Please pray for me ..i hate my job and my husband is out of work drug addict who has been gone for 3 day..

Keeping the faith

I would like to remain anonymous and find myself in dire need of prayers I’ve been going through and dealing with so much all at once and have found myself falling short of His glory and holy righteousness. I’ve been doing my best in being admit in his word daily praying seeking Him and his … Continue reading “Keeping the faith”

A humble request to God

Dear God , thank you for all the kindness, understanding, forgiveness, blessings, wisdom in my life. You are a true God to me and to my family. I honor you everyday in my life. Thank you for loving me. I praise your name name o God.

Renew my hope

Dear God, I have been so discouraged and unsure about life! I’m almost in a panic everyday, unsure of my purpose and worn out from daily worry. Please give me a sense of hope and help me figure out my purpose so that I can serve you and your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray, … Continue reading “Renew my hope”

Thank you❤️

Please pray for me.I lost my job about a month ago and the guy I’ve been dating dumped me because I chose to surrender my life to Christ again. Some days are harder than others and sometimes I feel alone. I’ve isolated myself and struggling with depression. I know the Lord is with me but … Continue reading “Thank you❤️”


Prayers for my sick mum from stroke. Am having very high BP Breakthrough for my children and my maternal home to break every curses. Opening to serve God through singing


Oh Lord I thank you for your grace and mercy in my life Lord I’m sorry for my sins I’m sorry for making you small in my eyes and doubting you, Lord Jesus I know you’re able that’s why Lord I pray you grant me a scholarship abroad I know I’m not worthy but for … Continue reading “Scholarship”

Purpose and Restoration

Dear God, I pray that your will for my future and career manifests itself in my life today. Give me clear direction in each way to turn. I pray for salvation for my entire family and mending of broken relationships within our household. I pray that strongholds have been broken and attitudes removed, and proper … Continue reading “Purpose and Restoration”

Love someone but who doesn’t love me

God can do everything….. I love someone whose name is Dhaneshwori. I really love Dhaneshwori in the name of Jesus. I thought that if my love is depend on God,God will help me my life partner. Please pray for me . Prayer request Rojen


Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison Madeline Meredith…deeper love faith peace ocean of blessing wisdom healing

A home for me and Donny

Please pray that God opens a door for me. My house is in foreclosure. I’m afraid. Thank you and God bless!

Husband drunk & verbally harsh

Every night my husband drinks and gets even more hateful … he complains & is verbally abusive and insults & swears at me and my son.

Finding a job

Please pray for me. I have been asking God for a job. Thank you.

God’s Intervention

Dear Abba, I know i belong to you. In Jesus name, please send provisions and help me. I can not do it without you.


I pray that God forgives me. I feel sometimes that I annoy him and sometimes does not know what to say to him while praying. I feel he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say because of my sin. I pray that he proves me wrong about what I feel about myself. I … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

LET board Exam

Father God, You are the King of kings, You are great, you deserve all the glory and praises, I just want to pray my Let board exam to pass it.. I know Lord that you will answer my prayers.. thank you for the Victory Lord 🙏🏽😍 Amen.


Sorry for this lengthy letter but you should understand what we have been through all these years and currently we are leading a meaningless life Jobless for the last 4 years and prior to that went through humiliation/ shame/ discrimination in my job for 12 years and prior to that had to struggle for 10 … Continue reading “Hopelessness”


My father God am tired to know one true person everyone show up my life no respect for me what’s wrong with me God am l bad person l try to make them happy but they don’t see my value please God change me to be strong to let it go l need you God. … Continue reading “General”

My needs

I need guidance about my moving to live and work in Colorado. I currently live in Wayne, PA and can transfer my job. Pray about God’s perfect timing. Also, pray about more power for witnessing to the lost and praying for the sick. And please pray about my need to be married to a godly … Continue reading “My needs”

Finding a place to live

My son Eric got his son back in his life but now landlady is not sure she wants a child in the home. He rents a room. Please pray he finds a apt. suitable for him and his son. God Bless you.

Hopelessness and despair

I am divorced for 18 years and I raised my daughter alone and she is a wonderful young lady who just graduated from college. Her father simply cut communication with our daughter and it’s been over three years. I am feeling sad because I have helped so many people but in my time of need … Continue reading “Hopelessness and despair”

Finding a place to live

My son Eric got his son back in his life but now landlady is not sure she wants a child in the home. He rents a room. Please pray he finds a apt. suitable for him and his son. God Bless you.

Faith and which direction to take

I ask that pray with me for the right path and direction to go along the way. Increase of faith and grant me n my family and friends wisdom knowledge understanding and peace.

Homeless family

My family of 7 and I have been living in a single room hotel for almost two years. My four year old cant remember anything different. I know that God has a plan, I know that He provides not me, and I know that even though we are in a hotel, we are together and … Continue reading “Homeless family”

Sisters in Christ

I’ve struggled to find true good honest Christian friends within my town over the years since coming to Christ. Some I feel don’t take their walk with Christ seriously or haven’t received the true relationship we have when repenting & giving our hearts to the Lord. Either way I find it discouraging. I continue to … Continue reading “Sisters in Christ”

For my daughter

Please guide my daughter to not allow outside influences and friends to lead her down a path away from her family. Help her appreciate and understand the love of her family. Please guide her down the right path.

Doubting salvation

I doubt my salvation. Please pray that I would be truly saved, that I would have assurance, that my faith would be strengthened, and that I would serve Christ well. Thank you.

More Strength

I’m a assistance Pastor, and I need more strength to keep going on. I know that God has a great plan for my life, and I’m waiting for that change, believing for healing of my body and financially to start a business. Sometimes it get hard even being a pastor.

How to serve

Thank you for your support and prayers I am not sure which way to turn except toward him I lost my job through lay-off Both my dogs And my dad suddenly My life as I knew it vanished I relocated near my sister and am rebuilding but am not sure exactly what road to take … Continue reading “How to serve”


Dear Lord, you have blessed my husband and I with 47 years of marriage. My husband still does not know you personally the way I do. He believes in you but does not desire to have a deep relationship with you. It is very hurtful to me and I pray that he will hunger and … Continue reading “Husband”

Finding a place to live

My son Eric got his son back in his life but now landlady is not sure she wants a child in the home. He rents a room. Please pray he finds a apt. suitable for him and his son. God Bless you.

God’s Intervention

Dear God, Please help me get the medical attention i require today. I need your assistance.

God’s Intervention

Dear Abba, I know i belong to you. In Jesus name, please help my husband and i get the medical attention we require.

My son

For my son to do well in his tournament, have confidence in the skills got has given him, for safety in his travels, and for a good outcome of this season with div 1 offers.

Help me please

I feel like I’m at a place where its difficult to open my mouth and pray. I need a breakthrough for prayer and reading the word in this season.

God’s Favour

Lord I know you are a God of Favour. I know you are merciful & kind. Grant Favour & blessings in my life, my children, my mom, my church & my workplace. Thank you for what was, what is & what is to come. In Jesus name. Amen


I am discouraged and allowing my imagination to rule my heart and mind. Pray that I will not given.