Prayer for my daughter who had seizure

by Joy (Doha)

My child had seizure recently. We brought her to the doctor, series of test and EEG were done and everything is found to be normal. However, after 2 weeks, the seizure happened again. I am lost on what to do as my parents and husband are telling me there’s no need for any other test because the previous test all came out clear. I am a bit paranoid now reading lots of articles regarding infants having seizure. I can only ask the Lord to bless my child and make her well.

Dear Lord, I seek for your loving mercy.
I ask Thee to put your powerful healing hands over my child.
May Your hands hold every cell in her body and make them well.
May Your touch ever protect her from all sickness.
I believe Lord that You are the most powerful healer and the most merciful Lord. Amen.

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  1. Thank you

    This is exactly what I needed at this exact time. Thank you for your beautiful words of prayer that I am sure God lead me to.

  2. Beautiful Prayer

    I am currently experiencing the same issue with my brother. I feel so lost with these seizures and I do not know what to do. This prayer will help my family as well! Thank you!

  3. prayer required

    My daughter has been having seizures since November. She is on medication, but still getting them. Please pray for her.

  4. I have a seizures

    I’m so tired of that seizures please help me my dear lord I want to get out of that seizures that has bothering me since. Was 12 years old now I’m 21 years old I still having the seizures please lord do something

  5. Healing

    To all those who have illness come aga4inst them and their family members. Curse the root and seed of ever sickness. Then pray asking God for every cell, muscle ,tissue etc.of what you need. To be restored , Command all sickness To STOP inThe Name of Jesus.
    Thank Him everyday for that healing no matter what it looks like or their feeling. He Blessed and all of you Be Made Whole, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  6. My Daughter

    My daughter is experiencing same since March, its been 5 months now, Lord peace do your miracle on her and all those here experiencing same in Jesus name

  7. Stop seizure from coming on and stay strong.

    I want Gods hands and power on controlling my seizure. I got sick time to time on my job. In 2019 and other years I want them to stay under control. I want to do a great job on my job, seizes and other things like home. No more seizures from this day and on. Amen 🙏

  8. Stop seizures from coming for my daughter

    Please please lord we are begging you please stop all her seizures and seizures activity because it is awful amd horrible to go threw as a parent you feel helpless. Please pray we find out what is causing them and get them under control and the medicine will stop them and please pray her depression and anxiety will get better . Please lord please all angels and saints . Love ❤️ Amen

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