Prayer for my chest tightness everyday

Dear Lord,

Please forgive me for all my shortcomings
Please heal me and make me feel your presence as I experience this all the time.Please hear my prayers. I know that You are the best doctor in the world and You are the only one I need to make me feel normal and at my best again. Your will be done Lord. I surrender myself to You O Lord Almighty.

Please keep my family safe and give them patience about what I am going through. Please let me be a mother to my son, a partner to my partner and a daughter to my parents once more.Kindly entrust me with Your healing power Lord. For this I pray.. Our Father…Hail Mary..Glory Be. Amen.

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  1. I suffer from anxiety too

    With god prayers I am overcoming my anxiety some days its hard but with god mercy I will overcome.

  2. I suffer from anxiety too

    With god prayers I am overcoming my anxiety some days its hard but with god mercy I will overcome.

  3. I pray for you

    I feel the same tightness everyday. I understand your need for relief, and so I pray in God’s name that his blessing be granted to you. I pray that your burdens be lifted and your pains be healed. I pray for your life to benefit. God Bless all. Amen

  4. Anxiety

    You guys are not alone! Anxiety is a monster, it not only plays tricks on your mind but effects your whole body physically! Every day I have chest tightness and I tell myself over and over it’s not a heart condition, but anxiety. Every day my hands shake and I look like a fool taking deep breaths and closing my eyes to clam myself down. But I pray to God all the time, he knows my struggles as well as he knows yours, and he doesn’t want this for us! We will get through this together, depend on the Lord for strength and courage when times are rough. To anyone reading this, I believe in you!

  5. Same boat

    Hi there,

    The power of prayer is so powerful. I too have the exact same symptoms. Your post sounded like my exact words. It’s reassuring that I’m not alone in this battle. It’s a constant struggle day in and day out with thia pain. Anxiety can take over ones body and mind. It’s important to mediate and pray and pray. I know it’s easier said than done. Trust me I know. I go to war everyday with my mind but I have to remember that it’ll pass.

    Praying for all is us.

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