How to Teach Children About Prayer

Have you ever heard a child pray?

If so, you can probably agree that it is one of the most precious things to hear. Children have an innocent faith about them and if they are praying about something, theyre usually praying right from the bottom of their heart speaking to God with childlike faith.

If youre wondering how to teach your children about prayer, I commend you for your desire to teach such an important principle to your children.

Prayer is a powerful tool and if taught to children while they are young, its likely that they will pray throughout their whole lives.


Here are some practical ways to teach your children about prayer…

Lead by Example:

Children will learn a great deal about prayer as they hear you pray. Pray in the morning, before meals, during family time, when someone is ill, at bedtime, or anytime for that matter!

As you boldly declare your faith in prayer to God, your children will be more apt to want to follow in your footsteps. They may even add to your prayers spontaneously.

Promote Talking:

Children might be apprehensive if they hear formal prayers and wonder if they could pray so eloquent.

Teach your children that praying simply means talking to God. Just like they would talk to their teacher, parent, or friend, they can talk to God. Let them know that there is really no right or wrong way to talk to God; they can simply share their feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

Read Bible stories together:

There are plenty of times that Jesus or others in the Bible prayed to God. Read Bible stories with your children as often as you can, as they will get to learn more about God and hear how men prayed to God back in the ancient days.

There are many Bible story books available to choose from. There are also childrens prayer books you could purchase and read together.

Write out some prayers:

If your child is struggling with an issue such as fear or ill health, write out some prayers to God that he or she can pray on occasion. I know one child who taped a piece of paper to her wall by her bed that had prayers written on it. She prayed those prayers every night before going to sleep.

Let your children know that they dont have to pray word for word, but to use the prayers as a guide. You dont want them to think that their doing it wrong.

Remind them of answered prayers:

If you and your children have prayed about something and that prayer was answered, let them know.

If you prayed for Aunt Susie to recover from the flu in record time and she did, celebrate the answered prayer with your children. This will act as a faith builder for them and theyll be more apt to pray in the future.

Give them a prayer journal:

Prayer journaling is a great way for your children to learn how to pray. Purchase or make a prayer journal out of a notebook and give it to your child. Tell him to write down prayers, as well as thoughts and feelings. Encourage him to make a note when a prayer has been answered.

This will help him to build his faith and express his feelings and desires to God.

Go through the Lords Prayer:

Matthew 6:9-13 is known as the Lords Prayer. Take your children through this prayer and discuss how Jesus prayed and how they can use the same type of prayer as an example while they pray.

The Lords Prayer can teach them to:

“Honor God
Ask God for daily needs to be met
Ask for forgiveness for sins
Promote protection from evil
Be thankful” [Matthew 6:9-13]

Have regular family prayer time:

Im sure youve heard the saying, A family that prays together stays together. Praying as a family is advantageous in various ways. There is a bond that is formed as people pray together and you can share that as a family.

Your children will come to love family prayer time, as there is much love and devotion during that time. Pray for each other, friends, the Body of Christ, the hurt, lost, lonely, afflicted, and so on. Commit to regular family prayer time and know that your prayers are powerful and changing lives.

Teaching your children to pray is a wonderful act of love and service. The power of prayer is remarkable and to instill that to your children is a worthwhile goal. It doesnt matter how old your children are now; you can begin teaching them about prayer today.

As you esteem prayer in your house, your children will come to understand that prayer is simply a part of life and be more apt to pray now and later in life.

Prayer works!