Dangerous dogs constantly running lose in my neighborhood

by Gregory ()

My neighborhood where I live, my neighbors keep having their big dogs roam around unattended. They are very aggressive, and bark at me whenever I go for a walk, or take my dog out for a walk.
Constantly, constantly, my neighbors insist on letting their big aggressive dogs run loose. Several times these big dangerous dogs have barked at me and chased at me, and only by God’s grace did I not get attacked.
I’m big, but we have small children and teens that live in the subdivision, this is very dangerous, one of these dogs could attack them or me, especially if a teen or kid gets scared and decides to run, these loose dogs could easily maul them. Please pray that God works on making our neighbors more agreeable, and not let their dogs roam free, especially unattended. I pray that this bad habit forming in our community stops happening immediately.

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