Healing & comfort

Heavenly father I thank you for it all you are forever great and worthy of all praise you are perfect in all you do even this beautiful earth you touch with perfection you are filled with unconditional love that endures forever thank you father God I ask that you take all my daughters burdens away … Continue reading “Healing & comfort”

Peace of mind

Dear Lord I always come here in serious times. I come to you tonight Lord because I am scared. I am not feeling right about anything in my life right now. I feel totally like my life is in chaos and it is. Ever since I was diagnosed I have not had peace. Lord you … Continue reading “Peace of mind”

General too much

My husband this will be five years was in another relationship but Samuel passed away this year please pray that almighty Zhou will send me the right person who is and are deeply deeply committed to the Lord I realize Gid did not want Samuel in my life for a number of reasons so the … Continue reading “General too much”

Health and renewal

Please Lord grant me peace of mind for things in my life going wrong. Only you can give me strength to conquer what I have to face every day to make ends meet. I need my health restored, my job back, my family happy, and the end of grief in paying thousands of dollars in … Continue reading “Health and renewal”

Time to relax

The almighty God hear my prayers in Jesus name with the Holy Spirit and the holy Ghost. Thank you for this morning and forgiveness and thankfulness thank you Lord for everything you do and provide in my life Father Thank you for my relatives, children, my Mom and thank you Lord for everything especially staying … Continue reading “Time to relax”


My Heavenly Father, I come to you in prayer today to be healed from sickness. Fever has become an issue in my body, bumps, and body aches . My mind have been consumed with worry and anxiety. Sleep is becoming less attainable . Lord I pray that you cover me and my children, my extended … Continue reading “Healing”


I’m asking for prayer for the deliverance of anxiety and fear. I believe the fear has been rooted in my generation from my Mother’s side. The reason I say this is because the Lord showed me some of those family members got caught into the concentration camps. I have been fighting fear all my life, … Continue reading “Anxiety”

Worry less

Dear Lord, I pray today that I am being heard by you and that I will receive the gift of worrying less. I suffer everyday, and every hard time I get I pray in your name. Please Lord open my heart, open my chest, and take away the anxiety. Take away those things that settle … Continue reading “Worry less”

my upcoming move

I am supposed to move next week, believing the Lord has led me to this decision, but it seems like everything is falling apart. It has been a 2- 3 week nightmare trying to get utilities set up and that has to be settled before I can move in. If not, I will be homeless. … Continue reading “my upcoming move”


Dear Heavenly Father, my husband and I are in a hard place financially, you know he had to early retire, he’s been certified blind, I haven’t worked for a couple of years, trying to get back in the work field, just not easy as I thought it would be. My husband only has his pension … Continue reading “Struggling.”

Peace of Mind

Praying for God’s peace, mentally, spiritually and physically. Please Jesus bless me with your courage and cast out all negative imaginations in my thoughts about how people feel about me. Please Lord give me wings like an Eagle to deal with the pressure s of life. Let me feel your Holy Spirit Of Protection encamping … Continue reading “Peace of Mind”


Lately I’ve struggled with so much. I’ve been broken and disrespected from people that I love. I need truth from people praying that God shows me the truth and intentions of others. I don’t trust anyone at all and I don’t know how to anymore. Everyone has let me down I’ve grown closer to God … Continue reading “Guidance”

Reassure my faith

Thank you for allowing me to post my prayer, I’m a divorced 59 yr old female ,struggling to survive , I’ve been fighting stage 3 breast cancer, I’m so concerned over my financial situation, I just purchased a house 4 yes ago after an ugly divorce, I just want peace of mind that Father God … Continue reading “Reassure my faith”

To come out of legal issues

Heavenly father thank you for all your blessings. I humbly pray may god have mercy on me and my family. Specially blessy husband who is struggling with legal issues. Today we received a message that his application has been approved for overstay fine. Lord Jesus make a miracle to is to pay his overstay fine … Continue reading “To come out of legal issues”

Lord save me

Father Lord Jesus Christ. I called upon you once again and how does history repeat itself constantly. Over and over and over again Lord save me. Lord help me become a better person help me be the mother I’m supposed to be I say prayer for this Lord and I asked all to pray with … Continue reading “Lord save me”

Husband’s sobriety

Husband, who has been there daily for our special needs son while I recover from my hospitalization, feels tired and overwhelmed. He does not choose godly men to be with but instead seeks those who drink. He broken his sobriety and it scares me because I am too old and not in goid health to … Continue reading “Husband’s sobriety”


Please Steve deliverance from dillussions. Mental clarity Gods Peace. Marriage restoration, children comfort. That Steve can go to a facility Christian to get help. Gods hand to be on him. Strength. Finances for Samantha,kids. Find a house. Get all help they need. Encouragement, grow in God. Complete Healing that they will be a testimony for … Continue reading “Deliverance”

Prayer for All

Prayer request for everyone that has OCD; Anxiety; and Depression. Lord God; in your sons name, Jesus I pray for all that are burdened with OCD; Anxiety; Depression and any other form of mental, emotional or spiritual pain. Please God, deliver us from these disorders. Bring hope to those that are suffering and answers to … Continue reading “Prayer for All”

Peace and God’s will

I Pray that God gives me a peace in my spirit, in my home, my marriage, and my children. Another prayer is that my Husband and I seek God about selling our home soon or keeping it because were in need of a financial blessing. Lastly I ask God to just strengthen this marriage Let … Continue reading “Peace and God’s will”

Make them go away

Dear God until you bring my babies home give my mommy my husband and myself peace to know that it is already done and they on their way home but until than Jesus help them pharaohs to go on with their lives once you bring them back home Lord I don’t care how you do … Continue reading “Make them go away”

Wisdom and guidance

Please hold me up in your prayers. I lost my husband a year in a half ago from Covid 19. After fourty years plus 5 years of dating him. I don’t know where I belong. I live in pa own a house and it is too much for me to try to do all the … Continue reading “Wisdom and guidance”

God’s Will Be Done

06/13/2022 Thank you all for praying for me. I would like for anyone reading this to pray for God’s will, not my will be done in every area of my life…spiritual, emotional, mental, career, debt, financial, prosperity, health, weight, a new home, a new vehicle, relationships/friendships that are healthy, mutual, pleasing to him and from … Continue reading “God’s Will Be Done”

The cleaners came round yesterday evening late to say they were too busy to come today which is their usual day…

The cleaners are deliberately trying to mess me about,because in my temporary homeless place the usual day is today to clean my room but I can’t trust them because my worry monster went missing out of my room after they came in.So it’s like they were trying to come in when I was unprepared so … Continue reading “The cleaners came round yesterday evening late to say they were too busy to come today which is their usual day…”


Good morning, thank you for praying for me. I have had anxiety about driving and I know I can with God but it’s so hard to battle Satan’s lies that he keeps telling me. I also don’t have any Christian friends, just family. I am in such need of a friend or mentor to talk … Continue reading “Fear”

Peace of mind !

I am 70 years old& Have been blessed with good health up until about a year ago started with arthritis.Having a biopsy done next week for enlarged lymph node in armpit. My granddaughter who is on probation and gets in trouble with drugs keeps wanting me to help her & called this evening. We have … Continue reading “Peace of mind !”


Prayer for peace of mind from anxiety and worry of my health. Prayer for understanding my purpose in life for God. Prayer to have faith to do what God has for me and prayer for my sons to have brotherly love for each other and seek God for all my family to have peace and … Continue reading “Confusion”

Emotional trauma

Dear Father, I come to you whole heartedly and ask you to remove my pain from past abuse. Please be with me as I work with my counselor to cancel out all emotional pain that has come from abuse. I pray for everyone who is struggling with the guilt, fear and shame that comes along … Continue reading “Emotional trauma”

Peace of mind

I have some anxiety about an upcoming Dr appointment. Over 12 years ago I had to have a total left hip replacement. I was 54 then. I have been having some pain in my left hip and groin area for about 3 weeks now and have been using a cane to walk. I need prayers … Continue reading “Peace of mind”

~Please Lord stop staff or others in my temporary homeless place from stealing my password notes.~

Please Lord someone in this temporary homeless place is stealing my notes of my passwords that I write down on paper,they’re always going missing and not coming back ~ please help me by stopping them doing this.I suspect the staff more than the other homeless guests! I wonder if it’s that same guy who workd … Continue reading “~Please Lord stop staff or others in my temporary homeless place from stealing my password notes.~”