I Love you Lord

Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me just one more day. Lord Jesus please forgive me for my known and unknown sins. Lord I except what you bring me in my life and how it comes. Help me father God to past each test with endurance. Thank you God for your strength. Let your will … Continue reading “I Love you Lord”

Change Plans

Lord God through the intercession of St. Jude I pray Ann will change her mind about the drive by Parades and let ppl only come one day and only when their class is scheduled to come. Please help Ann be merciful and compassionate and see everyone angst and weariness and in Jesus name please please … Continue reading “Change Plans”

Prayer for Faith

That I will find an increase of faith, hope and trust in our Lord that will give me an inner peace and serenity knowing that He is always with me and will work things out according to His plan. Amen


Please pray that my mind don’t betray me and stray to the dark side during these trials. I’m being tried and tested left and right and I get weak from it some time Please pray to restore my faith in the everlasting. I am afraid Amen I know the promises are stored up in heaven … Continue reading “Peace”

seeking directional

I have prayed many years to make enough but not to much to allow me to be debt free and able to stand on my own and make a good living. A chance has came my way but difficulty through trials have been in the way of receiving. I pray for the completion to end … Continue reading “seeking directional”

All circumstances

Heavenly Father Thank you for allowing me just one more Day. I submit all my circumstances to you Lord. I know I can’t keep my mind on things I can’t control. You Lord Jesus said give It all to you and you will give me Rest. Thank you for being my Shepard. The Light to … Continue reading “All circumstances”


Respected sir. I am working as a priest. suffering severe tension, sleep disturbance, anger, tension, intrusive and bad thoughts, and uncontrollable worry about my family. especially for my two children. the younger son is 6 years old very reluctant to go to school.some times I feel not to live. I am beseeching God’s grace. I … Continue reading “healing”

God’s Protection

Big transition during covid crisis. Mother&Adult Son needing to each have own apartment, after sharing expenses for 2&1/2 years. Son just left IL. for FL. Apartment which he can’t afford, becuz of loss of work&becuz he has compromised health(asthma).(desperately needing to get paperwork,taxes done to get gov.assistance. In Jesus Name I pray- help!!


Heavenly Father, resisting eating too much food is hard for me and I haven’t been trying my best with the power you bless me with. I’m not sure what to do, I don’t know any people who are in this situation, as it would be helpful to know how others are taking this. Father God, … Continue reading “Gluttony”

Worry Wart

Dear Lord, Pleases fill me completely with your peace! Help me to trust you in everything, including Covid 19 that is killing so many people and throwing our world into panic and chaos! Please help me feel your loving and protective arms holding me tightly! I love and trust You, dear Almighty Father!

Nearing the end

Father, I am lost as to how to pray. I know that my days are drawing shorter and shorter. At least that is how it feels. Only you know the day and hour. I want to be ready to come into your house. If I am not ready, please open my heart and help me … Continue reading “Nearing the end”

Stay Focus on Jesus

Lord I know your word is true I seen miracles that you doing with my life and around me.heavenly Father show me your will and your purpose for my life. let me not lean on anyone but you. help me to be strong I believe your word increase my faith.thank you Lord.Iask in Jesus name … Continue reading “Stay Focus on Jesus”

Serenity through covid19

Dear heavenly father I am feeling so down and unfulfilled during this time. My spirit is broken. I am fearful of leaving my home. I need Your devine intervention to be secure in my daily life. I want to be a bold soldier for you but the motivation is not there. Help me Lord Jesus. … Continue reading “Serenity through covid19”

I need some help. Please.

Out of every single “post category” this is what jumped out at me the most. Serenity. Please pray that God grants me the *serenity* to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


Sometimes i don’t understand i do what im supposed do whats right and then i still feel down lost.something not right. Temptation is bad so bad,that i fall yes i get back up then think im us less.i pray everyday. The strange than is i know gods there always. Im my own worst enemy.

Help for hope

Dear Lord I pray please help me on my way give me courage and strength each day guide and lead me to be an example for these children help me to teach them all about you and the Bible enable me somehow to get them and me to church services Sunday school prayer meetings Bible … Continue reading “Help for hope”

Take captive my thoughts

Please pray that the Holy Spirit teaches me to capture and surrender the many thoughts that assault my mind that are not of God. I am an adult of childhood abuse and my thought life is not healthy. Also I have adult ADD and I struggle with rapid thoughts. I am horrible to myself in … Continue reading “Take captive my thoughts”


Please help me with prayer: the land overseer(call Emile) and land keeper of the place where I’m renting and others neighbors are fighting me using their witchcraft and occultism because my prayers and my christianity is disturbing them today they even cut the eletricity in my accommodation just for harassment let the highly anger of … Continue reading “Warfare”


Please help me with prayer: the land overseer(call Emile) and land keeper of the place where I’m renting and others neighbors are fighting me using their witchcraft and occultism because my prayers and my christianity is disturbing them today they even cut the eletricity in my accommodation just for harassment let the highly anger of … Continue reading “Warfare”

Deliverance from the accuser

Sometimes I can almost sense the heaviness of pressure mounting and the ominous presence of darkness around me. I recognize my enemy is at work again. Whether he’s trying to discourage me to get sidetracked, to fall into temptation, to give up, or to take my eyes off Jesus. I need deliverance. I have frightening … Continue reading “Deliverance from the accuser”

La sérénité dans ma relation.

Bonjour. Je viens vous demander de m aide par vos prières pour ma relation avec yann. J ai besoin de construire une vie de couple paisible et stable pour la gloire de Dieu. J ai eu bcp des ré lations sans succès. Aujourd’hui j ai la crainte de Dieu. Merci pour votre aide.

God Save Eric

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs Jesus Christ. Please pray for God to open Eric’s eyes to see his needs for Jesus. Please pray for God’s grace for Eric to turn to Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved!!! Please believe for Eric’s breakthrough. Please pray for God’s mercy for … Continue reading “God Save Eric”


I ask for prayer for me and my child for good health, healing, healthy weight, erasing debts and blessing us with huge financial blessings to help ourselves and others. I am asking God for the finances to buy a beautiful new home and to pay off my current mortgage. I want o buy my sister … Continue reading “Favor”

Barreling Old Age

Lord God I want to trust you with my aging body, to be my strength and healing so I may show the life of Jesus at work in all I do. Give me grace as we face chronic peripheral atrophy, it’s hard to be so needy. I was so proud of my self assurance, thank … Continue reading “Barreling Old Age”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for me to go to heaven without me dying tonight. If God wants me to trust him, then God should grant my prayer requests. I’m right that God needs to stop doing God not taking me to heaven without me dying to me. It’s time for God to grant this prayer request. Enough, … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

Decision Making

Dear Father, Thank you for opening your arms to me. I seek your comfort and guidance as it feels like people that I love are spinning out of control. Guide them please to make decisions that are keeping you at the front of it all. You are the pilot. Help them to realize that you … Continue reading “Decision Making”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for me to go to heaven without me dying tonight. I’ll be good if God takes me to heaven without me dying tonight. Why isn’t God helping me? If God doesn’t take me to heaven without me dying tonight, then God doesn’t give me what I want, and God has to give me … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

God’s direction

I need God’s direction to know what He wants me to do. I failed a course in school ( nursing ) I have to wait to repeat the course and i feel God is trying to get me learn something and want me to do things differently. I need directions from God and the grace … Continue reading “God’s direction”

For the lost

Dear God, I am pleading for help. I feel lost, alone, and confused. I feel you’re love and I am seeing your messages and hearing you but I still fall short of serenity. I am constantly consumed by my anxiety and I do not know how to control it anymore. I am suffering from addiction … Continue reading “For the lost”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for God to take me to heaven without me dying tonight. I’m assured that I’m better off if God takes me to heaven without me dying tonight. Living through it shouldn’t have happened. God not taking me to heaven without me dying tonight shouldn’t have happened. Trouble shouldn’t have happened. Getting into trouble … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

Slandering and hate

Please pray for me to stay clam and not give in to reacting to those who say hateful things about me whether they pass by or are hiding but loudly talking for me to hear. Pray for me to not hear nor care about the hate they have for me for I have not done … Continue reading “Slandering and hate”

Hear gods voice.

Father Grant me the serenity, to be able to hear your voice every day all day regardless of where I am in any given situation. Father grant us peace. Father please come into our hearts and bless us with the paper pendulum I know you are gonna to come and give us a very successful … Continue reading “Hear gods voice.”


I pray that I can let go of the past and let go of the self hate that I have for myself. I pray for better days ahead and for decisions that I make from this day foward to always be touched and blessed by God. I pray that my desire for happiness, no longer … Continue reading “Help”


Heavenly Father, Glorious and Gracious God, I come to you Lord asking for peace that surpasses all understanding, for my son, grandchildren, father, sister, brother, nieces, nephews, family and friends, I pray Lord that there is an increase in my territory. I pray for job security, health, strength, healing, for all. Father I am asking … Continue reading “Serenity”


Please prayvfor my daughter Rebecca, 27 My grandson 5…her husband Ricco. I want my daughter to start going to church, ..when she was a child we went to church together, but now is so different , they never come, and I want her and her boyfriend to get married…and raise Jacob up in a christian … Continue reading “Salvation”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for me to go to heaven without me dying tonight. God can’t keep letting it go on with him not taking me to heaven without me dying. I’m not going to have it with God not taking me to heaven without me dying. I’m not going to put up with trouble. I’m not … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

Better son

I want to be a better son a loving son who obeys his father i want to be a better brother I wasn’t such a good brother growing up I want to be a better father I have been battling for a relationship with my sons for years and the situation I have been in … Continue reading “Better son”


Pray for me please the women owner of the compound where I’m leaving don’t want me to leave their place for the new place I got comfortably they’re plotting with her children against me in association with other renters neighbors of same avenue using witchcraft, enchantment, all kind of evil things to do me grieve … Continue reading “General”

Strength, Peace

Father God, I am having a difficult time coping with my mom and her Dementia. I try to be strong but father god I need your help. I feel broken-hearted to see her decline. I pray for peace and acceptance of what she is going through. I pray for her that you settle the confused … Continue reading “Strength, Peace”


Today I ask that you pray for me as I seek to be more grateful and less of a whiner. You see I have allot to whine about but I’m realizing that those issues were put in my life to draw me closer to Christ. For in my weakness He is making me strong. Therefore … Continue reading “Gratitude”