Prayer for for Students with Severe Discipline Problems

Abba Father, we ask to be filled with the fruits of Your Spirit and that You impart to us Your perfect wisdom that we seek.

Please guide us as administrators, teachers, and support staff as we serve the troubled students at this campus. Help us to provide patient, effective discipline rather than mirroring anger and distain. Develop constructive relationships where there is indifference. As we teach, partner with us, that our efforts will be multiplied by Your greatness.

Father, grant us patience and forgiveness with our students. Remind us that none are without sin, including ourselves. Remind us that each of us carries the personal baggage of our own experience, and that not all know how to lay that baggage at Your feet. Father, teach us to teach our students and effectively prepare them for their rightful place in Your world.

In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ,

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