Converted to Catholic

I could use hope this Sunday I became a member of St James Cathedral Church. I debut last October 15, originally a Baptist accepted Christ 21 yrs ago now. I currently work Janitor at LA Fitness but since 16 I’ve done physical labor jobs,I’m 48 before the year ends 49 closer to 50. I have … Continue reading “Converted to Catholic”

Help Me Stay Encouraged

Lately I’ve been feeling defeated, broken, and frustrated from things going on in my life. I’ve been living in my car since January and I’ve struggled with trying to not go off my own understanding and relying on God. My car has over $2000 in repairs needed and I use my car to work (Uber). … Continue reading “Help Me Stay Encouraged”

Health and finance

Janet Liver issues I have to see my p c p but I can’t see him until june 14. I don’t understand the numbers but they were eighty eight and and seventy seven last week nine months ago they were eighteen and fourteen a big differenceffort. I ask for prayers for the numbers to go … Continue reading “Health and finance”


Before my husband and I were married I received a vision from the Lord that caught me totally off guard.  My husband David was a widower and I was a widow.  David, my deceased husband and I worked together and we had not seen each other for 26 years.  I was 66 and David was … Continue reading “Vision”

Prayers for my mum

Dear God, Jesus, Mother Mary, St.Jude, Padre Pio and All the Angels and Saints please pray for my wonderful Mum Eileen and send miracle healing to mum Eileen now to be happy, healthy, healed and most importantly let her be healthy and get her appetite back fast and get rid of her head cold and … Continue reading “Prayers for my mum”

Salvation for the Lost Souls

My father, God, Jesus, my salvation and redeemer, the Holy Spirit who is there for me at all times to meet the challenges of life. I cry out, Help, for those who are broken, lost, sad, angry, shameful, hateful,depressed,enslaved,tormented,tamatized,homeless,hungry,thirty,naked,prideful,addicted,motherless, fatherless,greedy,corrupted. What ever is keeping them from hearing the gospel, learning about Jesus and how God … Continue reading “Salvation for the Lost Souls”

Scared about future

Hello, I am a medical student. And I’m very scared. I’m scared because this is my last chance to succeed. And our grades will come out today in a few hours. I’m really anxious and frightened and have been having panic attacks. My goal is to help make the world a better place and lend … Continue reading “Scared about future”

My ❤️ Heart

I’m asking all prayer Warriors to please pray for my Heart that has been through Tough Numerous Operations and now dealing with a Defibrillator…I’m so Grateful to God for being alive today because of his Grace! All the Glory goes to most Highest! I also have a Grandson Terrance Diaz in prison dealing with Mental … Continue reading “My ❤️ Heart”


Dear Lord, I understand that you are having me experience a season of changes and transition at this time. I trust that wherever you are bringing me to is exactly where you want me to be. However while I am waiting to see where you want me, I am feeling unsettled, lonely, unbalanced and without … Continue reading “Transito”

Praying Mother

Hello, I’m a 54 y/ o mother of three adult sons. My oldest graduated college and now lives in CA with his family. My middle son lives in our family home in Rayville which is only 30 minutes from where I currently live and work as a nurse at a Substance Abuse Clinic. My youngest … Continue reading “Praying Mother”

Son to find his Wife

Please Lord Jesus, help my son to find someone to love and share his life; someone that has the same values as he. I’m concerned he’s too lonely as most of his friends are now finding permanent relationships and building families – I know he feeling left behind. Working from home for 3 years due … Continue reading “Son to find his Wife”

Grace to overcome

Father I ask that You forgive me for the lust of the flesh help me overcome all sexual immoral sins help me to love my wife more, let passionate love from heaven locate us. I ask for grace to overcome in the United Kingdom help me to get a good job that pays me well … Continue reading “Grace to overcome”

Husband/Friend from God

Father, Thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for admittance to your Throne room. I ask for every blessing and gift that you have for me in your Throne room. Thank you in advance for the husband and friend you have for me in your time. As I know you are moving in the … Continue reading “Husband/Friend from God”

Grand children

Please Pray for my grandchildren Justin, Dylan, samantha and Sabrina to give them hope, faith love and to take their education seriously. Dylan has finals exam for the whole month of april/2023 also Samant is in working to get a good co op program for the summer and justin looking into fis masters degree and … Continue reading “Grand children”

Broken heart

Everything was so perfect finally. 2 1/2 years of sobriety. Very close to my son and daughter, two best friends from childhood, closer to God than I’ve ever been; involved in three Bible studies and in the word daily with a rich prayer life. in the blink of an eye handled situations that arose poorly … Continue reading “Broken heart”

Prayer to Jesus

Lord Jesus please grant an outpouring of The Holy Ghost to speke baptist church and St pauls church and churches around the world please draw us close to you and help us to turn from our sins help us to follow you and stay in the Word by reading it daily help us to commit … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”

Prayer to Jesus

Lord Jesus please help my partner and i to commit to daily reading of your word to seek the truth in your word and prayer and to not forsaking fellowship with other believers please guide him to a new church that stand on.your word God and speaks truth from your word so he can be … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”

Prayer for Nigeria

Urgent Prayer Requests 1. Nigeria is at the threshold of War of Islamization. An election was in which a Muslim-Muslin ticket was forced on the people even when people complained from the beginning. The man who won the election, being a Christian, was rejected and some false results declared just because all the people in … Continue reading “Prayer for Nigeria”

Helping others

Dear Lord there is nothing I can say that will give you the praises you deserve ! You are the greatest of all ! Thank you for watching over me snd my family and everyone who needs you and those who don’t know they can’t do a thing without You! I bless your Holy name … Continue reading “Helping others”

worry for daughter

My daughter is currently employed in a demanding job in a very tough area of our state. She recently learned there is a possibility she will be unemployed at the end of her contract. She desperately needs this job as she has loans for her degree to pay back. She uprooted her life and moved … Continue reading “worry for daughter”

Fufilll My Story

I am not the best at prayer , but I would like to thank our heavenly father for all that he has done for me. I have had many days full of praise for all the good that has happened in my life. I have also had days where I have strayed away from my … Continue reading “Fufilll My Story”

Thank you Jesus

Dear Lord thank you for so much. Thank you for giving me hope thank you for helping me to get well. Thank you for my safe trip and return today and for watching over my family and home. My food my church and for all the Drs. And health professionals helping me. Bless they’re lives. … Continue reading “Thank you Jesus”


Lord is is awesome to have a father like you looking after his children daily ! Lord I pray for the people in Ca who are struggling with the weather that causes the lost of their homes ! I pray for all young w that are lost and need your help ! They are the … Continue reading “Help”

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus help to reveal and open my eyes and help me to know the answer as to whether my partner is married or taken with another woman or not please help me to know and see as i don’t want to sin against you in adultery if he is please help me to … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”

My son Jayden

Hi I would like to pray for my 19 year old son Jayden. I got to ask him to leave my apartment permanently yesterday to his aggressive behavior towards me, and also because of his lifestyle choices. He is choosing to do things to earn money that are against the law. I would like to … Continue reading “My son Jayden”


Praying for Nicholas deliverance, and for our home,finances, and relationships… I don’t want to lose anymore, lied I need your help please. I Kno I’m different and spirituality gifted. But I struggle with my memory and I’m really forgiving and it tends to get me used up lied to or manipulated. I heard a pastor … Continue reading “Hope”

Prayer to Jesus

Dear Lord Jesus i humbly ask if you will please help bless Speke baptist church and st pauls church and churches around the world with Wisdom and knowledge and also discernment please help the church to obey your word please open their eyes to the light of the Gospel and help them to commit to … Continue reading “Prayer to Jesus”

God who sees me

I ask the Lord for forgiveness of the sin I have committed. All the time I have stepped out of His Will for my life. I am a sinner created in the image of Jesus Christ, my elder brother yet He is my Savior, the leader of life journey. Also please pray for my brother … Continue reading “God who sees me”


Lord you see how I’ve messed up you see how I punishysrlf blame myself ruminate the tears I cry. I’ve been told I’m aggressive yet this is hiw I lived for 33 years someone being aggressive to me. If I say a truth I’m the aggressive one. I’ve learned my landlady sold the property don’t … Continue reading “Persevere”

Losing my faith in God

I have been scammed at least 10 to 15 times. This is my fourth month going with no money for the month and no way to buy food. I asked God to give me wisdom knowledge and discernment to know if I’m going to get scammed or if it’s the real thing. I prayed Father … Continue reading “Losing my faith in God”

Moving on

Single and following Him. Prayers for discernment for my sale of home, along with a move to another state. I need a place where I can continue my spiritual growth and to touch a place that has different religious views. I need property that has room for my horse and mule with potential for a … Continue reading “Moving on”