God favour upon me and my husband

Good morning to everyone.. I need God to to bless my family with peaceful and and lovely family and also bless my husband with documents… And no weapon will fashion against shall prosper in Jesus Name

Chance my only Son

Dear lord hear my prayers. Please bless my Son Chance as he dives today and all the Arch Angels in heaven protect him today and for ever. Thank you God for always listening and keeping your promises. Thank you for saving his life a thousand times. I love and appreciate you lord and thank you … Continue reading “Chance my only Son”

Family and finances

I’m asking for prayer for my two children and I, for protection and guidance. And abundance. To help us get through our hardships. To give us strength. Bless with a peaceful and happy hearts. Amen thank you.

Deliverance from my enemy

Good morning to you all . Please to pray that God will Break every chain of the enemy around me which me to die also please to pray that the fire of God will move in my home on burn up what is not of his in Jesus name thank you.

Safe Travels

I pray that my daughter Carly has a safe and blessed trip to South Africa, leaving on May 30th and returning June 15. I pray for the safety and health of the entire group. I pray that Carly will experience joy, gratitude, empathy, a sense of growth and increase n self esteem as she travels … Continue reading “Safe Travels”

My grandson

I asking for prayer for my grandson who is only 16, I pray that God covers him while he is out there in the wilderness. I pray that God will restore him , fix his relationship with his mom. Let him know that if nobody else God loves him and he wants the best for … Continue reading “My grandson”

Life is upside-down

Please pray for my protection as I step into a seemingly impossible situation with loss of vehicle / income source and lots of questions on how to provide for my daughter and myself.

Intentions of Lord

O Heavenly Father, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the abuse victims mostly clones who I will see in my visions and dreams and other revelation that Thou will reveal to me throughout the month of June 2019. Amen.


I pray for daily protection of my child and family. I pray for protection over my job and finances in Jesus’ name Amen.

Prayers needed

Pray for my sons who are incarceration. Pray that they be protected from all harm, given comfort when they get homesick, provided guidance as they adhere to new routine while in prison, and blessings for them as they complete sentence; in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Saving grace

I’m in need of protection for my son an I over situations going on in our lives rite now !

Protection for my sons

Lord God Almighty Please help protect my son Robert from evil of this world, and the addictions and rages that flood our nation. Help him to recognize this as evil and that he is loved by You, and You are more powerful to protect and heal and help him than any other entity. Please fill … Continue reading “Protection for my sons”

Strength in tough times

Oh God, I pray for protection and deliverance from the grip of all evil strongholds over my family and I. Especially when it comes to financial matters, that the Lord Jesus Christ will be my protector, my vindicator, my strength throughout the next few months, and all the days of my life. Amen.


Please pray for my protection from evildoers. Someone is accusing me of false allegations.

Protection of my home

Good Morning! My daughter awaken this morning asking me if we would have to move out of our home. I’ve had the enemy trying to take my home from me thru over access taxes. God blessed me own this home free and cleared and I am disabled and money I received I can barely keep … Continue reading “Protection of my home”

Safe trip

Lord, protect my family and bring us safely to our destination as we leave to go on vacation out of the country this Tuesday. Protect my loved from harm an bring him safely to join us in our vacation. My his package arrive in time before we leave this Thursday. Thank you Lord for answered … Continue reading “Safe trip”

Workplace Prayers

Good morning. I give God all the glory and honor to His holiness, love, mercy and peace. I stand in need of protection and healing in my workplace. Someone has been spreading malicious lies about me for many years despite proof that what they are spreading are lies. Some of the retaliation is from family … Continue reading “Workplace Prayers”

I want to be with the one I love

May God be with my loved one Michael n help him in all his necessity n protect him n give him abundance blessings. Whatever he wants to do.

Protection from my enemies

Father the devil is everywhere please protect me and my family from the devil I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus Amen


God please protect my family and I from all evil. Protect us from the seen and unseen. Bless us with your mercy and favor. Heal us🙏

Street Ministries

Praying for the ex convicts and addicts that are taking God’s truths to the streets.

Prayer request

I want to give thanks to God because my wife Julie is recovering from headache and back pain. I pray that God will heal her completely. As we go to bed tonight may God send his Army to guard us to have peaceful sleep and wake up in the morning to give him thanks. No … Continue reading “Prayer request”

Destroy the Darkness

I am filled with anxiety hopelessness and see no light in life. My husband is bed-bound and brain injured because of medical error. He has been in hospital for over 4 years. I am broken mentally physically and spiritually. There is little in life left for me. Please lift my petitions up to the Lord. … Continue reading “Destroy the Darkness”

Protection and safety

Please pray for work with early teens AD whose father is creating problems due to inappropriate uncomfortable subjects treating young lady like a “friend” please rescue her from this. SB, desperately needs direction, Please draw both close (John 6:44)Please Lord put hedge around young ladies keeping them from evil and preventing each from moving any … Continue reading “Protection and safety”

Prayingto save my home Bankruptcy

I in bankruptcy and they have went very high on payment please pray for me I really trying to help my self I gotten a 2nd job Lord it just Hard.


I am asking that God would give me clarity so I may be obedient. I ask for protection from all demonic attacks! In Jesus name, Amen!!


Lord I ask you to whatever is around my that I feel like this to keep it away from me because now when I close my eyes I feel dead around me I’m scared.

Legal issue

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father. I am scared; you know what is going on in my mind and heart. Please protect my family and me. I trust in you, please speak to the hearts of those who will be making a decision on my passport. I hope and pray for a positive outcome. Lord, in you … Continue reading “Legal issue”

Home and Safety

My roommate’s boyfriend is moving-in and she wants me to move and I don’t have enough money to do that. I asked God for clarity of the next step.

Fear attack

Please prayer protection over me as i sleep and fight off fear and anxiety.


My Prayer: My prayer is to block all of Satan’s people who are coming against me with his or her negative energy.


I am asking prayer for my Steven. Praying for God protection and safety. Pray that God will send down his protection angels to watch over him day and night, and no harm will come against him. Praying for the officer that bullying the inmates and making threats, praying that God will intervene on my son … Continue reading “Protection”


I am asking prayer for protection for my son, Steven. Praying that God will send down his angels to watch over him day and night. Prayer for and officer at the correction center he is at . That he will stop bullying the inmates. And stop threatening them. And stop the retaliation against the inmates … Continue reading “Protection”


Overcome my family for projection.