Daily Prayer

by Maria (Canada)

Dear God, I adore You, worship You, glorify You, and give You thanks. Bless us all today. Strengthen and deepen our faith and trust in You. Be with with us today and always.

Protect us from all kinds of evil – body & soul.
Have mercy upon the suffering people – the victims of wars, calamities, poverty, injustice, crimes, greed, and many evils in the world.
Heal the sick everywhere.
Forgive us our sins and give us the ability to forgive all.
Bless Pope Francis. Keep him well and protected from all harm; enable him to lead the world to peace, justice, equality and prosperity.
Convert the greedy, the corrupt and all the evil ones into goodness. Punish them accordingly if they remain in their abominable ways.
Give us humility, detachment, and to let go of people who prevent our growth as a person.
Help us to have love, simplicity, and gentleness as the mantra of our lives.
Give repose to the souls of all those who have died. And for us to have a happy death and welcome us in Your Kingdom.

I ask all these in Jesus Name. I believe all these prayers are granted. Glory is Yours now and forever. AMEN.

Dear Mama Mary, and all our dear Guardian Angels and Saints, please pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us, sinners. ~~~

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