Prayer for premature baby

by Gigi (Texas)

Dear God,

You chose to give our daughter and her husband two beautiful babies who were born far too soon. They are now in the care of dedicated nurses and doctors, but their true healing can come only through you.

Please wrap your protective arms around our precious granchildren and bestow your healing blessings on them that they may grow and develop into full term babies and glorify you in this world.

Please hear our daily prayers and give our family strength to bear this challenge you have sent our way. In your name, we ask…Amen.

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  1. Mary Mother of God

    Dear Mary, Mother of us all. Please guard and protect these small babies. Help them to grow strong. Please wrap your arms around their parents and grandparents and give them strength and hope. Take care of my friend. In your Sons name… Amen

  2. Pray for health for the babies

    I pray to God for the two babies and May God grant them strength and healing. Please God protect them from any harm. I pray to God that you will grant their parents comfort, hope and strength and take away their worriess an fears. May God bless them always.

  3. Prayers for Allani

    My grandbaby was born at 23 weeks and is the hands of the all mighty god to breathe into her liungs fso they can develope and get stronger day 4 and shd is stable! Thank you Holy Spirit keep your watchful eye on her snd give the NICU unit the expertise they need to continue to take good care of Allani Louisa Perez!

  4. Prayer for Allani Louisa Perez

    I pray sweat Jesus that you wrap your arms around Lil Allani mature her lil lungs, give her the strength she needs to overcome this obstacle heal her Jesus that she can grow to be a strong healthy Christian who will glorify you forever . Jesus we ask for ur help please Jesus give her the breath of life as only you can.
    We pray fervently in Jesus sweet name . Amen

  5. Prayers for Baby Noah Salinas

    Sweet Jesus I come to you with an open heart to ask you to heal Baby Noah he was born early and is in NICU and is in need of your healing sweet Jesus please touch his lil body and heal him completely restore his health. Give him a strength he needs to pull through this! Jesus we glorify you and give you thanks for the blessing of Baby Noah, we come together his Mother Noemi and Father Leroy and I a family friend to give comfort to them as they watch their baby in the NICU, give this baby sweet Jesus a tony kiss on his forehead for only u can give him the healing that he needs to come home and live a long healthy life we pray in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Prayer for Malcolm

    Dear GOD,
    YOU have send to us Malcolm who came into the world too early. However, we know YOU have YOUR purpose or reason for this to happen. We pray that you cradle him in YOUR healing arms and heal him completely. Keep him strong and healthy, and let us glorify your name. Give us strength to endure this journey. Only by YOUR grace and mercy we will make it true this emotional roller coaster. In YOUR mighty Name we pray. AMEN.

  7. Baby Nadia

    Dear lord,
    I just ask that you keep baby nadia safe. May her journey in this widget not be in vain please keep her mother and father safe as well I have faith that you will keep her safe in jesus name amen

  8. Praying for Strength and Courage

    Dear Lord,
    I ask that you please keep our daughter, Camila, safe during her journey in the NICU. She is small yet extremely mighty and we thank you lord for everyday we are allowed to send with our lovely baby girl. We pray to you lord that she continues to grow and become strong and you continue to provide her with the care she requires.

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