Angry Bird

I picked the title “Angry Bird” because that is my nickname at work. Not one I’m proud of but it is true. I have so much anger built up inside of me I feel like I could bust any second. I have no friends and my family isn’t happy either. I go off for no … Continue reading “Angry Bird”

Lord I need you.

Lord I need you!! Please help me to be pleasing in your sight. Please let my life be a sweet aroma in your presence. I Love you Lord with all my heart. I Thank you for all you do for me, and you forgiving me of all my sins. I want to be strong and … Continue reading “Lord I need you.”

Strength and Courage

Lord I come to you as humble as I know how asking you to forgive me of my sins those in past and in the future thanking you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all our sins and transgressions, now I ask that you cover my children and grandchildren … Continue reading “Strength and Courage”

a Home and provision

I am praying for a whole new life and the ability to have a home. I have worked for years and really need God to provide a home for me and my husband. I am so tired and weary and have some serious PTSD and mental health issues and I need to be taken care … Continue reading “a Home and provision”

Life issues and a house

Please pray for my mom that she bounces back from whatever that is keeping her down an eye pain goes away an her health gets better. Please pray I receive money to buy or put a down payment on a house ASAP . Please pray for my kids that they are safe and protected from … Continue reading “Life issues and a house”


Father God. I ask in the name and blood of our Lord and Your son Jesus Christ. Because in my own name I am not known and my own blood I am not worthy. For Your glory. For Your pleasure. For my ancestors honor. For my wife’s ancestors sake. For everyone who cares about her … Continue reading “Grace”

Broken heart

I pray for forgiveness for all the wrong I have done.. I pray for the strength mentally physically and spiritually I pray for guidance ,drove and determination I pray to be more patience aware I pray for love I pray that anyone that has bad intentions towards me or my family be stopped I pray … Continue reading “Broken heart”

Jesus i am sorry

Jesus i love him make a way i want to talk to him ..he should understand me jesus …he should not reaveal this to anyone jesus …i want to love him forever jesus ……..i dont to get married to others jesus ….make a way jesus …lead me jesus …jesus jesus …jesus …jesus ….jesus …..jesus …jesus … Continue reading “Jesus i am sorry”

Faith and trust in God

Heavenly Father thank you for the gift of life. Thank You for Your mighty hand that’s always upon us. Thank you for the Rock that’s higher than I. O bless Rock of Ages I’m hiding in Thee. Lord tonight I make my requests known to Thee. Lord open doors of abundance for my family. Bless … Continue reading “Faith and trust in God”

Lord help me

Hello, I pray that as I go to work today, that Father God will uplift my spirit, soul, heart, and mind with love, peace, comfort, forgiveness, self control, JOY! JOY! Understanding and wisdom and to walk in peace with one particular coworker Sophia who is full of jealousy and negativity against me. When I have … Continue reading “Lord help me”

Prayer request

Lord Please take everything out of my heart, mind and spirit concerning my grandmother because you know all the details Lord. I Release her to You Lord, you deal with her how You see fit. If there’s any entanglements, soul ties orb ungodly soul ties that’s keeping me from releasing her take it all out … Continue reading “Prayer request”

My daily prayer

Lord, please guide me always everyday. Help me to focus and be more motivated so that I can study for my NCLEX exam everyday and become a registered nurse by April. Please guide my thoughts and my words with your teachings. I also pray for my husband’s health. That his hernia won’t get worst. Please … Continue reading “My daily prayer”

My Biological Family

I was abused at 20 yrs old by my Dad/Hero. Not only did Dad lie about it, Mom & 5 other Siblings were lied to too. It killed me the Shock, the Hate, the PTSD. You don’t know what thought, date 4/14, violent movie, etc is going to Trigger It. Best advice, Know your Triggers. … Continue reading “My Biological Family”

Spiritual walk

Prayers for : My growth & conviction in my spiritual walk! My new job – whatever God has for me. A soul mate

Prayer for my finance to pay off my debt,and for my son Zakeem help guide and protect him help him find a job.

Father I thank you for your blessings and protection and forgiveness, please bless me and my finance,bless my finance so I can clear off my debt and help others, it I my goal to give back and help others who are in need.Father I know I have made mistakes we all makes mistake please forgive … Continue reading “Prayer for my finance to pay off my debt,and for my son Zakeem help guide and protect him help him find a job.”

A new direction

Heavenly Father I thank you for your presence power and protection in my life on a daily basis. You have been so loving and kind to me and daily your love continues to shine on me. As this new year has approached I pray that you will continue to guide and protect me. Give me … Continue reading “A new direction”

New Beginnings

Prayers for myself and immediate family members to be lifted up into a New Beginnings in our lives

Daily living

Help me to let the holy spirit bring me peace and to trust his wisdom

Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Agreement in Jesus Name

May the Word of God spoken out of my mouth humble anyone or anything as we all agree in one accord in The name of Jesus’ Amen.

Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth to focus and be disciplined in studying God’s word and applying His truths daily;

Pray for Mercy

Kindly Father God have mercy on us all we have sin against you and we have been self seeking not seeking your Will but ours Lord help us to get know your perfect plan so we can walk accordingly to your plan in our life Father is all about you Lord , you thought us … Continue reading “Pray for Mercy”

Letting go

Please the Lord Jesus make me and my family grow closer to You.

Completely beaten

So sad I am. Spent much time aiming to prevent life loss at the hands of an odd computer virus or cyber storm. Impossible. And so I sit with so little available I am numb. Wondering how I can proceed all life work missign and in general, hey, we all need to work and pay … Continue reading “Completely beaten”