Salvation, healing & provision

One adult son & his mom need- *Salvation & surrender to Christ, freedom from addictions & spiritual bondage; *Mental, emotional & physical health; Son and his ex (w/toddler) need life-plans, income, resources, mentors, structure, godly wisdom, anger management, relational healing, salvation (her), caring Christian community; Protection, provision and healthy development of my grandchild; Son has … Continue reading “Salvation, healing & provision”


Please aid me in prayer for God’s protection over me and my family’s lives. So much has gone wrong lately, and I sometimes feel down and discouraged, especially when my preachers say you’re going through tough times because you’re not living right, which is not biblical as many people aren’t living right but aren’t going … Continue reading “Help”


Firstly, my family are Christians and we have been stalked, harassed, bullied, taunted, profiled, civil liberties and civil rights violated by law enforcement and other operatives through State Run Fusion Centers and other operatives. You may or may not have heard about them but they are in most of the 50 states. Since the Spring … Continue reading “Protection”

GODS protection

Plz pray for me (michel) & my grwn daug danele in our protct frm neighb taisha who 4/2024 follw me to the bus stop & came acrs street n frnt of bus shout im go to sue your daug & you for your cause file a restraining ord on her (in jan 2024) she threw … Continue reading “GODS protection”

God’s help

Please pray for my situation. Pray that God will overthrow.All my enemies. To fall under God’s Justice. That God will have the bald devil.Arrested his demon wife.In human disguise.arrested.That God will tear down.The bald devils satanic organization.To have 98% of all his family arrested.99% of his fallen angel wife’s maiden family arrested.That God contends with … Continue reading “God’s help”

Legal Hearing

Dear Lord, as You know, an Order for Protection hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Please protect J from Y as she angrily seeks vengeance towards J wanting to move the kids from the home and relocate them while divorce proceedings ensue. Cover Y with Your sincere wish for her to seek You and humbly surrender … Continue reading “Legal Hearing”

i need elp

I’ve been having sleep paralysis since I devoted my life to Jesus. I pray for it to stop because I can hear and see demons, and it’s frightening. I don’t have a mental illness that would cause hallucinations. I’m apprehensive about seeking help. Additionally, I lost my mother, so I think the enemy is trying … Continue reading “i need elp”


Pray for protection of of my children,grandchildren and love ones a special prayer for Cecilia Eursey that God protect her and her family and that God help her find her way. For my granddaughter protection on her trip and stay in Paris give your Angles charge over my family. I also pray for the young … Continue reading “Protection/Health”

Breaking Free

Please pray for me, I wish to leave a toxic and potentially violent relationship. I am an alcoholic and have not had the courage to leave my partner who as early as a week into the relationship was showing signs of aggression, violence, obsessive behaviour with me and strange ideology of wanting to keep knives. … Continue reading “Breaking Free”


THANK YOU for blessing my family with life eternal, for keeping us, for sending thy divine angels to encamp around us, protect us, and fortify us, securing us by the blood of Jesus Christ so that our bodies, minds and souls are impenetrable. Goodness and mercy follows us all the days of our lives and … Continue reading “GRATITUDE & PROTECTION”


Father in heaven I find myself here laying in my own thoughts not being able to sleep so Im doing the one thing I feel in my heart at this moment and that’s talking to u…father I’m going through so much I’m life and I’ve got so many things that I if I could back … Continue reading “Received”

Bless and Protect

Dear Lord Jesus please help me to keep my employment and stop coworkers from gossiping about me and spreading rumors and lies about me and my character. Please keep me in your protection and keep those that hate me or dislike me or are fake friends or envious of me far away from me and … Continue reading “Bless and Protect”

journey mercies

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank you Lord for all that you have done for us. We thank you Lord for your love, mercy and kindness. Lord I ask you for protection as we about to embark on a journey to Eastern Cape. Please Lord cover us with your blood and be our shield. Be with … Continue reading “journey mercies”


Praying for the Holy Ghost fire and Holy Ghost spirit comes to my home and cleanse my yard sidewalk driveway and home and remove every curses, evil spirits and ritual and block future curses spells and rituals. I praying for protection around me and my home where none of there spells will harm me. I … Continue reading “Protection”

Please help me Lord

Lord Jesus, I pray and ask for your forgiveness for my failures. I ask that you help grow my faith and courage as I face the legal challenges and potential prison time before me. I ask for you to intercede and allow the judge to recognize my worth as an individual, father, and provider and … Continue reading “Please help me Lord”


Melita who lives under my roof practices witchcraft, she does this daily. Her attacks are sexual & unwanted. She is married to my son & they have a child together. Her whole family practices witchcraft, & attacks my family & me daily for things like when we pray for them, when we pray against them, … Continue reading “victory”


Please pass on a prayer request for me. The Ellis family is under spiritual attack by the Morris family who claims to be Christian. They practice witchcraft & have for years, being Christian is a front. The attacks are perverted & mostly sexual in origin, it is very much unwanted. We ask that you pray … Continue reading “Justice”

Help blessed mother

O most beautiful flower of Mt Carmel Fruitful vine splendor of heaven Blessed mother of the son of God Immaculate virgin Assist me in my necessity O star of the sea Help me and show me herein you are my mother O holy Mary mother of God Queen of heaven and earth I humbly beseech … Continue reading “Help blessed mother”


My son recently married and the family he married into claims to be Christian, but myself & members of my family found out they’re not Christian but practice witchcraft. Astro traveling, causing my family illnesses, attacking us spiritually, touching us in places they have no right, they are deep into witchcraft. Unfortunately, their children also … Continue reading “Protection”

Shield of Protection Safety

Heavenly Father, I come before You today acknowledging the struggle within my heart. Jealousy, like a noxious weed, seeks to invade my spirit, overshadowing joy and contentment with its dark foliage Lord, in Your mercy, deliver me from the grip of jealousy. Help me to uproot these feelings, recognizing them as contrary to Your will … Continue reading “Shield of Protection Safety”

my family and myself

Dear God am humbling myself before you praying that you may forgive our sins father God iam asking for your protection upon me and my family take us out of poverty help us to understand each other am asking your holy spirit to start leading us into temptations we are nothing without you father God … Continue reading “my family and myself”

Protection and help

Dear Lord and all the angels and saints pray for me and my family. Pray for protection from evil and evil people. Pray for protection from liars, frauds, con artists and opportunist. I do not want to be around people who pretend to be your friend but are not. They are sick and weird and … Continue reading “Protection and help”


Please pray that Britani R, Brenda C, and Jokina C are removed from my life for good within this week Bind their wickedness and evil. Bind them from hurting anyone else. Let them feel all the pain they have caused to many people. They are evil bullys and need to be stopped. They make the … Continue reading “Help”

Special prayer

Dear most kind and compassionate God we thank you for waking up us and clothing us in our right mind this morning, thank you for letting us see a brand new day, a day that we have never seen before, Faher I come to you this morning I ask for your guidance and your protection … Continue reading “Special prayer”


Good morning 🌄 father lord I ask for devine intervention on a legal matter that’s been ongoing for years regarding housing .I am dealing with malicious hardened disfavored individual who continue to speak lies and harass me all day everyday for years I prayed for my protection show me favor on my upcoming case on … Continue reading “Protection”


Dear Friends, please pray to our Lord for the protection of my Mom Ana Calderon Fabres, my cousins Kathy Castaner and Fernando Flores Castaner in Santiago Chile from criminals, thieves, drug dealers, killers, kidnappers asking for ransom money, people under age having fun killing and torturing people, please pray to God to protect them inside … Continue reading “PROTECTION”


Dear God,pray for me,I am employed in a restaurant and I am in a situation whereby my bosses do not appreciate me because they accuse me of theft saying I’m a thief I steal money and create my own tips,they call me a thief and the bosses do not like me,I try hard to do … Continue reading “Curses”


Dear Heavenly Father God, I sure do love ya. I love myself so much that you know it, and lately God, there’s been too much knownin, and Lord I thank you because my eyes have been opened many times a-since and Holy Ghost you’ve looked out for me and carried me through some times when … Continue reading “Untitled”