Prayer for my husband’s mental health.

by Amanda G. (Denver, Colorado)

Dear Lord,

Please shower my husband with your calm and peaceful grace. He is struggling with anxiety, depression, and anger. He is a good man and this burden weighs him down. Please help him to see the small joys and victories and your light as safe.

Please allow me the strength to weather this storm with him and protect our son from the dark shadows that linger around my husband. Let us see light and miracles and understand your intentions. amen

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  1. God Bless

    As someone who suffers with OCD and anxiety it can most definitely be a burden. I have been building my relationship with God and Jesus ever since it has first started and let me say, your husband WILL get better in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God has healed me in ways you could never imagine. God only puts those who He believes are strong enough to handle these tough situations, so please, I pray that your husband not give up faith on Jesus and God, but instead turn his life towards them. Everything happens for a reason, and God knows exactly what He is doing in your lives, just have complete and utter faith in Jesus, and you will be able to do, and overcome, all things.

    In Jesus Name I Pray

  2. I'm Praying for Your Family

    I also suffer from anxiety…its a tough one. Don’t give up! If You have sent Your Prayer…it will be taken care of. He is Power…He is Love..He is the medicine We all need. Let Jesus do His job..and make sure You don’t put Your hands where His are hard at work. Your Husband and Family..will be healed. Love to You and Your Family. In the name of Jesus Christ the great Physician..Amen.

  3. good job

    I am so glad us as women pray for our husband sickness. You have been a great person to poat your prayer that made me feel good cause my husband has the same problem.

  4. Healing is on your way

    Everlasting father in Heaven I do come forward unto you as I pray for her husband.Despite the fact of his condition.Jesus Christ who is our saviour did before he assured us of eternal life.Its by his blood which shed on the cross our burdens are reduced.Your husband will gain mental stability thanks to the Blood of Jesus Christ.
    May the Holy spirit be with you during this times since it is our comforter.
    I do pray and Belive that your husband will be well and so will you.It will be done by his name Jesus Christ our saviour.


  5. let us pray together

    Also my husband has been suffering the same illnesses let us pray.

    God bless all who are battling those inner demons of depression, loneliness, unworthiness, and hopelessness. Shine Your warm Heavenly Light down upon all of us, Lord, who are looking out for our soul mates. Guide us to find peace, happiness, and contentment in our lives and within ourselves. Amen. –

  6. Bipolar

    My husband has untreated bipolar and it’s a living hell. I never know what to expect out of him from day-to-day.

  7. Prayer for husband's mental health

    CBD oil does wonders for this as well as many other ailments. Research online

  8. Borderline Personality Disorder

    My husband has BPD and has brought the chaos he experiences to me for 32 years. He goes to counseling and assumes I’m the problem and stops going. It’s an egregious condition that rest on the spouse. I have prayed for him, he has attended deliverance ministries many times and doesn’t get healed. Today I told him we need to be separate and he left church in a huff. He has on many occasions not spoken to me as long as 8 months. I hope the Lord heals him, I have stood in the gap for our marriage in prayer yet to date he is not healed. God I’m sure is doing a work in us yet he needs to be on his own until something happens. He has a twisted spirit that focuses on me and he doesn’t see all the things he negatively contributes to the marriage. The marriage in 32 years has not grown. Thank God I have not lost my mind with his odd behavior because God has given me a strong spirit to withstand the attacks. I know Satan is behind BPD so I pray: By the power of the Holy Spirit in me I send you away from my husband, me and our family and you Satan now go to the place Our Lord Jesus wants you to go. I pray restoration for Arnold personality and the Peace that surpasses all understanding for us. I pray that you Lord finish the good work in us you have started and that when we are separated you Lord would reconcile us not only on to you but to each other. I love you Lord and I trust you have not forsaken us.

  9. Why

    My husband recently tried to comment suicide, and was minutes from it if my son and I had not found him. I don’t understand, he is a Ordained Minister, and a Deacon of his brothers church. We were caught of guard. I mad, I’m sure if I’m angry with him or God. I can’t put reason to this. WHY WHY. WHY

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