yr. Now dnt know wat to do.I love her so much

  24. I want my husband back

    Lord, I have done a lot of wrong in my marriage just like my husband. We both are to blame for a lot of things that’s gone wrong and its just as much as my fault as his. Heavenly father I pray that u bring us both closer to u and that u have mercy on our union and bring us back together. My husband is now living with another woman while I live alone with our son. My husband cheating n running the streets, lies, and not being responsible cause me to remove him from our home that was almost 10 years ago and time heals all wounds I see he’s a better man today. I don’t want to live in sin by fornicating or committing adultery and I’m asking for your love,peace,and forgiveness and restore our marriage in the holy name of Jesus,..I promise to never cheat or leave my husband again no matter what. Amen.

  25. My wife is my life

    Lord I come to u today not for pity but your love to reunite me and my wife Lord I love her more than my own life we took a vow before u in your grace and love u gave her me we been together for 18 years u blessed us through and through God I ask u to please bless us back again to reunite in your name we need her in our family father she’s the missing piece her daughter needs her make her see that here is we’re she belongs and needs to be

  26. Restore my marriage

    God I cry out to you my lord I need you now please restore my marriage. Bring my husband back to me and his children. Forgive him for his sins, forgive me for all my sins. Stop this custody battle I am facing. Please lord help us reunite in one flesh. I pray I beg please help us in Jesus name Amen!

  27. please restore my marriage

    please god reunite me and my wife for our anniversary is weeks away.. I love her and will be in love with her for the rest of my life… and forgive her for cheating on me. please help her find her mistakes , and think with a clear head about the lies people fill her mind with and help her change her negative ways…. and forgive her for hurting me.. please put positive thoughts of me in her head and heart and bring ourr marriage back to nornal… and get the negative thoughts people put in her mind and heart. help her realize people manipulate her. please say a pray for her and restore our union…

  28. please restore my marriage

    please god reunite me and my wife for our anniversary is weeks away.. I love her and will be in love with her for the rest of my life… and forgive her for cheating on me. please help her find her mistakes , and think with a clear head about the lies people fill her mind with and help her change her negative ways…. and forgive her for hurting me.. please put positive thoughts of me in her head and heart and bring ourr marriage back to nornal… and get the negative thoughts people put in her mind and heart. help her realize people manipulate her. please say a pray for her and restore our union…

  29. marriage

    Dear god help me get my wife back,I love her and can’t live without her.God my father I know you can bring us back together and you will,I truly believe that and you.She has filied for divorice and its killing me inside.God please heal her heart and bring her back to me she is and always will be my sole mate.God I love this women with all my heart and when I married her I said till death do us part and I meant that.I pray to you to bring her back to me god,please god.My world in not complete without her in it.I have faith in you god that u will bring us together,she is the love of my life.

  30. Jesus Help my family

    Lord Jesus i pray please touch her heart my wife frida garces and open up her eyes for her to see that we’re united as one by the power of your glory i ask that take her back unite us again for our kids i love my wife and i love my family
    please guide me with your holy spirit to lead her to you i know that we need you for you are the center of our marriage and our family,,, please change her heart to be a good wife that have fear of the lord please save our family i only ask and trust your mighty name have mercy on us oh lord i want my family to be filled with your holy spirit our family that worship your name for you our life our savior our lord for the kingdom and the glory are yours forever and ever amen. i ask this prayer God almighty in mighty name of Jesus Christ your son Amen.

  31. restore my marriage

    O God please help me restore my marriage, please change the heart of my wife and make her thirsting to come back to me, Lord. Please change the heart of those who are pressuring my wife to get divorce, heal and bless their hearts. Lord Jesus, I beg you to bring back my wife to me, I will give all my heart, my family to you, me and my family will serve you Jesus, please heal our broken family. Lord Jesus please protect me and my family from any shame and defamation. Dear Lord Jesus this is my humble prayer to you to bring back my wife fast. in Jesus name, Amen.

  32. Im begging god to hear my cry

    I ask heavenly father to plz hear my hearts most desire and bring my wife back to me… give me patience and understanding… I ask that you give her back and for me to never let it get bad again plz father I beg I can’t handle this hurt!!!! In JESUS PRECIOUS HOLY NAME MEN

  33. help us Jesus

    Lord please hear the cries of your children as we plead for the restoration of our marriages. I know their pain Father as my wife has left me for another as well. God the pain is so unbearable at times. Help saves our marriages Jesus! The enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy our families. Only you Father God have the power to turn our situations around. Have mercy on us Lord. Please bring healing and restoration into our marriages for our hope is in you alone. Rebuke the devourer for the sake of our covenants. We need our mates back so bad Jesus! It is not good that man should dwell alone. Father… we need you…without your help, our marriages are doomed. I plead the blood of you son over the broken marriages and ask in his holy name that you would bring reconciliation. I promise to give you all the glory for only you are worthy. Lord Jesus please got to the father on my behalf and bring my sweet Rosie home to me soon! I miss her so much God!

  34. Heal my broken heart

    I am in the same predicament!God knows my heart and he knows hers and if god sees that what we desire is destructive to us he would respond in only a godly manner.He can work on her ways and correct her and also allow us to work on ourselves likewise.He can also give us another mate that would be more accepting and loving to our wants and needs.I ask him to grant me a personal favor and i do pray everyday for healing and restoration providing that she is willing to allow him to be priority in her life.It really hurts and only you that are hurting can relate to this pain.I hope god would reward us with our prayers and we in return should serve him with our soul by giving, loving and sharing.Praying and fasting is better than getting others insights…..wait for god to respond because he always does…..

  35. God Bless You

    I don’t know who you are, but I can hear the pain in your prayer. I pray that the Lord will hear this heart felt prayer and move in ways that only he can. I feel your pain brother for my wife has left me as well. I pray every day for her return and and I will not cease until her return or the Lord directs me to pray differently. Pray without ceasing my brother. May the Lord bless you and your wife. Let us know when she returns that we may prasie him for his mighty work!

  36. God Bless

    My fiancĂ© has called off the wedding and it’s my fault. I pushed her away and i did so much to hurt her. She’s a very strong woman of God, i just ask God that you restore this relationship. We’re in a storm right now and i ask you to calm the store so we may pass through together. I ask you for forgiveness for all my sins, and falling short daily. God i know you’ve put her in my life for a reason and i just ask that you do what only you can do. I cast my cares to you God! No matter what you decide to do i will always lift my hands and thank you God! and other please keep my in your prayers, i feel like i’m not strong enough to get through this, but i know with God all things are possible.

  37. Prayer For My Wife To Come Back

    Hello, I am requesting a prayer..for my Wife who I love unconditionally. I am asking any small or great request to change my wife’s heart who has been cold and resentful towards me. There is another man who has manipulated her into thinking that he is the one for her. That’s not true. Our love that me and my wife have is a true one. Not based on lies and cheating. I to evolve so please pray for me also. To become a better man. And to strengthen our marriage.

  38. Wife and kids

    God I belive in you please bring my wife and kids back on my life restore my marriage I know you can
    And I believe amen

  39. Bring my wife back to me oh lord

    I’m lost in words my heart is filled with pain I need my wife back I realize my mistakes change her mind heart I love her so much

  40. Please Bring my ex wife back

    My wife and I divorced, it was final two years ago. Vickey hurt me very bad and I was hurt for a long time. But as time went on I never could recover what my wife did to me. Vickey cheated on me for a long time and at the same stole money from me. God I have forgiven Vickey and I hope she heals, but now she is in a relationship that is very abusive. God I know she loves me, I love her, I have always loved Vickey. Last month Vickey came over to apologize and we both said we were sorry for everything that happened. It wasn’t one person to blame for the marriage, I also take the blame. Well, Vickey wanted to back to me and remarry and get on with our lives but something happened in the month, she is now angry at her daughter, Amanda is pregnant and is due any moment. I’m not sure why Vickey is distant, Please give Vickey strength she needs to find her way back home again where she won’t be abused, please help Vickey find the light. Amen

  41. Please get my wife back

    Dear Lord please hear my prayers drugs destroyed our marriage I ask for forgiveness someone else stole.her heart please get us together I love her so she left me for another we never had a chance forgive her I beg I beg please oh Lord for us to be together again I’m in so much pain she completely shot me down please let her have a change of heart in Jesus name

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