The Rosary Prayer

The Rosary Prayer refers to a form of invocation used in the Catholic Church and to the string of knots or beads used to count the component prayers. The prayers that comprise the Rosary are arranged in sets of ten Hail Marys, called decades. Each decade is preceded by one Lord’s Prayer and followed by one Glory Be. During the recitation of each … Continue reading “The Rosary Prayer”

St Anthony Prayer

According to Catholic tradition, prayers to Saint Anthony were to request his aid particularly in finding lost articles. St. Anthony was known as a great preacher and theological instructor.  His sermons were so inspiring that his fame spread throughout France and Italy in the ten years before his death. Saint Anthony was known the “hammer … Continue reading “St Anthony Prayer”

Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful Otherwise known as the Universal Prayer or General Intercessions, these prayers are introduced by the celebrating priest, then a deacon or another member of the congregation or the priest himself proposes a number of intentions to pray for, and the people respond with a short invocation such as “Lord, hear our … Continue reading “Prayers of the Faithful”

Prayer to Saint Michael

Saint Michael the Archangel held an important heavenly role in doing battle against evil, protecting Christians against assault from the devil.  The prayer to Saint Michael originated with Pope Leo XIII in 1886.  Legend has it that the Pope received a vision in which he saw the great damage Satan would do to the Church … Continue reading “Prayer to Saint Michael”

Praising him on credit

The devil has thrown everything at me this has been the worst 6 months of my life…but I’m holding on strong believing in your word and standing on faith that god will turn this around my sunshine is coming I’m ready to rejoice on credit I know he will restore our love, communication, family trust … Continue reading “Praising him on credit”

The Most Popular Prayers

Here, we are collecting the most popular Christian prayers, and crowd-sourcing the results. That means YOU get a say! If you see your favorite prayer below, vote for it. Don’t see your favorite? Simply submit it by clicking on the “Add to List” button. Your Favorite Prayers Thanks for voting… Share these prayer pictures with … Continue reading “The Most Popular Prayers”

To be healed from cancer

Lord God, please wash away the cancer from my husband with your precious blood. Take away his pain from all over his body and help him breath normally. Give strength to his lungs and hold it up for him. Remove the pain from his ribs and heal him from his this sickness. Heal him, Lord. … Continue reading “To be healed from cancer”

Please continue to guide and bless us as we go through all these difficulties

Dear Lord, You know that my husband and I are going through marital problems. Please continue to guide and bless us as we go through all these difficulties.I know that you are a loving and merciful God.Help us to be more understanding,considerate and sensitive to each other’s feelings. May we be able to solve our … Continue reading “Please continue to guide and bless us as we go through all these difficulties”

Save my Relationship

Dear God, Please forgive me for every sin I have committed for every promise I have failed and for every lie I have told. Help me have understanding, show me patience and show me how to love. Please allow Jose and I to be happy again. Fill his heart with much love for me, help … Continue reading “Save my Relationship”

Prayer to Sell My Home

dear st Joseph please help us sell our home as my health is bad and need to relocate to a cleaner climTe.i I live in the Ohio valley and we have very high pollution. I have a lung condition. Also St Joseph we have a neighbor problem.the stress is more then I can handle. We … Continue reading “Prayer to Sell My Home”

Help me

Dear lord Please protect me and my children in Court next week. We are all afraid of my husband, you know how charming and convincing he can appear but you also know everything he has done to us all. Please protect the children and let the court see through his lies. Grant the children and … Continue reading “Help me”

To Sell my house

Dear Saint Joseph: Please help me to sell my house quickly so I can move to another house that is a single story. I am a 61 year old divorcee, and the house I’m in is too much for me to take care of by myself. Also, there is a family who wants this house, … Continue reading “To Sell my house”

Heel my heart

dear lord i can not take the pain anymore. For once in my life can you give me back the special people in my life. I struggle every day to stay here and you see how much i cry and how much i hurt. I ask you lord to grant me peace and love from … Continue reading “Heel my heart”

Prayer for Financial Aid

Dear God, Iam humbly asking for your help in my finances. Because of debts problem, iam not able to help my parents financially and all the people that asking help from me.Give me the strength and wisdom to be out of this situation for life. Give me prosperity and abundance Lord to help my family … Continue reading “Prayer for Financial Aid”

Pray for my Sons

My son was assaulted as a child and still has not reconciled himself. He is a lost soul. He has a chance for a job in his field tomorrow which may give him a path to pull his life back together. St Jude, I pray that he may be offered a job. My second son … Continue reading “Pray for my Sons”

Selling of house

Dear God, Please hep us sell our home. Time is of the essence. We keep losing out to new construction. We lower the price and I prayed to you every day. Please God give me the strength to go on with this and believe that this will happen when you wanted to. You need your … Continue reading “Selling of house”

Reunite Us

Oh God…Please bring back my love to me. Make him realize that he still loves me and that my love for him is pure and I will always be there for him. Give him strength and patience to fight for our love and bless us and our parents so that they can understand our love … Continue reading “Reunite Us”

Father help my family we are struggling financially

Father please renew our faith. Help us to seek you in time of need. Please remove the block that is holding us back. Make a clear path for us and most of all make never forget you dear Lord. For this I ask in your name Amen

Prayer to sell our home

Dear St. Joseph, As many before me have prayed to you asking assistance in selling their homes…I have joined them. I pray to you that you send the right family here who will see the positives of this home. I believe that with your help it will get sold before the summer is over. I … Continue reading “Prayer to sell our home”