Lord here 8 am again praying you hear my prayers for me my children and grandson physically emotionally financially employment legal and housing car insurance needs met. Please help us we’re in desperate need of a financial miracle immediately please provide for us forgive us protect us love us. Forgive us for our carelessness in … Continue reading “Strength”


Lord you know that over the last decade maybe more I’ve isolated myself except my new job and career you Blessed me with 4 years ago. The physical and emotional pains of waking up to find out I married a narcissist looking back at the struggles of my entire life decades long the sleepless nights … Continue reading “Encouragement”


Dear heavenly Father. I trust in the Lord but I am so overwhelmed with my problems. Today is July 4th and I want freedom and peace in my life. My home is still in bad shape finances have me so overwhelmed. And an old fiance is just trying to just destroy me. I know you … Continue reading “Hope”


Father you said the enemy I see now, I will never see again. Father this enemy of homeless, & debt, always renting, no matter what steps I have taken to be credit worthy, it is denial after denial, eviction after eviction, no matter what I do, paying my bills on time, gladly paying full tithe … Continue reading “Housing/Homeless”


My family and I have been struggling financially for so long, it feels like forever. We both work, we tithe and yet still are in so much debt. We have tried to payoff all our debts, credit cards yet, we continue keep spending and getting ourselves deeper into debt, it’s a vicious circle. We have … Continue reading “Financial”

Financial Breakthrough

Jehovah Jireh, Lord God, the provider of our needs according to his riches in Glory. I come to you today, as my family is struggling financially. We just cannot make ends meet, Lord. Our finance are at the lowest peak and things that we need covered are due for payment. You are the only One, … Continue reading “Financial Breakthrough”


Lord I don’t want to be afraid or worried how I’m going to survive the rising costs of rent food gas electric I feel like I’m drowning. Kim is on the brink of living her car and car insurance guess who has to bail her out im so troubled and worried you promised you would … Continue reading “Strength”

Out of work

I’ve been out of work now for over a month and a half. I’m on short term disability from my job but because of paperwork I haven’t received any payments. I’ve drained my savings and credit cards to keep my bills paid. My vision is getting worse because of migraines. I’m legally blind in my … Continue reading “Out of work”


I write to you with a heavy heart, broken and contrite, as a 27-year-old Nigerian male and theologian who has fallen prey to the sin I once preached against. Despite fervent prayers and spiritual fervor, I succumbed to fornication with a female attendee and now feel the weight of my failure. The depression and sadness … Continue reading “HELP ME LORD”


I have student loans that my husband is unaware of they were obtained prior to us getting married. 110 thousand dollars to be exact which I was never told that this would be in the end results by my advisor in college. I have bilateral lymphdema in my legs and have every since I was … Continue reading “Blessing”


Lord you know how anxious I am over increasing costs but my pay is not. You see kim struggling overdrafting and it’s caught up with her. I’ve supported her and she needs to fend for herself sibtge overdrafting stood. We need a financial miracle she needs a second job. Forgive for our carelessness spending help … Continue reading “Persevere”


After ending our almost 30 years of marriage, my ex demanded lawyers and court because he felt I was unreasonable. It’s been 2 1/2 years now of back and forth to court and I am drowning in debt. He makes 2 1/2 times as much as I do and has intentionally made it as difficult … Continue reading “Settlement”


I’m 61 years old and I have been scammed out of my saving. I dont know why I was involved in these scams and why I kept thinking I was winning money. Then one day my money was all gone. Now I live on a small pension check and now I realized how wasteful I … Continue reading “Justice”

Hear my prayers

Dear lord, who art in heaven I ask for you to guide me in your way from now on. Help me with my situation. Give us our daily bread, place me in the path of financial gain to support myself to support my children with their needs and wants, also to help my family with … Continue reading “Hear my prayers”


Good Morning Lord ! Thank you for another day on this earth ! Praise your Holy name !!! Lord I know you know my thoughts before they enter my mind . All things come from you I praise you for the good and the bad . Which I know I learn from life . Thank … Continue reading “finance”

Financial Help

Dear Jesus, I thank you for everything. For waking me up, for my family, good health, blessing us with bringing Lilly and Leighton back safe and alive from their mother, working in their behalf to bring glory to your name, all blessings from you and many many more things. I come and ask for help … Continue reading “Financial Help”

Health and Debt

Dear Father God, I come to you anxious and worried in regards to my health issues that are being exacerbated by a debt. I humbly ask that this work out the way that I need it to (with monthly payments) so that my anxiety and high blood pressure, etc. will calm back down and my … Continue reading “Health and Debt”

Debt Deliverance

Holy father in the mighty name of Jesus, I place all the debts am owed into your hands. Father it has become too heavy for me to carry and that is why I come to you seeking for deliverance from all those debts. For am not in position to do anything without you help father. … Continue reading “Debt Deliverance”

Guidance, debt

I need spiritual guidance, wisdom and understanding in making decisions for my daily life. I need help financially to be able to keep my home. I work in home health but my job doesn’t pay much. I used to work in factories and it took a toll on my body this is a job I … Continue reading “Guidance, debt”


Lord Jesus I am currently un employed and have wife and kids to look after, help me Lord to be financial stable so as to relieve me from all debts accumulated during and before this trying time. Only you can make a way where there is no way. I pray LORD that you pull your … Continue reading “DEBT RELIEF”

Bless Me

Good morning, I’m not one to ask God for material things, but today I’m asking for prayer for my financial situation. I’m tasked with helping and carrying a lot of family members financially and because so, I’m now overwhelmed with debt. My elderly parents have needs I want to meet. I have two adult sons … Continue reading “Bless Me”

Lord I need you

I got stuck in trying to invest several times to help pay for my debt, but every time I got scammed. My debts are more than I can handle. My husband passed away in 2016 , and I’m only on an old age pension . I’ve prayed asking God to help me with my finances, … Continue reading “Lord I need you”

Please pray for me

Janet I am asking today for prayers for financial. My furnace went out for the second time in 3 weeks I can’t afford to keep paying them to come out here and fix it. My medical bills I was getting help with and they have cut the financing they want to add $1,400 to my … Continue reading “Please pray for me”


Dear St Jude we’re all hopeless cases. We’re in desperate need of a financial miracle immediately please especially Kim. Forgive us for our carelessness in spending Kim always overdrafted she has thousand of dollars of car repairs her oil leak needs repairs now guess where that’s coming from my credit card that already has 3000 … Continue reading “Debt”

Financial need

Dear God, Please pray for my family. We are drowning in debt. Every turn is another bill or uncontrollable situation where money has to be dished out when we don’t have it. Please help me find a source that can erase or eliminate some of the debt. I pray that Kennedy returns to college and … Continue reading “Financial need”

New Beginnings

Have credit card debt, left over from a Divorce, Though I have an Excellent Credit Score of 850 no one seems to want to transfer two cards into one, so I can take care of this sooner, The fact is I don’t have enough money coming in to be able to meet their demands. Pray … Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Strength and stability

Hello. I am in need of prayer for my financial situation. I have been very stressed and depressed lately. I just would like to have some happiness in my life for 2024. I would like to be financially stable, and I pray to have a wonderful husband to come into my life. I lost my … Continue reading “Strength and stability”


Dear Father in Heaven first thanking you for life health and strength. For allowing me to see this new year. God I’m employed but not making enough to meet my needs much less any wants. I’ve borrowed from my daughter who has her own debts. I’m in line or supposedly hired for a job was … Continue reading “Resource”


I owe so much money and need help with keeping my certification for my job or I will lose everything and end up homeless after digging myself out of the hole my ex husband helped dig me in to. This took over a decade to get me back on track financially but I still have … Continue reading “Desperate”

Debt relief

Father in heaven please forgive me for all my sins. Lord Jesus come into my heart and show me how to overcome my debts to loan sharks.. Please rescue me from from the loan sharks who are persecuting me everyday because what i owe them.I am sorry Lord for being in this situation. I am … Continue reading “Debt relief”

Financial Lack

Credit Cards, and loans, for which I’ve been using to help make ends meet, during this recession period, and the passing of my husband, has me struggling to pay back my debts. I am in about $10,000, worth of debt, and $ 6.000, has a deadline, to be paid by may, 2024, or interest will … Continue reading “Financial Lack”


May all Foes in my neighborhood(22 Inene avenu/Kawele/Pakajuma/Limete/Kinshasa/Gombe/DRC) who puncture my tires and broke the windscreen and lights of my car(stolen fuel and engine oil) pay Billions times more and may all their property be totally destroyed let them be plague 12 scourges like the Egyptians, killed their blood shedding like a ocean and all … Continue reading “Debts”

help in financial burden

lord i am in debt of $50000. unpaid bills have been sent to collection agencies where it will affect me my friends and family. i have unpaid rent monney borrowed from friends and unpaid tution fees of $20000. i wont be able to register due to pending balence. i am stranded lord. only a miracle … Continue reading “help in financial burden”

Financial Blessing

Please pray for a financial blessing. I need to pay my car payment, cellphone bill, and also get my son a couple of Christmas presents. I also need to get my bank acct back in the positive before it gets closed by the bank. I am also behind on some bills and last night i … Continue reading “Financial Blessing”

Financial Problems

I need prayer for financial assistance. Lawyers are threatening me, that they will take my assets if I dont settle the debt. I have 3x kids & I dont know how I am going to do this. I dont eat, I dont sleep, my problems have been keeping me awake at night. I am scared … Continue reading “Financial Problems”