Restoration of Marriage

by V. G. (Carson, California)

Lord- God you know the desires of my heart to maintain my marriage not as it was Lord but I am asking you to do a new thing. Lord when man rebuilds he uses the latestest and greatest material.

Lord I know your word is true and never changes, but Father I am asking you to give my husband a new revelation to his heart that he will turn back to you in our marriage and release the unclean spirit of adultery. Lord I am asking you to please forgive me for any wrong I have done in this marriage Father I am repenting to you first. Lord I ask that my husband love be restored for me like nothing he has experienced before.

Lord I know I love this man with all my heart. We have been together 22 years and I am standing your in Faith that I will not depart from him until death will seperate us. Lord I am asking that you soften his heart to come back to his family and repent himself of any transgression against you. Father I am asking to be released from the Spirit of fear and that I will stand in Faith for my marriage to be restored if it is your will.

Lord may you recieve all the glory and thanksgiving for the restoration of our union. Lord may it be restored with good health, trust, Love and security for the both of us and our children. Let there be no weapon formed against prosper. Give us the strength to love one another and be happy under your word Lord.

Lord give me the patients and wisdom to speak when you have quickend me. Lord may I only speak victory and restoration to our marraige and let there be no man or woman that will seperate us from what you have joined together. Lord order our steps according to your word. Father dry my tears with your mercy.

I am waiting for your word Lord. Lord Jesus please cast down every stronghold against my marriage the it may never rise again. Lord I ask in your darling son Jesus Name… Amen!

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  1. Pray for my reletionship with Ruth

    She is the woman i have chosen to be my wife but our relationship seems to be in a mess. She doesnt smile to me like then and we are only in uncontrolled quarrels and teers all the time. Please lord help me restore my relationship with her.

  2. please join me in prayes.

    I also have a problem in my marriedge, my husband has gone his way from the Lord and he is now developing alcoholism, didint go to church for many years now, i’ve been praying for him but i now need a combined prayers for the faithful to deliver my husband. he is a good man and i know he can change.

  3. restortion

    I have been married for 21 years and my husband left me at the beginning of month, so I’m standing in your shoes. I have been praying for guidance and that he will forgive me for all that I have done wrong and the scars that I have caused in the marriage.

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