Pastor Joseph Horne should not have let it all happen to me

by Kristina ()

It is one thing to have heard that I was a victim and for it to be on the news and cspan would ask me to participate in their summit. But for this pastor to feel he can make me live out years of other suffering and harm from the people in his church because of this, is wrong. I have been committed to church so long and there is no responsibility on his behalf for others to respect me and love me when they are church members who know of me and should not make a harmful belief about my life and the church. He let things happen that do not have a clarification of how I have seen the church right and his actions are for my right to be given a kind and living church with all the right knowledge to what I hear. He does not have a right to move things around and not inform all his members so badly they feel there is a conspiracy against them in the church.

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