by Jean (USA)


I have knelt before you in church, at home, and in my heart, and I usually express gratitude for all my blessings and protection for my loved ones.

I want to be able to express gratitude for a loving man in my life, one who understands me, loves me passionately, supports me and my children unconditionally, and who allows me to do the same for him. I believe that I am ready for him now…I understand what love is and I understand myself. I don’t want to settle anymore…I want to live with a love that makes you proud of me.

I believe in Karma and the power of the Universe you created. I believe in meditation and balance, growth and change, … please bring us a loving, supportive, and emotionally available man to be part of our family and should he have a family as well, please let us expand our hearts for them as well.

With deepest gratitude,


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