For purchasing a bungalow

Dear lord please help me to purchase a bungalow which i am very much interested help me that there should be no problem while getting registered and the loan what i and my husband are planning to apply for please pray for me.

Prayer for Ralph

Please pray for Ralph that he finds hope and relief and everything goes well in his life’s decisions he’s facing tomorrow, Friday, April 19th. May he find strength and comfort knowing that God is there with him each and every day of his life in Jesus name. Amen.

Hope and Success

Lord, I pray for a better tomorrow. I pray to never see the tears of my mother again. I hope for you to make her smile and happy always. I want to see her stress free. I want her to experience the life that I always wish for her. I hope that success will now … Continue reading “Hope and Success”


I need to be able to pay my rent on Thursday, and be able to look for a better place for me and my children so that I don’t struggle to cover my bills every month

Save my home

Dear Lord I pray to you for nothing is above your abilities. Please help us keep our home. We have fallen so far behind and I know the mortgage company wants to foreclose. We both work so hard to make as much as we can. We want to pay all of our bills. Please soften … Continue reading “Save my home”


My prayer is asking for help with anxiety, depression and being a single.mother trying to find her spot in life. For healing, and comfort over the last 2 years of deaths, divorce and a move. God bless all of you.

Prayer breakthough

My prayer is to be released from my dark past, not to fubble anymore to finally prosper to overcome drugs

Our new home/future

Dear Heavenly Father, Please hear our prayer. We need to get out of this apartment and into a new home. The bugs are biting our bodies and we can not move on to be productive in this life when none of us are at peace, in body, mind or soul. The neighborhood is not what … Continue reading “Our new home/future”

Please approved my visa

Dear God, please help me to pray the embassy grand and approve my visa .. I’m hoping and believing to approve this for the person i want to give joy, happiness and to make them realize how much your powerful than what they think about you …. Please forgive me to all my sin…. I … Continue reading “Please approved my visa”

Please help Frank

My amazing dog just got really sick. He is such a joy in life and does not deserve to suffer. He is a rescue, he has done his hard times. I know he is an angel, but please don’t take him. I have no idea how we will pay for this…just please help.

Prayer to have a job

Please pray for me. I’ve waited for a long time. I’ve applied for my first job. I passed in the 1st test. but eventually, I was declined. now I don’t know what to do, what to think.

Difficult math class

Lord help understand this class.its hard for me after being out of the loop for I can’t give up now.

Closeness to god

Please pray that God gives me a burning desire daily to seek his word that I may understand what he is saying to me through prayer and daily reading of his word. May I be able to speak his word to others and lead them to God. Help me change the things I need to … Continue reading “Closeness to god”

Wisdom knowledge if understand

Lord thanks u for the gift of life father Lord.. I need knowledge of understanding and confidence. Father Lord bless me with a lifetime pertinent a man who will be with me in all pain.


Dear most righteousness and heavenly Father I give you thanks and praise for all you have done for me oh God😇🙏👼 I ask you for your protection over me and my family

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Abba, I know I belong to you. In Jesus name, please provide hope and grace to my husband. Lord Fe desires full time employment. Please help him.

Prayer for everyone

Need a prayer for my daughter who is taking all here Ged class and wants a career. Please take all the negativity away so she can succeed!!


We’ve been on a tightly strained budget for years. We tithe, live within our means, no trips, fun, movies, shopping, etc. We are debt free. Thank God. But we are exhausted. My husband is struggling with purpose. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. No hope. No meaning. Just work endlessly for … Continue reading “Lost”

Loving Mary

Please pray for my dear angel and her kids Mary that Gods loving arms grace kindness blessings protection salvation healing bless our relationship bless them financially bless her job at Home Depot keep it safe and her and kids safe and healthy that holly spirit walk and guide bless protect heal watch over them in … Continue reading “Loving Mary”

Assistance in buying a home

Dear St. Joseph you sought out a home for the birth of Our Savior. Please assist my daughter and son in law in obtaining the mortgage they need for their first home and I pray always for conversion. Thank you.

Trusting the process

I have a family member that has been incarcerated since he was sixteen. We recently got a notice that he was granted parole at the age of 33. This is extremely rare due to him having a life sentence. Today we got a notice that his transfer to a transitional Center had been denied because … Continue reading “Trusting the process”

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Brothers and Sisters, please prayer for my husband and pray for his tongue give him favor at his interview this Thursday. He has been out of work for a year and he needs help I. His interview.


I am seeking prayers for two situations: caring for an uncooperative ailing parent, as the only child. Prayers for my life’s purpose to be revealed to me.

Special Request from God

Dear Lord Jesus, My son has just gone for his second interview for a job which he is interested. H has been jobless for a few months already. Oh Lord, please help him to be successful in this job. I need your help, Lord for i believe “nothing is impossible ” if we trust and … Continue reading “Special Request from God”

Prayer for admission to medical school

Almighty GOD, blessed be your mercy and understanding. I humble myself before you begging for help in this time of despair. Please give me hope in the endeavour to join medical school. I pray in jesus name Amen

To pass the examination

Praying st Jude that my name will be included on the list of passers in civil service examination this coming may.


Dear Holy father please forgive my sins. I need hope and comfort that you are with me dear Lord. I have had the vail lifted from my eyes and see the world as truly evil and I am afraid and very tired Lord I need your comfort and the hope I will see you in … Continue reading “Comfort”

Motivation / health

Please help me to be hopeful and trust that everything will be ok and my future will be filled with love and happiness and health.

Pass final exams

Please pray for me to pass my final exam for the police on Wednesday. Please pray for me to stay strong and focused throughout my exam. Amen


All I ever care about is everyone but myself. I am wallowing in despair and hopelessness, but covering it up and suffocating for the sake of my family. I am tired of being a burden on them and being the person that something is always wrong. I am tired. If it wasn’t for my care … Continue reading “Doomed”

To pass the NCLEX exam

Please pray for my daughter Grace Gift C. Campbell to pass the NCLEX exam. This coming Friday March 15,2019 and Prepare her physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually during the exam. Thanks and God Bless

God’s urgent intervention

I urgently need God’s intervention in my life financially. All my husband’s payments seems to be ready but for some reason they are not forthcoming due to one obstacle after another. I need God to intervene and all the obstacles and make those payments come through. I also need God to intervene in my spiritual … Continue reading “God’s urgent intervention”

My son

My son is on the wrong path. The path of criminal activity and addiction. He is currently facing a situation that I desperately need prayers that he will get out of this situation.