God bless my family and my husband family also those who are suffer those who could not make it.


Wisdom to know God’s plans for my life, for creativity, innovation, leadership , prosperity and discernment

Need peace of mind

I so need peace in my mind. I have such severe anxiety and terrible thoughts my mind races a million miles an hour I think I may have demons please help me!!!!

Peace of mind

I want the Lord to teach me how to develop those qualities He gave me when He entered my body.

Despair and hopelessness

I’m in need of prayers a much better life for my family and all those involved with our family also friends. Satan’s has had a grip on me for way too long. “Amen”

Help for my husband

Dear God, please deliver to my husband. Give him a discerning spirit of wisdom so that his heart and soul will constantly align with God and reject prophecies from traditional religions and satanic powers beclouding his mind lately. Also that he may put all his trust in God at all times for blessings, wealth and peace.


Please pray god moves the evil man out of 3052 thee ct right away, as hes caused problems since being here that is now affecting our health, they are doing noise violations. they need to move, they do not fit in here and are causing way too much stress for those around them. also please … Continue reading “Urgent”

God’s will

For Genie give her wisdom Lord to see her meds for what they are and speak to the doc about change. Be with her for her upcoming med test God bless her be with her. My test results be good. Be with me give me peace from anxiety Lord.

A new job

God i need your help as i am looking for a good new job direct my path dear God make the crooked way straight. Amen

Give me peace dear Lord

Help me to find peace in the midst of the turmoil in my life. Help me to cope with the continued loss in my life. Restore my joy and give me a vision of the abundant life Jesus my savior has promised to me. In His holy name, I pray Amen.

His will be done

I have stage 3 lung cancer and I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety. my only emotional support is my faith and a wonderful loving pet dog that suffers from separation anxiety (how’s that for ironic). I am trying to let go and let God, as I desperately pray to find a proper home for … Continue reading “His will be done”

Get rid of evil spirit

An evil spirit keeps coming to my apt. It flutters in the air next to me aggravating, tormenting me. I never invited any such things. I am a Christian and I pray to God daily seeking Him, thanking Him, etc. I don’t understand why Jesus allows it to stay. I’ve prayed, fasted over and over. … Continue reading “Get rid of evil spirit”

Peace and Prosperity

I’m grateful for a more peaceful life in 2019. Thank you God for giving me more so that in turn i may do more for others.

Strength and Guidance

God guide me for the following year give me strength and peace of mind in know you are able and you already know what’s going on in my life god just take control of it and be with me.

Sane Mind

Lord, Jesus Christ I come begging to you please protect me and my family from distraction from evil and toxic people who have forgotten you. please subdued all her feelings of anxiety and greediness for money. please make her feel that you love her and around her please make her realize she has a husband … Continue reading “Sane Mind”

Inner strengh

Father in heaven please accept my humble plea for strength during this most difficult time of my Life I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and the devil won’t release my mind it encases me in fear and sleeplessness please help me continue the battle that I have had for the last 12 years … Continue reading “Inner strengh”

Hope and strength

Father, please help me through this battle I am facing with my husband. Please allow the judge to see all the good in him and please bring forth evidence to prove that the bad wasn’t him. We both love and trust you father. Please release my husband from his captivity

Giving God ALL areas of my life

Lord I pray for you to take control over my mind ,spirit, mouth, thoughts,marriage,kids, finances,home,health. Heal me mentally,physically and spiritually. Teach me how to always put you 1st, strength to grow. Amen


Lord help me trust in you and only you. Don’t allow me to be caught up in my now and help me understand your rail for me is to have life and have it more abundantly. Deliver me from stress, fear, anxiety, depression, control, lack of understanding, being impatient and thinking negatively. Cleanse me from … Continue reading “Restoration”

Desperate for housing

I need housing. I am alone and scared. Jesus guide me. Prayers for Randy. I need a car. Finacial help. Blessings

Prayer for rescue

I need all my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray our Father in Heaven, our provider, deliver, and savior in the name of Jesus to sell the investment property I bought with my friend. He is behind in the mortgage payment . We are 2 months behind and need guidance and help to get … Continue reading “Prayer for rescue”

Prayer for my Mom

Please pray for my Mom to feel calm and peace all this weekend and on Monday when she has her surgery. She is not really scared of the surgery. She’s claustrophobic like I am so she’s been really worried about the sedation part when they put the mask on her face. Please just pray that … Continue reading “Prayer for my Mom”


Please pray for God to interfere in a friendship of mine

For a apartment

Please pray that The Lord will bless me with a nice apartment soon in a good area.

Spiritual growth

Pray for spiritual growth I want to live think and love like the lord I’m tired of running I surrender my mind my body my everything to the Lord.

For Scott

Dear God, my father, Please look after my brother Scott for us. Please grant him peace and serenity in your beautiful kingdom. Thank you for sparing him all of the pain that was undoubtedly going to come. Please give mum, Gary and me peace and trust in your wisdom. Please thank him for all of … Continue reading “For Scott”

Peace and love

May th Lord bring peace and love to this world. The loss of a pet is traumatic, but God’s love will get us through. Please bestow His love on every living being.

Peace In My Life

I lost both of my parents last year months apart. My sister, her husband and I live in my parents house together. I am in debit somewhat and can’t get out to rent my own place. I am basically confined to my room. I don’t cook or eat there. I am truly confined. My sister … Continue reading “Peace In My Life”

Parkinson’s Disease

O Lord,my comforter and hope give me the strength to get through this day.not looking at the next 24hour,but moment to moment with God present in every moment.remind me that you always answer my prayer in your perfect way and time.forgivee for the times when I give up instead of giving it all I have.lift … Continue reading “Parkinson’s Disease”

Peace, Wisdom, and Success

Please pray that God gives me a strong, constant sense of stability and inner peace and that he grants me wisdom and discernment. And, please pray that the two nonprofits I work with have a positive relationship going forward and that our event on Saturday is a great success. Thank you.

In Case

Ask to Pray for me, and my family. Pray for me, that even though I know God is in control. To have the strength to know he’s in control . I don’t have doubt, but I often guess what if, only because I know my battle is almost won ! As I will do the … Continue reading “In Case”

Lord give strength

Dear Lord, give me strength to overcome my fears. I accept this cross with all my heart and soul, but I beg you, precious Lord to help me carry it. Thank you my Lord and God. Amen.

Mother’s Place

Please pray for my 89 year old mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She has normal days and then other days when she is uncontrollable and mean. The family has agreed it is time to place her in a nursing home. This is so heart-breaking for me. I pray that my mom does not … Continue reading “Mother’s Place”


That I may have peace that surpasses understanding. That the heaviness may be lifted. Amen

Hi God

Hi God, It’s been a little bit since we’ve last talked. I know this isn’t how you’ll really hear my prayer but there’s some comfort in writing it out. Without getting into details I feel a little lost, God. I’ve always trusted you’ve given me a blessed path on this Earth but lately I’m so … Continue reading “Hi God”

Peace and strength for the rest of my pregnancy

Dear lord I trust you to give me peace and strength during this second pregnancy. Before labor i shall tavail in Jesus name. Guide Chris for me and destroy the plan of the enemy over his life forever.

Loss of family loved one

Give me peace and serenity to accept the shocking loss of our dearest young nephew suddenly one year ago today.pray for all our family.

Sleeping/Mind Attacks

I ask that you please pray for me to have peace in my life. Lately, I have been having some attacks by the enemy in my sleep and within my mind. Remember me in your prayers.. God Bless.

Renew me

Peace strength GRACE mercy healing of a broken woman. want to be whole . tired of the way I have been living. just tired