Prayer for the community

(Dover, De, USA)

Heavenly Father, you gather us together in our faith journey

Trusting in you, we join one another as a community
A community of faith on a journey
A journey to grow ever deeper in our faith
In our Love
In our Desire to long for you
Along the way, remind us of your Love
Of your sacrifice for us
Of your ever mindful presence
Let us never lose hope along the way
Help us to be strong
Strong in Faith
Strong in Love
Strong in our Desire to be ever mindful of your presence
For it is in your strength and Love and the Graces you bestow upon us, that we can go out and share in your Love and Faith with all those in our community.
It is in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reins with you and the Holy Sprit one God For ever and ever


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  1. Community Prayer

    Today I needed a prayer on community. I didnt know how powerful the prayer would be for me. The spirit is strong

  2. Prayer for Help and Miracle

    My life has not been easy,it is always a rocky road to travel.There were times i want to stop,rest and give up.But i can’t i have 4 lives that depend on me.Yes I’m a single mom.Here I am again facing a big boulder infant of me. Asking God to lift it up and let me pass the road.What ever the problem with my passport that the office is saying,because I’m in the dark no feedback was given.I need this job to be able to provide for my kids,the money is helping me provide for my kids.Please whoever would be reading my request please help me pray and knock on GOD’s door.To help me once more.i need your prayers please help me …

  3. Confused and lost

    I’m having a hard time getting into graduate school right now. I was rejected to all 7 schools I applied to. I feel like a failure. I’m so depressed. This is my second time applying to these schools and I can’t afford waiting another year to reapply. I’m so lost and I’m questioning everything. I’ve been so down in the dumps lately that my thoughts have lingered to suicide. Please pray that I find direction in my life and to have patience for what God has planned for me.

  4. Anonymous

    I ask for prayers in my upcoming trial. I do know that what I did was wrong. There was no one hurt, no one harmed in any way, and no property damage. I know that I made bad choices in life that had to so with my addiction. I am over 9 months sober and actively working in recovery. I am praying for a reduced sentence and that they see all the positives and the intentions within my heart.

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