Boldness n Isolation

Speak boldness, walk talk n the mist of serpents I was going yo say my enemies; wow, yet, they r not MY ENEMIES, WOW!!! How can I not be my ownself enemies, help Lord Jesus. Teach me, let me heard, n activate ur cleaness, friendliness, the DO, mix-n-mangle, read, comprehend, wisdom, knowledge, speak clearly, destinies, … Continue reading “Boldness n Isolation”

Bless peaceful day

Oftentimes I find myself inclined to pray to jesus I love you help me to love u more and not just Jesus but Mary joseph Heavenly Father Holy Spirit love true binding of the soul to another is spoken in simplicity in trust in humility no matter what my prayer is bless my soul Proverbs … Continue reading “Bless peaceful day”

I’m about to snap

I’m trying to give up my desire for marriage to God but it’s still pulling on me hard and I’m seriously about to snap. I saw a hooker when she was at the store earlier and I had 50 USD on me. I came really close to asking her for sex. I’m sick and tired … Continue reading “I’m about to snap”


Please Lord, help me to deal with noisy, disrespectful neighbors. I am at my witts end. Loud music and noise steal away the peaceful quiet of the lake. Help my neighbor to see how obtrusive his actions are. Help me to endure his thoughtlessness , his ego trip, his need to be seen and acknowledged … Continue reading “Disrespect”

Alone and loneliness

My wife got involved in a burns accident and was hospitalised for 7.5 months but now she is home.I have been there for her, and we have spent a lot of money. She is at home now and she is recovering. She has a nurse aid who came to take care of her, and I … Continue reading “Alone and loneliness”

I Need Peaceful Sleep

Please pray for me. I haven’t slept well in years. I have nothing but nightmares. I try my best to be a good person and please God. I don’t feel guilty, so it’s not coming from that. I suffer from terrible depression and anxiety. -I feel like I am not good enough.I have hallucinations. I … Continue reading “I Need Peaceful Sleep”


Dear , Lord Almighty thank you for your Love & Marcy for Loving me , for sacrificed your life for us the we can have eternal Life. Today coming to you , we supplication To help my sons Nader , to restore his energy levels , & keeper him Strong in his new job , … Continue reading “Children”


I need help to sleep. I only slept three hours and I need to go back to sleep and I can’t. I’m so anxious. My friend is coming today and I don’t know what to do. I need a job and I don’t know how to apply for them. I have a broken and cracked … Continue reading “Friend”

Praying for MJ

Heavenly Father, in Jesus name I pray. Again! He’s back in our lives Again! This isn’t joy for me. My mind has gone very dark and my heart is anxious, to say the absolute least! But, it occurred to me today as I was feeling angry and thinking mean things about this, to pray for … Continue reading “Praying for MJ”


Lately I felt under attack, I was depressed, had anxiety a lot of anger and bitterness so last night I prayed really hard for these attacks and prayed for each individual one) to leave my body in the name of Jesus, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, once I prayed, my whole body … Continue reading “Help”


Lord help me with I new faith, guidance and hearing and understanding of the direction you have planned for me.

Pray for my husband

Please pray for my husband to be calm, peaceful, and untroubled at his eye surgery tomorrow.


Please pray for me I’m going through a rough time. I have a lot of chronic pain. I’m suffering through some loses of loved ones. My hour got cut at work. Pray that I can feel peace. Thank you


Praying in finding peace, hope and continue on my road in faithfulness. I pray for our world that we may all find our way out of the constraints of this pandemic. I pray that governments across the world truly work for the people and to offer them a safe place to live. In Jesus’ precious … Continue reading “Peace”

rampant adhd

Lord, please carry me through each day. Please let me have the strength to ignore, avoid, not look at the distractions that usually corner me, hold me down and render me helpless each day but let me concentrate on you and the mission you have in front of me. I just pray for your daily … Continue reading “rampant adhd”

Work in Peace

Hello, hope all is well. I am asking your prayers, in the name of Jesus, for a situation. I am wanting to work on a nice little hobby that is fun, does not cost too much financially, and if I do well could turn into a moneymaking venture later. But there are fearful and paranoid … Continue reading “Work in Peace”


My friend is very sick. He has osteoarthritis and extreme shoulder pain since 2013, off and on. He needs to forgive his ex girlfriends and cut the soul ties. Please do it for him. He had sex with men once and is an actor and will do anything for a role. His shoulder pain is … Continue reading “Friend”

keep strength

Lord God, I thank you for all you’ve done, did and will do. Thanks for listening, caring and protecting us during the day and all days. Thanks for staying strong to keep up with everyone problems and not worry about how tired you maybe. I ask to keep all safe from this shaken world and … Continue reading “keep strength”


Heavenly Father, in Jesus name I pray. You know my heart dear Lord and You know every hair on my head. You formed me in my mother’s womb. You know the number of my days here on earth. You’ve held me in the palm of Your righteous right hand. You’ve paved my way. You’ve allowed … Continue reading “Home”

Stop Moving

Heavenly Father, in Jesus precious name I pray. Hear my prayer dear Lord. You know my heart and all the years of moving around. I’m tired of it and I’m getting older and I pray that the circumstances of our current situation will swiftly and peacefully lead to settling down in a forever home. I … Continue reading “Stop Moving”

Personality/addiction issues

Pray that people with personality issues will be able to change their behaviors and can have acess to the therapy/social worker/psychological help they need to help them become the people God know they can be and if/when they begin to revert back to old behavior it will be pointed out to them immediately so they … Continue reading “Personality/addiction issues”

Long suffering

I have lived a life of pain… I’m used to being discarded and rejected… The black sheep as you may call it. So when God surrounded me in his infinite love I knew it was the love of been missing for all my life. I was transformed in such a way I feel awkward claiming … Continue reading “Long suffering”

Love & prosperity

Lord you gave me these talents as gifts. I am asking for your hand to rebuild my business success once again. Including if it is your will, bring Oscar forward into my life. His blessings and gifts of knowledge how to grow my small business would be a beautiful unity helping me, me authentically admire … Continue reading “Love & prosperity”

Peace & protection

Please agree with me in prayer for peace & protection & serenity; URGENT prayer is needed! My son Patrickbis a disabled Veteran & he found out someone sold him a car that needs thousands of dollars of repair & is going into blind rages & threatening suicide. I fear God alone but I know his … Continue reading “Peace & protection”


Mon Seigneur et mon Dieu, donne-moi la sérénité et le repos. Je souhaite que Michel et moi puissions trouver sérénité et repos. Que nous trouvions ce nouvel équilibre et que financièrement nous n’ayons plus à nous inquiéter. Donnez-nous cette sécurité. Donne-nous cette Paix pour que nous puissions retrouver un esprit libre pour prendre soin de … Continue reading “Peace”

Trusting the Lord

Dear Lord and Savior, i pray that i can learn to trust in you completely and to be able to let go and Let God. I am seeking serenity so that i can accept what’s happened this past year and move forward knowing God has plans for my life. i need strength each and every … Continue reading “Trusting the Lord”


Lord I ask you in Your mighty name that you bring peace and serenity at work, and healing for my dementia mother. If healing is not Your will….please improve her appetite and help me have the wisdom to take care of her. Satan you are a defeated foe. Though u try to shoot your fiery … Continue reading “Heaviness/Stress”

Wisdom & Guidance

I ask humbly that you would all agree with me in prayer for wisdom and complete spiritual discernment with understanding to hear God’s word and truth being spoken within me. I seek his mercy and grace to allow his predestined will to be accomplished through me for his glory thru the midst of all the … Continue reading “Wisdom & Guidance”


Praying for me against the landlord, his son and other neighbours who declared war against me…they punctured the tyres of my car to prevent me from going to church this morning let God’s vengeance descend on them plaguing them like the Egyptians and let all their witchcraft fetishes would be burnt to ashes by the … Continue reading “Adversity”

Prayer for my son Coco

Praying for my 19 year old son who has lost his way. I am hoping to see the same, old son i used to have. The soft-spoken and righteous one. Anger has enveloped his whole being and he is turning into a stranger. He has become so volatile and we all feel that we are … Continue reading “Prayer for my son Coco”


Every night at 12 am my bed vibrates. I asked my husband lay on my bed he doesn’t feel the vibration that I feel. I later on his bed and I felt the same vibration. I also see apparitions of different people that I don’t know. Sometimes these entities touch me try to push me … Continue reading “Deliveri”

Noisy Neighbors

Please pray for us regarding our neighbors for 1 year now. We’ve talked to them about 10 times to keep their noise down but the teenager purposefully continue to shout in front of my dad’s bedroom where he sleeps. This is not helpful because my dad has a heart problem and the reason why we … Continue reading “Noisy Neighbors”