healing of relationship

I pray to the wonder worker saint Anthony and Jesus Christ my savior and savior of the entire universe that the broken relationship me and domanik have may be fixed through the healing power of jesus christ and that it may be fixed in such a way we both thought never possible. I belive that through God ALL things are possible and that is why i have faith that this relationship through GOD will work. I pray that all issues regarding us may be gone and we may start fresh with the Lord God’s strenght to allow us to do the best we can in making the relationship work and with God by our side every step of the way helping us through everything all issues, obstacles, temptations and sin. I ask that we both may seek God first in every way and therefore i know that when we become closer to God we can become closer to each other. I believe in Gods word he said if i believe i will recieve whatever i ask for in prayer. I believe in this mountain and problem to change I belive that it can only take a miracle. But i believe in miracles. i also trust in my lords words when he says that if i believe that whatever i ask for in prayer is already mine. he will make it mine. HOLY HOLY HOLY LORD I USE THE NAME THE ANGELS USE TO CALL UPON YOU AND ASK YOU WITH GREAT FAITH AND HOPE IN THIS PRESENT ISSUE TO HEAL IT IN EVERY WAY. I believe with you i can tell a mountain to MOVE and it will. I ask this now. I make this prayer in the name of jesus Christ our lord and God Creator of heaven and earth and I trust in saint anthony to obtain for me this request and miracle as he is truly a wonder worker. AMEN AMEN AND AMEN.

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