Disrupted Cost of Things

Dear Lord I ask that we receive guidance and perseverance when it comes to spending our hard earned dollars foolishly. So many families, single people struggle with our current times. Please oust the foundation of destruction that has played this upon our table. Bring us back to content without worry, happiness and ability to sleep … Continue reading “Disrupted Cost of Things”

God’s favor

I am praying the Lord will allow me favor for a recent home equity loan I applied for to help me free up the overwhelming debt I have. I have always paid my bills on time, I tithe and I help anyone in any way I can. I feel so depressed and anxious with the … Continue reading “God’s favor”

I Need Help

Dear Heavenly Father, I am tired. I wrestle against my flesh more than I would while also wanting to give love to anyone crosses my path. Currently, I am unemployed and have nowhere to go for finances. I lost my job a year ago deciding to follow what I thought you told me to get … Continue reading “I Need Help”

My Help Comes from the Lord

I am in need of prayer. I have been experiencing chronic pain and fatigue, which has prevented me from being able to maintain a job. My doctor suggested that I apply for disability. I did apply and after many months of waiting and sinking deeper into debt, my application was denied. Thankfully, I am married … Continue reading “My Help Comes from the Lord”


Eviction starts from our home on December 5, and we have no place to go. Disconnection notices on our gas, water, and electric don’t have enough money to pay. Cars need repairs with no money and struggle to buy food. My husband is sad and depressed because he became disabled due to a stroke two … Continue reading “Overloaded”

paying my rent

Lord Jesus, I come before you, just as I am, I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In your Name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give you my entire self, Lord … Continue reading “paying my rent”


Lord hear my prayers to not fear my current financial situation that you will provide as you always have. Kim needs to stand on her own not me bail her out all the time. The debt I’ve accumulated is her car repairs tires everything. I can’t anymore. I’m looking at a new apartment tomorrow where … Continue reading “Confidence”

Breakthrough prayer

I am in a very difficult time of my life. I worry about finances & bills that have been piled up from my fiancé’s death & losing our business. I continue to have so many problems with my fiancé’s estate and the attorneys’. My concern is that I will not have enough money to live … Continue reading “Breakthrough prayer”

Financial healing

I feel like I’m on a ship that’s sinking financially. I have accumulated debt on my credit cards that I need to get rid of immediately. My car is acting out and I need to take it in and see what’s going on plus I need new tires. I’m at the point that I buy … Continue reading “Financial healing”


My family and I have been struggling financially for so long, it feels like forever. We both work, we tithe and yet still are in so much debt. We have tried to payoff all our debts, credit cards yet, we continue keep spending and getting ourselves deeper into debt, it’s a vicious circle. We have … Continue reading “Financial”

Financial breakthrough

My husband became disabled in 2021 following a heart attack with covid. His long term disability payments recently stopped and social security has taken 2 years and still nothing yet. Our home is in jeopardy of foreclosure because we are dependent on my $17 per hour job. No insurance and benefits and his Medicaid was … Continue reading “Financial breakthrough”


Please pray I receive the funds to put a down payment or purchase a house ASAP that is liviable an has working hot water an ac a back yard for the dogs an a safe place to park my vehicle.’ Please pray my son gets better at his work an starts passing his classes pray … Continue reading “House”

Lord have mercy on me

Oh lord have mercy on me and my family I need urgent, divine help and intervention in my situation as regards a hefty debt amounting to tens of millions of naira am owing a bank and several individuals. Which has resulted into one court case, one police case and one bank recovery issue. This is … Continue reading “Lord have mercy on me”

Financial Freedom

Please agree with me that today I shall be financially free of all earthly debt, cause God wants me to prosper and be in good health(3John2) I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath(Deu. 28:13) God has give me the ability to produce wealth and to establish His covenant on the … Continue reading “Financial Freedom”


Holy Father, I come to you as humbly as I know how right now. Please come to my aid as I’m in severe financial distress and I need some type of relief. Yes, I work a full time job, but it seems like the bills are more than my income. I’m in desperate need of … Continue reading “Distress”


May all Foes in my neighborhood(22 Inene avenu/Kawele/Pakajuma/Limete/Kinshasa/Gombe/DRC) who puncture my tires and broke the windscreen and lights of my car pay Billions times more and may all their property be totally destroyed let them be plague 12 scourges like the Egyptians, killed their blood shedding like a ocean and all their witchcraft/sanctuary be burned … Continue reading “Debts”

Prayer for my family

Please asking for prayers for me and my family. I have 2 adult daughter’s with mental health illness and a grandson with a form of autism. My daughter’s were not approved for Government income even though both have been in mental institutions. I lost my unemployment income. We need prayers for income for any where. … Continue reading “Prayer for my family”

spirit of witchcraft

I ordered 8 items with Amazon seller who is new that changed my order results of the purchased transactions I made to not deliver the 8 items to me and return the refund back to me because their is no proof to prove that these orders were placed and he thinks he got away with … Continue reading “spirit of witchcraft”

Financial Assistance

God you are my strength and my savior you sit high and look low. You know everything a person is going through. I pray that you bless other people that are going through financial hardship.I pray God you will bless me financially to pay rent, car note, car insurance and other household expenses and bills … Continue reading “Financial Assistance”

Finances and my son

I want to ask for prayer for me and husband finances. We are struggling really bad. We have been using our credit cards for a lot of things and know they are maxed out. We want to own a home in the next year or but that looks impossible from this point. We would like … Continue reading “Finances and my son”

Hoping For An Miracle

Good Moring everyone hope all is well, with you and family. I am in urgent need of an loan, and can not get one with any bank, credit union etc. they advertise it does not matter if your credit is poor, but once they look at your credit score its a done deal. yes I … Continue reading “Hoping For An Miracle”


I ask for prayer for finances. My husband Matthew and I are both real estate agents and we are having a very hard time in this market. We have 4 kids and need to provide for them as well as ourselves. We need prayer for doors to be opened and an overflow of income so … Continue reading “finances”

Satanic attacks

Please pray for my son Heaven he lost everything due to satanic attacks. His family, jobs, cars, and home and is still depressed. Me too trying to help them all. I have so much debt now. I rent a room with friends since l lost everything. But I notice one lady in the house always … Continue reading “Satanic attacks”

Stop bullying for money

Jesus I pray people place and things stop bullying my husband into spending his money I love him I want him too have great abundance and prosperity and no or too use him because he is very nice and a kind hearted person I want him to be happy honestly I’m the only some in … Continue reading “Stop bullying for money”

Finding a job

Please help me to find a good paying job to pay my daughter’s school fee, boarding expenses and miscellaneous fees before September 20, 2023. I also need a walker for my mother and to pay off my education loans.

Financial aid required to get rid from debts and depression

Please pray deliverance and freedom for me and my family from black majic, voodoo, curses, bondages, satanic attacks, demonic attacks, sins, as my family is frantically sick with continuous failures, uncontrolable debts, sickness, blockades, erratic health issues, unmanageable financial crisis, stressed lifestyle, forcing to consider to end our life, mentally unstable, forcing to curse God, … Continue reading “Financial aid required to get rid from debts and depression”

Debt freedom

Thank you Abba Father for giving me your only begotten son my Lord Jesus who gives me the power to be a morethan conqueror and thank you too to this online prayer site for the encounter for the prayer warriors that you gonna used to pray for me right now and I believed that you … Continue reading “Debt freedom”


The storms of life have been raging for months. I spend my days worrying about my job, finances and at present my transportation. Without my vehicle I have been unable to work the past 2 months. The bills are mounting up. I pray continuously for God’s help but it doesn’t seem to be making a … Continue reading “Worried”

For Debt Free Life

Dear Brother, My name is Joseph, I live in Sivakasi city, Virudhunagar district,Tamilnadu State, India. In my eagerness to earn money, without knowing God’s will, I took a loan from some people and started some businesses, thinking that God would allow it. I did poultry and poultry farming. Without my wife’s knowledge, I took a … Continue reading “For Debt Free Life”

Freedom From All Debt

Greetings, I need for you to join with me in prayer to be completely free from all debt. Because I took a stand for the L-RD and what is right, I no longer have a job. The adversary has attacked my finances through delays. Right now, my rent is two months behind and my other … Continue reading “Freedom From All Debt”

Help me pay

God you are almighty and powerful. You are bigger than my student loan debt. Bigger than financial companies and worldly governments and bigger than satan. God forgive me of taking loans to pay for school. I was taking too much to pay for my youth livelihood and paying for selfish things and and now I … Continue reading “Help me pay”


Praise God & Jesus I repent of my sins I want be obedient to my God & Lord & Savior Father I ask for favor I need a career I’m asking for a job in mental health 10 mins from my hose the Bronx 10460 part time fri-Sat but overtime and a on-call job direct … Continue reading “Employment”


Father I am asking for your help in my present situation, I am struggling to make ends meet, I work seven days a week and yet I am still not making ends meet please touch my finances and increase the prosperity so that I can have time for you and myself without having to worry … Continue reading “Financial”

Clarity from GOD

My financial status changed in a matter of weeks. I was laid off due to force reduction from a job of 14 yrs. GOD helped me do what I could not do. Even though it was a blessing, I am now full of daily anxiety bcuz I can’t pay my bills as of this month. … Continue reading “Clarity from GOD”

Debt settlement

I have been paying college fees by myself. I was almost dropping out in my very last semester but figured out I could borrow $300 from someone. I have just completed my studies, I haven’t landed a job yet. The person I borrowed money from is pressuring me to pay. I’m trying to sell a … Continue reading “Debt settlement”