Regret and fear

Our Heavenly Father who is and was and is to come again. Your name is GREAT and Almighty! You are the High Host the Lord of Lords. Your name is Emmanuel, Yeshua, Yahweh, El Shaddai God Almighty! You are who you are and you will be who you will be and your NAME is the … Continue reading “Regret and fear”

My granddaughter

Heavenly Father, I plead for your mercy for my precious granddaughter to give her fear, her depression and her anxiety over to you and to let go of all the things that have hurt her and for her guilt for all she has done to put distance between herself and her pain and thus between … Continue reading “My granddaughter”


Pray for peace in these days of acute suffering & distress,as I am 75 yrs, alone with my wife who is suffering with cognitive impairment & high BP & blood/sugar problems, I spend my time in prayer.daily recite the Holy Rosary, attend daily streamed Holy Eucharist and various other devotions, I do experience Lord Jesus … Continue reading “Distressed”

Our Minds and Hearts

My husband and I are going through mental issues. He has fits of rage about small things and has taken to insulting people he thinks are underlings and stupid which is most people. The insults are filthy and racist and not based on proper observation of the situation he is ranting about. The racist insults … Continue reading “Our Minds and Hearts”


Please pray for me to find a home. I have lived in various places since my divorce many years ago. Everywhere I have lived, I have had to move for one reason or another. I have to move now because my original landlord sold all his properties, and the new landlord wants me to move … Continue reading “Home”


I am currently struggling with spiritual warfare and there is a strong battle of evil forces trying to overtake my mind, family, and home. I have struggled for many years with mental illness and addiction, but God has always been right there trying to save me from that dark abyss and guide me toward the … Continue reading “Healing”


I’m a single mom and can’t pay my rent to my father it’s that I don’t won’t I don’t have enough to give him have Irs issues can’t get a job in the medical field due to that misdemeanor assault to a family member my kids are older I have 20. Yr old a 17 … Continue reading “Finances”

Challenging Behaviors

Please pray for my son Aaron. He is severely Autistic and has challenging behaviors such as pulling people’s mask, their shirt and hair, spitting at their faces, screaming out loud, dropping onto the floor, spitting out food, and refusing to walk. Please God remove these challenging behaviors from him. Help us Lord. In Jesus name … Continue reading “Challenging Behaviors”

Restoration (inner healing of my soul) & Transformation by the renewal of my mind

Restoration to wholeness (inner healing of my soul) & Transformation by the renewal of my mind. Freedom from looking back but walking and living in and by faith & trust Not sight. My identity strengthened as a child and a son of God in Christ Jesus. Soundness and clarity of mind. Finding steady fulltime work … Continue reading “Restoration (inner healing of my soul) & Transformation by the renewal of my mind”

Fear of Eviction

I am asking for prayer regding fear of Eviction. Because of health and depression issues I am having difficulty keeping my apartment clean. I need help and am trying to get home care. My Apartment Manager is on holidays now and I am trying to get something in place before she returns. My Home Care … Continue reading “Fear of Eviction”

Overcoming a challenge

Dear Lord, Thank you that through you I already have my victory sealed. Thank you for sending your son to take the weight of world and our sins that we may have eternal life. A gift I can never repay. Father I have my navy fitness test tomorrow, and was only given 4 days notice … Continue reading “Overcoming a challenge”

To forget

Dear Lord I’m asking you today to grant me your Devine protection. Please Lord I ask that you help me to get over my losses and to forgive the people who took from me. I ask that you protect me from here on out and that you help me to make wise decisions. Please watch … Continue reading “To forget”


Dear heavenly father I ask if you will help in my everyday struggles help me to know that God is there by my side as scripture states and that God will give his strength to me also will be there to help my family&friends in the same way. I would ask for a miracle for … Continue reading “Depression,anxiety”

Strength and Comfort

Dear Heavenly Father, I understand that we will all experience those times in life that leave us devastated. Thank you for teaching us through your son Jesus how to help others going through tough times. Give me a heart to serve and a willingness to obey. Show me Your ways, Lord. Sometimes I get overwhelmed … Continue reading “Strength and Comfort”

Struggling with Satan

Father God I come to you with a heavy heart. Every thing I try to do is falling apart and I don’t know why. It’s like there is a black cloud hovering over me. I pray to you to give me the guidance I need to fight this demon . I’ve turned left and right … Continue reading “Struggling with Satan”

Give me Strength this day

Lord, I’m standing in need of your help. There are people who seem to hate me for one thing or another. Unfortunately, these people are supervisors at my job. I need you to give me some peace and joy. Since starting work it seems that supervisors and principals are out to get me for one … Continue reading “Give me Strength this day”

End abuse

Please pray with me. I’m in an abusive mariage. My husband is a preacher and He abuses me spiritually, emotionally and psychological. I’ve been wanting to get out of this marriage for a long time, but when I do. I feel like God is not pleased with me wanting to divorce him. I feel like … Continue reading “End abuse”

It is in GOD’S WILL

Thank you Father God for this day for you are my life in You I place my trust and my faith dear Lord give me You , every thing else can wait You have always kept Your promises and Your Words never failed, so I shall trust in You with all my heart and lean … Continue reading “It is in GOD’S WILL”

Family Relationships

We had to fire our son from the family business for various reasons and have been dealing with the fallout. His sister who lives out of the area didn’t know the details and today I thought I would gently explain what we’ve been dealing with. Well, I didn’t talk for more than about a minute … Continue reading “Family Relationships”

prayer for Special Intention

Almighty God, my eternal father, in the name of Jesus Christ, and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. please pray for me as I seek forgiveness of all my sins, negligence and transgressions of my past life. I also pray for souls, sins, negligence and transgressions of their past life of our great … Continue reading “prayer for Special Intention”


Secure home here as long as I need it until new place opening in favor to move then. Favor healing blessing on management here. Peace that surpasses allunderstanding, forgiveness, and realization of blessings and favor on owners, manager, help, residents. No words spoken against me will prosper and forgive me for any negative thinking or … Continue reading “Housing”