Prayer for clear skin

by Etukudo Faith Imaobong (Nigeria)

Heavenly father,I come to you for I have no other person or place to go to please listen to my plea grant me that clear skin I have desired for a long while. Help me so that I may have the confidence to solve other problems similar to mine telling them of how you healed me and how you can also heal them if they call upon you.please lord help me thanks for answered prayers Amen…

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  1. clear skin

    Its mostly genetics I have clear skin and I honestly never did anything to have it I don’t drink water or wash my face or even moisturize but my friends did suffer with it you can get medicine from the doctor and even over the counter. I will pray it gets better for you and I’m thinking of you.

  2. God Heals

    Thanks and God bless you for keeping me in Prayer,I am glad and happy to say that God really answered my prayer and I have a Beautiful skin and it’s just because God loves me.please ask God for anything He would never leave us unaided for any reason.
    Please pray your Rosary if you can it is very important,I myself am guilty of not praying it consistently but I pray that God helps me and helps us all to Pray our Rosary.
    forever living products are also good for acne prone skin ranging from their propolis cream,aloe scrub,Aloe hand and face soap,aloe gelly and lots more.
    Please in all situations let’s pray to God, He is our only Helper,

  3. Acne

    Please pray for my son. Pray with this new treatment he sees clear skin and he starts to gain confidence again.

  4. I want clear skin

    I pray and pray but my skin won’t get better please someone help me I’m tired of looking at my skin every morning because of how horrible it looks

  5. Acne

    I started having acne six years ago. I tried antibiotic prescribed by a dermatologist, natural remedies, forever living products..but nothing worked. Please God help me heal my skin. Im so tired.

  6. Please pray for me

    I’ve struggled with acne for six years my skin is sensitive toward everything now I have dark spot and my skin has aged a little I need help please pray for me I’ve tried everything

  7. I need prayers

    I’ve been struggling with acne for almost 8 years and if you name it I’ve tried it. I need the prayers I’ve never felt so insecure in my life. God bless.

  8. Prayers

    Please pray for me . I lost all of my confidence because of the amount of acne and textured skin I have. I am 15 and I can’t even go out of the house without makeup even though my skin still looks horrible. I need god to help me nothing works

  9. Please pray for me

    Please pray for me ,my small breakouts in my face seems never disappear and so whenever im eating foods that in allergic in my face started to have some pimples
    Please pray for me,heal me oh lord so that my allergies in my face will disappear as well as the small breakouts

  10. dear god

    dear god, help me clear my skin. help me gain confidence in myself. Dear god, help me

  11. Acne

    I’m 16 and i’ve has acne for about 5 going on 6 years and it sucks. I used to get bullied even by my own family i feel so insecure i walk with my head down in the hallways at school, i’ve tried almost everything and nothing help. I feel so ugly sometimes and i have no confidence within myself i moved schools just before my face was horrible i couldn’t be a big school with a lot of people, i pray to god i regain clean skin at least

  12. Luke

    My names Luke and I’m 14 please pray for me because my acne is terrible and I also have this rash on the side of my nose that’s looks ugly. Every morning it drives me insane how ugly it looks but I have faith in god that he will heal me. Please pray for me

  13. Pray With Faith!

    When you pray always have faith that you will get something good. Don’t pray and just see what happens you must believe that God will meet your needs!

  14. My skin

    My acne was always small on my forehead and i always used to complain about it. Literally, i would only get small ones on my forehead AND NOWHERE ELSE. recently, exactly 7 days ago i started getting acne everywhere and out of nowhere. I pray that it goes away soon but if anything it as only gotten worse, worse and now its unbearable to look at in the period of 7 days. I have been really upset and i PRAY, that is starts to heal right away. All of my friends have clear and healthy skin then u have me. Full, FULL of acne and i seem to also be the only one in my family whos face looks like absolute shit. I hide in my bedroom everyday cause i don’t want anyone to see my face. Every time i look in the mirror i cry then smash my hand against it. No one in my family or even friends understands what i’m going through. Im sorry for the rant but i really needed to say how i’m feeling and pray from every part of my heart to God that there will be an improvement and it will all go away so i can just have clear skin soon because i cant handle this anymore.

  15. Clear skin

    I’m 14 and my acne just keeps getting worse, I have no self confidence once so ever, I don’t even leave the house if I need to. I wash my face daily and use masks but I still keep breaking out! My family always points it out to which makes my confidence ever drop lower! My mother has suffered from small acne throughout her life, I’m hoping mine goes away soon. I have faith god will help me with my skin or at least my confidence.

  16. Clear Skin

    please pray for me I don’t kno how to get my skin clear and I’ve tried everything and my acne is getting bad and I get teased for it .I just want clear skin so my confidence can go back up please pray for me.

  17. Acne

    Please guys pray for me to have clear skin for good. It’s been 4 years now since I’ve got acnes on my face. We have our upcoming school ball next month but im thinking of staying home because i don’t have the confidence to see anyone face to face . Please Lord heal my acnes in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  18. Healing prayer for hormonal acne

    Please pray with me for God to heal my acne. They appear all over my cheeks and jaws and I am trying to stop picking them. Now I have dark spots covering my cheeks and jaw. I’m also having a bad case of dandruff. I was told this is hormonal acne and dandruff and I cannot use aggressive treatments as I’m still of child-bearing age.
    Please pray with me. God forgive me for bringing this to him as a last resort. I should have committed this acne problem to Him from the onset. Please Lord forgive me and heal me. I have confidence in You!

  19. acne

    please make my skin clear up it makes me so unhappy and makes me so self conscious please god make it clear up it will make me so much happier and i will gain back my confidence. i love you so much and thank you for everything

  20. acnr

    Lord please heal our acne problems. I know that we needto embrace our imperfections but every time I look into my face I feel so helpless and gives me low confidence and it makes me stay in ourhouse. I always feel so down because of acne problem. Iwanted to get rid of this acne forever. Please help me Lord . and also to others who experienced the same situation. Lord plea grant our petitions. This I ask name I pray. Amen

  21. Pray for my friend's break outs and clear skin

    O, heavenly Father,
    I pray in your almighty name Jesus that My friend’s break out be clear that this product will help him to clear out his skin and goes away all negativity from his face that he receives your glory through the product and delivers in his soul, that cleanses his soul, skin. Thank you Lord for giving the answers, Thank you Jesus for your protection. In Jesus name, AMEN.

  22. Prayer for healing

    Low self esteem for 10 years from terrible acne…. I had a year or so in between where it was clear but now it is après than ever and I’m 24. I feel so horrible sometimes for feeling so low about this but it is important and your feelings are important!!!! God please, Jesus, holt spirit, heal all of us from acne and prevent future breakouts. You see how we all suffer and anguish so deeply. Provide for us today true healing and may now have clear skin begin to show on our faces and any other afflicted areas. You are so merciful and wonderful Jesus, thank you for hearing us. Amen

  23. Abby

    Please Heavenly Father help me with my bad skin. It has rapidly gotten worse over the past year that I don’t even like to look at myself in the mirror. Please heal me and help me gain confidence in myself. God bless

  24. Healing from bad skin

    I pray thy Lord to heal my skin and give me healthy bright looking skin from past one year I am suffering from acne dry damaged skin and this has brought my confidence level to zero I have stopped going out of house please dear lord help me to heal my skin and have beautiful hydrated skin AMEN

  25. Dark spots on hands n legs

    Lord i need you to clear off dark spots on my legs n hands that it will clear off n I will b able to feel free n live like others ladies. Lord am tired of hiding them n spending money on it..lord plz i need ur healings

  26. God please help me

    I am tired of my acne, acne scars, and tienea versicolor. It’s been a real struggle. My self confidence is comeplety depleted and I never look in the mirror anymore. Please God I pray that you help me.

  27. Pray for me to have clear skin

    I have tired everything now I am trying god and asking him for help to clear my skin ( please help me god ) AMEN

  28. I m done with this life

    I’m suffering from acne since 6 years no medicines are working fir me..I’m really depressed and crying all say looking at my horrible face.. Plese god heal our skin problems its really not easy to carry ourselves outside..It kills us like anything.plese god heal my acne wich is severe

  29. Prayer for clear skin

    Please God help me to have clear skin and regain my confidence. I have tried everything to maintain clear skin but nothing works and I keep getting breakouts, so please answer this prayer and heal my skin.

  30. I’m am hopeful

    Lord I pray that you give me the strength and courage to fight off acne. I have been jealous of others clear skin but please help me to focus on myself and not compare myself to others. Encourage me to stay persistent and optimistic because I know I will get through this soon and I know I will be happy again. Let me be thankful and blessed for everything you do for me. In God’s name I pray, Amen.

  31. Clear skin.

    I’ve started praying over my skin. Thanking God for how he made me. But I so desperately want to have clear skin en feel beautiful…
    I know God will answer my prayers when the time is write.

  32. Prayer for clear skin

    Am having acnes and pimples and black spots all over my face and I am wanting prayer for a clear skin… please..please pray for me it’s my dream to see a clear and healthy skin and face

  33. Prayer for skin

    I have had a skin problem which only started few years after I had my child. I have tried dermatologist and nothing seem to work. I appear dark spot on my face and legs and little on my body and this makes me feel uncomfortable. I can’t walk naked if I’m around people’s feel ashamed. Please send me prayer and pray for me that my skin is healed.

  34. Healing Prayer for my unhealthy skin

    I’ve been suffering from acne and chronic dark spot for about 5years. This has caused me low self esteem. I can’t approach people, and it has caused a lot pain and denied me of so many things in life, I also skipped school because of this acne and dark spot. I’ve tried alot treatments I could possibly get but no changes. But I believe there’s nothing God cannot do, I Faith in him. I need prayer for clear and healthy skin. Amen

  35. Acne

    Dear Lord, I pray and have faith in you that you will help clear my skin, and help me to be more confident. I pray that I don’t need to look at other peoples nice and clear skin and wishing it was mine. I BELIVE that you can heal me from all my acne and my acne scars, and I gain my confidence back, and finally feel good about myself. Amen.

  36. Prayers for healing

    I pray for all those who requested their acne to go away. I pray my son’s acne will finally clear up and he will not have scars and have confidence. He cannot take acutane & topical medication is not working after almost two years. I pray to trust fully in the Lord. In Jesus name Amen. Thank you.

  37. Praying for pimples and dark spots free skin

    Heavenly Father i request you to take everyone’s sin and make every one to glow and get a shining face and pimple free skin. I honestly pray for everyone in this world.i pray for myself because my genetic is clear skin. But in this recent era i got lot of pimples becz of my sins. God i m sorry for my sins I will rectify and I will surrender myself to u jesus.i pray for my vishnu who have severe acne only in nose bcz of me. Bcz i always make him angry because of me he lost his beauty . Please return us our original skin Jesus. Whatever I eat i m getting pimple . Please allow me to eat Jesus. I love u wholeheartedly. Show us some miracle. I will see a miracle within tommorow unbelievable miracle can happen only through u not through human. I won’t go to hospital becz u r my doctor. Love u Jesus. I know my prayer are going to answer by u within today. Even my mother scolding me for my pimples Jesus plz help me to get over for this

  38. Acne

    God, please give me my old clear skin, I am struggling with it,
    I know you will give me the clear skin I’ve always wanted,
    But, I really feel ugly with my acne, please remove it and heal it,
    I’m begging you, if you are willing to, I know you will give me
    The clear skin I’ve always wanted. Amen.

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