prayer to help my husband to stop drinking alcohol

by Ally (Melbourne,Australia)

Dear lord,

I come to u in humility and ask that you strenthen my husband to stop drinking alcohol and miss an opportunity to land a better job.In Jesus name I pray.
Dear Lord, you know our needs.I am praying for a breakthrough for my husband and I.
I pray for your mercy & favour for my husband.In the name of Jesus.
I stand the gap for my husband and pledge my devotion to you and promise that I will fulfill all that you command of me.In Jesus name.

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  1. Help Reggie stop drinking

    I beg of you to help him to stop drinking. He is one of the best people to have entered my life. I do not deserve him but he is here with me. He has gone through so much in his life at a young age to now. It all started with his consumption. Please help him to see that he doesn’t need it to live this life or any other life. Help protect and steer him away from this addiction. With all my love and all my faith please, please, please I pray for your help

  2. Please pray that my husband stops drinking

    O Lord,almighty,I beg you you help my husband quit alcohol forever. I Know he is trying very hard but please show him the right path so that he quit it permanently. I trust my lord blindly and I am sure I will see the result of my prayer very soon.

  3. Pls help my husband to stop drinking

    I’m begging the Lord to help my husband stop drinking alcohol, to help us conceive our own child. Help him realize to avoid bad influence people to lessen his vices.I would be the happiest woman if he will quit drinking..It’s a chance for us to have our own baby..

  4. Stop Drinking

    Dear sir /madam ,

    im writing this lettr behalf of my dad name dhanda pani as my dad is suffering from kidney failure and undergoing dialasis since 1 year all of suddenly he is started to drink he is so adomend how that he cant be without drinking please pray for him he must forget drinks and by your miracle he should have good health and long life.i beg u please help us exept my dad we dont have any one ,please wipe our tears, awaiting for your miracle

  5. Blood of Jesus

    Lord God, i speak against alcohol this evening. I bind all demons sent to destroy our loved one’s through alcohol. I speak against all evil plans about our lives, Lord God please protect our family and loved ones,,help they overcome alcohol oh Lord. Let them drink and don’t get drunk from alcohol in Jesus name. I declare and decree any alcohol to be the blood of Jesus, Lord God as they continue drinking they will think they drink alcohol but its the blood of Jesus that will make them sober in their minds and all be hungry and thirsty for the righteousness. Let the blood of Jesus as they drink it cleanse them and renew their minds in Jesus name. We turn all the plans of evil to work in the favor of your children. Let your will be done Lord in Jesus name AMEN.

  6. Prayer for my husband to quit alcolhol

    I’m making a humble request to pray for my husband so that he quits alcohol. I pray so that I will get peace of mind. I also pray for my 2 children who feel traumatised when they see their father in sobber state. God please help me. Jesus pls help. Thank you. Have mercy on us.

  7. stop drinking alcohol and leave his job permanently

    Lord please help me to pray for my husband to stop drinking alcohol and please pray him that he always priority us.and to come home early with us. and also pray for him to quit his job in Jesus name amen..

  8. Drinken prayer

    Please pray for us or send me a prayer so I could pray over him while. He sleeps I need prayers he drinks so much every day he has liver soriouse and it’s no good for him some one is telling him things about me please pray for those people too there wanting to hurt us both please send me a prayer thank you

  9. Pray for my husband to stop drinking and to walk in the spirit and be back at church

    Pray for my husband to stop drinking and come back to the Lord.

  10. Stop drinking alcohol

    oh god please pray for my husband to stop drinking alcohol and to get a happy family life..good future for my son

  11. Deliverance from alcohol

    Please pray for my husband to be delivered from drinking permanently I ask for God to give him wisdom about the destruction that drinking does to the family and break the curse of alcoholism in the family in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  12. Prayer for my father

    Please pray that my father stips drinking completely. He lost his job and drinks everyday we dont have much money yet he spends it on alcohol. He was diagnosed with liver disease and yet he continues to drink. He fights with my mother and us(his kids) he holds so much grudge against us for telling him to stop. It hurts my heart so much. Please pray tHe Holy Spirit comes to him and takes away the evil spirits in which urge him to drink. may God hear my prayers

  13. my husband is drinking and torture me like anything so please praying for me

    He is torture. Me when he drinks hr wit do very vulgarity

  14. prayer for a breakthrough

    Please pray for my family. We are living in our own entity in the same home. My husband cant deal with the situation and sometime turn to alchol and full of anger.Prayer for my children to live on peace.

  15. drinking

    Please pray my husband will stop drinking permanently and get the help he needs. It is destroying our family 🙁

  16. help me to pray for my husband to stop drinking alcohol

    Lord please help me to pray for my husband to stop drinking alcohol and please pray him that he always priority us.and to come home early with us.jesus name amen..

  17. I want to ask you to pray for my husband so he can stop drinking

    Keep up the good work guys you are really helpin us

  18. drinking

    my husband like to drink a lot n some times went to gamble at amusment center and even I tell him not to go he don’t want to listen.

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