Urgent Financial Help

Prayer for deliverance from the burden of debt that has consumed me. Through the challenging changes with employers closing their doors and the unexpected expenses arising, while in between jobs, I need pray for a financial miracle, financial stability. I’m bless to have employment now, but not able to meet my financial needs due to … Continue reading “Urgent Financial Help”

Breakthrough financially

My request is for doors to open financially. I need a Breakthrough to pay off some debt. Social security disability says that they overpaid me, from 2020 to 2022. They want me to pay back $4000 plus. Same thing with section 8. I have to pay them $2000 dollars. I have $17 dollars in my … Continue reading “Breakthrough financially”

Financial Duress

Please pray for me as i am in complete financial ruin and duress. i live paycheck to paycheck – i have a wonderful job but i cant seem to get myself out of the mess that im in. i pray daily and im trying to set up a budget but it seems that im getting … Continue reading “Financial Duress”

Financial overflow

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to write this prayer need down and for your prayer warriors that will join me in this prayer request. Father God I’m in need of a financial overflow and breath through. I’ve filed for separation from my spouse due to his adultery and alcohol abuse. I now face being … Continue reading “Financial overflow”

Financial Help

Dear Heavenly Father, Please forgive me for mismanaging my finances. What I thought was providing for my family has only caused us to be in a terrible place financially. We are in need for a miracle, so we do not lose everything we have. Please Dear Lord, help guide me and find a way to … Continue reading “Financial Help”


First I want to say how grateful I am for all of Gods provisions for us. He provides everything we need and takes such good care of our family. With that being said, we have been trying to buy a house for several years now and every year it seems more out of reach. If … Continue reading “Home”


Heavenly Father, I need help getting my financial situation fixed. I have been homeless for over four years, fall and hurt my body at least once a week but the doctors can’t find the cause. I’ve fractured my pelvis, broken my coccyx, had four concussions in just the last 30 days. And now, they say … Continue reading “NEED HELP”

Bad stewardship

I have never been a good steward of the blessings God has given. Once again, I have myself drowning in debt. Home mortage, (not behind, thank God), auto loan, also (not behind), personal loan, (behind in), 4 credit cards maxed out, rent, (behind in), medical oxygen, (behind in). I am 73 years old, living on … Continue reading “Bad stewardship”

Financial Freedom

I have so many loans in my pay slip, and they an obstacles in my way of owning a house and car. Others are ordinary cash loans from people that i borrowed money from and i am having difficulties settling my dues. It’s torturing me now and they are weighing me down. There are 2 … Continue reading “Financial Freedom”

Financial Blessing

Dear GOD, I need a financial Blessing to repair my 3 homes that I inherited from my mom. I don’t have a job and my retirement is not enough for my bills, repair on the houses. I was in 2 car accidents and now because of pain it is keeping me from getting a job. … Continue reading “Financial Blessing”

Supporting My Family

Oh Lord, I’m told that you cannot look back,, yet my 2 sons have financially ruined me, and I allowed it to happen by spoiling them and giving them whatever they wanted in the years I was a financial planner making approx. $300-500K a year and being their sole parent. I took all my money, … Continue reading “Supporting My Family”

Praying for his land

I ask for prayers for a friend of mine that lives in another country. His parents both died in a car accident and left him to take care of his little brother. He has land that his father had given him but unlike our country they don’t have deeds. They do have papers of some … Continue reading “Praying for his land”

My family

Please pray on our behalf, we are deeply appreciative. Lord, I come before You to humbly ask of urgent financial help. My family & I are about to lose our vehicle due to Illness & recovery time, & we are behind in payments. We are in need of a financial miracle. I know that You … Continue reading “My family”


Lord, I come to you broken and ashamed that I have failed you. I fail to do a good job with the money that you give me, I am about 6 months in arears of my Mortgage, in disparate need of a roof and have an outside wall that is taking on water and rotting … Continue reading “Overwhelmed”

PLease help in prayer

Please pray for help in our financial situation. My husband is the kindest man ever and he can’t be totally blamed because I did pay a lot of our bills with credit cards and are now almost maxed. He has no concept of money and never asks what we have to be able to do … Continue reading “PLease help in prayer”

Financial abundance

My prayer request is over my finances so I will be able to live a comfortably and self sufficient life. I am currently on medical leave for about a year in a half now due to chronic illness conditions that prevent me from doing my work productively. I go to physical therapy weekly to alleviate … Continue reading “Financial abundance”

Bewildered but Not Lost

My husband suffered a fatal heart attack 7 mos ago. Since then I’ve lost 8 other family members for a variety of reasons. The shock & bewilderment of these losses leaves me flailing for security & stability in my life. As well as strength & discernment for the many tasks that are now mine. Specifically … Continue reading “Bewildered but Not Lost”


Hi Brother Thankyou for the prayers ! this is the 1st time I am requesting for financial blessing for myself. I have been blessed with a business Pls pray for it to become profitable with no sorrow for me, and I my debts are cleared this year! my Season has come and I am sure … Continue reading “finances”

Crippling debt

Precious Heavenly Father, I knew that I had been getting deeper into debt but this morning as I was laying in bed praying, I asked You Lord to help me get out of this crippling debt and then I started adding up in my mind how much debt I have gotten us into and I … Continue reading “Crippling debt”

IRS debt

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you on bended knees and with a humble heart asking You to help me get out of this IRS debt situation…My husband has been audited and so I am being audited with him..I’m praying that some way or somehow him nor myself won’t have to be audited or pay … Continue reading “IRS debt”

Hopeless & Lost

I could have picked several categories for the post category. My husband took his life the morning of 5/1/20, after I found out the night before that he was looking at porn. After his death, I discovered he was addicted to porn. Also, I found out that we owed the IRS $40,000+ in back taxes. … Continue reading “Hopeless & Lost”

Financial breakthrough

Father Lord, in the name of Jesus my savior, I pray to you Lord that you pull me out this finance problem, I know God I was trying to help people by borrowing my friends and trying to help my Pastor to buy car on my name promising me to pay me every month after … Continue reading “Financial breakthrough”


God please help my fiancé recover from his dire financial situation dear Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ.

A urgent breakthrough for financial resurrection and release from joblessness for myself and my two sons.

Father I come to you today as humble as I know how. You know me and my children by name. The pandemic has caused myself and my two sons too loose our employment. I’m asking father God to release me and my sons from jobless in the quickest time possible. To release financial blessings over … Continue reading “A urgent breakthrough for financial resurrection and release from joblessness for myself and my two sons.”

Financial control

God , Father. Take control of my finances today. Thank you. In Jesus Christ name. Amen


I need prayer for the grace to be out ot debts.

Prayer for financial hardships to subside

Lord God please bless my entire family. Help us to overcome the financial difficulties we’ve been in for quite some time now. I turn it over to u dear lord, and I pray you will help us through it all


Please pray for financial blessings for me and my family health wealth and prosperity

Financial abundance

Praise the Lord Jesus Almighty and The Precious Blood of Jesus and give me financial abundance to pay my debts. Thank you and Glory to The Lord Jesus. Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen Amen

Debt solution

Father God please give me courage and wisdom on how to sort my debt .Release finance and give me back that which has been stolen .release make it possible to receive what my mother left me in her will in Jesus name amen

I need

God meets the needs of my household far as bills and food. Prayer for health related issues. Closer walk with God. Discernment and guidance.


Thank you father. Remove this lack lord from my life. Restoration is who you are father. Help me my home flooded my bills are overdue. I need help Jesus thank you

🙏 for money just to pay all my Bills

my prayer is for the Lord to Bless me With the money, I need to get Caught up on all my bills.Iam so behind.in need for at lease.$2000 dollor’s I Know The Lord Can Bless. I get Only Disiablity..Thank you Women of God..Sister Kimberly..

Debt Free

To be debt free and paid in full on every account. It’s a feeling of entrapment and I want to finally have peace in that area of my life. Thank you for your prayers because the “effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.”


Dear God, I seek your strength and wisdom to help me seek refuge from the insurmountable mountain of debt I have attained. Show me the way, bathe me in Jesus’s holy blood and cleanse my body of my sins. Purify my heart and make me whole again. I place my faith and trust in you … Continue reading “Abundance”


Lord I asked that you bless me and my wife to be able to take care of our business in Jesus precious name amen