Slandering and hate

Please pray for me to stay clam and not give in to reacting to those who say hateful things about me whether they pass by or are hiding but loudly talking for me to hear. Pray for me to not hear nor care about the hate they have for me for I have not done … Continue reading “Slandering and hate”

Hear gods voice.

Father Grant me the serenity, to be able to hear your voice every day all day regardless of where I am in any given situation. Father grant us peace. Father please come into our hearts and bless us with the paper pendulum I know you are gonna to come and give us a very successful … Continue reading “Hear gods voice.”


I pray that I can let go of the past and let go of the self hate that I have for myself. I pray for better days ahead and for decisions that I make from this day foward to always be touched and blessed by God. I pray that my desire for happiness, no longer … Continue reading “Help”


Heavenly Father, Glorious and Gracious God, I come to you Lord asking for peace that surpasses all understanding, for my son, grandchildren, father, sister, brother, nieces, nephews, family and friends, I pray Lord that there is an increase in my territory. I pray for job security, health, strength, healing, for all. Father I am asking … Continue reading “Serenity”


Please prayvfor my daughter Rebecca, 27 My grandson 5…her husband Ricco. I want my daughter to start going to church, ..when she was a child we went to church together, but now is so different , they never come, and I want her and her boyfriend to get married…and raise Jacob up in a christian … Continue reading “Salvation”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for me to go to heaven without me dying tonight. God can’t keep letting it go on with him not taking me to heaven without me dying. I’m not going to have it with God not taking me to heaven without me dying. I’m not going to put up with trouble. I’m not … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

Better son

I want to be a better son a loving son who obeys his father i want to be a better brother I wasn’t such a good brother growing up I want to be a better father I have been battling for a relationship with my sons for years and the situation I have been in … Continue reading “Better son”


Pray for me please the women owner of the compound where I’m leaving don’t want me to leave their place for the new place I got comfortably they’re plotting with her children against me in association with other renters neighbors of same avenue using witchcraft, enchantment, all kind of evil things to do me grieve … Continue reading “General”

Strength, Peace

Father God, I am having a difficult time coping with my mom and her Dementia. I try to be strong but father god I need your help. I feel broken-hearted to see her decline. I pray for peace and acceptance of what she is going through. I pray for her that you settle the confused … Continue reading “Strength, Peace”


Today I ask that you pray for me as I seek to be more grateful and less of a whiner. You see I have allot to whine about but I’m realizing that those issues were put in my life to draw me closer to Christ. For in my weakness He is making me strong. Therefore … Continue reading “Gratitude”

Need to find peace and calm

Please help me find peace and calm, and learn how to experience the stress around me without hurting or being afraid. Help me learn to have faith that no matter how stressful events are, or regardless of my child’s health, God has got things covered and I can let go or my worry.

Family Peace and Love

Dear Sweet Jesus, I ask for your holy intercession. Come present in our family and stay with us, please Lord. We need you to untie the knots in our lives, that are keeping us slaves to the devil and away from You. Come, Lord Jesus, I invite you to take control of our present situation. … Continue reading “Family Peace and Love”

A prayer for strength

Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done. I pray to you through the name of your son, our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. My father I pray that you continue to strengthen me, give me courage, give me the wisdom and knowledge to full fill a plan to change the … Continue reading “A prayer for strength”

Prayer for knowlege of God

God, grant me the serenity to endure the persecution from my chief, Vianne Marchese. Please send your Holy Spirit to strengthen me and to soften Viane’s heart so that she can know the goodness of God. Something must have happened to her to make her so bitter and mean. And please send your Holy Spirit … Continue reading “Prayer for knowlege of God”

Thank You Prayer

Lord thank you for all the blessings! Thank you for providing us with more than what we need. Lord, thank you remove all my anxiety and confusion. Thank you for keeping me and my family and everything that I have, safe. Thank you for the good health and protection of our family. We love you … Continue reading “Thank You Prayer”

For greater faith

O Lord, convince me of your existence. Instill into my heart a shatterproof faith and belief in Jesus and Christianity. I pray to you regularly for this reassurance but in vain, I fear.

Life challenges

I’ve lost too many close family members within last 5 yrs, spouse, mother and father. My Son is almost out of high school and I feel lost and alone and wondering where to go from here. Faith and trust seems to elude me. Just need faith, love and direction.

God Guide Me

God please help me to keep helping your children, even when there are so many to help. In Jesus name AMEN.

Enlighten me

Dear Lord, I humbly ask you to guide me through all the challenges of this world. Wherever I turn it seems evil is prevailing. Give me wisdom to see what I’m not capable of seeing, steer me so I can walk towards a path that will give me knowledge. Please find me and take me … Continue reading “Enlighten me”

So weak in my prayer

I want to pray for my addiction on chemical dependency n also want to pray for my faith n will power to resist temptation. And most importantly I want to pray for my father who is a widower n a stroke patient n about my only sister who is pregnant now n going through lots … Continue reading “So weak in my prayer”

Prayer for direction

Please pray God will help me and my children and family and friends have joy and strength in him everyday and we will recognize it in Jesus Name Amen!

A closer walk with GOD

Lord, I desire a closer walk with you. I pray for greater strength and purpose. The will to do what you need me to do.

Fear & anxiety

Dear Lord Jesus, you know each morning I wake up with fear and anxiety of the day. I know this is not you and I pray and command this wicked wave of fear to go in your name. In response for the anxiety each day not leaving for several months now, I am asking for … Continue reading “Fear & anxiety”

Help me to help me

God i just want to be happy in my life, help me to no what happiness is and that i find good people to coms into my life and help me to u understand some other ways to be happy like going different places , god help me to learn to drive so i can … Continue reading “Help me to help me”

Overcoming anxiety

Dear Lord please be with me as I work toward overcoming my anxieties. My anxiety comes from a lack of true faith in you and for that I am ashamed. I have the knowledge and understanding that with true faith in the Lord that all can and will be overcome. All we must do is … Continue reading “Overcoming anxiety”

Guidance and Protection

I am a single mother of a 9 year old boy, and I would like to pray for protection from any negativity/ill intentions and evil trying to or that has plans harm us in any way. I want to pray for guidance in moving forward to a much happier and prosperous life. Guidance in the … Continue reading “Guidance and Protection”

Please help to find the keys

Please help my daughter Meghan to find her important keys for her office. Thank you so much God for the help and that they will be found soon…..Amen xoxo

Pray for son, and parents

I am asking for prayer for our adult son to be more settled and peaceful within himself, at home and at his day program.


I’m praying for my sister, I pray she is surrounded by goodness, protection and the love of God always. May blessings enter her path for happiness and peace Thank u in the name of Jesus.


Please pray for delivery from anxiety. Thank you.

For my children

My daughter is going through a rough time and she needs your help Jesus. Her freedom and apartment is in jeopardy. Her kids need her and I don’t want my child in jail. I pray that she is strong and has faith that God’s will will be done in her situation. And that everything changes … Continue reading “For my children”

Prayer for daughter

Dear Lord, Hear my prayer help me to heal the wounds that are troubling my daughter. Help her to make the right choices and I really don’t want to see her out on the street and making bad choices. I want to see her return to you Lord and stay in school and be a … Continue reading “Prayer for daughter”


I need more holy balance. Too much on my plate. I need to follow through with what I say I’m going to do. I’m a volunteer jail pastor and I love praying for the hurting, but when it comes to me, I fall short. Please pray for me, I really feel I need it. Thank … Continue reading “Focus”

Life’s Unexpected Turns

I need hope, faith, and strength while waiting on God. For faith to overshadow any doubt, fear, anxiety and worry. To believe God will keep His promises and He is always present.

Peace of mind

I’m praying for my son to find peace in his life I find that he stresses a lot over everything he needs to have more calmness in his life.

For GRACE to praise God

Lord give me Grace to praise you despite the challenges I have been facing. Deliver me and my family and give us your peace by your mighty power in the name of Jesus. Amen

A prayer for freedom

I pray that God lets me be free of the burden of the system tomorrow and that my children will not face any time alone without me. I pray that this part of my journey in life will be over and done with tomorrow and that I will be a free woman tomorrow and will … Continue reading “A prayer for freedom”


Lord, Please give me the strength and helpful words to be open and honest and receive a caring and loving response that allows us to collaboratively and lovingly address our needs.

Subtle thanks

Dear St.Joseph., my patron, Accept my many thanks for all the help and answers to my prayers. Please speak a word of praise and love to Jesus for me, and a request for continued guidance from the Holy spirit.