Boyfriends court case

My boyfriend goes to trail on may 8th for his fourth domestic case which all of his cases have had untruth to them I’ve seen an heard so I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t there trying to make him serve time when he really doesn’t need it only if it’s God’s will since I … Continue reading “Boyfriends court case”

Judgement Day

I pray that God is swift and just during this great tribulation. I pray that the Devil and his princes of hell are returned to whence they came from, never to return to this earthly realm. I pray that mankind put its differences aside and come together in unity. I pray that all children be … Continue reading “Judgement Day”

Having Hope

I pray that I will have a peaceful end to the week and the weekend will bring me hope and encouragement as I work to overcome my fears. I pray no unexpected issues will occur as I am continuing to prove to people who didn’t believe in me that I can handle things on my … Continue reading “Having Hope”

Loneliness & Loss

Dear Lord I’m wrestling with some issues from along time ago. Things that I did that were wrong and often i feel that they cannot be forgiven. Also I’ve lost my husband 26 years ago to a heart attack and I still struggle with missing him. I’ve dated other men but neither of them were … Continue reading “Loneliness & Loss”


Still thanking you for hearing and answerinmg my prayers for that Godly husband that you have for me, a man after Gods own heart like king david, a man like Boaz, hes successful , kind and generous. You see the letter i have written and you know my heart. Thank you for going before me, … Continue reading “HOPE”


Thank you Father for all you have done and will do in my life, dont let me miss you and all the blessings you have for me while on this earth. I thank you now! Keep and my family and friends in your care always. Dont let me and my husband miss you ever. Send … Continue reading “HOPE”

Purpose and healing

Thank you for prayers for me…at 65;I ask for.miracle healing for my daughter 40,miles away ..we both live alone and she has schizophrenia and now so overweight she has pain in her rear bone and feels her legs aren’t strong enough to walk so she can’t sit or walk long and the Dr’s just ignoring … Continue reading “Purpose and healing”


Thank you Father that you hear and see me. Why is H texting me? Help with the feelings that are still there in the past. Heal them quickly so that I can move on. I don’t understand. Send my Godly husband soon and don’t let us miss each other. Thank you for your Peace and … Continue reading “Hope”


Pray for my family Henry,Rita that in Africa trying to get home.Rita is 13 years old. Her dad Henry bank account been hacked and he can’t access until he get back to the state.Bank has locked his account.They been over there since June They staying at hotel but owner only letting him stay because of … Continue reading “Favor,Miracle”


Thank you Father, that I get to wait with you for the Godly husband you have for me. Thank you that the $ owed to me, my daughter and friend is on the way, Because you are a just God and Father. Thank you that you are here with my sister now. Thank you that … Continue reading “Hope”

A New Life

My Daughter is having a Baby in August. She is deemed high risk, not just that, BUT I’m terrified because of all the truth of how HARMFUL, lies, deception about those COVID medicine shots, which my Daughter has taken All effects people,HAS me WORRIED .PLEASE Pray for Her & Her BABY. Pray the Child is … Continue reading “A New Life”


Father thank you that you sent your son to die for us all. Help me to keep going in the name of Jesus. Help me keep my eyes on you cause i dont know what to do. Take this feeling away from me so that i can move on to who and what you have … Continue reading “HOPE”


Praise God & Jesus Christ my Savior I repent of my sins and want to be obedient to the word and follow, grow spiritually my Savior Jesus I forgive all those who have harm me and want to love my enemies as Jesus taught me. Thank You Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit for help … Continue reading “college”

Need hope and Christmas miracle now to see left eye. I need Hope and Christmas miracle now no more learning and developmental disabillties

Dear God I hope and Christmas miracle now to see left eye. I have blured vision left eye. I can’t see left eye at all I have Keratoconus left eye for 18 years now. I need hope and Christmas miracle now to see left eye and normal vision left eye. I need hope and Christmas … Continue reading “Need hope and Christmas miracle now to see left eye. I need Hope and Christmas miracle now no more learning and developmental disabillties”

Miracle and blessings

Dear lord, Please give me blessings and good luck. I’ve put so much money in sports betting but haven’t won big so far. In current world money is everything and through my sports knowledge I’ve gone close 3-4 times just 1 game costed me the money. Please God give the the luck and blessings and … Continue reading “Miracle and blessings”


God as I come before you I am on my knees I put my hands together please tomorrow Manchester united is playing god I ask for Hope everyone is saying we are out of UEFA champions League but you god have the final say you see beyond everything god if it in our destiny to … Continue reading “Protection”


Lord I’ve failed at marriage twice these men went to other woman. The second time I failed I’m now 65 too old for anyone or I don’t trust it cost me financially that I never want what I’ve worked hard fir to be taken again. I feel lonely at tunes feel undesirable I’m not as … Continue reading “Strength”

Broken heart

I lost my husband almost 6 years ago now. That threw my one son back into his alcoholism he’s doing better now praise the Lord but it also at the loss of my husband threw me into grasping for love in any way I could find it making very poor choices. I finally found one … Continue reading “Broken heart”

Money owed to me, my daughter and friend/Husband/Friends/House guest moving soon/move back to condo

Father I come into your Throne room covered under the blood of Jesus. Asking Seekin and Knocking as your word says to do. Little faith is all I have right now. The things that I’m experiencing and seeing in my dreams are there for a reason. Let me know what for and make it plain. … Continue reading “Money owed to me, my daughter and friend/Husband/Friends/House guest moving soon/move back to condo”

This Someone in my Life

For the past couple years, I’ve been struggling with something I’ll admit is very immature, but I dated someone who I thought I had true feelings with, but I feel so tired of dealing with stuff like this. I have feelings for this person, but I’ve prayed for God to take it, and deal with … Continue reading “This Someone in my Life”


Thank you Father that you dont hear my complaints about you i am complaining to you. Send that Godly husband soon, thank you for the women that see me and compliment me, but where is the man you have for me? I feel as though my prayers are not being heard, im told to ask, … Continue reading “HOPE”


Thank you Father for the privilege of prayer and i know that you hear and see me. Let me hear from you only and know your voice when i hear it. Let me see you working in my life as i go through this, what ever it is. I dont understand and i need to. … Continue reading “HOPE”


Father you say everything is gonna be alright. I need you. You go before me and fight for me, help me to see you as i go forth, youve been there in the past i know, you hear and answer prayers. Thank you for all youve done for me. Keep ever hearing your voice and … Continue reading “HOPE”


Thank you Father that you always hear and answer prayers, keep my daughters in your care as they will be facing teens very soon. Point them in the right direction for answers (toYou) as they will have questions. Thank you for the Godly husband that you have for me, I know he will be coming … Continue reading “HOPE”


Thank you Father that your anger only lasts for a moment and that Joy does come in the morning. Help me experience and see that Joy daily. Thank you that my Godly husband is on the way. thank you that the $ thats owed is on the way. Thank you for my houseguest getting things … Continue reading “HOPE”

Prayer for Hope

Hi, thank you for taking the time to consider this prayer request. My name is Roy, and I’m currently a university student that is going to graduate in an year. The economy has been particularly rough on the labour market, which has dashed my hopes of finding a finance internship placement this summer (which would … Continue reading “Prayer for Hope”


Father in the name of Jesus, dont let me be deceived in any way. I look to you as i dont know what to do. Keep C and her family in your care and shes seeking a job, help her find what fits her and what you want her to do. J is looking for … Continue reading “HOPE”

Encouragement to Go!

Abba Father, I come to you today seeking your encouragement Lord to just GO! Go back to church, go and be active in church, go about your business Lord. I don’t know why I’ve lost my enthusiasm to attend church, not even accessing it online when not in person. I feel alone in my church, … Continue reading “Encouragement to Go!”

Job and Healinh

Kyler he really needs to get a job. He thought he had one but it didn’t pan out now he won’t even try and he has a wife and child to support. Pat is having the lap band removed she’s had it for several years and it didn’t work at all in fact she gained … Continue reading “Job and Healinh”


Thank you Father that you hear and see me, thank you that you are taking away my anxiety regarding the Godly husband you have for me. Thank you Holy Spirit that you are moving on the hearts and minds of the folks that owe $ to me, my daughter and friend soon. Keep my mind … Continue reading “HOPE”