Heal me

My prayers are to restore my overall health,life and strength as my faith is lifted high also my finances as I want to be a lender not a borrower to be able to build a business leading to businesses to be able to help my fellow man Jesus peoples ,teaching them and leading them to … Continue reading “Heal me”


I have so many problems and worries in my life and in trouble, l need the Lord to pray for me and help me get through this so I can move on and live a happy life and not have so many things on my mind, and be able to sleep good at night. Please … Continue reading “Hope”

Hope For Freedom

Dear Lord Jesus, help me with hope and faith that my true love will be released and set free of evil people so we can both go on with our lives. He’s a loving and caring person and deserves to be with the one he loves not somewhere that brings him down. He is wrongfully … Continue reading “Hope For Freedom”


Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech You from the bottom of my heart to succor me in my necessity. (Make request). There are none that can withstand Your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee (three times). SEPT 27,2020

Protect our country

I pray that all Christians are allowed to carry out of sharing love and forgiveness to those who are trying to hurt us . I pray people will open their eyes to the injustice being brought upon us through the deep state. Let all Christians see the truth and come together through our Lord to … Continue reading “Protect our country”

Prayer to Trust God

Please pray that I would trust God and be on His path for my life. I moved far away from my church and dear friends who gave me so much support-emotionally and spiritually. I believe God is leading me back. I got involved with a man who doesn’t believe going to church is that important. … Continue reading “Prayer to Trust God”

Finances and friends

Father God please help me out of this mess I’ve made with my money this month.i know your plans are to prosper me and to give me hope.i have faith in that and also in sending me more friends that will be good for me.in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Pray for peace

Let’s all pray for peace and strength right now to be able to get through these tumultuous times on earth. Let’s be warriors of light. Pray for those who are holding the negative emotions of fear and anger. Emotions are contagious on a grand scale. There are so many people holdin on to fear and … Continue reading “Pray for peace”

Wounded One

It’s been so long to be quite lost and pretend my relationship isn’t distant with God especially when He always is faithful to reach out to love me. I definitely need to truly find insight and more certainty that my trust in him will be acknowledged. I truly need to be honest in how I … Continue reading “Wounded One”


I am afraid of what lies ahead . I am fearful for my job and fearful for being able to provide for myself and my family fearful about being alone newly single A lot of anxiety. Need some help to calm down Doing all the right things exercise Trying to eat right please help me

I’m feeling lost

Hello, my name is Emma and lately I have been struggling to make good decisions and also choosing the right people to spend my time with. I know what I’m doing isn’t what God would want for me, and I want to change and find strength in God. I ask you to please help me … Continue reading “I’m feeling lost”

Scared about my life

Dear Lord here I am again and I am so afraid. Please Lord please let my mother be alright. Please bring her good health. Lord I am in a not good marriage and I’m getting weary. All my thoughts are consuming me. My anxiety is over the roof. I am alone except for you and … Continue reading “Scared about my life”

Renters will move

Please pray my home at 544 Malone circle in Florence AL will pass home inspection next Thursday . Please pray the renters will move by October 24and there will be no hard feelings about me selling the house. Thank you and may God bless you.

We overcome

Through all one may go through ,We take it day by day. Asking ourselves ? Okay what’s next ? I came today to say Thank you for everything. I pray you continue to work on me as I grow . My children as they Endure this hectic Life . My spouse whose not seeing eye … Continue reading “We overcome”

Where when how what ?

Where is the hope? I have been in a funk for years now and I’m tired I don’t sleep I don’t pray anymore or read bible I WANT to but I just don’t how to make myself anymore. I feel lost alone lonely confused isolated etc etc I need to know where / what / … Continue reading “Where when how what ?”

Our world

Praying for all the people around the world, praying we are able to replace those in leadership roles with those who have true empathy and are for the people and not lining their pockets. Praying that we learn to love each other for our differences and to be a nation of change. Classism, racism, sexism … Continue reading “Our world”

granddaughter’s struggles

my granddaughter,who is 15,struggles in school and socially because she has several learning disabilities. she doesn’t understand why she has so many problems, and her parents are stressed,even though they are christians. it hurts me so much to see my granddaughter having to face one mountain after another. please prayer for God to help her. … Continue reading “granddaughter’s struggles”

Hanging on for dear life!

Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Crosswalk!Please say a prayer for me i am saved yet homeless at 74 now the virus has taken everything i die several times a day i really need a miracle!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/23/20


Please pray that I will trust in Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith. My salvation depends on trusting in Jesus. Pray that Jesus will help me overcome self doubt and the poverty mentality. Thank you for the prayers. God bless!

Prayer for the Soul of our Nation

A prayer for our nation to elect Joe Biden to heal this nation. All the Covid illnesses and death, unemployment, climate change, hurricanes and wildfires. We need to pray hard that this man of great empathy be elected.

God’s Intervention Today

Dear Abba, I know I belong to you. In Jesus name, I pray that you help my husband land a job today and obtain his unemployment. Also please help me at work and with my medical problems. We need your help today lord. Please answer my prayers.

loosing hope

I am losing hope. I am Catholic but, I listen to 99.5. God said it is not good for us to be alone yet he allowed me to be allone. I just can’t do it anymore so tired of doing it all alone and I am falling apart. I pray and He rarely answers. It … Continue reading “loosing hope”

Prayer for Excellence

Dear Lord l ask for excellence today l, please open a door or window of opportunity to move me from a stale state to excellence. Lord l want to make my mother proud today. I need her to see me flourish, to see her genuinely glad. Please forgive my insecurities and vain thoughts. Lord l … Continue reading “Prayer for Excellence”

Request prayer for wisdom

Hello, my name is Andrew, from Malaysia. I’m sitting for secondary school last year exam. Next week on 28th september 2020 in morning, I’m having trial secondary school exam that most important for my next step into university . Please pray for me to get good score and for a wisdom by GOD . This … Continue reading “Request prayer for wisdom”

Holding on

Father God I’m trying to take one day at a time. This is going to be a big challenge for me. Give me the strength and the hope my circumstances are going to come out for the good no matter what happens. You know what I’m up against Satan is ruling my son’s thoughts and … Continue reading “Holding on”


My health is not good, I have MS. Also I never received a stimulus check, it was mailed out may 15, but they say it was lost or stolen, I sent in more paperwork but still no check. I can’t get the ssi to give me disability due to my having MS. I lost my … Continue reading “Help”

my lost son

My son was taken away at 17 years old..Tried was as an adult,in prison, he is 34yrs old as of today..and asking for prayers for his release..he is my baby of 2 boys…and I miss him so..I love my son..and wish him home again…I pray for his release but I need help in prayers…Sincerely his … Continue reading “my lost son”

God’s Intervention

Dear Abba, I know I belong to you. In Jesus name, i pray that you help my family get thru our loss if our brother as well as, please help me get the medical attentiin i desire from my doctor today. Lord there so many things i need your assistance today. Please hear and answer … Continue reading “God’s Intervention”

Gods healing hands

I ask and pray Lord Jesus to place your hands on me and take away the health issues and the all around pain I feel inside and out. I need your healing touch your strengthen me and keep me on your path. Only you Lord can heal me. I believe and know in my heart … Continue reading “Gods healing hands”

Needs God’s help

I have something important that I need to make a decision about and I need God’s help to make sure I make the right decision. Please pray that God will help me or give me a sign as to what He wants me to do about it. I want to do what God wants & … Continue reading “Needs God’s help”

Student Visa to be granted

Father God pray for my daughter who has been waiting for a student visa for more the 3 weeks. Received an email stating that her deferred- complex application is still under consideration. There is nothing deferred or complex in God’s eyes. God is able, He makes the impossibilities Possible. He reigns over everything. May our … Continue reading “Student Visa to be granted”

Gods Blessings

My prayer is for a car situation I let my son borrow my car so he can work and he’s working but prayer for his pay situation is being held because of past due support for his daughter..he has three kids home..should pay but right now no one is getting money….the people r dragging there … Continue reading “Gods Blessings”

Please pray for me

Please pray for me. My work situation is getting worse and more emotionally hostile. I am actively looking for a new job but very little is out there right now. My family depends on my financial support and I feel stuck. It is really bad. Please pray for me. Please pray I feel better soon. … Continue reading “Please pray for me”


Please pray with me for a miracle healing for my son.( not death) sometimes when I pray I am afraid to because I don’;t know what I might get that I am not asking for……I don’t understand all of this…physical and emotional, illogical thinking sometimes about his health. his faith .. just so troubled over … Continue reading “help”

Jesus bless us both

Dear Jesus, Lately my boyfriend (His name is Ashwin) has been dwelling into his own issues, its causing him to have drastic mod swings, irritability when i talk and we hardly meet up and talk about us. He still texts me but not as much as before. Circumstances came and stopped his RCIA for conversion. … Continue reading “Jesus bless us both”

Poor and lonely

Please pray for me, favor in God’s eyes, to provide financial blessings and a godly man. I would love a miracle in my life for the extended visa to remain in England with my children, Amen 🙏 please pray for me? Bless you all xx