Please help to find the keys

Please help my daughter Meghan to find her important keys for her office. Thank you so much God for the help and that they will be found soon…..Amen xoxo

Pray for son, and parents

I am asking for prayer for our adult son to be more settled and peaceful within himself, at home and at his day program.


I’m praying for my sister, I pray she is surrounded by goodness, protection and the love of God always. May blessings enter her path for happiness and peace Thank u in the name of Jesus.


Please pray for delivery from anxiety. Thank you.

For my children

My daughter is going through a rough time and she needs your help Jesus. Her freedom and apartment is in jeopardy. Her kids need her and I don’t want my child in jail. I pray that she is strong and has faith that God’s will will be done in her situation. And that everything changes … Continue reading “For my children”

Prayer for daughter

Dear Lord, Hear my prayer help me to heal the wounds that are troubling my daughter. Help her to make the right choices and I really don’t want to see her out on the street and making bad choices. I want to see her return to you Lord and stay in school and be a … Continue reading “Prayer for daughter”


I need more holy balance. Too much on my plate. I need to follow through with what I say I’m going to do. I’m a volunteer jail pastor and I love praying for the hurting, but when it comes to me, I fall short. Please pray for me, I really feel I need it. Thank … Continue reading “Focus”

Life’s Unexpected Turns

I need hope, faith, and strength while waiting on God. For faith to overshadow any doubt, fear, anxiety and worry. To believe God will keep His promises and He is always present.

Peace of mind

I’m praying for my son to find peace in his life I find that he stresses a lot over everything he needs to have more calmness in his life.

For GRACE to praise God

Lord give me Grace to praise you despite the challenges I have been facing. Deliver me and my family and give us your peace by your mighty power in the name of Jesus. Amen

A prayer for freedom

I pray that God lets me be free of the burden of the system tomorrow and that my children will not face any time alone without me. I pray that this part of my journey in life will be over and done with tomorrow and that I will be a free woman tomorrow and will … Continue reading “A prayer for freedom”


Lord, Please give me the strength and helpful words to be open and honest and receive a caring and loving response that allows us to collaboratively and lovingly address our needs.

Subtle thanks

Dear St.Joseph., my patron, Accept my many thanks for all the help and answers to my prayers. Please speak a word of praise and love to Jesus for me, and a request for continued guidance from the Holy spirit.

Peace in my life

Please pray for me to have Peace with all the struggles in my life thank you.

To Glorify Jesus

Father God I thank You and praise You for Your kindness, grace and mercy; I pray for Your Will to be done in the sale of our flat, that the people who buy it will pay the price that You want them to pay, and that they will receive many blessings, much peace and joy, … Continue reading “To Glorify Jesus”

Courage and strength

That God continues to give me the courage and strength to persevere when things sometimes seem hopeless.

Peace in my life

Please pray for me to have Peace with all the struggles in my life thank you.

Need peace of mind and body

Please I pray that Jesus will give me peace in my mind and body. I feel great anxiety and need peace. Thank you

Bless our children

Father! Bless our children! Guide them, protect them , cover them , may Your Light shine on them, show them Your Face n give them peace! Specially my Gabi! You know how he needs You! AMEN

Ease my anxiety and fear

Please pray for me to get rid of my anxiety and to help me fully trust in the the Lord Jesus Christ to ease my pain. Thank you for your prayers. I’m very grateful for your prayers.

Need something

Please pray for me i am disappointed in the way the world is, no courtesy wrong information from services needed misinformation, rudeness I don’t want to leave the house because its a challenge i don’t like i grew up in a world that was caring helpful and a pleasure to live in now people are … Continue reading “Need something”

Clarity Prayer

Lord I pray for Clarity, peace of mind, and the ability to make better chooses. This prayers is also is for my broken relationships, employment and the healing of my Anxiety, PTSD and Depression. Lord I just need a clear heart and mind and wisdom to move me in the right direction without doubting myself. … Continue reading “Clarity Prayer”

Forever prayer

Please give me the strength to be strong for my ailing mother, to stay cancer free,to keep my husband and son close to me and to succeed getting out of financial debt🙏


Please pray that God give me understanding of His word every time I read his word. I also pray for a divine connection with the Father each time I read His word. I pray Gods will in my life that it be pleasing in His site, Amen.


That God’s good and perfect will be done in my life. For a true heart of repentance and complete deliverance, the joy of salvation and serving God. I need a miracle, and freedom from bondage.


God bless my family and my husband family also those who are suffer those who could not make it.


Wisdom to know God’s plans for my life, for creativity, innovation, leadership , prosperity and discernment

Need peace of mind

I so need peace in my mind. I have such severe anxiety and terrible thoughts my mind races a million miles an hour I think I may have demons please help me!!!!

Peace of mind

I want the Lord to teach me how to develop those qualities He gave me when He entered my body.

Despair and hopelessness

I’m in need of prayers a much better life for my family and all those involved with our family also friends. Satan’s has had a grip on me for way too long. “Amen”

Help for my husband

Dear God, please deliver to my husband. Give him a discerning spirit of wisdom so that his heart and soul will constantly align with God and reject prophecies from traditional religions and satanic powers beclouding his mind lately. Also that he may put all his trust in God at all times for blessings, wealth and peace.


Please pray god moves the evil man out of 3052 thee ct right away, as hes caused problems since being here that is now affecting our health, they are doing noise violations. they need to move, they do not fit in here and are causing way too much stress for those around them. also please … Continue reading “Urgent”

God’s will

For Genie give her wisdom Lord to see her meds for what they are and speak to the doc about change. Be with her for her upcoming med test God bless her be with her. My test results be good. Be with me give me peace from anxiety Lord.

A new job

God i need your help as i am looking for a good new job direct my path dear God make the crooked way straight. Amen

Give me peace dear Lord

Help me to find peace in the midst of the turmoil in my life. Help me to cope with the continued loss in my life. Restore my joy and give me a vision of the abundant life Jesus my savior has promised to me. In His holy name, I pray Amen.

His will be done

I have stage 3 lung cancer and I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety. my only emotional support is my faith and a wonderful loving pet dog that suffers from separation anxiety (how’s that for ironic). I am trying to let go and let God, as I desperately pray to find a proper home for … Continue reading “His will be done”

Get rid of evil spirit

An evil spirit keeps coming to my apt. It flutters in the air next to me aggravating, tormenting me. I never invited any such things. I am a Christian and I pray to God daily seeking Him, thanking Him, etc. I don’t understand why Jesus allows it to stay. I’ve prayed, fasted over and over. … Continue reading “Get rid of evil spirit”

Peace and Prosperity

I’m grateful for a more peaceful life in 2019. Thank you God for giving me more so that in turn i may do more for others.

Strength and Guidance

God guide me for the following year give me strength and peace of mind in know you are able and you already know what’s going on in my life god just take control of it and be with me.