Please pray for me. I am overwhelmed with stress as the major bread winner/Insurance Holder for my family. I have been teaching for nearly 40 years and I’m SO burnt out. It’s hard to get up and go to work-the joy is gone. Most of the PreK students don’t hear the word no at home … Continue reading “Overwhelmed”

Prayers for Exam

Please, Lord, guide me on my exam tomorrow. Let my mind be open to answers and seeing questions in different ways. Help me to remember all that I have studied. Let me not be anxious and help me to stay calm. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Acceptance as a full-time faculty

Dear Lord, please help me get accepted as full-time faculty where I am currently working as a part-time professor at the moment. I really need this so that I can live without having financial worries and that I may be able to help others in need too. In Jesus name, I humbly pray, amen.

School Year

I pray God gives me the wisdom and knowledge and strength to teach this year. I am teaching in a poverty area where the children are really far behind in their reading skills. I pray God gives me the wisdom to reach the children and gives me the strength to go in and fight the … Continue reading “School Year”

Government teacher job

Tomorrow I go to write TRB exam so please pray for to got high mark in this examination and I go to government computer teacher thank you

Pass my test

There is a test that I need to pass in order to continue teaching. I take it June 7th. Please pray that God shines his mercy on me so that I may pass.

Admission into University

Dear God, Please grant me admission into University on my fourth attempt. I am desperate to study as this will improve my life and the lives of my family. Please let them see something special about my application. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Desire to change schools

I would like to change schools, I was sent to my present position 3 years ago (not by my choice), it’s been oppressive and stressful even though I’m thankful to have a job and most of my colleagues are great, it feels isolating, and I already have that as a single person. I would like … Continue reading “Desire to change schools”

Job cut threat

Please pray. I was told that my job as a support for learning teacher could be cut due to a cut in staffing. I would like to serve the Lord at this school for many more years. I have only been there 2 years and now find myself in this position. I need to pay … Continue reading “Job cut threat”

Witnesses for Christ

I pray that the Lord make me more influential teacher and a better witness for Christ Jesus Amen 🙏


Please play pray that our students will do well on the math FSA coming up this Tuesday and Wednesday please pray that they will remember what we have taught them. In Jesus name we pray amen

Job as Asst.Professor

I pray that the Abba father bless me to get a job as Ass.Professor in a good college with a good salary.

Prayer for guidance in my job

Please pray for me as an Online ESL Teacher and guide me to have confidence in teaching my students and pray that many students book my class. Thank you.


Heavenly Father, I pray for all teachers within the online community that you strengthen them see them through all their trials as educators and molders of the mind that they impart great knowledge into the minds that you made them stewards over give them all that they need to fulfill your plans for the minds … Continue reading “Educators”

For my education

Please pray tat i willbe able to defend my dissertation this semester and that i will graduate with my Ph.D this June.

Prayer for the defense

Dear God, I thank you po for all the blessings we received every day. Please forgive me for the sins I committed. Please send me your Holy Spirit to guide me on my defense. Give me wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and confidence to discuss my thesis result to my panelists. I am praying to hear and … Continue reading “Prayer for the defense”

Job Hunting Journey

I am in search of a new job, please keep me in your prayers as I embark upon this journey that I may receive the job that I want.

Sensitivity and Wisdom

Lord I cry out to you for help!! Help me dear God to be patient with my students who love to talk. God allow me not to crush anyone little spirit as these are children. Cross examine my heart and forgive me dear God for anything I have said or done that I may not … Continue reading “Sensitivity and Wisdom”

My TEACHER dont like me

Please pray for me my TEACHER does everything she can to fail me she says I’m always smiling and she doesn’t like that pray that she will leave me alone and stop holding back my grades, I work hard on my school work and I try to pray for her to change.


Please pray so I can succeed in all my exams this year.

Challenging Student

Please pray for me and this very challenging student that I have in my classroom. My prayer is that he will learn how to follow the rules of my classroom, not tell me NO, and not destroy items in my classroom. He is a very bright young man, but he is very defiant, and has … Continue reading “Challenging Student”

For Wisdom and Discerment

In the name of Yahshua, I thank you for the wisdom of your word and discernment of the Spirit to study the word more. A closer walk with you. In Yahshua name Amen


Dear lord, Kindly help me pass the net exam. You have given me everything more than I deserve. Guide and strengthen me Jesus.


Dear God, I wish I could get a 8.5 for my history test this time. I hope this term Ms. Thư will mark my test.

Prayer request

I’m facing so many struggles in finishing my PhD studies. So I am not able to lead a peaceful life.full of tension. Kindly pray for me that GOD to help me in this regard. GOD to make a way where there seems no way.

Job hunting prayer

I am requesting for a prayer for finding a Job, I am an unemployed female of 25 years of age. I have a teachers degree and 3 years experience…  I live in South Africa in the Eastern Cape.

For my friend Antoinette

Antoinette dearly loves our Lord. She is a devout Roman Catholic. Lately she awakes and sees her husband who has passed and last evening she saw a man she described as having a white mustache with white hair just appeared in her bedroom in the middle of the night, not saying a word and then … Continue reading “For my friend Antoinette”

Stay the Course

Please pray that I am given an opportunity that blows my mind. Pray that I am able to finish my school semester strong. Pray that God continues to bless me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Pray that God covers my family’s hearts during the holidays.

Research guide

Oh, God, please give me the teachers that I like as my research guide


I need strength courage faith in troubled times.

Prayer for healing

Please remove my bad breath, stomach issue with acid. Weight around my stomach, heartburn and gum issues. I feel that I put them on when I was 15 years old because of the sexual abuse I had in my childhood to push people away from being intimate with me. Since I suffer from rejection, love … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”

Passing the test this Sunday

Please pray that Christine passes the Praxis test this Sunday in order for her to become a Special Needs teacher. Thank you and God Bless you.

Wisdom and understading

Help to teach Sunday this Sunday I teach a lesson on 2corinthians 8:7-15 I ask for your guidance and encouragement to be clearly and speak with wisdom and understanding with your word that is truthful and fulfilling them.I ask you to be with me. Amen

Wisdom and understading

Help to teach Sunday this Sunday I teach a lesson on 2corinthians 8:7-15 I ask for your guiding and encourage to be clearly and speak with wisdom and understanding with your word that is truthful and fulfilling them .I ask you be with me. Amen

Wisdom and understading

Help to teach Sunday this Sunday I teach a lesson on 2corinthians 8:7-15 I ask for your guiding and encourage to be clearly and speak with wisdom and understanding with your word that is truthful and fulfilling them .I ask you be with me. Amen

A Prayer for Students

Oh Lord, you live and you learn. Please help, support students of our home town schools. We celebrate and gather together under God, who is great and awesome. Help us appreciate students and teachers. We hope for success. Find them success what ever field and course. Suffer not! Bring helpers and sisters with friendship, in … Continue reading “A Prayer for Students”

Prayer For Protection

I am being harassed at work. I have met with my HR and union. Please pray for protection from retaliation, for empathy and belief in my testimony and that I will not be vilified in anyway for standing up and speaking out. I’ve been waiting for my HR to follow up with me to hear … Continue reading “Prayer For Protection”