Prayer to Deliver My Son from Mental Illness and Drug Abuse

by Judi (Southfield, MI)

Dear heavenly Father,

I pray that You will lay Your healing hand on my Son, Tyrone, and set him free from the bondage of mental illness and drug use. Lord, I know you can deliver him from schizophrenia and drug abuse. Please grant him happiness and peace as he surrenders all to you, Lord. I pray for Tyrone’s restoration of mind, body and spirit and that he will be able to function well in society and have a great relationship with others and, most of all, you, Lord.

Lord, encourage Tyrone to accept the help he needs, right now, to recover and find that sweet peace that comes from recovery. I know that You are waiting for him to come to You with open arms. I pray that he will see the light that is shining ever so brightly at the end of his dark tunnel. I know that if my Son will turn to You, he will find a peace hes never known and that only comes from YOU. I pray that You will lay Your healing hand on my Son and set him free from the bondage of mental illness and drug use.

Lord, please give Tyrone the courage he needs at this time. Please give him the strength he needs to fight this battle and overcome . Help him to know your love and power that lives within him and he can call on you to be victorious in this battle! Lord, I love you and I thank you! It is done.

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  1. petition

    Dear Jesus, Father in Heaven, please help Judi and Tyrone. They are suffering and need you. Give them peace and show them the true way. Forgive our sins. Amen

  2. hear our prayer

    God I ask in Jesus name please give comfort to this family and my family! Give me the strength to be strong for all that suffer including myself!

  3. Thank you

    I thank you for this prayer. My son is going through this experience and I feel your pain. I pray that God will hear and answer our prayers in Jesus Name.Amen

  4. Update

    I too have a son with schizoaffective disorder and he is a drug abuser. Right now I have him rehab and he is about to leave. Only after 2 days of treatment. I told him that if he leaves there he cannot come home so he will be on the street. I’m trying to Stand My Ground because I have three other children at home that he has verbally abused. He breaks things in my house. completely out of control with his temper especially when he’s not getting the drugs he wants. I’m curious to know how your son Tyrone is doing after all these years. I pray this prayer now over my son Alexander. I’m having confidence that God is going to deliver him from this position he’s currently in.

  5. Son with Bipolar and still Illeagal Marijuana

    My son was diagnosed at 7years old. Meds were not kind to him. He stopped taking ANY medication when he was 16. He recently broke up with his only real GF and only love. He is near rock bottom. He seems to think this is all somehow my fault. I love him So much. I feel that I failed him. He said today he has changed to Atheism. He was raised Catholic! God Please Help Him!!!!

  6. Prayers for son with schizophrenia

    Oh God please bring healing and peace to my son so that he is able to Luce a good life in society. I feel so hopeless and don’t know what to do. Please God let my son turn to you and seek the help he need. Let God work through his doctor to find the right meds for him.

  7. Will my son ever conquer his demons

    I have come across your prayer in search for one for my son who has been battling his own demons for the past eighteen years. Yor prayer is beautiful and I too will use it for my son. I hope GOD has answered your prayer to fill your son with love, peace and happiness. GOD bless you and your son.

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