Urgent prayers needed for tomorrow!

I am in need of prayers for a special intention that will help me with my future that will help provide for me both medically and physically and am in a great need of your prayers. My future really depends on it. Will you please pray for me?

Prayer for work, hope and trust in God

Please pray for me. I am trying to find work, and am in a lot of pain from an investment mistake. I have been very distressed. Please pray for work, restoration of finances, peace and to trust in God’s provision and goodness. Thank you for your kindness.


Please pray for me to receive a financial blessing. Thank you!


Please please I need 768$ please I am in big promblem I need it please sir … I will return u after solving my problem but I need some time for it …. Please sir

Help our son

God please help our son. He needs common sense, he needs the ability to make the right decision and execute it, he need the capacity not to be deceived. He has a good heart, but is taken advantage of because of his learning disability. Please find him a job and place to live close to … Continue reading “Help our son”

High school finals

Dear St Jude. My daughter Mia is preparing to take her High school exams.P lease help guide her and give her the strength and confidence to do well. Help her not to feel stressed out or have anxiety. Just please help her finish strong.

High school finals

Please pray for my daughter Mia who is taking final exams for school.Please give her the confidence and strength to perform well.Help her and guide her to finish strong and be successful.

Prayer For A Friendship

I send my honest and meaningful prayer to St. Jude, asking for help in forming a strong, caring, and loving bond and friendship, between myself and someone I deeply care about as a person. They are going through a tough time, but I would very much like to be there for them in a time … Continue reading “Prayer For A Friendship”

To help my child

Just for my son to be believed and treated with respect, taking into account his needs, difficulties, etc instead of making him suffer so much. Amen

Help me to let God lead

Lord, I have been through a lot last year. A divorce, depression, loss of friends, etc. I put my house on the market to sell so I can move closer to my children. One in Maryland and the other in South Carolina. I don’t know where to move. Help me with this Lord. I have … Continue reading “Help me to let God lead”

The people of Zimbabwe

Please, God, be with your children in Zimbabwe strengthen them to give them courage and hope that peace may be found there and in your mercy, you will help them find peace and restoration of that country and that you will rid the country of this evil being perpetrated against them. May they know your … Continue reading “The people of Zimbabwe”

Scared and afraid

I hope and pray that I am making the right choice in life. I’m scared that I will fail at life once again. I’m scared that I’m not or I am making the right choice by believing in someone. I pray for him and me daily. The more I pray for us, God has shown … Continue reading “Scared and afraid”

My Faith and Family

I need for God to help my unbelief. For my daughter to get a job. For my stepdaughters and help me be the light that all of my grandkids need me to be. To step out of his way so that he can teach my children how to lean on him and not on me. … Continue reading “My Faith and Family”


Please universal intelligence and angels and guides, allow Philip Reivers and team to defeat the New England Patriots

To become taller

Am asking the Almighty GOD to make me taller than how I am I need to be taller like the height of my father or one of my friend called Martina ..May the LORD be praised.

Tomorrow my sister will be having a mastectomy of both breast

My sister Margaret having surgery tomorrow and she’s in deep sadness and scared .mastectomy both breast have to be removed cause cancer . I’m far in another country ,so I want to comfort her even in our distance . but I know God is with her and her husband. He is devastated 😧😵🙏


Asking for prayer for a miracle. That God would bring a loved one to true repentance and cause them to turn away from drinking once and for all and commit their life to Christ. They would realize their lost and need Him.

Concerned about my salvation

I just want to be able to understand exaclty what Eternal life is Because Jesus said whosoever believe in me will not Perish but have eternal life I just need help understanding that does it mean heaven?

Help Bring My Kitten Home

I am praying for my 8 month old kitten, Cleffa. She jumped out of our second-story apartment window and we haven’t found her. It’s below freezing tonight and I’m worried sick. Please pray with me that she gets back home safe.

Career breakthrough

Lord, please help me to do my best this year and make my grandmum proud of me. This year I need you to help me to apply myself in what I do. Amen

For deliverance

My granddaughters mother is not a Christian her father is he has visitation rights won’t let us see her going to court mother is trying to run our name in the mud really feel like Satan has a hold on her I would like to pray for her deliverance and so we can get her … Continue reading “For deliverance”

Praying for the Welfare of Our Country

Our Father, I solicit prayers for all of the people whose financial needs are not being met at this time. Let them depend on you and realize that You are in total control. In Jesus’ name Amen

Help Financial

In ur name I ask.. To please help me with my job get rise I need to support my family.. To be able to afford a new home.. with affordable payments.. gas in car, food, pay my fancial… guide my kids with my very decision they need to make… Help me with my love life… … Continue reading “Help Financial”

Lost lover back

I want my ex back in my life .I can’t live without her .I m in depression stage.

Getting freedom

To the father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Jesus, I know that you have a plan for me. Jesus My plan is your plan, Jesus. Jesus, I pray and hope that my mom doesn’t freak out when I starting talking to a male. Jesus, I pray that my mom will be … Continue reading “Getting freedom”

Burnt out

I need hope. We have 4 kids including toddler twins. We’re beyond tired. Have no family here. No support system. I want to cry. Daily. I’m hopeless. I see no end. I dont know how much more we can take.

Constant bad thoughts

About 2 months ago or more. I’ve been experiencing blasphemous thoughts. It was after I said I would love to be in deliverance ministry. I believe its demonic because I do not willingly want these thoughts. I pray for spiritual warfare prayers but I’m more tired and it seems harder. please pray with me against the … Continue reading “Constant bad thoughts”

Pray for me

Dear Jesus, I ask for you, my heart longs for you, yet I feel abandoned and forgotten, i feel as though my heart is broken. You know me lord but I feel as though I don’t know you even though I try to walk in your ways I feel shut out.

Unleased faith for a loved one

Abba, please help my loved one to be wise. To believe your promises that you will give to us liberally when we ask of You. I thank you for loving us unconditionally. In Jesus’s name. Amen

Fresh Annointing

I pray that the Lord will draw me closer to him and that I walk in obedience. That I fulfill my purpose and let him lead me into whatever he has for me. To keep my mind stayed on him through whatever the circumstance and stay rooted I the Word of the Lord.


Father, I pray for your guidance for my life, especially a place of worship and fellowship in honoring You, praising You, and serving You. May your wisdom, discernment help me to rest in You and to know your peace as I grow into you more and more. In Jesus’ name.

Issued visa

I’m praying Lord to grant my visa,my documents now is under review in US embassy,we waited long to get my visa,please Lord help me,i praying the person who in charge to review and who issued my visa blessed them oh Lord.,Lord i want to be with future husband im very eager to be with him.Im … Continue reading “Issued visa”

Need help

Please pray for me to get out of this miserable situation that I’m in. For 4 years been living with a man who is verbally and very emotionally abusive to me. I’m all a lone have nobody to call for help . This man has brought me down all the way down feel stuck like … Continue reading “Need help”

A New House

I am asking if you can agree with me in Prayer for my new House in the next 60 days in Jesus Christ Name. I am also Praying for Crosswalk Ministries

Need Hope

Right now I feel hopeless. I just pray that my life.gets better, even slightly better. I take responsibility for.my horrible situation. I am to blame. The only thing I can do now is pray, even though I have little faith.

Restoration for Daughter

I ask for God’s protection and restoration of my daughter’s health, life and family following her incarceration. I pray that she will always turn her heart to the Lord who gives us life and be free from the addictions of the world.

Spiritual Battle

I have received Jesus. But, I was able to do infidelities which I know, is against His will. I already prayed and asked for forgiveness but I still pray for healing, for forgiveness and more hope. And most importantly, abstinence from sexual immoralities. Thank you so much. May God bless you!

Jesus is the Branch

Jesus is the branch Mary is the flower That they may come to me At my dying hour Amen

For good health of spirit, body & soul

Lord God, I humbly ask that you grant me good health in soul & body, to do great things on earth for your glory & ask that you allow a miracle for Emily, in Christ Our Lords name, Amen

A prayer for Keith

Lord, I Pray things can go right for me just a lot going on in my life I’M trying so hard to hold on.


Lord give me the strength to overcome my character defects and the wisdom and drive to see them through.