Lord I need you. Please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment legal housing and car needs met. I surrender release let go all of my physical and emotional pains please heal us. I surrender release let go of my broken heart and spirit please mend me help me forgive … Continue reading “Persevere”

Prayers for Travis

Lord Jesus, I pray today for peace of mind for my son Tj as he waits for an appeal date. My son was sentenced to prison for a crime that he did not commit and he appealed his sentence. One never know how long that may be as we were told, so in the meantime, … Continue reading “Prayers for Travis”


Reading about people who died in Libya from the flood and also the earthquake in the news recently is discouraging as is so scary to think about dying that way. Dying is scary enough when it is from natural causes. I guess my family and I need prayers for this issue. Our father and grandfather … Continue reading “Answers”


I don’t understand why God created man. Some say God was lonely. Wouldn’t that mean that God had a character flaw? I’m filled with the knowledge that God created man and God can do whatever he wants with man. Sometimes I feel that I’m a puppet, go this way, not that way. In the old … Continue reading “Faith”

work into shop

need prayers quick that work comes into shop ProDrive #4 that work be done quick and correctly no issues that customers leave happy an tell others about us and great service performed , that owner Juan and James make a great profit to pay bills an employees praying for financial gain this week so i … Continue reading “work into shop”


It is too much abuse when the people who have something against you speak up inside you then lie. I feel they do this to me. I do not have to live with this or the way things have happened to me or my life with my son being made to make me look like … Continue reading “TOO MUCH ABUSE”

submisison for visa

Heavenly Father I lift up to my office collegaues i.e. Ajay Jani/Surti/Sunil Patil/Sujeet/Pramod who are submitting their visas forms for Netherland right now . Please bless their visa forms Lord Jesus and hold their hands as well as bless the visa persons who is accepting their documents. Their documents should be complete and they should … Continue reading “submisison for visa”


Lord thank you for another day. You are my cornerstone and for my children. Please keep me sober help Kim pass her kidney stone. Please let Jr get the national grid job. He’s off on vacation the first one in years keep him safe. Please I pray Kim is not pregnant she’s not ready. You … Continue reading “Persevere”

Help me through it all

Lord I pray, that my husband get off drugs 1st and foremost, I pray for the success of all 3 of my businesses that I prosper and retire from my businesses that I am starting up, I pray that you fix my marriage dear Lord change my husband to be a better man to be … Continue reading “Help me through it all”

Prayer for piece of mind

pray for the current situation that stephanie jones is in right now at this time and hoping that she will call or text me in the next two to four hours. hoping that she will, she that i can help her out with things.

Trust God With My Needs

My Dear Lord and Savior, I come to You now bringing my fears, my worries, my anger and hurt, and all the thoughts that make my spirit anxious or without peace. Lord, only You know the outcome of things at hand. Only You can determine what is best for me because You are My Creator. … Continue reading “Trust God With My Needs”

My saved son struggling

My son is 45 and is saved. He has a wonderful godly wife and three children. He has struggled with anger and a temper on and off most of his life. He has a professional career. He is struggling with anger now and needs prayer as I am praying often. I gave him some resources … Continue reading “My saved son struggling”


I’ve been struggling with anxiety 3 1/2 yrs. Praying trusting, believing for a miracle. I can’t get out if my mind that I don’t have something health wrong with me. Blood test , tests are good, other than I have the antibodies for hashimotos, but low counts. Muscles twitch , tingle sore feeling all the … Continue reading “Anxiety”

Breakthrough Prayer

I pray for my husband, Jose, to be healed where healing needs to be, pray to overcome (pornagraphy, swearing, unforgiveness, lies of the enemy, drinking, worldly things). Obedience to God, the fear of the Lord, discernment, protection, a sound mind, a tongue that is tamed. Praying that he will cast his cares upon the Lord, … Continue reading “Breakthrough Prayer”


I lost my husband eight months ago and beside the grief it has been a traumatic time of many other happenings plus physical pain. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and have arthritis. I believe for God’s intervention to heal me. The worst has been the mental attacks thats why I put the post category as … Continue reading “Healing”

Sandy’s Prayer

Dear Father, My daily needs are nearly overwhelming. I have so many family members who need my help and I am responsible for so many of their personal and financial needs. I never seem to have time for doing the things I need to do for myself and the things I want to do in … Continue reading “Sandy’s Prayer”

Grief and pain

I don’t know what to say just put me before the Lord and ask him to give me another chance and forgive my sin and rid me of this demon that’s tormented me my entire life since I was a child and ask God to take away this hurt and heartache and put his holy … Continue reading “Grief and pain”

Peace in Ashley

Pray God sets Ashley free from all demonic strongholds that have been hindering her her whole life, right now in Jesus Name, pray God sets her free now by the Blood of Jesus, and renews her heart and gives her a right spirit, full of the Holy Spirit fruits, with emphasis on empathy and self-control, … Continue reading “Peace in Ashley”

More faith !

Father God , life seems so hard for me to take care of my wife and I . It seems any of my prayers are answered . I believe you’re there Father but just not making life better for my wife and I . I pray every day but things seem to get worse ! … Continue reading “More faith !”

Salvation for my husband and thanksgiving for his life in heaven snd here on earth and our comfort on this time of grieving

Praise to You Father Christ Jesus. Thank You for all that You do for us, my husband Vir in heaven for relieving him of his sufferings from sickness as he prayed to You, for giving him new body free of any sickness, for giving him all happiness and joy, for giving him You to take … Continue reading “Salvation for my husband and thanksgiving for his life in heaven snd here on earth and our comfort on this time of grieving”

Inner Peace

Dear Lord, please guide and protect my 23 year old grandson who has ADHD and has suffered from the consequences of this his entire life. Low self esteem, anxiety attacks, depression, impulsive behaviors, social isolation, bad temper outbursts and insecurities. He has been smoking pot excessively for years now and has no motivation. He is … Continue reading “Inner Peace”

Prayer for comfort

Father God Jesus Christ, You are the most powerful being, our Lord and our God. I am grateful for all the blessings You bestowed upon us everyday. Please send me the Holy Spirit to guide me and comfort me and help me pray correctly as i don’t know how to pray since You took my … Continue reading “Prayer for comfort”

Fear of the Future

God, remind me that I need not fear the future. You have everything under control and have my best interests in mind. You are my provider and my healer. I pray that you help my mind to focus on the here and now and give fears of the future to you. Thank you heavenly Father … Continue reading “Fear of the Future”

Need justice

Please pray that all clergy, worldwide, of any religion or denomination, Buddhist, Hindu,Islam, Taoist, Mormon, Zoroastrian, Shinto, Christian, all be given wisdom on ceding authority and position to the Holy Angels that are being asked to come here to Earth, along with The Christ, for the Second Coming. and for myself… Keep falsehood and lies … Continue reading “Need justice”

I need you Lord!

Lord, I am saddened and frustrated. I’ve lost my way. It seems as I look back on life, I feel like I’m always in a fight or flight mode. It’s taken it’s toll. All the heartache and pain in life and I pray and talk to you numerous times daily but I feel as you … Continue reading “I need you Lord!”