Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Today I am heading to a baseball game. I grew up playing baseball with my dad, who taught me everything I needed to know about the game. Eventually, I became a pretty good player.

When I became a Christian, God used a baseball analogy to give me my first understanding of the Trinity. I compared the Three Persons working together for the salvation of the world to a baseball organization. At that time, God the Father is the General Manager of the team and responsible for all aspects of the organization. Next, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, who lived among us, is the manager and involved in the daily decisions of the game and the welfare of the players. Finally, the Holy Spirit, who still resides in the world today, is the third-base coach. He receives directions from the manager and flashes them to the batters, so they know what to do. All three, the GM, the manager and the coach worked together to achieve team victories.

Sure, the analogy is simplistic and might not stand up to theological scrutiny. However, baseball was what God used to get me thinking about the mystery and work of God in Three Persons. All Three Persons worked together at the cross, brought Christ’s victory over sin and death, raised Jesus to life and secured salvation for mankind.

God uses the simple things in our lives to teach us His profound mysteries. Jesus said, “I have spoken to you of earthly things” (John 3:12).
Photo by Tim Gouw

Denise Larson Cooper has a passion for Christ and sharing His Word. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise currently works as a gymnastic coach.

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