Prayer for total body healing

Our heavenly Father

May your holy name be praised in all the nations.
I thank you for your mercy Father
You who forgives our transgressions and brings us back to you
I call out to you Father to hear my prayer for healing. Father you who has healed many people over time
You who sent your Son to die for us even when we have sinned against you. And by His flesh we were healed. May the blood of Jesus that was poured on the cross be my source of healing. May it cleanse me of all disease that ails my body and all inequities in my soul.
Father, you who never changes, who is ever faithful, I call on your promise that “if you know me and truly love me, when you call out to me, I will answer”. I call on you most precious Father to grant me the grace of your healing.
I pray all this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen

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  1. Prayer for

    Response to the Prayer for total healing.

    The Word of God says, He will answer while we are yet praying. The Word of God is Holy, Eternal and Life changing. To God be the glory for the things He has done. Thank you for that blessest prayer.

  2. total body healing

    pray for my mothers healing fr a stroke that she comes through 100% and the her one kidney and liver will become stronger than ever. and all cancer be rebuked in Jesus name

  3. Ebola Epidemic

    In praying for my illness the images of all the men, women and children who are so desperately waiting for outreach lie in centers and streets dying of this unforgivable epidemic in Africa made me feel guilty about praying for myself. Have mercy on every soul carrying this disease. May they be healed and feel comfort in your embrace.

  4. Pryaing for healing

    Father God in heaven, I pray today for healing over my body. Lord I know that I have made some bad choices in life. Father I am asking you to forgive me for every sin that I have committed. Lord I have no one else to turn to but You. I need you father, please hear my cry. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray this prayer. Amen

  5. Heal me lord

    I pray that the result of my medical tomorrow will be cleared so that i can start for my new job. heal me lord. amen

  6. testosterone levels low

    Father we come to u in prayer o’holy one and ask that my husband Steve receive a complete and total healing father God he has been to doctors and I just put my trust in u can cause u r are healer our guidance our strength I know we all sin and I am srry I just want my family and I to draw close to u dear lord he started church with me and his daughter almost 2months ago and God I give u all the glory and praise. I lift ur name on high thank u sweet Jesus for all u have done and what’s to come and what is in Jesus name Amen.

  7. healing

    Jesus my savior, please forgive me for my unfaithfulness and heal my body and take control of my pain and increase my territory.
    In your most precious name. Amen

  8. it's time for a miracle!

    Father God, most holy and loving Father tonight iam standing on your promises that you said by His stripes ism healed, and I believe it,and I receive it, because you said Your Word would not come back to You void, In Jesus Name,Amen

  9. Heal me

    Lord I love you so much and I thank u for all u done for me, Heavenly Father u know all my shortness of breath back pains and I ask in the name of Jesus that you heal me from head to toe and allowe me to keep going I love u so much Father and thank you in the name of Jesus Amen

  10. Praying for a healing

    Lord I come to you asking you to heal my body of this disease! Lord you are the only help I know! I’m believing and trusting in you God! I know you are able and I know you will! These and all blessing ask in your sin Jesus name!

  11. Panic attacks

    Lord please heal my body and rid me of my anxiety, fear, panic attacks. Heal my mind and bring me peace so that I can enjoy life on your earth. AMEN.

  12. I pray that God heals me of my cancer now!!!

    I pray GOd heals me of my cancer now!

  13. Lymph nodes

    My father please heal the enemy such as the demon inside my body, cleanse my whole entire body until it’s fully healthy, oh my lord, I beg you. Answer me. I need you, only you have helped others for everything they wanted, oh, please. Do the same for me, disappear the lymph nodes on my neck and behind my ear. Give me the strength to fight and ask for help, cause I’m all alone, I can’t stop the tears running down across my cheaks every minute of my life, God, please shall this not be a serious condition. With your help, Lord. Anything is possible, I ask once more. Lord. Shall you help? Answer my Lord, answer to me, for fill my life with happiness so I shall not be worried or scared, I need you, and only you. Repair every last suffering in my body. You are to be trusted.


  14. Total Healing

    Heavenly Father, I come before you asking for total healing in my fathers body. God I pray that you allow him to regain movement within his body and that you grant him total restoration. God I declare and decree by the stripes of Jesus Christ that he is healed and no weapon formed against him shall prosper. Amen.

  15. Prayer for anxiety and panic disorder

    Dear lord I praise your name for who you are and how much you love us. I ask for total healing over my body I ask you to remove the bodily symptoms, I ask you to remove fear from my mind. I ask you to remove satan and his harrasment from my life. For you said Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And I claim mark 11:24 over my life lord, and I claim Jeremiah 17:14 over my life lord and pray for the healing of others who are in search of you in your wonderful precious name Jesus Christ Amen.

  16. Anxiety attacks I see..

    God bless you all. I am not a good christian. I am a ginormous sinner. But I do have love for God and Jesus. I have for 7 years dealt with anxiety, and I have prayed thousands of times to be rid of the issue. I have other issues going on lately that have intensified the issue. I pray for all of you that suffer from it too. It’s terrifying and I hope God has mercy on us and eases our suffering. The best thing that works for me, is bearing down on it and curling up into a ball. I really do believe it is partially an IBS thing 🙂 to be honest, and I think it’s the same for others too. Anyways I’m rambling! Get well and Get back to NORMAL soon!!

  17. Prayers for anxiety in acid reflux in my whole bodily sickness

    God I ask for you to please bless my body in to give it your healing touch take the sickness away from me take satan in his negative thoughts away from my mind God please just touch me I’m calling out to you I really wish my life can go back to normal

  18. cyst

    God I ask you for healing of my body and the continuous cyst that keep forming. Please heal me and let me get back to doing your work.

  19. my daughter

    Prayer for my daughter Lord to see her through her illness so she can get out of the hospital & be reunited with her daughter & family.

  20. Healing for my body

    Father, I come to you for healing of my fibroids. Make them dissappear and relieve me of this pain I’m going through. I
    trust in you , love you and I put all my care upon you. Amen

  21. healing

    Father I ask for healing in my body bring me through this condition which is not of you Lord so I can take of my young son and family Amen.

  22. Healing my body

    Please Lord heal my body so that I may take care of my family I love my son & daughter they need me

  23. Healing

    God you are the head of ny life ..i ask for healing right now and I ask for direction right now .. I pray for the health of my boyfriend family .. I ask for forgiveness for all my sins .. i ask for a renewel of life and a second chance

  24. Heal me through and through Lord

    Please father God touch my spirit with favor of your healing grace…Heal my body, my mind and spirit. I repent of my sins and ask for your mercy Lord I will seek you daily for the necessary tools needed to aid me in hitting the negative delete buttons do I may be happy to the fullest thank you God AMEN!

  25. Healing for my Body from Jesus

    Lord I pray for health and healing over my body mind and soul..I pray that you allow me to continue to praise you and call on the name of Jesus no matter Good or bad..I lift my son to you and everyone that I love,in the precious name of Jesus.Guide me to always follow in your foot steps and count on you Father..Praise you ..

  26. Mom and wife

    Please heal my mind, body and soul…so that I can be the wife and mother that my family deserve! Please please Lord!

  27. Peace and healing

    Lord Father my spirits are weakened and trouble. My marriage is falling by the waste side and my womb is heart broken. Holy Father I ask of you to heal my womb and being a calm peace in my life. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  28. Healing hives

    Dear Lord I pray that you heal my body from hives so I can return back to college and taking care of my dogs. I have my faith in you always and know I have the strength through you to heal and move past this illness.

  29. please bring healing to my body i need to take care of my children and my family

    Lord i am coming before you now in the name of jesus to bring healing and restoration. To my whole body so that i am back able to take care of my three children. And to help take care of my family as well i am a young 34yr old woman who needs her health restored after having a baby that is 6weeks old i need my appitie back so that im eating and drinking again without losing anymore weight in water and not being able to put it back on restore my eyesight. Where my eyes are no longer dry all the time and there is fluids in my eyes all the time no matter what take away this dizzy feeling that i have right now restore my health right now lord i need to be able to go to sleep without worrying about my eyes and my whole body going cold all the time bring my whole body back to normal right now jesus. I have too much to live for and my children need me right now and so does my family lord i need to be able to wash my clothes that is piling up in my room and be able to clean my room i need. The energy to do so and the peace of mind to be able to sleep and not worry help the baby to sleep well and longer so that we all can get some sleep help her to stop throwing up. And sleep longer i need to feel better my other daughters birthday is Wednesday and i need to have energy. And be able to see without any problems. I am doing everything im supposed to do to get myself back together. And now my family needs me please. Please. Please. Lord help me not to be so tired where im not eating the way i need to eat and drink. Where im not driving because of my eyes that are giving me trouble right noe please restore my health back to the way it was before i had the baby please lord i never had problems with my eyes d o now lord heal my eyes so that i can really rest without having an aniexty attack because of my eyes take away the aniexty take away the depression that im feeling take away the dry eyes that im suffering with right now so that i can function the way that i need to function and to see how i need to see restore my neves all over my body from head to toe i want to live a long long life please lord please lord please lord answer my prayers and the prayers of my children as they have prayed for me as well grant them they dont like to see their mother going through this. No more blurry vision with or without my glasses no more double vision with or without my glasses please. Restore my health so that i can enjoy my children and want them to feel loved all of them. In jesus name i pray this prayer of healing amen

  30. healing

    in Jesus name I ask for complete body healing of V Miles , eyes, legs, diabetes, and obesety, soul and mind . Total body Amen

  31. Total Healing

    Dear Lord, I ask that you restore my body to total health. I ask that you heal me of my eye defect on my right eyes and restore my eyesight totally. I ask that you also heal me of nervousness and fear. I pray that your healing power also heals my tongue problem. Finally Lord, I ask that you heal me of the swelling in my left scrotum and I ask that you should restore my sexual life to perfect condition in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  32. Healing

    God, i ask for your healing of this cancer! You are the almighty! My family needs me. Today, i heard you speak to me and thank you for your comfort and peace! I rebuke Satan of all his lies! God is on my side!! Thank you Jesus for your healing!

  33. Healing

    God, i ask for your healing of this cancer! You are the almighty! My family needs me. Today, i heard you speak to me and thank you for your comfort and peace! I rebuke Satan of all his lies! God is on my side!! Thank you Jesus for your healing!

  34. Healing

    Pray for heal me my vigina could be lever or kidney. Something area my stinky part. Name of Jesus Christ amen

  35. Please Help Me!

    I have many issues. Numb hands, weak right arm and leg. Aching neck. Please Lord, heal my body and have mercy upon me. I need you more than ever. Please help me Lord. I know you are a merciful God and all knowing. I thank you for my life and how you have blessed me. I do need your healing grace. Amen!

  36. Healing of Legs body mind and soul

    Lord Jesus I pray that you heal me, from all pains that linger in my body, wash me in your blood Lord Jesus make my body new again in your name Lord Jesus Amen.

  37. high blood pressure

    O God almighty i need your total healing from high blood pressure through Christ JESUS,amen.

  38. Prayers urgently required... Please!

    Depression, anxiety and self-hate are destroying my life. They ha been eating at my body, mind and soul for years and it seems our Father is not hearing my continued cry for his help. No medication is helping and at times I think is making my symptoms worse.

    I seriously can’t continue this fight against my journey, i just can’t do it on my own anymore 😢

    Can our Father hear me? Does he appreciate my mental and physical, spiritual pain? Am I not his child?

    Please help me with this urgently required devine intervention prayer request… Please help me! 😢

  39. Healing my body

    Dear lord heal my body from head to toes inside and out . Give me the strength to walk the path u give me . Pray for the world. Give them the strength to become one again
    In Jesus name Amen

  40. heal

    Please heal jose who has been suffering from infection that he gets well so that he may continue on with his life.

  41. Good you are bigger.....

    Lord I know you are healer please help my friend MainMain. In the sweet name of Jesus.

  42. Miracle

    Dear Lord hear my prayer. Please send me a miracle today. Let the mass on my lung that the doctors found 3 months ago be shrunk or miraculously gone as they convey to me my results from Monday’s CT Scan. You have given me many miracles throughout my life, for I have been blessed by you. Dear Lord I’m asking for another miracle from you today. In Jesus’ Name I pray! AMEN

  43. Healing in my Body

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you this morning and I thank you first of all for this beautiful day, I thank you Father God for all you do for us for watching over us as we slept & blessing us with a new day. Father God I come to you today asking you to heal my body totally, you know what’s ailing me Lord Father God you know I don’t want to start taking medications again because I know that it will hinder other parts of my body. I thank you Father God that by Jesus Stripes I am totally healed, I give you the glory, honor and praise thanking you in advance for what you’re about to do. Thank you for honoring my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen!

  44. Healing

    Oh Heavenly Father,I pray you take the pain away from my mom’s body and heal her.she is in so much pain she can not barley walk,she gets no sleep at night.please let the blood flow through her veins and protect her precious vessel. Amen

  45. In pain

    Dear father in heaven…pls hear my prayer for help and chest has been hurting for one month now all because of a stressful time I don’t understand why I got these pains they r draining and pray so much for them to stop causing me pain and to return to normal.pls I need you father pls heal me.pls help me.amen

    Pls stop the pain I believe you can heal me..pls let me sleep well tonight and wake up like before a month which was no pain in chest…I’m tired of not knowing what it is..I went to hospital..and it’s nothing..but why do I have pain…pls heal me…

  46. Physical healing

    Please say a prayer for my sister amber. She is in alot of pain in her hips, back and legs. Please help her by saying a prayer for god to heal her pain. Thankyou

  47. Total Healing (Physical,Mentally n Emotional) for my wife in her battle with Cancer and Epilepsy and any other illness tries to attack her body

    God I wanna pray for my wife in her time of need. Make her whole again, heal her body, mind and soul. Make her feel normal again, medicine free, stress free, pain free. Allow her to move forward in doing what you set her out to do. In Your name I pray, Amen!!

  48. total healing

    Lord i repent for all the sins i have kept. and for doing it over and over again. Sorry.

    Lord t am thanking you for all the blessing that you have given unto us.

    i Lord have rare skin disease and pain in my right leg. These are not from you. and In Jesus Name i am rebuking all these.

    claim it. In Jesus Name i pray Amen

  49. Full Body and Life Healing also Health.

    God, I call on you right now in my time of need praying to you to repent for all of my sins I have done wrong to myself, others also in your eyes. I am asking for your forgiveness and mercy to be healed from all of my illness, sicknesses, disease and any evil spirits that gave been harming me. I lift your name up in praise to give you all the glory and ask you to cover me with the blood of Jesus and The Armor of God. I know your a miracle worker and you will supply every need and heal every part of the body that needs healing. I just ask for forgiveness and to have mercy upon me and all my trust passes and rebuke all evil in the name of Jesus. Thank You Lord for all your Blessings and Peace Amen.

  50. Healing of my Sinius Issues, Sore Throat and Depression

    God I know that you have the ultimate healer of all healers. I am slowly growing weary and anxious. Please heal my body, mind and soul. And God please show me sign that I’ll be ok. In Jesus name amen.

  51. Mammogram health

    I love you LORD JESUS. I pray and know that you will always take care of me . Please grant me total body health in your name Jesus I thank you and praise you

  52. Direct my feet O Lord.

    I ask for complete and total healing from cancer. I beseech you Lord Jesus to calm my heart and mind, to erase the negative thoughts when they appear, to let my actions and words reflect the promise of a life lived according to your Word. I thank you for my loving husband and his calm support. In Jesus’s name I pray,

  53. Prayer for healing

    Dear Jesus, I pray for special healing today of my whole body. I have so much anxiety which brings me into Great Depression and makes my symptoms worse. I have incredible dizziness for 3 days now and don’t know what to do. Please Lord heal me of my sickness so that I may become the woman you created, innocent and pure. I’m sorry for all my sins and please forgive me.

  54. Healing

    Lord,i am praying for your healing as i suffer from body aches. I feel so anxious and scared but by faith, i claim that you can heal me and relieve me from all of these pains. In Jesus name I pray,amen.

  55. Healing

    Dear lord Jesus Christ please heal.all diseases in my body I call upon you father and for your heal and to for.forgive me for all my sins in the father man Jesus Christ .Amen.

  56. For my mom

    I pray for a miracle and divine intervention as my mom fights for her life. Father I know you are the truth and light. I pray you will lay hands on her and heal her so she can come home to be with her family. Father her family needs her here on earth. Please heal her entire body. Please give her body the power to make her organs strong and her blood pressure to be where it needs to be. I continue to pray that this prayer is heard. Jesus name I pray. Amen

  57. Heal me god please

    O Lord I Have been fighting my diseases ever since I found out in 2012. You are the healer of all sickness . I’m HIV is a sickness my dry eyes is a sickness and my arthritis knees is a sickness please O Lord I cry out to you every day for a miracle healing I Trust in Lord . maybe one day you would heal me . I know I have sinned and you forgive us for are sins . just has I have forgiven others . please Lord heal me of all my diseases. I don’t know how much longer I want to live like this it hurts me every day that I can not do anything anymore I don’t leave my house unless I’m going to the doctors . I’m scared god that I will lose my eye sight because I also have blurry vision and eyes floaters .I know you here me cry every day I know you see me get angry because I have gotten this HIv virus and I have been trying so hard to take care of myself but I just keep getting more problems. That I can not handle . I have been thinking of a ways to just end my suffering . but I want to live but I don’t live being sick every day of my life . so I ask again O Lord cleanse me with your blood and please give me a second chance in life to be healthy again like I once was only you can hear me . Thank you god for your healing Amen.

  58. Healing of chronic hives and bone pain

    Father, I pray for your open heaven to come down that I may receive your healing, for there is complete healing in your presence. I pray that you lift off this hives that I have been struggling with for almost a year. Father, i know you know of all my struggles everyday. And I know you are able to heal me and is willing to heal me, for by your stripes we WERE healed, and indeed healing has already been done. Father, I proclaim for your healing power to wash over me right now, come and cleanse my body with your blood that had been shed on that cross. I pray that you come lift away all the pain in my body, fix the bone on my left middle finger and straighten my backbone. Come and let your peace flow through me and remove every single doubt and unbelief i have. All in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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