Move us to a peaceful place where happiness and God’s love and blessings will be

by Chelisa ()

Lord please protect me and move me and family from this demonic apartment building where I had heart attack. My heart attack happen in a local market but chest pains started at home. I have tormented in this apartment by neighbors no matter what I do how peaceful and polite I try to be it’s not every neighbor but it has started from one particular neighbor that in here like she is in highschool and she is good friends with the manager who lets her run the building and if she doesn’t like you the tenants that are her friends follow her with hate toward you as well I been living here since 2019 and it’s been a night mare. This neighbor is 63 years old and has control over a lot people in here opinions of you. I am a person who mines my own business I stay to my self. This woman is the opposite. I gotten nails in my tires talked about bad where one neighbor told my husband what she said. I have been followed by her friend when I go on walks even my old job by people she pays. I hate I ever moved here. How I first ended up here was by her husband who my husband met when we had a car accident and her husband help with accidents he told us he knew a lawyer that could us money for it. At the time we were having a hard time living in our van. Before this I always had a place to live I used to live by myself. I was still going to work in the van I prayed for another job and God blessed me while I was homeless in the van . We were staying with my husbands sister and my husband for into with his brother in law and we end up in the van before we had enough money saved to move. So when we met the guy after our accident we felt blessed until we moved in this apartment where the accident insurance guy stayed with hi demonic wife who did not like me and didn’t even know me no matter how nice I was to her. She told everyone we were homeless like we were bums and We were told by one neighbor she said that She even has people destroying things I have like decorations on my front porch. I put a Jesus plack in my window that pissed her off and I had some solar lights she had one of these other neighbors throw them in the pool along with a Bible. My manger seen this and said it’s some evil people here but she is a friend of his and he knows it is her. I wake up today and they cut a tropical item I had on my porch in my bushes .It’s always one attack after the other. I had more peace when I was homeless. I wish I could move to a peaceful place to live. They have caused us so much misery. I am praying for a new place to live were people are normal. When a vacancy became available next to me she moved a young she knew next to us and they listen to everything that goes on in my house if I have a argument I can hear them reporting to her about what was said in my house. I hate coming outside, I hate leaving my home because I don’t know what they are going to do next . This is lot on my health mental and physical. I just got out of the hospital I was in a nursing home and as soon as I got back her friends next to us laughed in my face. Started up the negative energy. I actually died when I had a heart attack and was revived I know God was with me and saved me I had lost my memory and that was brought back by the grace of God. I wish I could have came back to a new place not this place of misery, God please Jesus moved me away from here for my safety and peace of mind and happiness. I pray to have money in abundance to relocate and be able to rest in Jesus name

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