Salvation / wisdom

I have people in my inner circle in my life that are not saved… That are not living godly lives and are in toxic relationships. My prayer is that God‘s mercy and sovereignty is made apparent in my daughters life and that this other person in my inner circle was touched by Jesus so much … Continue reading “Salvation / wisdom”

Abandoned during pregnancy

Please pray for my pregnancy health and wellness. The father of this child lied about his feelings for me, while his actions showed different. I requested for him to speak the truth clearly, but his words were that he didn’t want anything with us and walked away. Since 2 weeks ago, we have not heard … Continue reading “Abandoned during pregnancy”


For my marriage to be restored with my ex husband.Healing and forgiveness in the hearts and minds of my family members(towards me). And for TRUE FRIENDSHIPS to be non-judgmental and accepting one another as we are with flaws and all to be there for one another without criticism but with love and understanding. To have … Continue reading “FULL COMPLETE RESTORATION”

need desperate help

2 chronicles 20 O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee HELP– the voice-enemy says that im wiser than YHWH There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against LORD … Continue reading “need desperate help”

Relationships breakthrough

I’m praying for God to heal my heart which is suffering greatly from lack of true love and respect from my husband and my daughter. I pray their hearts will be softened and convicted of all backsliding and passing unfair judgements on me and twisting the truth. I don’t want this family to be broken … Continue reading “Relationships breakthrough”

Such Pain!

I am out of words . I am emotionally challenged with a decision made by my husband of 20 years to say he is ok without my love . I have been threatened and thrown away . I am suffering because I invested my love and loyalty and raised a wonderful loving child in the … Continue reading “Such Pain!”

Let him know im sorry

I have sinned against a man who was the man with and of god from family to his heart, I have done magic and casted out my only godly feelings and families with the demon hand i have been given, I was divine then I dined on the words of lies and not of gods … Continue reading “Let him know im sorry”


Dear Father I pray please reconcile Nick and me. Even though he is alone in prison, please reassure him that just because of someone he knew stopped by briefly to tell me Nick had been recalled to prison, Nick now thinks that I am in contact with his friend. I am not. He is angry … Continue reading “Resolve”

restoration of family

Please I am asking for prayer for my son Jordane Thompson that he will know the Lord Jesus Christ and accept him as lord and Savior pray for guidance and direction, favor, and an open door in his life in the name of Jesus Christ. Also, prayer for my Marriage restoration my business, misty water … Continue reading “restoration of family”


I have been praying daily for my husbands salvation, deliverance from drug and alcohol addiction and restoration of our marriage as he has been living with another woman since this past September. He has finally left her but is still in contact so I continue to pray against this adultery. His actions over the last … Continue reading “Salvation”

Stay or Go

Hello! I am requesting prayer on my half. My husband has been exhibiting traits of his grandfather who was an abusive drunk. I have been having dreams and visions regarding this sin with my husband and how it will effect my children. Who are not born yet if I stay with my husband. I am … Continue reading “Stay or Go”

Marriage – family

My marriage is very broken. I have been married for 41 years as of May 1, 2023. I have been with this man for 43 years. He and I have separated in the past for small periods of time he went astray did things on the Internet met women, and I thought I had forgiven … Continue reading “Marriage – family”

Reunion with partner

In September 2023, my partner Mark Northam and I went through a deeply distressing breakup. The challenges he faced with his daughter and ex-wife significantly affected our once loving relationship, ultimately leading us to separate once again in February 2023, despite our efforts to give our connection another chance. Since our breakup in February, Mark … Continue reading “Reunion with partner”

For God to give me favor

My mother has not accepted the man I chose as my husband since 1989. She has not considered my decision and has not given me my place as a daughter; rather she has treated me like a second class daughter. My husband is from another culture, he is Peruvian and she would have liked it … Continue reading “For God to give me favor”

My future plaines

Dear lord and friend and loving king, my king please watch over me and mum and stepdad, of being antychrist people who still have faith, in our lives together has been Dark and unhappy and ungodly ways with mom and wazza on lord howe island. As for me lord i am truly blessed to have … Continue reading “My future plaines”

Not Wanted

I made such a mistake moving in with my daughter and family , things here are worse than where I was living , they don’t want me here and show it I’ve so considerate I took a pay cut , I just had a new love long distance and he ended it abrupt and cold … Continue reading “Not Wanted”

Dear lord

I’m here asking you lord to bring me and Ciara back we have fought we have been departed we need to get ourselves together we need to learn ourselves but lord I’m asking you to please send my baby the one that loved me for who I am the one I could talk to everyday … Continue reading “Dear lord”


Please pray for me and my soulmate Henrietta lord amen 🙏 bless our love and friendship forever and bless my soulmate lord to show her feelings for me unconditionally❤️

Broken mom

Please pray, for me I am yes a sinner and I can not find my way out of this mess. Daughter is not talking to me holding hurts and painful situations that are Not of my doing against me. But I am the accused. Pray for forgiveness, that our her heart will mend and that … Continue reading “Broken mom”


please pray for me I am desperate. I divorce my husband of two years. I have been very depressed. Hospitalized don’t wanna live anymore since June. I’m asking to pray for me. I want to reconcile with my husband. I made a terrible mistake. I miss him. I love him and I can’t go on … Continue reading “reconcile”

Missing my ex husband

Dear God Aug 1, 2023 my husband divorced me l was a good faithful wife l thought didn’t heat home every night . Got behind on bills that was a problem he accused me he called me bad names and things in front of my family l was embarrassed didn’t want my sons around nor … Continue reading “Missing my ex husband”

Mark & Sherri

The lord has given me the gift of love with my future wife. We were only together because of God and we both know it. A gift from the lord. Agape love. We had an argument, a first , and I feel like we were attacked by evil. Since Saturday we have been apart. Please … Continue reading “Mark & Sherri”

Prayer fofr Eastrer

MY PRAYER FOR EASTER FESTIVAL Burst bubbles and tattered pieces pray. . . Today I just want to sit quietly at Your feet, Lord. Sometimes life comes and takes away one’s words for You, simply. Sometimes one gets caught up in a habitual prayer, such a back-and-forth of words. . . Dear-Jesus-soft-and-tender. . . forgive … Continue reading “Prayer fofr Eastrer”


Father God in the name of Jesus. I pray that you have not seen me to come this far to end it all and leave me. Father I’m praying you can seek a moment to restore my life. I been through pain, but never like this. I’m truly in love with Tina and feels she … Continue reading “Hopeless”

Fix me Oh Lord.

Father in Heaven, I come before you today with my mind swirling with different thoughts and feelings. I have a hard decision to make and I just don’t know what to do. I feel helpless and confused. I’m worried about the consequences of my decision. I worry about the impact my decision will have not … Continue reading “Fix me Oh Lord.”


Ms and my boyfriend Joseph have been haveing problems mostly due to what other opinions of us are. Also do to his mental health. I ask that you lift us up that we can come together and work though this because I knkw we both love each other and want each other it just there … Continue reading “Reconciliation”

Family peace and forgiveness

Dear Lord! Please help my husband to forgive and heal recover from past life conflicts he didn’t see coming like this with people he once he loved spending time and but Devi found his way to break tru using unhealthy habits and disconnect connection with my family and community we loved coming together our children … Continue reading “Family peace and forgiveness”


Will you pray for my mom and dad’s estate they have stoled all the money all the documents and they have controlled me and they they have used me like a little prostitute they they just have set me up and controlled me through Mom and Dad’s estate and I can’t get over there they’ve … Continue reading “Anxiety”