Justice, safety, victory, peace and joy.

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As a child of God and a believer operating by faith in God with the commitment to honour marriage and keep the marriage bed pure until end (death), I pray for God’s justice for the injustice I experienced in the marriage due to the adulterous acts of the husband. I pray for the relief to rest in the safety of the Lord being saved from my husband and the enemy in the name of Jesus since the Bible says that through marriage we became one, therefore, I refuse to be involved in the consequences of sexual sins of my husband against God. I refuse to be in a union of marriage were there is existence of adultery against God , God’s laws and prescripts. I love God, I live to honour and please Him. The battle is the Lord, I pray for victory over the spiritual sexual sins that is operating in my husband that defile marriage institution and against God laws contemplated in Hebrews 13: 4 (which requires marriage to be honoured by all and marriage bed kept pure; for God shall judge the adulterer). Let the judgment of God come upon the wicked and let the Kingdom of God righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit prevail. I pray for peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I have forgiven my husband, however, he used my forgiveness as a licence to continue to commit sexual sin and does not fear God in that regard; enough is enough, I plead the blood of Jesus, I pray for judgement of God in Jesus name. I come to the understand that sexual sins is not weakness or mistake but WICKED. I pray for judgment of God to come upon the wicked in the name of Jesus and let the Kingdom of God prevail-righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. I cast my care concerning marriage to the Lord and pray that you pray with me. Marriage comes from God and I speak against the enemy’s attacks on marriage in the name of Jesus. Society is build from marriage with the birth of the children therefore marriage is an important institution and requires God’s divine protection. I pray man as the head of the family will fear God and honour marriage institution. I pray man will love as Christ love the Church, I pray for order in the marriage in the name of Jesus. I pray also for other marriages that experience similar attacks of the enemy (through unfaithful partners) I pray those marriage receive deliverance and divine protection from God; let Lord God intervene and bring order in the name of Jesus. I Thank God and I Thank you for praying with me in the name of Jesus.

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