Prayer to restore my grandmother’s health.

Lord, i trust in you. this is why i come before you and request to restore my grandmother’s health. it is you who gives and take. Lord, nothing is impossible to you, it is human beings that make you far and impossible.

Forgive our sins Lord. Touch my grandmother who is in the hospital bed. send your angels to guide her. heal her lord, as i trust that your the healer among all the doctors in the world. Help the doctors to medicate my grandmother.

Give us the opportunity to live with Grandmother for few years. I know death is the universal truth of mankind. But, all am asking is few years of life in my Grandmother’s life. Grant this opportunity Lord. Forgive all our sins and Hear my prayer. I trust in you Lord.


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  1. prayers

    please i ask for prayer for my sick grandma i love her dearly
    and would love to be there with her but she is really far
    in mexico plz pray for her

  2. heal my grandmother

    I know my grandmother doesn’t have a lot more time with us but give us a few more years I love you grandma

  3. Prayers

    I’m sitting here in my grandmothers hospital room and while I’ve never really been religious she has always been. I don’t know why I looked for a site like this but it just feels right to do so. Any prayers that can be said for her are greatly appreciated.

  4. Pray for her

    I’ve never been very religious but my nan has devoted her life to it. Please pray for her, she is in the hospital and trying to fight to wake up out of her coma, please pray🙏

  5. Please pray for my grandma

    I’m in hospital sitting and waiting for my grandmother to restore her health and comeback normal and and she should sit next to me and speak a few words to me and be healthily for a few more years and please do pray for my grandmother who is now in the hospital bed ….please do pray please

  6. Heal my grandmother

    Heal her Lord, I give you my heart to have my grandmother and grandfather to live more than a few years.

  7. Heal my grandma

    Please lord I know my grandma is getting older but all I ask is for a few more years I want to love her. Please my lord heal her

  8. for my baba

    i was able to visit my grandmother who lives in japan about a week ago for a month. unfortunately she had an accident at home and has suffered major injuries. please be by her side on the surgery table as she is fighting for her life. she prays every morning for our heath so please be there for her health. she has done so much for us and i regret so much not being with her more while i was there with her. please I pray that you give her a few more years to live. She still has so much to give to this world. She’s always been so kind to everyone and showed an act of kindness every single day. i trust you god as you have always been there for my family. amen.

  9. Prayer to God to heal my grandma from the hospital

    Lord heal my grandma from the hospital make her talk and Lord release my grandma from the hospital and bring her home so I can visit my grandma again

  10. Pray for my grandmother

    Please pray for my grandmother. Her kidneys have stopped functioning and there’s nothing that medicine can do .
    But I know that God can do wonders.
    Please pray for her.
    My life would be hell without her.
    All I could ask for is to live few more years with her

  11. Pray for grandma

    She raised me and all I can do is hope there are enough prayers for her for lord to hear this one. She’s declining in health and I can’t imagine losing her so soon. Please lord I’m begging for more time.

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