GODS protection

by Michel ()

Plz pray for me (michel) & my grwn daug danele in our protct frm neighb taisha who 4/2024 follw me to the bus stop & came acrs street n frnt of bus shout im go to sue your daug & you for your cause file a restraining ord on her (in jan 2024) she threw liquid subst on danele tht wasn’t 1st time ths sent her to the hosp & police seek restrain ord & danele ws tld tht she hv to hv her arrested bef proceed w ord whc on 5/8 she ws tld restrain ord ws dropped) I susp tht taisha hs caus tamp on my fare card bec myster af using my fare card It thn is erased on some bus-im trusting God to intervn in ths matter & I knw tht if anyth hs bn done inappropr to us tht God wl turn all thngs around in our favor bec I just found out tht taisha hs bn harass danele since last yr & nw she mk threats to me as though we’re in the wrong for her actio ns & I susp she hs someth to do w danele restrain order dropped-i lv all thngs in Gods hand-i am trusting God foe divine intervention in all thngs-plz kp us in prayer-no calls no emails

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