Please pray for me and my husband I just lost my son, my jobs, and about to lose my home, pray for our health. Thank you. May God bless you.

New Life

Bless us as we begin a new life together. Both Christians, senior adults, and failed marriages. God had brought us together after 49 years of knowing each other. Our children grew up ad brothers and sister and still feel that way. We want to complete the circle for our family

Better of myself and success for my education

God please to take the blinders of sin away, have positive think, and peaceful heart so I could be a better person than a year ago. God, give me the best for my education, beacuse I know your plan is the best for me. Amen

Worried for my husband

Saint Jude, I am very much worried as it’s been more than a day that I don’t have an idea of my husband whereabouts. Wherever he is right now, please touch his mind and his heart to at least let me know or take the courage to come home in order that all my worries … Continue reading “Worried for my husband”

Success in education

God help me in my studies and bless me with wisdom knowledge and understanding to pass all my exams, and let my life be an example to others. And at the end your be glorify. Amen

For my daughter

Please pray for my daughter priya who is stubborn, arrongant and not listening to parents. Pray god to over one all these and lead a god fearing life. Please pray for her work, for her peace of mind and to come closer to god.

Daily Prayers

Dear Father, I need your blessings peace, love, happiness, I’m going through Financial crisis due that I had an accident I need your blessings for healing so I can get on my feet to go back to work need to follow your footsteps.

Please Lord hear my petitions for unto You do I daily lament. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ Amen

Wednesday January 16th, Praise Report and Persistent, Persevering Daily Prayer Request to The Heavenly Father, My Lord JESUS CHRIST THE KING, ST. PEREGRINE, St. Jude, Our Lady of Lourdes, Sacred Heart of Jesus and All Ye Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints Please Lord accept my dialogue with You, please hear my cries and take heed … Continue reading “Please Lord hear my petitions for unto You do I daily lament. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ Amen”

To be drawn closer to God

I want God to draw me closer to him and for him to remove this heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh. I want to have a heart that desires God. I want God to use me.


I am a weak lord, give me strength daily to go through life s challenges that sometimes seem too much- remove these awful ideas and lift me up before I do something really stupid. In your name, I pray.

Restore my spirit

I’m asking for your prayers and I’m praying for myself as well to build that strong relationship with God as and to continue to seek Him for my vision.

Our Country

Lord, we seek your guidance and wisdom as our Country needs the power you bring to provide us the way forward. Help us today to see your light and let it guide us as we move forward to take care of those who need our help! Amen


I need God to help me in my Education.I wanna succeed and this year be my final year at school because I have been failing for years.

Heal and covered

Lord, I would like to thank of for being the head of my life. I praying over my entire body. Anything that is not of you fixes it ….if it can’t be fixed remove it! Father touch my kids in a mighty way bring Deliverance to them that they may live to please and to … Continue reading “Heal and covered”

Nursing School

I’m requesting prayer asking God to place his hands over me during this difficult time. I was supposed to graduate from nursing school this spring but now it isn’t looking that way and I may be kicked out of the program. I plan to appeal their decision due to unforeseen circumstances. However, I just pray … Continue reading “Nursing School”

Fruits of the Spirit

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for teaching me, guiding me and loving me in a way that no one else can. Thank You for never giving up on me. Lord, i desire You to be dominant in every area of my life. I need Your help in identifying why I’m struggling so bad with self … Continue reading “Fruits of the Spirit”

Fruit of the womb

It’s my prayer the Almighty Father Will have mercy and bless me with a triplet. Amen

Urgent prayer

Overcome unbelief The plot of enemy destroyed Set free and walk in freedom Deeper walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Marriage, family, education, finance, and health etc Gods purpose to be fulfilled in my life. To hear from the lord and manifestation of his power and glory in my life.

A future husband

My late husband has been dead for over 4 years. We had a wonderful relationship. I would love to marry again soon. I just turned 70 and I know God can answer this prayer!

Doer of the word

Lord, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ the savior of this whole world. I ask that you come into my heart, speak to me and help me daily to be not just a reader or a hearer of your word; but also a doer. These and other mercies I ask in … Continue reading “Doer of the word”

Favor in my family

Asking God to be the center of my family and everything that I lay my hands on will be successful

Please Help Me

Dear Lord, My days are always disturbed due to so many problems in work and our personal life. Please help and guide me on how I can overcome all of these. I always believe that GOD is GOOD & GOD NEVER FAILS.

Several Items

Sir or Ma’am, Please pray that God would 1, help me decide to trust & obey Him, regardless. 2, grant me an understanding of His will & willingness to wait on Him. 3, help me to pursue righteousness, faithfulness, love endurance & gentleness. 4, continually fill me with His Spirit. 5, clarify some particular issues … Continue reading “Several Items”

My entire life

Pray for me that my life would stop going in circles. some years ago i had a dream where a black figure with red eyes told me that nothing would good would ever happen for me. i tried everything and nothing works. i have no relationship, not married, no satisfying work, no friends, no peace, … Continue reading “My entire life”

Peace Be Unto the World

Holy Heavenly Father, as the new year draws nigh I pray for the forgiveness of our sins. Please continue to show us your mercy, guide us with your daily bread, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. I pray that your blessings will enhance … Continue reading “Peace Be Unto the World”

Me myself and I

I struggle with procrastination I struggle with keeping my positivity up with. I am standing for God. I alone – I am Navajo and struggling with keeping with my culture. I havent gone back to church almost 2mth, I am there. I want a study group I wanted to be baptized with my kids has … Continue reading “Me myself and I”

Lord, you know all my heart’s desire

Lord, you know all my heart’s desire. Please help me to go back to the United States of America so I can provide all my family’s needs and I can extend my hand to those people who are in need. Amen.

Please pray for me

I was kicked out of my family home on boxing day. On the same day my boyfriend broke up with me and I miss him. He wasn’t a Christian but he has started to get curious about His. I want you guys to pray for his salvation and for God to reveal himself to Jason. … Continue reading “Please pray for me”

Heartbroken and alone

My husband abandoned me 2 years ago and subsequently divorced me. My heart is still broken and I’m having trouble moving on. I haven’t any family or friends where I live. I’m 58 years old and am having trouble finding fellowship in my church. Last year was the worst year of my life. On top … Continue reading “Heartbroken and alone”

Help me

God, I ask you to heal my heart and forgive my thoughts and actions I pray for happiness. But only happiness that you install through me .god better family communication more self-love, God . God, I ask you to open my mind body and soul to be more intuned with you. Jesus, I’m sorry to … Continue reading “Help me”

US visa breakthrough

Lord, I need your help on my visa interview Grant me my visa divinely That I will rejoice on the 7th which is next week my supposed interview date Grant me favour beyond my expectations Amen

Prayer of Rededication

I rededicated my life Christ last nite 12/30/18. I ask you to pray for me and that God’s Holy Spirit directs my life each step of the way. Please pray Gods healing and blessing cover me as I start afresh with my rededication. May strengthen me at work, at home and being able to display … Continue reading “Prayer of Rededication”

For heath

I need prayer for my health I want to do right on taking my medication I need to start taken them correctly also pray for my children that they would overcome the struggle that they are going on in life also pray that if something is meant for me it is for me. Thank you

Closer to God

Dear Lord, I want more of you, in my life, in every single moment, I spend here on earth. Bless my life, my daughter, my family, my work, my friends and may i bear more fruits for the glory of your Holy Name, Amen

Good Marriage decision and financial breakthrough

Been dating for a while and he has asked me to marry him, I love him but I am filled with doubts and keep getting unpleasant dreams, need help. Financial breakthrough and stability to start a business and help people

Nursing School

I’m requesting prayer asking God to give me the wisdom and knowledge to get finish with nursing school as well as passing my upcoming exams. I am almost to the finish line and just need Him to guide me to not second guess myself and believe in Him. Also, to be with the instructors and … Continue reading “Nursing School”

Relief from extreme anxiety.

Please pray that I can let the lord take over my life and fill my heart with calmness and peace. I have suffered this anxiety too long already. It gets so bad I can’t function and that makes me feel worthless. Thank you so much