Prayer for abundance and prosperity

by Eunice (Philippines)

Dear Father,

I thank you Lord for always being there for us. I am here again praying that you will heal our family so we will be blessed abundantly. my family have been under the bandage of poverty. lots of debts and bills to pay. my parent s are getting older now and i want them to enjoy their lives without thinking of how to find the means for our needs. i’ll be opening a new business, you know the intentions of my heart, please help me succeed so i may be able to make my family happy.

Bless us Lord with abundance and prosperity so i may share them to the people i love and make them happy while they are still with me. Please give me strength so i may face all the challenges with confidence that You are with me all the way.

Thank you again Lord! I claim it in the name of Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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  1. WRONG


    ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY WHATEVER will surely HAPPEN supernaturally WHEN JESUS is with YOU !!

    YOU don’t need to pray for ABUNDANCE !!

  2. What Kind of Abundance and what Kind of Prosperity?

    I am not against such praying but it needs to be taken into consideration from a biblical stand point. There are many Prosperity teachers who claim that God wants us to me “Rich.” I have not doubt God will bless financially but he is not some sort of Celestial ATM.

    There are many scriptures I can address but Philippians 4:19 comes to mind. This has been grossly used to see God as that celestial ATM. He will supply your needs according to “His” riches and glory and that does not necessarily mean $$$$$$$.

    My prayer is that will bring blessing to those who are in need of finances and not the way Prosperity teachers falsely present.

  3. Prayer for abundance

    I believe God is the one who should judge how we pray. Didn’t Jesus said if anyone comes to him he will no wise cast out. Why try to let someone feel bad about his/her when God is the one they are praying to not you. That’s why I am so very thankful that God is not like man who is quick to judge. Pray all you want for abundance my dear, God will answer when and how He wants to and I hope He overwhelm you with great abundance and prosperity!!

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