by Maldonado (Lebanon)

Heavenly Father from up above I place my 3 children under your wing of protection Karina 19, Waldi 17, and Dahrianna 12.

I place them on your hand protect them always keep them aways from the enemy, for he want to make a party with them, but I hand them to you my lord my you are there Father, there light, there way, and there salvation.

They don’t go to no one if its not you Lord I Love and adore you and I trust you and only you with their live so thats why I hand them to you, for salvation, for protection, so that you will watch over their every move day and night even while sleeping, in school, in the shower, in the games, in their dorm, always I trust you.

So Please Dear One from Heaven Protect them always every step, every breath, every second of their precious way, look over my precious gold that you have given Father, In Jesus’ Name I Pray, By The Power Of The Holy Ghost,

I give them to You AMEN, AMEN, & AMEN

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